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Under the Cover of Night


"This is all your fucking fault!"

He glared at me. "How did you work that out?" He snapped back.

"Take a fucking look around you. We are trapped in the school gym and you just sit there while I try and find a way out."

"You're the one who let the door shut."

"I didn't know the door was a fucking auto lock did I? I've only been here one shitty week."

"And you already act like you own the place."

"TIMEOUT!!! I do not act like I own the place."

"You donít?! Coulda fooled me."

Yes like I said TIMEOUT! You are probably wondering what two 16 year old boys are doing in a school gym at... 9:57 on a Friday night. I'm wondering that too. You see him over there. The one with really dark brown hair and gorgeous Prussian eyes? Yep, that's Mr. Heero Yuy. Also know as the Perfect Student. Until I came along, about a week ago. That's why we ended up here.

Five days ago, Monday Morning

"Class we have a new student. Please welcome Duo Maxwell."

I stepped forward and gave a small bow and the girls a wink. That's me, Duo Maxwell. I have really long hair and a flat chest. I may look like a girl but believe me I'm a boy. I mean, I KNOW if I'm a girl or a boy and There is no way *I* could mistake myself for a girl. I'm about 5ft 6, with a passion for black and boys. Yep, I'm queer. Then most people now a day are. I don't care what people think about me, I see no reason to be afraid of what you are. Any way where were we? Oh yes Monday Morning.

I couldn't help but scan the room. There were about 13 girls and 18 boys so I was pretty lucky. There was a cute blond boy huddled against a tall brown boy so it was obvious that this school didn't mind gay relationships. After all, they wouldn't be sitting *that* close together. In the row behind them was a blond girl; her arm was linked with the most gorgeous guy in the whole fucking world. He is Japanese and just a little bit taller than I am. His eyes were a dazzling Prussian and there was no sign of emotion on his face apart from his eyes. If you looked deep enough I'm sure you could see his soul. Pity about the girlfriend. That was the first time I ever saw Heero Yuy, and from that moment on I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. I wonder what it would feel like to have him deep inside of me, to be able to move in the same rhythm to him. I really shouldn't be thinking that right at this moment in time considering!

Present, Friday Evening

So how the hell did we end up arguing? I mean you are probably thinking here I am head over heels for this guy I would want to be his friend right? Well I did but it turns out that this guy, Heero, is Perfect.

Change it to, "Heero Yuy is the Head Boy. Relena Peacecraft, his girlfriend, is the daughter of the mayor and is Head Girl. He is the captain of the soccer team, basketball team and the swim team! Heero has never gotten lower then a B+ in an exam and his parents are the current owners of Microsoft195! (1) This would make him really rich!

I don't stand a fucking chance! Well the main reason we never got on was his ever-present girlfriend Relena. She's the kind that gets jealous no matter what. She did have a reason to be weary of me. After all I *was* trying to steal her boyfriend. I say *was* because after a few lessons of us being in the same room we were fighting.

He is the best student in school and I always had a thing for beating other people so Heero was a challenge to bring down. That may sound really evil and sad but I hate people that think that because they have money; they are better than you are. I have just the same amount of brainpower as Heero does, I'm just not as rich so I fought with him. So that is why we are fighting but you still wondering how we got locked into the school gym huh?

Well, that was kinda my fault. But he is to blame as well! It was the last period of the day and we have basketball, so why are we in the gym? (Because you are playing basketball?) Stop asking all these questions I'll get to that in a minute. Heero was pissed at me cause I beat him in a one on one challenge. It was a good score, 16 to 10. For a five-minute match it showed just how good I was. So Heero was really mad at me and seems to think I'm set to bring him down. Which in a way, I am, I know but any way. We were sent to put the balls back in place and I was holding the door open while Heero pulled the trolley in. He wasn't talking so I tried to start a conversation up with him. I asked him how long him and Relena had been going out and he answered me with, "None of your business."

So that pissed me off cause I was just being polite so I stepped away from the door and went to give Heero a smack, but before I could get to him the gym door banged shut and presto we were locked in.

I glanced across at him. He's leaning against the basketball box; his head resting on his chin and we are both still dressed in our PE kits. I can't help but shiver. The gym is cold during the day and I hate to think what it gets like at night. Scratch that, I'm gonna know what it's like at night. I was searching for a way out but we've been stuck in here for six hours now and still there is no luck. It's so silent and I hate it. I did try and get another conversation started but you saw how that one turned out.

He looks over at me as if he can feel my gaze on him. I blush, glad of the darkness for two reasons, A) He can't see I'm blushing and B) He can't see the hard on that's throbbing in my very short shorts. Did I mention I was cold? Well I take back that statement. It's fucking freezing in here.

"You ok?"

"Huh?" He spoke to me without me having to start a conversation up. Miracles do happen.

"Are you okay? It's pretty cold in here."

"Understatement of the year." I hissed through clattering teeth. I slid down the wall and settle of the floor. I hugged my knees to my chest in a vain hope to get warm. My head fell to rest on my knees and my eyes slid close.

I jumped when a pair of warm arms wrapped around my frame. I look around to see Heero's face in shadows. I never heard him move and it feels SOOOOOO good to be in his arms.


"It isn't a good idea to go to sleep when you are cold (2). You've got to stay awake for tonight. Or at least get warm."

So here I am, curled up in Heero's arms. I think I died and gone to heaven.

"I'm sorry." God knows why I'm apologizing to him, but if I can clear things up then maybe we can find another way to get warm. What? Iím a pure hentai at heart!

"For what?"

"Everything. I acted like a bastard to you."

"I was the same back. I guess I was unsure."

Unsure? What the fuck is he talking about?


"Yeah. I mean I know it isn't wrong. Quatre and Trowa are happy enough."

Quatre and Trowa are the gay couple I mentioned earlier. Trowa is Heero's best friend and Quatre was really kind to me.

"Are you talking about being gay?"


"Are you gay?"

" I don't know. I thought I loved Relena but..."


"Then there you were."

I *HAVE* died and gone to heaven!

"You were smart and witty and wasn't worried about money or where you stood on the rating list (3)."

"I don't have any money and I just act like myself. If people don't like what they see, fuck them. As for being smart and witty, I worked hard. I wasn't planning on going down the drain like my parents did."

So I'll admit my true feelings to everyone, I Love Heero. There is something about the dark Japanese Rich Kid that interested me. After all look at all the research I did on him. Birthday is the 26th September (4). He was born on the L1 Colony and he is going to over take Microsoft195 on his 21st birthday. Let's just say I'm a bit obsessed.

"You're different from everyone else."

"That's because I wear ripped clothes and don't drive a Gundam module 5 (5)."

Heero's eyes burned into mine and I can't tear my gaze away. His hand comes up to rest against my cheek and slowly, giving me time to pull away if I want to, he moved our lips together. It's an awkward position considering my back is to his front but if I turn my head like this and lean back.

Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is way better than I thought it would be. His lips are strong and hard, yet move over mine so softly and gentle. Oh I would die to have this sin.

Pulling back his eyes raked my body before returning to my eyes. Locked together once more he takes another taste and all I can do is moan and think what a God he is. A sex god perhaps?

I part my lips and his tongue slips in, hitting mine gently, coaxing it into a dance. His hands run down my back and twist me in his lap so I'm facing him. My hands encircle his neck and his hand run lower on my body, cupping my ass and pressing us closer together. My groin rubs his and I throw my head back, moaning loudly.

"Duo," He whispers my name before attacking my exposed throat drawing more moans from me.

What can I say? I'm very vocal when it comes down to sex.

His cold hands slip under the fabric, sending shivers across my body. There was something about his touch, it enflamed my senses, Drove me mad and made me want more!

He sucked hard on my neck and brought one hand up to rip my t-shirt off. The cold air sends goose bumps over my skin and Iím shivering again as his hot moist mouth fixes itself over one of my nipples. His hand toyed with the other one.


My hands tugged at his hair and he comes up kissing me again, making me melt. My own hands tug at his t-shirt and remove it. My hands then slip down the front of his shorts. He jerks at my touch and I heard a faint moan slip pass his open lips. I canít help but smirk as I move my hands over him in a steady rhythm and he fights himself to stop the moans that threaten to fall from his mouth. I attack his lips again, stealing away his breath as I tug his shorts down and out of the way. He leans back against the wall as I set my course and follow it. Down pass the two brown nibs and pass the small bellybutton. When I finally reach my destination I pause, eyeing the large length before me. My tongue darts out and licks at the very tip. His hips buck and his hands tangle themselves in my braid. He frees the mass of hair and it flows over my back and onto his thighs. Grabbing a handful I trace the strands over his hot sensitive flesh.

"Duo." He groans my name sending a wave of pleasure through my body. His hands still held my hair but did nothing to press me down. I lent down and took him slowly into my mouth. "Duo," There he goes again, his deep voice thundering my name. If I relax my throat I can take him complete into my mouth. I swallow a few times, feel his thighs tremble as I do so. His hands still tight in my hair and I wonder if heíll let me come up. I pulled back a little. Trying to get myself some air. His hands tug me up completely. I leave his lap so he can steal a kiss as his fingers leave my hair in search.

I lay down; my legs wrapped round his waist as he sat between my wide-open legs. He eyes me with a deep passion reflecting in his eyes. Iíve given him a clear view of my asshole and groin. I canít remember sex ever being *this* good but it seems that at the moment everything with Heero is the best thing in my very short life.

His mouth takes me, blocking out the pain that comes as he presses a dry finger into me. I canít help it, a small whimper passes my lips and he bends down to kiss me.

"I can stop if you want me too." He whispers against my lips.

"No." I breathe. "Continue please, Iíll be fine."

"Have you done this before?" He asked.

"Aye. Shit." My back rose of the floor, my hips taking his fingers deeper into me. I hadnít noticed Heero enter three more fingers into me and now I did. Ouch! There was a mix of pleasure and pain as his fingers brush against my spot deep inside of me. Then it was gone, leaving me empty.


"Shh koi." He kissed me again and I can feel the tip of his manhood press into me. Slowly he enters, so slow itís almost painful to feel. My legs are still wrapped around his waist and Heero is knelt on his knees, my hips rose of the ground. Our breathing match, our hearts beat as one and we are joined. Maybe bonded together for the rest of our lives I donít care really, but for once in my life things are perfect.

Heero moves, itís a slow powerful stroke. Each thrust aimed at my spot, which sends me chanting his name over and over again. My own hands buried themselves in my hair as Heero speeds up. Our eyes meet and hold each other. His hand searches for one of mine as he thrust harder and faster sending me screaming out in pleasure. Hands clutched together and our voices mixed as one. Itís hard to tell who is who. Which voice is mine and which is his.

One of his hands, the one that isnít clutching tightly to mine as if it was the last lifeline on Earth, rubs my member in time to his thrust taking me over the edge. His name fills my lungs as I come over us both. My muscles clench round him and he calls my name to the heaven as he releases himself into me.

His head falls back on to the wall behind him and for the first time I can feel the hardness of the wood and the pain that was shooting over my back because of it.

One of our hands is stilled joined and he refuses to leave me.


His face raises and Prussian eyes smile at me.


"I thinkÖ"

"I know."

I find myself smiling back.

"I feel it too." Heero says and I nod.

"So it is love." I breathe under my breath but I know he heard when he moves, he is still deep inside of me but now he lays beside me, his arms wrapped around me holding me tight to his chest.

"Aye koi."


The ended was a bit weird wasnít it? Well for my first pov lemon I donít think I did too bad!

  1. Ė I need a company and Microsoft was all I could think of.
  2. Ė I donít think this is true but lets just say that for this once it is.
  3. Ė You know the Rating List at school, itís ordered by your grades and how popular you are. Itís a bit sad really but some people do believe they are at the top and if you are at the top youíre better than everyone else.
  4. Ė I was once told Heeroís birthday was sometime in September. I donít know if itís true or not.
  5. Ė Gundam Module 5? Itís a new car ^_^

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