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Liquor Lemmon #2: Sloe Comfortable Screw


Duo Maxwell was one of the worse patients alive. And this fact tried the patience of his lover, Heero Yuy, no end. He kept hearing things he didn't like one bit.


Scowling, Heero walked into the bedroom to check on his lover. Just three nights prior, Heero himself had been the patient and Duo was the caregiver. Of course, Duo had it easier that night since Heero, also a notoriously bad patient, was unconscious for the most part. Well, he was unconscious until things started getting *really* interesting!

He walked into the room and had to stifle a chuckle.

There on the bed lay one of the most dangerous and deadly terrorists alive. Shinigami himself, self-proclaimed god of death, the young man who had happily dispatched thousands of OZ pilots to their deaths in combat, lay utterly miserable blowing his reddened nose and sinking back into the pillows bitching.

"Ah dodn't tink dis is bery funny, Heewo!" He blew his nose vigorously and seemed to test his vocal cords a little, glad he didn't sound like a cartoon character any longer.

"Nani? Sorry, Duo, but I'm afraid I can't understand you," Heero smirked knowing he could understand his lover perfectly well and as long as he remembered not to laugh openly, he just might survive the situation. "Besides, it's just a head cold, why are you acting like it's the end of the world?"

Duo cast him a dirty look as he reached for the box of tissues. "Damn! I'm all out of Puffs Plus! And I sure can't go get more if I can't see straight. Saa, Heero? Could you do me a favor?"

Heero, knowing it was always easier to grant him a favor than to listen to him complain about it agreed immediately, anticipating his needs, "Want me to go get you more tissues, Duo?"

"That'd be---be---<ATCHOO!> ugh, great, <sniffle> danks, <sniffle> koi." He looked so miserable, Heero would have done almost anything just then to help his usually cheerful lover to feel better. "Don'd forget, Ah onwy wan Pubbs Plus! Not dat cheap shit you got wast time!" He scowled at Heero who had foolishly brought home the first type he found, causing a minor uproar.

"Ninmu ryoukai," Heero remarked, pulling his leather jacket on before heading out. He smiled to himself, "Don't worry about that, Duo, I learned my lesson already."

Meanwhile, Duo snuggled down into his covers and drifted off into sleep again; since he couldn't sleep for long, as congested as he was, he snuck in as much of it as he could throughout the day.

Standing in the grocery store, Heero examined various cold remedies with a look of sheer annoyance on his face.

"May I help you?" A woman wearing the store's pharmacy uniform approached him.

Heero glanced at her and shrugged, "My friend is sick with a cold, but nothing I've gotten for him seems to make any difference. What would you recommend?"

A slight frown shadowed her green eyes, it was cold season, but if it was not responding to treatment, could it be allergies? "How long has he been sick? Are you sure it isn't allergies?"

Heero frowned, she had a good point, Duo could have sensitivities he didn't know about, "I have no idea if he has allergies. Does it make that much difference? Besides, he came down with this three or four days ago."

"Hmm, that long and no improvement?" The woman shook her head sadly. "Sounds like mild flu symptoms, actually. Try this," she handed him a box that said "Maximum Relief Cold & Flu Medication" by a manufacturer he'd never heard of.

"Thanks," he added the box to his collection of items for Duo's recovery.

"One other thing," the woman called to him as he started to walk away, "orange juice is a really good idea for colds. Has he tried that yet?"

"No, where is that located?"

"Back of the store near the milk. Feel free to come back if he doesn't get better in a day or two, I might be able to find something a little more powerful if you need it."

Heero nearly flinched at the idea of too many more days with a sick Duo and no one else around to share the misery.

After nodding thanks to the helpful woman, he wandered off in search of citrus drinks. He wondered if he should e-mail Quatre Raberba Winner to see if the Arab was free to join them. Quatre was infinitely patient with Duo and was the only one of the five Gundam pilots who could handle prolonged periods of Death's bitching when he felt bad.

Grabbing a jug of "Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice", Heero swung past the magazines on his way out. If nothing else, a few new issues of computer mags and a copy of the latest "GQ" should keep his lover busy with something other than complaining to him.

Finally ready to leave, Heero went to a register and went through the mind numbing routine of payment.

The bagger, an apparent slacker whose name tag read "Rob", saw the orange juice, looked at Heero who looked a little wild in the eyes after trying to select the correct medicine and grinned. "Yo, dude! Good old Tropicana! Man, this stuff is great for a Sloe Comfortable Screw!"

The grin vanished as a pistol suddenly found its way into his ribs. "What the hell did you say, *dude*?" Heero growled low and lethal.

Startled, the kid's eyes went wide wondering why a guy his own age was suddenly threatening to kill him over a drink suggestion. "Hey, man, no firearms, okay? I was just talking about a really good drink I like with orange juice, that's all. Chill out!"

Heero, realizing it was stupid to threaten anyone that openly, shoved the gun back into the waistband of his jeans and simply said, "Sorry, haven't gotten much sleep lately."

"No sweat, man," the slacker grinned. "Besides, that drink I mentioned? It's really good! You should try it, it'll help you sleep like a baby! Orange juice, Southern Comfort and Sloe Gin, delicious! Now, some morons add a cherry or something stupid, but hey, when guys like us get around, we get as much 'cherry' as we want, don't cha' think?" He winked in a lewd manner that annoyed the Wing pilot further.

"Hn." Heero grunted, refusing to discuss his sex life with a low life. He paid the cashier and headed out.

As he was driving back to the safehouse, however, he spotted a liquor store and pulled in. He went straight to the register and bought a small bottle of Sloe Gin, something he absolutely could not stand to drink but enough to do the job, and left.

"Duo!" Heero called out, walking into the safehouse. "I'm back!"

No answer.

He put the groceries in the kitchen and headed back to the bedroom in search of his ailing lover. Duo lay fast asleep in bed, looking like he hadn't moved a muscle since the last time Heero had seen him to do anything other than shove the covers off his well-toned chest. Not wasting time to wonder why the boy wouldn't go ahead and wear pajamas even when he was sick, Heero pulled the covers back into place and went to grab a bite of lunch.

About a half-hour later, he heard muffled sneezes as Duo's over worked respiratory system tried to clear itself unsuccessfully.

"Damn!" Duo cursed, reaching for the tissues then remembering they were empty. "Where the hell is Heero? He should be---"

"Hello, koi," a warm voice greeted him from the door. "How are you feeling?" Heero sauntered in carrying the medicine, tissues, and a glass of orange juice for him, making Duo feel a little embarrassed for his outburst.

"Sorry, Heero, I didn't think you were back yet," Duo gratefully accepted a hug from his lover and then took a deep drink of the juice. "Hmm, this is good stuff!" He grinned.

Heero smiled indulgently, Duo could be so endearing when he wanted to be! "Now, I'll ask again, how are you feeling?"

"Lousy," Duo sniffled as he blew his nose. "But I'd be better if I wasn't all alone in here." He winked at him hoping to distract the Perfect Soldier from his mission as a healer.

"No way, Duo, I know your tricks!" Heero laughed, "Take the time to drink the rest of your juice and take that medicine. I'll go get you some lunch, maybe after you eat we can 'relax' together, got it?"

Frowning at the idea of delaying his desires, Duo finally recognized the ultimate wisdom of what Heero was saying. "Oh all right, I'll do all that 'take care of yourself first shit' but right now," he shivered, "I'm cold! Can you throw me my Trigun t-shirt and some sweats? It's freezing in here!"

"Baka!" Heero teased, rummaging through his lover's typically messy drawer pulling out navy blue sweatpants and a sweatshirt. "I don't which t-shirt you want, Duo."

"Um, the gray Vash one I picked up at Neko-Con would be great! Man, did we have fun at that show, or what?" He grinned, pulling on the shirt boldly emblazoned with the Stampede himself and his two female cohorts. "Saa, Heero? Think anybody recognized us there?"

Heero chuckled recalling how his unabashed boyfriend had insisted they wear their usual outfits and "go as themselves" to the cosplay. He recalled how disappointed Duo had felt when they were told they weren't "original" in their costume presentations.

Shaking his head in disbelief, the Wing pilot left the room to go fix some soup and sandwiches, deciding on the way that he was still hungry anyway.

The pair shared a couple of mugs of classic chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Duo always insisted the combination made him feel better, so Heero had invested in more American cheese at the store.

Eventually, the cold/flu medicine kicked in and while Duo could breathe better, he was also sleepy, something he didn't want to be. "Aw damn," he yawned, "that stuff is knocking me out, Heero. I thought we were gonna do something." He kept yawning which looked pretty funny to Heero but he stifled any desire to chuckle, trying to get Duo to rest instead.

"We can do 'something' later, Duo, you need rest." Heero picked up the lunch dishes and straightened the covers while Duo buried himself under them comfortably. Amazed at how unusually easy that had been, Heero prepared to leave.

Behind him, Heero heard the noise of fabric landing on the ground. Wondering for about the millionth time why he let these things happen to him, he turned around to find exactly what he expected, Duo perched on the edge of the bed, covers on the floor, trying to pull off the sweatpants. "Duo," he threatened gently, "just what do you think you are doing over there?"

"I'm hot now, Heero," he whined, stripping the sweats off, followed by his T-shirt which he actually stopped to fold up properly and then set aside for later use.

Unable to help himself, cobalt-dark eyes flickered with interest, "Yes, you are most definitely 'hot', Duo!" His body betrayed his good intentions and Duo's eyes tracked straight for his growing arousal.

Grinning, Duo stood and tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers, too, drawing them slowly off his lean hips and down, releasing the proof of his own interest in his lover who was starting to feel quite over-warm himself. "Really, Heero?" he asked, feigning innocence. "I'm seriously overdressed, but so are you!" He winked at his fully clothed partner before leaning back into the bed and pulling the covers up to lie between his long legs looking for all the world like an artist's ideal male model.

Duo wriggled suggestively under Heero's heated gaze. "Duo," he moaned, trying to complain to his lover who was doing an excellent job of seducing him against his wishes. Shaking his head as he realized he didn't really want to resist, he realized he was helpless before the violet-eyed seducer.

"What, koi?" Duo smiled less than innocently. He pulled his braid forward over one shoulder letting a few locks loose knowing how much the sight of his hair free and unfettered intoxicated the Wing pilot.

Heero grinned, dropping his hands to his belt, "Never mind, koi. You look wonderful."

"Arigato," Duo purred. "Want to join me?"

"You couldn't stop me if you wanted to, but I'm certain you don't want to now do you, koi?" He walked farther into the room and leaned down over Duo, kissing him deeply. Pulling his own shirt free, Heero made quick work of undressing and slid into the covers naked beside his beautiful lover. "You really do look wonderful, love. I hope you are feeling better, I'd hate to wear you out too much."

Duo, however, had suddenly lost interest in their little game of seduction as his thoughts and fingers were focused on Heero's injuries much as they had been several nights prior. "Hey!" Heero chuckled, pushing several overly-curious-in-the-wrong-thing fingers away, "That tickles!"

"Too bad," Duo remarked casually. "You haven't taken care of these properly, Heero," he scolded, noticing a few of the bandages had become loose during the time Heero had promised to care for himself while Duo rested. Pulling out a tube of Neosporin and some fresh gauze, Duo shoved his beloved flat on his back and began cleaning and replacing the bandages.

Wisely, Heero didn't struggle too much and simply let Duo make quick work of the issue. When he was done, several scrapes had been declared healed enough to be left open to speed healing and most of the rest had fresh bandages. "There," Duo smiled, "all better now! Let that be a lesson to you, Heero! Health before sex, got it?"

Heero stared open-mouthed at the hypocrisy of the statement. "Nani? Duo, do you realize how ridiculous what you just said *is*? You should be fast asleep yourself, you're the one who's sick, here. But you just seduced me into bed all the same!"

"And a damned good thing that I did, isn't it, Heero?" Duo's eyes flashed angrily, "After all, who would've taken care of those if I hadn't?"

"Wait a minute here!" Heero eyed his lover suspiciously, "You mean you tricked me into that?"

"Call it what you will," Duo glared at him unrepentantly, "but if the offer of sex was what it took to get your wounds redressed it was worth it! Now, <yawn> you're right, I should get some sleep. Turn the light off on your way out, okay?" He curled down into the covers still as nakedly aroused as before.

"Hmm," Heero frowned. "Dr. Yuy disagrees with his associate Dr. Maxwell!"

With every intention of finishing what his beautiful lover had started, Heero quickly ran through a list of options for making Duo's afternoon a little more eventful than needed. But one look at the tired eyes fighting the medication caused him to change his mind entirely. He sighed. "Never mind, love," he spoke softly as he drew the covers tightly around Duo's shoulders once more. "Sleep now, fun later."

Duo smiled and kissed the fingers of his hand near his lips, "You bet, love, lot's of fun later."

"Sweet dreams, koi," Heero said turning off the light and pulling the door closed behind himself.

Frustrated at the lack of sexual relief, Heero indulged himself in a hot soaking shower. Feeling better, he wandered back out into the living area where he plopped unceremoniously down into a chair and ended up getting a stiff neck from falling asleep out of sheer boredom.

Evening came and went. Night had darkened the windows when Duo awoke once more feeling quite a bit better.

Stretching, he paused to wonder why he was sleeping alone, then remembered his rather cruel trick on Heero just to change his bandages. Trying to think of a way to apologize, he finally decided there was nothing better to do than just deliver on his seductive promises. He pulled on his Vash shirt once more and the sweats and decided to find Heero.

Wandering out to the living area, he was surprised to find a fire burning low in the fireplace and Heero lounging on the couch reading the copy of "GQ" he'd bought at the store. Duo couldnít suppress a giggle which startled the Wing pilot.

"What the hell?!?" Heero nearly fell off the couch in his eagerness to hide what he'd been reading before it was too late.

"Evening, lover," Duo smiled, bending over for a sultry kiss. "Whatcha' reading, koi? Something technical, knowing you!" he smirked wondering if Heero would come clean or try to conceal his activities.

Heero surprised him by turning the tables on him, "Did you know, Duo," laughing blue eyes regarded him, "that spandex is considered the fabric of choice for many sports garments?"

"Nani? Of course I did, Heero, what's that got to do with anything?"

"Well, I felt it would be a good idea to research my clothing choices since you destroyed my old set, and I was simply examining the data at hand. See?" He brandished the magazine aloft and the pair shared a chuckle. "Feeling better, Duo?" he asked, all joking aside.

"Yeah," Duo smiled weakly, "not 100% yet, but getting there, I hope. Do we have any more orange juice? That tasted pretty good and I need something to drink."

A sly grin covered Heero's lips as he realized he had the tools to get even with his lover for the earlier trick. "Sure thing, give me a second to get you a glass. Why don't you sit down, koi? You still look a little rough around the edges."

Duo agreed, he did feel weaker than he thought he would, but was tired of being a burden. Heero went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of juice for Duo with a little more of a grin than he meant to show.

"Thanks!" Duo smiled then caught the look in Heero's eyes. "Wait a minute, what's going on? I know that look, Heero Yuy! You are up to something, aren't you?"

Heero attempted to look injured that he was being doubted, but just smiled. "Just thought you'd like," he handed Duo the glass but the braided boy refused to drink waiting for more information, "a 'Sloe Comfortable Screw', that's all."

Duo nearly choked on the comment and, gasping for breath, reflexively drank from the glass he held, a red tint crawling up his neck as the drink burned his throat. Coughing, he remarked, "Damn it, Heero! What the hell is this you've given me?!?"

Heero smirked, "I gave you a 'Sloe Comfortable Screw', like I said!" Seeing the confusion on Duo's face he relented, "It's just a drink with some of that Southern Comfort you bought, sloe gin, and a lot of orange juice, koi. Somebody told me it's good to help you sleep, so I thought I'd fix you one. Like it?" He didn't mean to get his lover drunk, he was just playing along with the day's apparent theme of practical jokes.

"Hmm," Duo looked at the glass thoughtfully, "It tastes pretty good," he took a few large sips as Heero's eyes widened.

"Nice warm feeling," Duo swallowed about half the glass as Heero began to wonder just what the hell he'd been thinking doing this in the first place.

"And orange juice is good for recovery, ne?" Grinning, the American consumed the remaining half-glass in a few deep gulps and then set the empty glass aside, the noticeable red tint now spreading up his cheeks.

"Uh, Duo," Heero began, wondering how to deal with this situation.

"Yeah, koi?" His lover smiled at him. Before Heero could even respond he glanced at the flames dancing merrily in the fireplace. "Nice touch there, lover. Very romantic," he purred leaning in for a long kiss.

Soon the kiss became more urgent as he pressed Heero down onto the couch hungrily. His fingers quickly made their way under his lover's shirt to tease at a sensitive nipple, rolling the little bit of flesh until it became a hardened nub.

Sliding his other hand under to help, he lifted the shirt up but not off and happily began to suckle and lick at Heero's chest. A low groan told him he was on the right track.

"Duo, what do you---AH!---think you are---OH!---doing?!?" Heero moaned, sending fires of desire raging through his lover.

"I'm seducing you, or hadn't you figured that out yet?" Duo teased, leaving the chest exposed to the gentle breezes caused by the updrafting of air near the fireplace.

Slipping his shirt off, Heero responded, "I'd figured that much out, Duo, but why? Aren't you sick and need rest?"

Barely able to resist the expanse of golden skin now enticing him, Duo answered, "Sure, I ought to go rest, but I owe you something for tricking you earlier and I'm going to make good on that now!" He pressed his lips against Heero's effectively silencing any further complaints he might have had to hear as his questing fingers stroked the other boy's denim-clad waist and hips, confirming his lover's interest in the situation.

Leaning back for a moment, Duo quickly pulled his own shirt off and dropped it unceremoniously over the back of the couch and then returned to his sweet torture of Heero's chest. His talented hands, however, had already sunk lower. He rubbed the open palm of one hand up and down across the bulge in the now-tight jeans, then closed his fingers to squeeze the rapidly hardening flesh.

"Uhhnnnn!" Heero moaned, dropping his head back against the couch and giving up entirely.

Smiling at the unusually submissive figure before him, Duo slid off to land on his knees.

Kneeling before his lover, naked from the waist up, Duo looked like an image from the cover of a romance novel or, perhaps, a wet dream. The glow of the fire reflected off of his well-muscled chest and back, both of which gained shimmering highlights from the cheery light. He turned briefly to stir up the fire, a movement which brought focus lower onto his narrow waist and the sweatpants which rode low over his hips enticingly. Turning back, his braid, still loose from sleep, shook free and tendrils escaped to play loosely around his face and neck.

"Oh, gods, Duo!" Heero moaned at the sight before him. "You look magnificent! What did I ever do to deserve someone as glorious as you?"

Duo's eyes, now filled with passion, stared back. Looking up into the face of the only man he had ever loved, he found himself mesmerized by his ethereal beauty. The chiseled features were highlighted by this particular point of view as he noticed how inviting the lips above him were. The smooth planes of tight muscle trailed down into tight jeans; the snap had been loosened and for a moment he wondered if he'd done that or not. Rapidly feeling his desire quicken, he realized he didn't care.

"Heero, you are more amazing than my wildest dreams," He moaned as his fingers flew back to their intended task.

Drawing the zipper down, he was again pleased with his lover's preference to never wear underwear as the evidence of Heero's arousal sprang into view and easy reach. Leaning forward, his tongue darted out to suck away the sweet droplet of moisture that awaited him. Moaning his pleasure at the salty-sweet taste, he wrapped one hand around the solid flesh and pumped slowly, bringing moans of pleasure from his lover who had collapsed back against the couch helpless to stop what was being done to him.

Crawling forward on his knees, he wrapped his arms around his lover's waist and dropped his head down to lap once more at the tip of Heero's erection. With no warning, he opened his mouth and plunged down hard, taking the full length in deeply.

"Duuuuooooooo!" Heero groaned in ecstasy, feeling pleasure dart through his body at the intimate contact.

Soon Duo worked the smooth head with firm licks and sweet nips until his lover could take no more. As he felt Heero's imminent release, he began pulling his mouth up and then forcing it back down bringing maximum sensation to every motion. Grasping his waist more firmly to keep the contact, Duo soon began making the most delightful moans deep in his throat. The added vibrations were too much for his lover.

"Gods! Duo! I can't hold back!" Heero was nearly thrashing with pleasure.

"Then don't, my love." Hazy dark violet eyes stared up lustfully. "Come for me, Heero!" His hand stroked where his mouth had been.

"Heero, come---NOW!!!" Duo commanded and then plunged his head back into place one more time, scraping the sensitized flesh with his sharp white teeth all the way to the root.

"DUUOOO!!!" Heero screamed as he went over the edge of pleasure and fell rapidly into it, releasing pulse after heady pulse into Duo's hungry mouth. Swiftly sucking each drop of the gift his lover offered him, Duo, too, was soon nearly blind with desire.

Still kneeling, he finally released Heero's manhood from his mouth and then pulled the boy to a reclining position. This was only the beginning. He wanted so much more.

Grasping the jeans by the belt loops, Duo struggled to work them free, but his lover was too exhausted to help. Surging back to his feet, Duo paused long enough to strip off his own sweats and boxers, sending them to join his shirt behind the couch after pulling a small tube of lubricant out of a pocket.

He stopped and took a moment to stare into the passion-filled cobalt eyes. "Heero?" He asked almost hesitantly, "You do know that I love you, right?"

A beatific smile spread across the Wing pilot's face, "Yes, Duo, I do. And you know that I love you as well, donít you?"

"Heero!" Duo exclaimed, pressing down to kiss him deeply. "I don't think I could imagine sweeter words to hear!"

"Duo, ai shiteru," Heero returned the kiss enthusiastically, "Zutto!"

Reaching down, one powerful hand slipped behind Heero's lower back to lift his beautiful ass up as the other slipped the jeans, now loose, free and off. Placing Heero back down, he lifted one of his lover's legs and playfully draped it over the back of the couch leaving his desired objective clear and easily within reach.

Kissing his lover to get his attention, Duo sat back down between the open legs and gently probed in search of the puckered opening that would grant him access to the place he considered closest to heaven on earth. Finding it, he gently rubbed the tip of his finger across it seeking permission to proceed.

"Heero, do you want me to do this to you?" he asked, worried that his lover might feel violated should he push farther without consent. Heero rarely submitted so easily, but the vision of the now relaxed muscles glimmering in the firelight was almost too intoxicating to resist.

"Oh yes," Heero purred, lifting his head and staring at Duo with cobalt-blue eyes filled with love and desire.

"Of course, Heero," Duo assured as he squeezed some of the lavender gel onto his fingers. Dropping his hand to spread some of the gel onto Heero's tight ring, he began the laborious effort of preparing him for their union. Teasing the opening, he slid one finger into the tight heat pushing it in deeply, sliding all the way in then pulling it slowly back to the edge before pushing in harder. Heero groaned and widened his legs trying to ease the unusual discomfort. Duo simply added more lube and then a second finger, thrusting in and out more confidently as the sounds from above him urged him onwards. Eventually a third finger joined the first two in the sensual dance.

Preparing Heero to be taken always aroused Duo beyond what he expected and his erection was aching with desire. Reaching between his own legs, he stroked his length trying to ease some of the pain knowing Heero was not ready yet. Duo would do almost anything to keep from hurting his lover during this most intimate of acts.

Eyes closed, Duo leaned his head back as he pleasured himself and probed Heero simultaneously.

"You are the most erotic thing I have ever seen!" Heero exclaimed breathlessly watching his lover's efforts. Duo's eyes slid half-open to regard his cobalt-eyed lover who had propped himself up on his elbows to watch the proceedings.

An inarticulate groan was his only response as Duo neared the limits of his own restraint. He released his erection from his firm grip to focus on the final stages of preparation for both of them yet found himself at a total loss to continue.

Heero noticed the lost look in the violet-eyed beauty and leaned forward as much as he could with Duo's fingers still deep within him and pulled the boy down for a deep kiss. As he held the sweet lips in his mouth, he reached over to the braid glowing in the dying firelight to remove the band and let it cascade freely over the two of them. Now his vision was complete. The man he loved knelt between his open thighs awaiting a single request.

"Take me, please, Duo! I need you inside me!" Heero breathed against the full lips and then lay back widening his thighs as much as possible.

This was all it took for Duo to know everything was ready and he positioned his dripping erection, now lubricated by his own moisture as well as the lavender lube he had stroked onto himself, at Heero's prepared opening. Looking straight into the lust-filled blue eyes beneath him, he nudged the tip into place and then slid carefully into the waiting channel.

"HEERO!" He screamed as he felt himself engulfed in tight warm flesh. Barely able to keep from coming right then and there, he hung his head gasping for breath allowing the chestnut waves to come down and surround their union. This changed Heero's previous assessment as he decided this was the most erotic thing he had ever felt or seen.

"Nnnnnnn, DUO!" Heero moaned again, filled by his lover and desiring more.

Lifting his hips, Heero urged his beautiful lover to begin moving within him and also allowed his returning erection to be pressed between their rock-hard bellies as Duo followed his desires and began thrusting into him.

Like a force of nature, Duo Maxwell would not be denied and he plunged deeply into his lover who moaned sensuously below him.

Rapidly, things spiraled out of control and Duo was forcing Heero deeper into the cushions with nearly brutal strokes within and without. A long-fingered hand reached between them to grasp Heero's length, massaging and then stroking, building heat and pleasure which neared the pinnacle quickly. Pumping in time with his thrusts, Duo felt himself nearing completion and urged Heero to join him.

"Come with me, Heero!" He pleaded. "Please, koibito, COME!!!" He shouted as he felt the first mind-shattering sensations as he released his seed into Heero's waiting body, filling both of them with pure unmitigated joy. Heero, in turn, could no longer deny either of them and came as well, coating both of them with streams of heat.

Exhausted, Duo collapsed into his lover's strong waiting arms. There was more than one reason Heero preferred to take his lover instead of being taken and this was one of them. The act was so intense that Duo frequently simply seemed to shut down afterwards otherwise.

Breathing heavily, Duo fell into a strange state of half-consciousness as his body finally caught up with him. He was tired from their act of passion and he'd neglected to take into account the drink he had consumed so carelessly as well as his illness. Eyes closed, the delicate features completely relaxed, it would have been easy to mistake Duo's condition for something far more serious than the simple post-orgasmic bliss he frequently experienced. But this time it seemed different.

Heero, concerned, asked, "Koi? Are you all right?" But he got no answer.

The limp body in his arms seemed to fail to respond to even a gentle shake and he realized that, while not asleep per se, Duo was unable to really respond very much. Moving around to bring himself into a seated position, Heero then was able to stand and lift his drowsy lover into his arms.

"bed?" a soft voice asked him.

"Yes, koi, bedtime." Heero kissed the sleepy boy in his arms. "You need rest."

"ok," Duo agreed, quickly surrendering to sleep.

Walking into their room, Heero considered a shower for both of them, but Duo was clearly unable to stand. With an indulgent smile, he decided to ignore the idea for now.

Laying his lover carefully onto the bed, he climbed in as well and pulled the comforter up to warm them both. Soon they were sound asleep nestled in one another's arms and they slept until past dawn the next day.

Awakening, Heero noticed Duo was still quite deeply asleep and slid out of bed.

He went into the kitchen to brew some coffee and try to wake up more. Once he felt sufficiently alert, he made his way into the bathroom for a quick shower. Heero soon felt much more alert and he was brushing his teeth when an unpleasant sound got his attention.

Coughing. Terrible coughing.

Deep, moisture-laden coughs seemed to shake the walls of the small room he was in as he dressed rapidly and made his way back to the bedroom.

He approached his lover, worry clear on his well-defined features. The fever had never truly broken, but it had retreated earlier and he had neglected it. Now, however, he could ignore it no longer. Heat practically radiated off of Duo's entire body and it wasn't the kind of "heat" Heero Yuy preferred.

"Duo, wake up," he gently shook the figure sprawled across the bed.

The violet eyes barely fluttered open and regarded him with confusion, "Nani?" he tried to ask, but it was interrupted by a series of deep heart-wrenching coughs.

"Wait here, I'll get you some medicine," Heero rose to get some cough syrup and paused to wonder if that was the best thing he could do under the circumstances. As he stood there, an annoying sound got his attention. It was Duo's laptop announcing cheerfully, "You've got mail!" Heero glared at it and was disappointed that the Yuy Death Glare (TM) had no apparent affect on it.

Granted, it was an inanimate object and was therefore immune to such an assault, but further, it belonged to Duo and, like its owner, it had no respect for the threat whatsoever.

Growling, he hit the mail icon and saw a message for Duo indicating the American had a mission assigned to him. "Oh no he doesn't!" Heero snarled angrily as he keyed in a response:

Duo cannot accept missions currently.
I'll take it if Dr. J has no other immediate need for me. Check with him.
Send mail to *Shinigami&*. I'll handle it.

Sighing in annoyance, he knew it was only a matter of time before he'd get the same message at his current e-mail drop. He sent a quick inquiry to Quatre to see if he could help out. He signed off, snickering softly at the image of Duo's screensaver, little Deathscythes roamed freely immolating various OZ mobile suits and laughing insanely across a rotating field of view.

How the happy-go-lucky pilot had designed the screensaver one afternoon still baffled him. All Duo would do when he asked was grin widely and smirk. A little hacking showed he'd spent all afternoon that day logged in chatting with an on-line friend who called him "Trey" and the other person had helped him design it based on a few ideas they tossed around. He never did understand the American's affinity for making friends so easily even over the internet, but it had been nice when he, too, received a custom screensaver from the woman.

It was quite pleasant to have something like that simply because he enjoyed it instead of it being something necessary for their missions. Images of different underwater scenes played out with several photos of himself and Duo swimming off the Cayman Islands. He was quite fond of one in particular; the couple was kissing as a group of curious bright yellow clown fish came to investigate. He knew he should be angry with his lover for sharing such easily identifiable images with a stranger, but the shot Trowa had gotten of the two of them was simply too beautiful not to enjoy. So many good memories.

Shaking these thoughts from his head, he went back to Duo.

He was not pleased to see the figure on the bed trying to get his usual black outfit on. "Just where did you think you are going?" He asked menacingly.

"Sounded like I had a mission," Duo commented weakly, raising his head to look at his lover in confusion. His eyes dully reflecting the light as Heero pushed him back into bed. Kneeling on the floor, the Japanese pilot carefully detangled the long legs from the pants and coaxed the exhausted youth back under the covers.

"Don't worry about it, koi," Heero remarked standing up and kissing him gently. "I sent a message to G that I'd take it. You are in no shape to go anywhere."

"But," Duo tried to complain but was silenced by a new series of racking coughs.

"'But' nothing," Heero remarked in the age old tradition of caregivers everywhere. "you are staying put. I sent a request to Quatre to come keep track of you for me. It's a reconnaissance mission and it will take a few days, so just relax and get over this." He placed the cough syrup and some Tylenols into Duo's hand and made certain he took them.

"What's wrong with me now?" Duo whined. Whining was not his usual style, but he truly was a terrible patient and when he felt really bad he tended to get even more difficult to live with. Heero wondered if he really wanted to inflict Quatre with this but it was better than leaving his ailing love alone.

"Sounds like bronchitis," Heero would have said more, but his laptop beeped, he had received a message from **. Apparently Quatre had an answer already. It was:

Ninmu ryoukai. ETA ~18 hours. Bringing broad spectrum antibiotics and supplies. Best regards to Death! Tell him I'm coming! (^_^)

This was a relief. Now Heero could get ready for the mission G wanted accomplished and Duo would have some help. He'd still worry, of course, but it was better than leaving the braided wonder alone in his condition.

Heero forwarded a copy of the messages from himself and Quatre to Duo's account since he knew how hard it was to remember details when one was ill. Finally ready, he went in to see Duo again, waking him up.

"Gotta go, koi," he remarked sadly looking into the puffy eyes and noting the fever had inched up again. "Will you be okay on your own? Quatre can't make it here for awhile."

Duo tried to answer, but the fever and cough syrup conspired to leave him sleepy again. He just nodded and smiled weakly before drifting off to sleep. Heero pulled his leather jacket on over a t-shirt and jeans, realizing that it was getting too cold for his traditional spandex and tanktop. Finally, he was ready and vanished into the afternoon sunshine.

In case Duo had trouble sleeping while waiting for Quatre to arrive, he had left out the small bottle of sloe gin plus the recipe for the drink he'd given him earlier. The slacker at the store had been right about one thing, there was nothing like a 'Sloe Comfortable Screw' to help his lover sleep like a baby.

Smiling, Heero straddled the pilot's chair and launched Wing Gundam into the air. With Quatre on the way, everything would be fine for Duo now, wouldn't it? A shadow of doubt crossed his mind as he suddenly realized Trowa had been away for a few weeks last thing he knew and Quatre seemed to get, well, a little "intense" when his lover was away too long. Those two made Heero and Duo's frequent long evenings of intimacy look like brief random events with little passion at all, and Quatre seemed insatiable.

Frowning, Heero realized he might have just made a grievous error. Perhaps Duo wouldn't be as "safe" as he had thought, but it was too late. He'd just have to move quickly to accomplish his task and get back as soon as possible. Now he'd be distracted the whole time he was gone. He angrily chided himself that he should have called Wufei instead.

Damn, he hated distractions like this.


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