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The Traveling Salesman


Notes: Part of Jade's Bad Porn Series

Duo gazed across the small table at his husband. He still thought Wufei was very handsome, with his exotic features and dark hair; but something was missing. The passion they had once felt for each other had cooled; Duo felt like they had been married forever instead of just 2 years. Wufei was so cold now; he hardly ever touched Duo any more. And, truth be told, Duo didn't really care. He didn't feel hot around the other man any more, like he used to. Duo wondered if it was his fault, or if Wufei was just tired of him. The Chinese boy he fell in love with had seemed to grow up so quickly, falling into his corporate career and taking everything much too seriously, in Duo's opinion. Duo thought he would enjoy staying home, taking care of the house and taking some classes; but he found himself bored beyond belief, restless and unable to put his finger on what was wrong or even what he wanted out of life.

Duo glanced at the clock. 7:15, exactly. Wufei would get up any second, announce it was time to catch the train, and peck Duo chastely on the cheek and wish him a good day.

Right on schedule, Wufei folded his paper neatly, stood up, saying, "Time to catch the train! Have a good day, Duo," he finished as he kissed his husband on the cheek and headed out the door without a backward glance.

Duo sighed at the retreating figure. He cleaned up the breakfast dishes, trying to remember all the fun times they had had in college, where they had met. Not that Wufei had ever been wild, mind you; Duo was definitely the wilder of the two. But they had had fun, there was no doubt; Duo as just having trouble remembering any good times right now. It all seemed so long ago.

Wufei breathed a sigh of relief as he left the neat little house. His heart was heavy with guilt, and he hoped it hadn't shown. He only felt guilty when he was at home; when he left, he was filled with anticipation again. He couldn't wait to get to work, and see his sexy boss. It wasn't that he didn't love Duo; it was just that he was infatuated with the older man. All he could think about was being near him. All they had done so far was flirt; but Wufei had a feeling that would change soon. Treize had asked him to come to his office this morning at 10, and had winked at Wufei lasciviously. The older man was always telling Wufei how attractive he was, and how capable; always managing to brush up against him in the hallways. From the moment, they first met, Wufei had been attracted to Treize; the older man was smooth and handsome and had the most incredible blue eyes. The Chinese man had always been dominant in his relationship with Duo; but something about his boss made Wufei want to surrender, and be taken. He had had many intense fantasies about just that, being dominated by the tall man. He boarded the train, holding his briefcase in front of him so his raging erection wouldn't be noticeable.

Duo was just finishing up his daily workout when the doorbell rang. Wufei had always said that Duo's lithe body turned him on so much; even though his husband didn't seem interested any more, Duo still wanted to keep in shape. Duo briefly considered putting on a robe over his workout clothes, which were very short cutoff jean shorts and a cropped tank top. Deciding it was too much trouble, Duo opened the door, wondering who it might be.

On the other side of the door stood... the most gorgeous man Duo had ever seen. He had messy brown hair and deep blue eyes; he wore a simple blue suit that couldn't hide the powerful body beneath, pale blue dress shirt open at the neck. He was completely unlike Wufei, but Duo was attracted instantly to the stranger; something about the man at the door spoke to his soul.

Heero was slightly taken aback by the appearance of a beautiful young man at the door rather than a woman, but quickly recovered. He introduced himself to the stunning man while admiring the luscious body. The young man had waist length hair, fastened in a high ponytail, and was dressed in very little clothes. From the flushed skin Heero guessed he had been working out, and his body cheered its good luck for once. Usually, he was forced to try to sell to overweight 45-year-old women. And they would invariably try to flirt with him. He mentally shuddered at how persistent some of them could be. Sometimes he even told them he was gay, but hat didn't even stop some of them; it even seemed to encourage them.

Treize sat in his office, idly anticipating 10 am. He had a meeting scheduled that would hopefully prove to be very interesting. He had wanted to ravish the delicate Chinese man since they had first met, but he had taken his time to be sure the other man was interested. It was so much more tricky; not only did they work together, he hadn't even been sure at first if Wufei liked men. But his instincts hadn't failed him yet, and through careful questioning and innuendo he had satisfied himself that he could proceed cautiously with his seduction of the gorgeous young man.

There was a beep. His secretary announced that Mr. Chang was here to see him.

"Send him in. And please hold my calls."

"Hello!" Heero launched smoothly into his introduction. "My name is Heero Yuy, and I'm here to..." gazing into the violet eyes, though, he faltered. All he truly wanted was to kiss the beautiful young man before him.

"Yes?" Duo asked when the gorgeous man didn't continue. He never bought anything from door to door salesmen as a rule, but this incredible man was definitely checking him out, he was bored, and a few minutes of flirting wouldn't hurt anything... "Go on, please," he said with a smile.

Heero's heart melted and his cock stiffened at the beauty's smile. He abandoned his preset speech, and looked deep into the violet eyes. "I sell insurance. Life insurance. I'd love to... tell you about it."

Duo's smile widened as he realized that the man was as taken with him as he was attracted to the salesman. There was some sort of instant connection between them, something Duo had never felt before. He took one more look, and decided to take a chance. "I don't need any insurance," he said truthfully, "But I'd love for you to come in anyway." The rational part of his mind was screaming at him, asking what the hell he was doing, inviting in a perfect stranger; but the romantic part of him was louder, drowning out the protests.

Heero was mesmerized by the boy's smile, and when he stepped aside, holding the door open in invitation, he had to remind his feet to move. He moved past the boy, into the living room, and had a thought. "What's your name?"

"Duo. Duo Maxwell. I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Yuy," Duo said, offering his hand to the other boy.

"Please, call me Heero," replied the cobalt-eyed boy, and instead of shaking the proffered hand, he held it, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back gently.

Duo's eyes widened; no one had ever kissed his hand before. It was romantic and silly and utterly enchanting. He caught himself smiling even more. "Well, Heero, please sit down," Duo said, indicating the couch. "Can I get you anything?"

Heero still hadn't released Duo's hand, and he pulled the longhaired boy gently down to sit beside him. "No, everything I want is right here." He smiled at Duo. "I seem to have interrupted your workout. I sincerely apologize for that."

"It's no problem. I was almost done." Duo said easily. Something about Heero made him feel perfectly at ease yet incredibly turned on.

"Do you work out a lot?" Heero asked, and Duo nodded. "I can tell," Heero continued. "You have an incredible body."

Duo blushed. "Thank you. I try to keep fit. Your, um, you look like you work out a lot." Heero's sexy voice and praise were quickly going to his awakening cock. He realized how close they were sitting, their thighs only inches apart.

"I jog and lift weights," Heero said in reply, holding Duo's hand in one of his and stroking the back of it with the other. The longhaired boy's skin was so soft...

Heero's touch sent a thrill through him, straight to his cock, and Duo felt bold. He lifted his free hand and traced a line from the open neck of Heero's shirt, down the front, to feel the washboard ripples underneath the shirt. "It shows," Duo said in a husky voice.

Heero caught his breath as Duo touched him. Could this beautiful creature truly want him? "Duo," Heero said softly, catching the other boy's hand. He took Duo's hand and moved it down, placing it on the rock hard bulge in his pants. "I want you."

Duo smiled; he licked his lips and moved his hand to gently squeeze Heero's length, "I can feel that, Heero." He took his other hand and guided Heero's hand to the front of his shorts, where his arousal stretched the material. "I want you too."

Both boys moaned as they touched each other, both thrusting their hips involuntarily into the other's touch.

Duo looked at Heero, violet eyes sparkling with desire. "So what are we going to do about it?"

Wufei walked into his boss's office, a bit nervously. Flirting was one thing, but actually acting on those impulses was another. But when he caught sight of the magnificent man behind the desk, his doubts fled and his cock rose. His mouth went dry as Treize stood up, smiling and welcoming him.

"Please come in. I'm so glad you could come," purred the older man. He stood by the large window, admiring the view.

"Thank you, Mr. Khushrenada," replied Wufei softly, admiring the powerful man's blue eyes and perfect features.

"Please, call me Treize," the older man said, turning back to the window. "I just love this view. Without it I'd certainly go mad," he continued, waving Wufei closer to the window.

"It's beautiful," agreed Wufei, stepping closer and gazing out at the green oasis of a park surrounded by shiny modern buildings.

"Yes, it is," said Treize, stepping behind Wufei, so close that the younger man could feel the heat. "But not as beautiful as you."

Wufei stared in shock at Treize's reflection in the glass. Had he heard correctly? His heart pounded as the older man stepped closer, pressing gently against him. Raising his arms slowly, giving the younger man time to protest, Treize wrapped them gently around Wufei from behind. When the Chinese man didn't protest, he pulled him harder against him, letting Wufei feel the hardness against his back.

Wufei moaned; he felt deliciously wanton, wrapped in the much bigger man's arms. Treize's arousal dug into his back; reminding him of his own aching need, which was pressing against his zipper almost painfully. He wanted to surrender to Treize, wanted to be taken by the older man. He raised his arms, bringing them behind his head, burying his hands in Treize's soft hair, arching his lean body against the other man.

It was Treize's turn to moan; the Chinese boy was bewitching him, rubbing against him with catlike grace. He ran his hands down the boy's body, savoring the lithe form, running a hand over the hardness that stretched his pants. Wufei gasped; then Treize slid his hand inside the pants, not even bothering to unfasten them, and squeezed gently. Treize knew then and there he had to possess Wufei, possess him fully.

Wufei reveled in the feeling of giving control to Treize; the other man's hand on his hot need was quickly pushing away all thought. He pushed himself back, deliberately stimulating the hardness pressing into him so insistently, clearly showing that he wanted more.

"Oh, Wufei, I want you so much," said Treize in a sultry voice.

"Then take me," answered Wufei, surrendering.

Treize put his hands on Wufei's shoulders and gently turned him around. He gathered the boy in his arms and held him close. He lowered his head, and slowly brought his lips to Wufei's.

Wufei held his breath as Treize approached. His stomach fluttered and his erection throbbed as he felt the first touch of the older man's lips on his. His mouth was soft and warm; the Chinese boy opened his mouth and moaned softly as he felt Treize's tongue slip inside.

Treize felt the smaller man surrender to him; he plunged his tongue into the willing mouth, tasting Wufei for the first time. He pulled Wufei hard against him, pressing his arousal against him firmly. The sweet agony of desire was consuming him; he needed to possess Wufei fully. His hands caressed every inch of the boy he could reach, savoring the sleek body he wanted to be deep inside.

Wufei let himself be ravished, content to finally give up control and be taken. He moaned as Treize touched him; he wanted to feel those hands all over his bare skin. When he felt Treize ease off his suit jacket he was more than ready for it.

Treize slowly undressed Wufei; he savored the unveiling of the beautiful man, as if he were a present. Finally, the Chinese man stood naked before him; perfect caramel skin smooth over lean muscles, nipples and cock hard and ready. One thing remained; Treize unfastened the binding of Wufei's hair, and the ebony locks fell to frame the sculpted face. Dark eyes burned from a face flushed with passion and desire. "You like what you see?" Wufei asked almost shyly as he met Treize's eyes.

"Oh, yes, you're perfect, Wufei," purred Treize as he feasted his eyes on the lithe form that would soon be utterly his. His cock ached with need to claim that body, to mark it as his. He quickly stripped, removing any remaining barriers between them.

Wufei watched as Treize's powerful body was revealed; the man was even more incredible that he had thought. The body of a god had been hiding under the business suits, and Treize looked even better without them.

Finally, they faced each other, both men naked and aroused. Treize once again gathered Wufei in his arms, caressing the soft skin more urgently. Their hot skin pressed together; the difference in height meant that Treize's hot need pressed firmly into Wufei's stomach.

Wufei reveled in the strength of Treize's arms; he looked forward to giving himself completely to the older man. There would be no stopping now.

Heero leaned forward and pressed his lips to Duo's. He tasted like heaven; hot and sweet and willing, Duo opened his mouth to allow Heero's tongue access. Their mouths melted together; need drove their tongues to explore.

The kiss broke and both men were panting; passion-glazed eyes met and looked deep.

"You're so beautiful," breathed Heero.

Duo knew that he was starved for attention, knew the reason he was doing this was because his husband was ignoring him. But he didn't care any more; he wanted to lose himself in this sexy stranger's arms.

Heero had never met anyone that captivated him like the longhaired boy in his arms; he wanted to satisfy his physical need, but he suspected it would take more than a one-afternoon stand to slake his desire.

"Duo," Heero began tentatively. "I want to make love to you..."

Duo felt a thrill run down his spine straight to his cock. "I want you to, Heero. Please..." the last word turned into a moan as Heero squeezed his aching erection through his shorts. Duo reached up and began to unbutton Heero's shirt.

Heero moaned as he felt Duo's hands brush against his skin. He let the boy unbutton his shirt, wanting to feel his body against Duo's without barrier.

"I want to see you, Duo," Heero said, and Duo smiled. It was intoxicating that Heero wanted him so much, and it made him want to show off. He stood up, making sure that Heero was watching, and kicked off his shoes.

Heero wouldn't have taken his eyes off Duo for anything. He watched fixedly as Duo pulled off the small shirt, revealing smooth creamy skin and pink nipples. Heero resisted the urge to rip the remaining shorts off, but instead waited for the rest of Duo's beauty to be revealed.

"Duo, will you please undo your hair?" Heero asked softly.

Duo smiled. "Anything for you, Heero," he answered, meaning it. Heero held his breath as the other boy reached back and removed the tie holding his hair. He shook his head and the shining chestnut locks were free, cascading over Duo's shoulders. Heero nearly gasped; Duo was more gorgeous than he could have believed, a sensuous angel that made his arousal ache. The longhaired boy looked up, hair framing his face perfectly, and gazed straight into Heero's eyes as he unfastened his shorts.

Heero shrugged off his own shirt and stood up. He removed his shoes quickly and stood in front of Duo. He slipped off his own pants and waited, clad only in black silk boxers that bulged with his need.

Duo looked at Heero's incredible body, and couldn't wait to feel it against him. Golden skin stretched sleek over chiseled muscles, the body of a Greek statue come to life. Slowly he slid his hands inside the small shorts and eased them down, letting them fall to the floor and kicking them away. He stood in front of Heero, naked save for his beautiful hair and dripping erection. "Your turn."

Heero took a moment to gaze in rapture at the beautiful creature before him; then he slid the boxers off his slim hips. Finally, he pressed his aching body against Duo's, skin to searing skin. Their lips met, and they kissed as if drowning; as if the connection between their bodies was the only thing keeping them alive.

Treize and Wufei kissed, deep and long and hot. The older man ran his hands down the delicate man's back, savoring the flawless skin, and caressed the firm ass that would soon be his. The anticipation made him breathless; a new lover was like a present. You unwrapped it, and savored it, and played with it; the first time was always the best.

Wufei moaned at the strong hands on him, and at the utter decadence of what he was doing, fucking his boss in the office. The Chinese man had always been the responsible one, the dependable one; now, he wanted to do something bad. Treize was giving him what he craved; he could lose control and give in to passion with the older man. He loved Duo, but their passion had cooled; the excitement of this illicit affair was what he craved. Wufei abandoned all conscious thought and just felt.

Treize ran his hands lower, down the smooth thighs, and easily lifted the smaller boy, so that Wufei's legs straddled his waist. Wufei moaned as his legs were spread, and wrapped them around the other man, holding on to his shoulders and leaning back. Treize pulled him tighter against his body, and Wufei whimpered.

Treize carried Wufei that way, over to the huge desk, placing him carefully on it. He didn't let go of the smaller man, but pressed against him, kissing him again and guiding him back onto the desk. Wufei clung to Treize's shoulders and kissed back hard, trying to communicate his desire through his mouth, spreading his legs as wide as possible and thrilling at the feel of the bigger man between them. He could feel Treize's hot need rubbing against his exposed opening, and it made him even hotter.

Treize was amazed at the responsiveness of the Chinese man; he needed to claim him, and now. "Wufei?" he murmured as he broke the kiss. "I want you."

Wufei gazed at him, lust clouding his ebony eyes. "Take me," he moaned, and that was it; Treize was all over him, bearing him down to the desk's surface, covering him with kisses and small bites, touching every part of the delicate body he could reach. Wufei gasped as his body was overloaded with sensations; this was it, this was what he wanted, to give up control, to be ravished. He surrendered to it with abandon. He felt slick fingers at his entrance, and then Treize was stretching him, preparing him to be taken with that hot hardness. Wufei welcomed every finger, every intrusion, willing the older man to hurry and fuck him. Then Treize's lubricated cock nudged at his opening, and Wufei opened his eyes; he wanted to watch the gorgeous man drive into him.

Treize looked down at Wufei; the beautiful young man lay ready for him, spread for him, only for him. A low growl escaped his throat as he pushed forward; perfect, perfect, the heat of Wufei's body gripped him, impossibly tight yet yielding, as it must, to his insistent erection. Slowly, slowly, he slid into the boy, watching intently as Wufei's face mirrored his feelings. The boy was moaning, panting, grasping at Treize; but no pain showed on the beautiful face as Treize impaled him.

Treize lost himself in the pressure; Wufei's body squeezed him, and caressed him, and yielded to him all at once. He was finally fully sheathed in the tight body; pausing, he looked down at Wufei.

"More," begged the boy, spreading his legs wider and wrapping them around the older man's back. "Fuck me, Treize. I need it hard."

Treize was more than happy to comply; with a feral smile, he drew back and plunged into the boy quickly. He was rewarded by an animalistic sound from Wufei. Again and again, he pounded into the boy, harder each time and deeper. He held the boy's slim hips tightly; the force of his thrusts threatened to push Wufei off the desk. Treize fucked Wufei, fucked him as hard as he could; still the boy begged for more until both could speak no longer.

Treize needed to hear Wufei scream; so he wrapped one hand around the Chinese boy's cock and pumped it quickly. It was too much; Wufei's cries shook the walls as he was hit by double pleasure. Climax took him; his muscles clamped down on Treize as his creamy seed shot all over. Treize followed helplessly; then tight body beneath him demanded his completion, wrung it from him as he moaned the boy's name. Ecstasy tore their reason away; in the face of climax their moans intermingled and both men nearly passed out.

Treize summoned the last of his strength; pleasure still ebbing, he gathered the young man in his arms and gently lay with him on the small couch. They clung to each other through the aftershocks, and drifted off together, entwined.

Heero and Duo kissed; their naked bodies pressed together at last, erections rubbing together with exquisite friction. Heero touched Duo, everywhere; the slim body in his arms was all he could think about. Heero buried his hands in the flowing hair, drawing Duo as close as possible. Their bodies touched from lips to knees, and Duo ran his hands over Heero's muscled back almost reverently.

Heero moaned at Duo's touch; the soft fingers were driving him wild. He kissed a line down Duo's neck, kissing and licking the sweet skin. Duo moaned too; pulling on Heero, he pulled the bigger man down on top of him, lying on the couch. Heero lowered himself carefully, not wanting to hurt Duo. Duo spread his long legs, welcoming Heero between them; the powerful man on top of him made him feel incredibly wanton. He rocked his hips up to meet Heero's, making them both gasp.

"Oh, god, Heero. I need you to take me... please... hard and fast, I need it so bad," moaned Duo as he rubbed against Heero.

In answer, Heero growled with need, need to fuck the hell out of the delicate looking boy. "I'm going to give it to you hard and fast, then, Duo," Heero answered. "I'm going to make you scream."

Duo shivered with lust at the sexy voice saying those words; he licked his lips as he looked up at Heero. "So what are you waiting for? Do it," he answered. "I want to feeeeel you..." the last words turned into a long moan as Heero teased a hard nipple with his fingers.

Heero could barely think, but he did have one thought. "Lube."

"Shit." Duo had forgotten. "Bathroom," he said, waving toward a short hallway. Heero disappeared for a brief moment, and Duo almost couldn't stand the wait. But then Heero reappeared, and kneeled between the longhaired boy's legs once more. He held up a tube. "Will this do?" Duo nodded, and Heero set to work. He prepped Duo, and the longhaired boy complained about the wait, doing everything in his power to entice Heero to hurry.

But Heero took his time; Duo was so tight, he could tell that the beautiful boy had not been taken in a very long time. What kind of idiot would neglect such a treasure? Heero put that thought out of his mind and concentrated on getting Duo ready for him.

Finally, Duo was ready, and Duo grabbed the tube from Heero. "Let me," he whispered. He squeezed out a large drop, and proceeded to smooth it onto Heero's straining cock. Heero threw his head back and moaned; he had to stop Duo, because the sexy boy was going to make him climax too soon with those hands.

Heero pinned Duo's hands above his head and growled, "Are you ready, Duo?"

Duo moaned and gazed up at the sexy man, completely taken by lust. "Yes, do it. Do it hard. Do it fast..."

Heero gripped his aching cock, positioning it just at Duo's tight entrance. He pushed in slowly, and Duo started to pant. He watched the longhaired boy's face as he slid inside; watched his face twist with need and ecstasy as they became one. In and in he slid into the impossibly tight heat, opening Duo with his hot need, making him his.

Heero was sure that Duo's slim body couldn't take his hard length, that he was hurting the longhaired boy. But Duo just begged for more, driving him higher with his pleas.

Finally Heero was entirely inside Duo, and Duo was begging him to move, but he waited. Duo arched his back, reveling the feeling of Heero's cock inside him. "Oh, god, Heero, you're so big... so hard... feels so good..."

Duo words made him moan, and the boy's tight body tempted him to thrust deep and fast. He pulled back slowly, biting his lip at the incredible sensation as Duo's body gripped him. Duo whined in protest until Heero began to drive back into that intoxicating heat.

Over and over, Heero drove into Duo's body, faster and deeper with each thrust. He held Duo's hands above his head with one hand; Duo loved the constriction, and told him so. With his other hand, he caressed Duo all over, tweaking a nipple, running his hand down Duo's flat stomach, claiming him totally.

Duo was lost; lost in desire and need. He lost himself totally in the feeling of the cock deep inside him, of the man fucking him. Held down and taken, stroked and caressed, Duo felt fulfilled; it had been too long since anyone had shown any passion for him.

Heero's whole world was Duo; the only thing that existed was the boy's tight heat and sweet cries. That voice urged him on, drove him higher; all he wanted, no, needed, was to give Duo absolute pleasure.

Soon, Heero knew he couldn't hold back any more. With his free hand, he started to stroke Duo's dripping erection as he continued to pound into the sweet body. Duo's cries increased; he was gripped with ecstasy both inside and out. He arched again; and screamed Heero's name. Then the wave of climax hit him; sobbing wordlessly, Duo came, covering them both with his long suppressed need.

Heero gasped as he watched Duo; the longhaired boy's body tightened even more, impossibly tight. The sight of Duo's release and the constriction of his muscles robbed him of all control. Thrusting once more, Heero filled Duo with his passion, pulsing over and over, as he moaned Duo's name. Releasing Duo's hands, Heero pulled out carefully. He wanted to hold the beautiful boy as the ecstasy subsided.

They fit easily on the couch together, and Heero held Duo. The longhaired boy snuggled up to Heero, and they clung to each other, never wanting the moment to end, and the real world to come back.

Wufei walked in the door, right on schedule as usual. He walked into the kitchen where Duo was cooking dinner. They stared at each other for a long moment; something was different about the other, but they couldn't put their finger on it. Duo spoke up first.

"Hi, how was your day?"

Wufei answered carefully. "Just a normal day. You?"

"Oh, the usual." And he smiled to himself.

The End?

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