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Worse That Onnas



They say lust runs hand in hand with danger and adrenaline.  So perhaps that could explain what was running through my head at the moment.  Of course, maybe it was just that it was all so new, so uncontrolled, or as Duo liked to put it, so self-destructing. Of course, in actuality, it was
something else entirely.

It didn't help that his ass looked positively edible in that damned black flight suit. Especially with the way he was bent double over the railing of
the skyway[1], affixing the bomb to the lower support girder.

"How much time do we have?" I'd finished hacking out our information ten minutes ago when I came back to find how he was doing on the explosives.  Oz
still didn't know we were here. That, of course, would change as soon as the ship's computer registered the detonator's signal. Hopefully the program I sent running would delay that long enough to get out.
"What, is the ever-perfect Heero nervous?" Duo flashed a grin at me over his shoulder.  The low gravity on the ship had caught his braid and flung it
up like some sort of silk flag.  I resisted the urge to wrap it around my wrist and yank him close to me.  We were trying to be stealthy, after all.

"Baka. How much time do we have?" I refused to let him distract me from the mission.  Which explained why I was acting so pissy at him, since he could do it without talking as much as he could when he spoke.

Duo pulled himself back up off the railing, slid past me and fiddled with the timer he'd hidden behind the doorlock's panel.  He had this adorable habit of sticking the tip of his tongue out of the corner of his mouth when he concentrated on something hard enough.  I wanted to throw him back over the railing and ravish him.

Damn him!

"We've got five minutes to get back to the shuttle, then out of range, once I start this."  Pride marked that oft joking voice. He'd done a good job this time. Not even I could find fault. However...

//Trowa handed him a picture frame, the picture within of Relena's father.  Heero had seen it many times perched on the corner of Relena's desk,
in her office in the Sank Kingdom. His cobalt blue eyes widened a fraction, his only give to being impressed with the banged pilot's audacity. There was still a spot of dry white on one corner, the proof. Quatre and Duo would kill us when they found out.
"I didn't know you'd been to Relena's in Sank."
"I had some free time on my hands." Was his quiet reply, veiling amusement.

"Do you concede?"


"The desk."



"Do you?"


Trowa's brow arched high, disbelieving Heero could do it.  Heero wasn't called 'Perfect' for nothing. Heero just smirked, tucked the small frame in his jacket pocket, and walked away.//

"Set it to fifteen."

"What? Heero, we've already had enough close calls, and we've gotten what we need!"

"Just do it."

"Fine.  I'll head back outside to let Wufei know we're gunna be a little behind schedule."

He set the timer and started to move off.  I gave into my urge and grabbed that damned braid instead of his arm.

"No. He'll wait. Come on."

"Ow! Heero! Jesus! What the fuck...? Where are we going?"

I launched us through the doorway, down the hall and out of the hangar, back towards the section we'd come in through.  But I wasn't looking to get
out just yet.  I'd seen it on our way in, it would be perfect.  Duo continued to pester me (quietly, he wasn't an idiot) about where I was dragging him off
to.  Of course I didn't answer.

There.  I punched in the security code I'd grabbed off the ships computer earlier, and tossed Duo into the open doorway.  He had the good graces not to
protest audibly, but the look on his face was priceless.  I followed him in and locked the door once it closed.

I was rather relieved that they still erected the old ship helms in the captains quarters on these ships. I had him pinned against the fine wood in two seconds, his hands hooked in the spokes.

"Oh my God, Heero. You've got to be kidding me - we don't have time for this Now!!"


Wufei growled, they should have been back by now.  He checked on the positions of Heavyarms and Sandrock for the tenth time, his patience wearing thin (he'd never admit to worrying about Mr. Perfect and his Big Braided Baka).  The other two gundams were shadowing the shuttle Wufei piloted, just in case things got complicated.  It would mean a failed mission if things did, and the other two pilot's lateness was threatening just that.

~"Wufei."~ Trowa on the comm.

~"They're not back yet?"~  Wufei ground his teeth and shook his head at Trowa's image on the screen.  His attention was drawn away for a moment, as
the shuttle's computer started beeping at him.  He checked the status and swore under his breath.

"Damnit!  The ship's alarms just went off."

~"Have they detected the bombs?"~

"No, they think it's an overload in their engines.  Heero's program."


"But where the hell Are they?"

Wufei didn't know what was more infuriating then; Heero and Duo's absence, or the particular cadence of Trowa's tiny little smile.


"Oh God... Mmm... Heero... Shit!!" Duo's eyes snapped back open at the sound of the ship wide alarm, his hips jerking forward in surprise, nearly choking me.  I had gotten his suit off in record time and used it to tie him to the helm with the help of his braid.  I warned him that if he struggled too hard, he was in danger of ripping the suit.  Then he'd Really be fucked.

I found the danger turned him on just as much as it did me.

I glanced at the timer on Duo's wrist - 11 minutes, 24 seconds left. Good, I could take some time with this.

I delighted in the fact that as soon as Duo started getting pleasure, he went completely mindless.  I know I'm a control freak, but it was more than
that.  He was beautiful.  My lips closed over his cock once again, my tongue flicking like an energetic eel across the underside, following the ridge down
to the base. I kept my eyes open to watch him; head thrown back, violet eyes almost black with the pleasure.  He kept shaking his head back and forth, as if in denial, but I knew it was just because he was out of his head.
I held him nearly suspended, the lower gravity making it easy to lift him off the floor until he hovered nearly perpendicular to the helm he was strapped to, on a bed of air and my hands.  I could control his movements that way, pump his hips towards my mouth so I could take his whole length down my throat.  His thighs tensed and trembled against my shoulders; perfect milky white.  I think I'm addicted to the way he tastes. The way his stomach tightens just before his dick pulses in my mouth.  The sounds he makes, those maddening cries that throw his head back.  The way his back arches like a
dancing girl's, liquid sex, and just as demanding and controlling as I am in his own way.
I heard shouting outside the door, running feet drawing close and going away once more.  Just in case, I withdrew my gun from it's holster and rested
it on Duo's shoulder, pointing at the door.  Through his haze of pleasure he glanced at the gun, moaned explosively, and fixed those amazing eyes on me.
The look he gave me was feral, hungry.

"Fuck me, Heero. Do it Now!"

I think I could have cum right then and there.  I grazed my teeth lightly along the underside of his dick as I pulled back, nipped the tip in parting,
and suddenly flipped him over and shoved his chest up against the helm. Luckily, I didn't have to undress completely; one tug on the zipper of my suit, a little shifting, and I was free enough to accomplish this
"mini-mission."  I quickly lathed the fingers of one hand with my tongue, and went about preparing my koi's ass.

"Don't waste time!" Apparently he had other ideas. He snapped at me immediately upon feeling those fingers enter him. Never one to refuse an order, I chuckled softly, removed my fingers, and in one swift sure motion, impaled the fey creature up against the captain's helm.  His answering scream was music underscored by the beat of those damned alarms. I moaned against his back, my eyes squeezed tightly shut, and stayed still for just a moment, just to let both of us adjust to that blessed tightness.

For all of two seconds.

I wrapped an arm around his waist, gripping his hipbones like a handlebar to pull him back onto me as I thrust forward.  There was no room for patience
at the moment, no room for niceties or loving gestures.  This was raw.  This was Intense.

This was Perfect!

His muscles strained under his pale skin as he pushed back from the helm onto me.  His back was arched, his braid snaking down his spine where it stuck from the glistening sheen of sweat I know covered both our bodies.  He growled in between crying out, giving back as much as I gave him.  I was torn
between watching the profile he had turned to me, and leaning back enough to watch me slide in and out of what had become irrevocably mine.

Everything was so fast paced.  The pleasure coursed through me like electricity, connecting my brain to my groin to Him all at once.  I could feel him grow tighter around me, tensing more often as we both rushed to the very edge of our pleasure, about to dive over, about to ....

"Who the HELL are yo--What the hell are you DOING?!?"  Fuck! I cursed myself for not catching the door opening, cursed Duo for distracting me, and
cursed the OZ officer for interrupting a perfectly wonderful screw.  Did that make me stop? Of course not.


In one smooth motion I brought the gun back up over Duo's shoulder and had it aimed.  Duo had just started to notice what was going on when he
suddenly thrust his hips back at me at the same moment I fired the gun.  The officer crumpled instantly, a perfect shot.

And I was suddenly tugged back into the world of Duo as the most intense orgasm took up both at once, causing him to scream louder then the alarms.
It even caused me to shout as loud as I could.  I was swimming in sin. Everything was static.  I could barely hear Duo sobbing with the pleasure as I emptied myself inside of him, as he christened that helm.

Duo would have bruises on his hips and thighs tomorrow, and a burn mark from the muzzle flare on his cheek.  From the way he unhooked his arms,
turned around and attacked my lips with his, however, I don't think he particularly cared.  God, I love him.

Duo's wristband began to beep. We broke off the kiss, panting, to glance at it in confusion.  As always, Duo was the first to speak.

"FUCK! Shit! Heero ... we've got Four minutes to get outta here, over to the shuttle and gone before this ship blows!"  We pushed apart from each other in a scramble as Duo began hurriedly untwisting his space suit.

"Be careful with that, baka! We can't afford it being ripped now." I scolded him lightly, sped to the console, and started downloading one last bit of information off the computer.  It only took a second.  Zipping up, I glared momentarily at the helm, then at Duo, then at the helm once more.

I grinned.


"That ship is gunna blow any minute! It was supposed to blow ten minutes ago!"

~"We have to wait for them! Don't you think about leaving them, Wufei!"~ Quatre's voice, worried, over the comm.  Trowa made a soothing noise at his
koi. Wufei Growled.
"Of course not! But I'm going to Kill them if they get me killed!" So what if he didn't make sense!  He was distracted a second later as the airlock on the shuttle opened and closed.
~"Get us out of here Wufei."~ Did Heero sound out of breath? He damned well Better sound out of breath!

~"Thank Allah!"~ Quatre again.  Wufei's fingers flew over the control's, jumping the shuttle into motion.  The shuttle arced away from the ship just as the space around them lit up with it's explosion.  The shuttle rocked violently a moment, throwing them partially off course, but Wufei was an accomplished pilot; he had the shuttle back under control in a moment and headed it towards the rendezvous with Peacemillion.


The shuttle docked in Peacemillion's hangar just as Trowa and Quatre descended from their gundams to meet them.  Heero and Duo had wisely opted to
stay in the airlock for the duration, rather than face Wufei's anger at their tardiness. Luckily it wasn't that long of a trip.

Though to Wufei, it seemed longer from the muted sounds of laughter he heard over the open comm from Heero and Duo.  At least he hoped it was

"Worse then onna's. Definitely worse." Wufei muttered as he hopped out of the shuttle, scowling at Trowa.  Quatre had hung back to talk to Howard for a

"Where are they?"  The soft spoken pilot of Heavyarms asked the Chinese boy, glancing towards the shuttle.

"Right here, T-man!"  Duo bounced out of the airlock as it opened, red faced from too much laughter.  Trowa's brow arched high towards his hairline
a second before his jaw dropped as Heero followed out behind Duo. Duo broke into another fit of laughter. Wufei just looked confused.

"Hey, Trowa... Ninmu kanryou."  Heero let free a rare grin, ripe with amusement, as he carried over his "proof" to the banged pilot.  Trowa stared at the large wooden helm Heero dropped at his feet, and then swore quietly at the video disk that landed on top of it a moment later.  Proof and visuals this time.

"Fuck!" Heero looked so smug. Duo was trying not to blush and trying not to laugh too loud at the same time.  Quatre blinked wide eyed at his koi,
overhearing the curse, and then blushed even deeper then Duo when he saw the items.

"Do you concede, Trowa?"

Something clicked in Wufei's mind then. Something bad.


[1] - I've always heard those walkway bridges called skyways. ::shrugs::

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