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The Ramen in Too Hot




since i'm kinda fic-employed now (thanks tyr!) i have to up my output. the sex (unfortunately) is not based on real life, but these *are* my true feelings for Demon Ramen, Spawn of Satan.

Disclaimers: Sunrise, Bandai et al own GW, and I own nothing. Suing would be pointless.
Warnings: yaoi, citrus, OCC, ramen

Duo sucked on his fingers and glared at the pot of ramen on the stove. /Ready in three minutes, my ass!/ he thought savagely. /The water takes a year and a *half* to boil, then three minutes *cooking* time, and then you *still* can't eat it, 'cause it's just been boiling!/

He sat down and sighed. /I'm sooo hungry! Maybe just the noodles... / He went to the stove and deftly lifted some noodles with his chopsticks, slurping them up greedily. A stray end went flicking about, splashing a little of the boiling water in his eyes.

"Dammnit!" he yelled, running to the sink and throwing water in his eyes. "Man, that hurts!" He leaned in towards the sink and stuck his whole face in the stream of water.

Wufei walked in to the kitchen and watched Duo for a moment, saying nothing. An eyebrow quirked. He went to the refrigerator just as Duo pulled his head from the sink.

"What's wrong now, Maxwell? Finally managed to poke your eye out?" Wufei grabbed an orange, and sat at the table. He began methodically slicing it: halves, quarters, eighths.

"Oh, very funny Wu-Man," Duo said, his voice muffled by the dish towel he was using to dry his face. "I got a big splash of boiling water in my eye, thank you *so* much for caring."

"You have a strange sense of fun, Maxwell."

"Like I did it on purpose! All I want out of life, all I *need*, my very reason for *existence*, is to eat my ramen. I'm hungry, I cooked it, but can I eat it? No! It's too damn hot!"

"Oh, the injustice!" Wufei murmured, peeling the skin from his slices. "Surely the scales of justice will never again be balanced."

Duo stuck out his tongue.

"Go bother Yuy. In about five minutes he'll threaten to kill you, you'll leave, and the ramen will be cool enough to eat."

Duo brightened. Now that was an idea! And Heero was such fun to bother. To *actually* get him to stop typing. . . Duo giggled.

"Thanks, Wuffie! That's such a brilliant idea, you'd think *I* thought of it!" He left the kitchen quickly, yelling in a high-pitched tone. "Heero! Oh, Heeee-rooo!"

Wufei ate his orange, savoring the sudden silence of the kitchen.

Upstairs, Heero winced and closed his eyes as he heard Duo getting closer.

"Heero! I'm boor-eed! Entertain me, Heero!"

Heero shuddered. /Gods, that *whine*!/ he thought. /Duo or Relena, I don't know who's worse. Why can't they leave me *alone*?!/ He took a deep breath and stiffened his resolve. /He will *not* get away with it this time. I will *make* him be quiet. Whatever it takes, he *will* shut up!/

Duo stuck his head through the doorway to Heero's room. He blinked. Heero wasn't there. /Shit! Now what am I going to do? Maybe he's---eep!/

A hand grabbed his shirt and pulled him in to the room, throwing him against the opposite wall. He slid down to the floor.

Duo looked up in time to see Heero close and lock the door. /Huh? He must have been hiding next to the door. Why? What's his problem, anyway?/

Heero walked over to Duo, never breaking eye contact. He grabbed Duo by the shirt, pulling him upright. Duo opened his mouth, and Heero *knew* he was going to say something. He leaned forward and took advantage of Duo's open mouth, thrusting his tongue inside.

Duo's eyes opened wide. /Ohmygodohmygod! Heero's *kissing* me!/ Not one to waste an opportunity, he put both hands in Heero's hair, pulling him closer. Their tongues tangled, sliding against each other, tasting, searching. Duo moaned and deepened the kiss, pressing in to Heero with an almost bruising force.

They broke for air and stared at each other, panting. Cobalt eyes met violet ones, both dark with passion. "Oh, Heero, I... God!" Duo completely lost conscious thought as Heero roughly ground their hips together. A bolt of white-hot pleasure soared through Duo, concentrated in the delicious friction against his straining erection, but also pulsating throughout his entire body.

Heero rotated his hips against Duo's, slow circles slowly driving Duo wild. Heero leaned in and dragged his open mouth wetly down Duo's neck, teeth scraping, tongue darting. He dipped his tongue into the hollow of Duo's throat, and then bit lightly at the juncture of collarbone and shoulder.

Duo moaned again, drowning in the tide of sensation. Heero's mouth closed over his nipple, right through his shirt, and Duo's knees trembled, collapsed. He fell to the floor, unable to stand.

Breathing raggedly, he looked up at Heero, raising trembling hands to his waist. He opened his mouth to speak, but once more Heero forestalled him, entwining his hands in Duo's hair, pushing his face against the aching hardness in his shorts. Duo smiled and opened his mouth, branding Heero's erection with his wet, hot breath.

Heero's hips jerked, pressing his erection even closer to Duo's open mouth. "Like that, do you?" he murmured, scraping his teeth against the spandex-covered bulge. Heero's hips jerked again, and Duo reached up, sliding his hands in Heero's shorts. They lightly glided over the firm contours of his ass, squeezing once before jerking Heero's shorts off entirely.

/Thank God he doesn't wear underwear/ Duo thought, before completely taking Hero into his mouth. His hands gripped Heero's hips tightly, holding them still, as he dragged his mouth up and down Heero's hardness, tongue lapping, teeth lightly nipping, mouth working constantly.

Duo removed his mouth from Heero and blew lightly, coolingly, on the heated flesh, causing a fine tremor to move across Heero's body. He touched his tongue to the slit of Heero's erection, greedily tasting the salty fluid gathered there, before once again swallowing Heero whole.

This time his pace was hard and deliberate, each move of his head thrusting Heero deeper and deeper into him, closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Heero arched his back and cried out, his essence flooding Duo, who swallowed it gratefully.

Duo removed his mouth and hands from Heero, who took a couple steps backward, and fell bonelessly on the bed. Duo walked over, and climbed on top of him, straddling Heero's hips. He gently brushed the sweat-dampened hair from Heero's forehead. "Heero, I just want---"

Heero sat up, a wild look in his eyes. He used his strength to flip Duo over, reversing their positions. Before Duo could say anything, Heero claimed his mouth again, tongue thrusting deeply. Heero's hands pushed under Duo's shirt, scraping, pinching, soothing, never stopping.

Heero moved quickly, and without knowing just how it happened, Duo found himself naked beneath Heero, writhing wildly, as Heero drew his nipple into his mouth, Duo's aching hardness grinding against Heero's in a frustrated rhythm.

Duo's eyes widened as he felt a finger press against his body's tight entrance, before moving in, stretching, teasing. It was soon joined by a second, and then a third. They began thrusting and Duo arched off the bed, jolted by white-hot pleasure, as the questing fingers found the sweet spot deep within him.

Two more quick strokes, and the fingers were gone, leaving Duo empty and bereft. He opened his eyes and saw Heero poised above him. Heero lifted Duo's legs and draped them over his shoulders, dragging his teeth against the sensitive inner thighs. Grabbing Duo's hips, he thrust quickly, burying himself completely in Duo's tightness. Duo screamed again, caught in an almost overwhelming arc of pleasure and pain. "Heero! Oh, God, Heero!"

Heero leaned in, kissing Duo wildly, tongue mimicking the movement of his hips. Deeper, faster, he continued thrusting, hitting Duo's sweet spot every time; the pace, the friction, driving Duo to the very edge. Heero reached between them, his strong hand pumping fiercely; it was too much, too much! Duo screamed into Heero's mouth, exploding in a blaze of violent, hot sensation. Heero followed him, his own hoarse shout swallowed deep in Duo's mouth.

Shaking, Heero pulled himself from Duo and stood up. He stared down at the sleepy, sated Duo, and smiled with immense satisfaction. /Finally!/ Heero thought, his soul flooding with an alien joy. /He's *finally* quiet!/ Naked, he walked to his desk, opened his laptop, and resumed typing in the now-silent room.

In the kitchen, Wufei finished off the last of the ramen and smiled.

End End End

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