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The Angel and the Bat Out of Hell

Kitten Maxwell

Duo Maxwell whistled happily as he trotted down the hallway of the apartment building where the young gundam pilots were all currently staying. He burst through the doors of the spacious room, bounding into the center of the living room before shouting cheerily, "Ohayo minna-san!"

Four pairs of eyes slowly looked up and locked onto Duo, who sweatdropped and put a hand behind his head, grinning foolishly. "Gomen, didn't realize.."

Quatre flashed his child-like grin to Duo from across the room, where he was currently curled up in Trowa's lap. "Don't worry, you didn't interrupt anything. We were just.. thinking."

At the other corner of the room, Wufei lifted his head to give the braided boy a solid glare. He solemnly took his sword in and out of his sheath, his intensifying gaze never wavering. Duo giggled nervously before venturing ahead to talk to him.

"Errrm, hey, Woofie... what exactly is THAT look for.." Duo grinned and winked at the quiet Chinese boy, who didn't even bat an eye.

"Maxwell, is that ALL you ever think of?! I swear, sometimes you're.."

The other four pilots chanted along with Wufei to finish the sentance... "so much like a woman." Whereas Wufei immediately rose, gave a full round of glares to all, and stalked off muttering about Nataku.

"I swear," Duo started, "that boy is just waaaay to close to his gundam... Wonder if they're secretly lovers?"

Trowa snorted softly, disturbing the small blonde boy curled up in his lap. "It isn't any different from how you are with your precious Deathscythe, Maxwell..."

"Ah Ha! There's where you're wrong. It IS different, because unlike Nataku, Deathscythe kicks ass." He flashed a devilish grin aimed directly for Trowa, but it somehow seemed to have missed its target, as Heero cleared his throat and flushed slightly. Trowa and Quatre exchanged knowing smirks before standing and edging slowly towards the door. "Hey," Duo protested softly. "Just where are YOU two off to!"

Quatre stammered slightly before responding. "Uhh, well... we need bread and milk. Trowa, come with me. Be back later!" He once again flashed his grin of perfect innocence, and dragged a semi-confused Trowa out the door with him.

Duo shrugged off the incident before slowly stalking towards the loveseat where Heero currently sat. "Wonder what THAT was all about, hehehe."

Heero muttered softly. "Duo, I swear, you are one of the biggest hentai I know..." (This is untrue! The writer of this story is a bigger hentai than Duo-kun is! Gomen ne, Hee-sama ^_^)

Without warning, the long-haired boy pounced onto the available spot next to Heero, and conveniently also half landed in his lap. He grinned at Heero, who simply scowled back.

"Omae o.."

"Korosu!" Duo finished the threat gleefully. "Agh, koibito, if I had a yen for every time I heard that one from you, I'd live like a millionaire!" Heero's eyes narrowed with the mention of the word "koibito." This set Duo off again, who burst into giggles and purred, "Oooh, you're so sexy when you're angry.."

Heero shoved Duo off his lap and onto the floor in one swift motion, then simply stood up and stalked away, towards the bedroom that he and Duo shared. Duo pouted for a moment, but soon leaped up and trotted after him, his braid swishing tantalizingly behind him.

The taller dark-haired boy sat coldly on the edge of his bed, pulling his laptop out from underneath and booting it up. He could sense the stealthy being that was Duo sneaking up behind him, and what's worse was that he liked the thought of what could come from that. He shook his head slowly, not completely able to comprehend all the thoughts trapped within his mind. Once he had chosen to ponder on one particular thought, he felt warm, strong arms slip around his torso. Heero turned his head and found what he knew was coming, the attractive face of what he considered to be his closest friend, Duo Maxwell. The feelings he had for Duo were somewhat hard to explain, even to himself. Sometimes, especially at night, he would dream of just holding Duo close, and listening to his breathing and his heart beat all night. Other times, they were more lusty thoughts, which made him blush simply thinking about them. Of course, to add to the confusion, there were times where Duo almost seemed too perky and pesky, and Heero could even go so far as to say that Duo annoyed him. This tangled web of emotions could make things rather complicated, but for the last week or so, it had been clear sailing.

Duo must have been able to sense this, among other things, as the second time he struck ended up being the luck of the draw for him. Heero shrugged him off, but gently, and shut down his laptop before tucking it back under the bed. Once Heero had turned to face Duo, his cold, blue eyes locked onto Duo's softer, lavender ones. Blood rushed to Duo's face (among other places, but let's not go there just yet..) and he found himself at a loss for words. Heero easily pinned him down to the bed before pushing his face alarmingly close to Duo's. "Sometimes, you tease me so much that I just can't stand it anymore.." he whispered softly, and with each word his lips lightly brushed against Duo's dry, warm lips.

Duo's body tensed up at first on instinct, as he was totally unprepared for Heero's advance. Before long, he had gained back his original self, and decided to act upon what had just occurred. He lifted his head ever so slightly to press his lips gently to Heero's, whereas Heero simply let him. Stunned at this, Duo decided to venture ahead slightly more by pressing his lips harder to Heero's and parting his own lips, in doing so also forcing Heero's to open. He tentatively pushed his tongue forward into Heero's mouth, lightly batting at the roof of his mouth. Heero grunted softly in response before pushing his own tongue forward and tapping it lightly against Duo's. Duo dropped his head back, giggling uncontrollably.

Heero snorted softly, narrowing his eyes down at Duo, who instantly silenced and stared back up and him, eyes wide and oh-so-innocent. In a quick, lithe motion, Heero's pelvis was directly over Duo's, applying slight pressure. Duo's eyes widened more and he swallowed hard, his breathing quickening slightly. His mouth went dry as Heero's lips once again came for his, and once they reached their destination, his eyes fluttered closed. Heero's hands, which had been locked over Duo's wrists to keep him down, moved slowly down Duo's arms, and along the sides of his chest. Duo's heart was beating as quickly as a mouse, he noted. His lower body applied slightly more pressure to Duo's, whereas Duo responded by arching his back and thrusting his whole body up tighter to Heero's, whimpering softly.

That whimper was a plea for so many things; it almost overwhelmed Heero, who could sense everything that was involved in the soft plea. He moved his lips tenderly over Duo's, his tongue darting out of between his lips to gently lick over Duo's lips, flicking over them in a maddeningly teasing way. Duo stretched out beneath Heero, tilting his head back and moaning quietly. Heero eagerly kissed down his jaw and onto the soft flesh of his throat. He ever-so-lightly licked over a spot on Duo's throat before forming his mouth over it and sucking softly, nipping slightly as well.

Duo writhed slightly beneath Heero, the depth and intensity of his soft groans and whimpers growing as the short-haired boy's teeth grazed lightly over his flesh. He gasped sharply as Heero's gentle hands slid tauntingly down the side of his body before sliding over to gently caress across his stomach. Heero tugged Duo's shirt lightly, untucking it from the front his pants in order to slide his hands under it and lightly massage his bare flesh. Duo stretched out luxuriously once again, struggling to calm his breath slightly.

Heero's hands slid slowly up Duo's chest, massaging his flesh softly as they went along. Once he reached his tender nipples, which by now were erect from sheer pleasure, he lightly rubbed his fingertips over them. Duo's back arched sharply during the second Heero's hands touched his sensitive nubs, and he drew a breath in quickly. The way his beloved Heero was taking his time in touching his body in such an adoring and erotic way, the way his lips were manipulating his own lips and his flesh, it was all so maddening, and yet so sweet -- he had to wonder if it was a dream...

His hands slid quickly back down and out of Duo's shirt, and back up his sides to the top of his mandarin collar. He slid the flap over the buttons of Duo's black shirt over, as to uncover the buttons. Heero slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, one by one, all the while sucking over various parts of Duo's upper neck. He unrolled Duo's sleeves and slowly removed the black shirt, leaving Duo in a white turtle neck, his black riding crop pants and belt and what lay beneath, and a pair of black socks. Heero pulled back slightly, staring down at Duo with a slight smirk at the corner of his lips. He reached for his braid, and tugged the end towards him, receiving a slight yelp from the owner of the braid. He played with the tip of his braid lightly, working the white hair elastic off and slowly unraveling his long, beautiful chestnut hair.

As Heero combed Duo's soft, silky hair with his fingertips, he was overwhelmed by the scent of Duo's shampoo. The thought of Duo nude in the steamy, wet shower... well, that was definitely something to encourage him along. Duo gazed up at Heero, smirking that irresistible smirk.

Hnn.. I'll show him...

Heero quickly grabbed the bottom of Duo's turtleneck, yanking it up slightly while kissing over his lips hungrily. Duo squealed slightly, surprised once again by the sudden course of action. He eagerly helped Heero to pull off his shirt, and sprawled out on the bed. Heero crawled back overtop of him, resting his hips over Duo's lightly once again, gazing down at Duo's pale, slightly built chest. He ran his fingertips down over his bare flesh once again, leaning his face forward to softly kiss along the very top of Duo's chest and the lower part of his neck, which had been covered before.

He slowly kissed his way down Duo's chest, his hands lightly sliding up and down his bare sides, from the waistline of his pants to his armpits. Heero worked his way towards one of Duo's nipples, licking in small circles around it, but never touching it. He then blew lightly over his damp saliva trail, causing Duo to shiver and get goosebumps. Duo once again cooed out his soft plea, and Heero complied eagerly. His mouth formed over Duo's nipple, his tongue and teeth lightly grazing over it. As he applied more pressure with his teeth, he did the same with his hips, causing Duo to whimper pathetically and toss his head back, arching his body up in full again.

Heero lightly licked his way over to Duo's other nipple, slowly applying the same torture test as he had done before. Once satisfied, he slowly kissed to the center of Duo's chest, and even more slowly worked his way down. Eventually, he reached Duo's navel. His mouth formed over it lightly and his tongue poked into it gently. He softly started to suckle onto his navel, which drove Duo absolutely insane.

Nngh, to think what he's so dangerously close to... how much I want him... want his mouth over me.. want him inside me.. oh, god, if he feels any bit as strongly as I do.. I really don't blame him for this..

Duo's thoughts were abruptly halted when he sensed Heero's hands lightly sliding up his inner thighs. His heart skipped a beat when he felt those warm hands apply slight pressure to his throbbing erection. He groaned softly, thrusting his hips up hungrily, digging his fingers into the bed and gasping.

"G-god.. Heero.. please..."

Duo's soft, pleading voice drove Heero wild. He smirked down at his darling little demon, sliding his hands up to where Duo's belt was. He slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled it out, grinning and holding it like a whip. Duo's eyes widened and his face paled, and Heero simply chuckled softly.

"Poor thing... I would never dream of harming you. I just want to please you... and satisfy you to your heart's content... as well as mine."

Duo swallowed hard. The thought that Heero would finally say such words to him.. if those truly were his intentions and desires... This really must be a dream.

Well, if it IS a dream, let him complete me before I wake up..

He giggled slightly, and smirked up at Heero yet again. Heero tossed his belt aside, staring deeply into Duo's soft eyes while he undid the button and zipper to his pants. He slowly reached out to tug on Duo's pants. Duo arched his back up and helped Heero to pull his pants off, leaving him in his soft, silky black boxers. Heero grinned to himself.

It figures. Black as the night and darkness that conceals him, and as smooth and silky as his soft, luscious flesh... God, I adore him more than I can let myself admit...

Before Duo could take in what was occurring, Heero darted his face forward and softly pushed his tongue under the waistband of Duo's boxers. His hands slid up his bare thighs, massaging his flesh gently, and seductively. Every muscle in Duo's body tensed, and he found himself groaning uncontrollably. Every slight pressure and motion Heero's hands made, he could sense, and it was slowly driving him up the wall.

Heero slid his hands up to the waistband of Duo's boxers, sliding two fingers from each hand inside and softly pressing them into his flesh. Duo arched his hips up, panting savagely. Heero complied once again, slowly pulling his boxers down and off. He sat back and blushed, eyes dancing over his lover's beautiful, nude body. (Save for a pair of socks, luckily, not appropriately placed ;) )

Heero's hands softly slid down over the newly exposed flesh, down to the base of Duo's still-throbbing erection. He bent forward to lightly kiss over Duo's pelvis while his hands gently grasped onto the shaft of his penis, caressing it so tenderly that it sent shivers surging through Duo's body. His hands slid slowly back down, sliding over to rest lightly on his inner thighs. Heero's tongue poked out and tentatively licked the base of Duo's erection. Duo shivered, arching up and twisting, groaning softly.

His tongue moved lightly up, towards the sensitive head of Duo's pulsing core. Once he reached the tip, he placed his mouth firmly over it and leaned forward slightly, pushing most of Duo into his mouth. Duo's hips thrust up, his loud gasping and groans impossible to ignore. He sat up and his hands clawed at Heero's sides, one hand sliding up the back of his neck and pushing his face further forward. Heero's tongue softly lapped at Duo inside of his mouth before he lightly started to suck on Duo, drawing his face back somewhat.

Duo's hips thrust up again, his moans forming into Heero's name, over and over. Heero closed his eyes, pulling back so that Duo was almost completely out of his mouth, then slowly pushing his face back forward, taking even more of Duo into his warm mouth, all the while his tongue lapping at him. He continued this for several minutes, quickening his pace as he went along. Duo's groans and panting grew faster and louder, his hips thrusting up wildly every now and then, until finally both hands gripped Heero's scalp tightly, and he thrust himself far into Heero's mouth, trembling uncontrollably for what seemed like a blissful eternity.

Duo fell back onto the bed, sweating with his eyes glazed over, panting hungrily for breath. His beloved Heero climbed to lay on top of him, kissing him hungrily. Duo lazily kissed Heero back, at the moment exhausted and enjoying the overwhelming feelings of his first orgasm to Heero.

Well... unless, of course, you count the numerous times when I was in the shower, or in bed, thinking of him... and my hands softly wandered down and..

He turned his head up to Heero and grinned at him, giggling slightly. Heero kissed him softly on the lips again, then kissed his forehead several times. When he was finished covering his darling Shinigami with kisses, he admired the fine features of his face, occasionally caressing his cheek with the back of his hand.

He kissed slowly up Duo's jawbone, following it to his ear. He whispered softly into his ear.

"Ai shiteru, Duo..."

Duo's heart skipped a beat, and his eyes popped open at those words. His arms wrapped tightly around his Heero, pulling him tightly to him.

"Heero.. do you mean it?"

"I do, Duo. I always have.. and I always will..."

Duo's arms tightened around his lover more so, tears finding their way out of his eyes.

"G-god Heero... I adore you so much.."

Heero struggled to raise a finger to Duo's lips.

"I know. I've always known."

Duo smiled warmly back up at him, his eyes still tearing over. Heero wiped away his tears and kissed the corners of his eyes softly. Duo's eyes locked onto Heero's, and Heero could see the mischief boiling behind those wonderful, blue-lavender eyes. Duo's lips gently found their way to Heero's earlobe. His lips tugged it lightly before he whispered into his ear.

"Koibito... now it's my turn to please you."

In one swift, cat-like (should I say bat-like?) motion, Duo pinned Heero back on the bed. Heero showed only slight resistance, struggling only playfully. Duo pressed his nude body against Heero's fully clothed one.. then again, a green tank top and spandex shorts don't exactly conceal very much...

Heero blushed slightly, staring up at Duo in a sort of awe. He was definitely not used to being held in the dominated position - he was used to being the dominator.. of everything around him.. easily. Duo smirked his irresistible smirk, which set Heero off guard enough for Duo to press his lips hungrily to his. His now warm, moist lips moved Heero's with his, and his tongue slid eagerly into Heero's mouth. Heero's tongue batted slightly at Duo's, and Duo giggled and fought back, but soon pinned Heero's tongue to the roof of his own mouth.

Duo's hands slid eagerly down the sides of Heero's chest, and latched onto the sides of his hips. He squeezed them softly, causing Heero to arch up against him and grunt softly. Heero snatched Duo's wrists and attempted to pry them off of his body, but Duo proved an equal match for him, and did not budge. He managed to catch one of Heero's wrists and pin it back above his head. He grinned an evil smirk, pinning Heero's other wrist with his same hand. He fumbled on the nightstand with his remaining free hand, groping around in the drawer. His grin intensified as he slowly drew out... you guessed it.. metal handcuffs!

Heero's eyes widened slightly as Duo swiftly pushed Heero back in a sitting position and locked his hands together over the headboard. (Yes, this IS possible with one set of handcuffs, provided there is some sort of bar that you can hold one arm above, one below, and cuff. Many hotels that I know of, if they HAVE a headboard at all, it's some sort of brass-looking bar with knobs. Not that I know, or anything.... *cough* on with da show!)

Duo sat straddled over Heero's lap, giggling as he pushed his face irresistibly close to his. Heero turned his head to the side and snorted softly. Duo placed his hands on Heero's cheeks, turning his head to face him and holding it in place, gazing warmly into his deep, cobalt blue eyes. He closed his eyes slowly before pressing his insistent mouth over Heero's, parting his lips with his tongue and probing deeply within his mouth. He savored the light taste of Heero's saliva, also picking up a slight trace of his own semen from before.

As he felt the muscles in Heero's neck relax slightly, Duo allowed his hands to slowly slide down onto his shoulders, across to the front of his chest, and down towards his navel. He continued with his deep kiss while his hands pulled Heero's shirt loose from his shorts and slid his hands underneath, tickling lightly over his bare stomach. Heero made soft sounds in response, twisting his lower body slightly.

Duo pulled Heero's shirt up swiftly, pulling his head back in order to take it over Heero's head, and pushed it back so that it hung over Heero's wrists. He grinned, leaning back to take in Heero's built chest, admiring how his muscles were prominent, but not outrageously so. By leaning back, he placed his extremely fine ass at an irresistible angle over Heero's erection, which was still covered by the tight, black spandex. Heero clenched his fists and groaned softly, thrusting his hips up slightly. This caught Duo off guard, whose eye's widened as he felt the firm heat and pressure against him. He fell off of Heero and tumbled lightly onto the floor, giggling wildly for no apparent reason.

Heero sighed softly, immensely dissatisfied now that his lover was sprawled out far enough away that he could not reach. Duo stood, grinning at Heero before dashing out of the room.

Hnn, NOW what is that baka up to...

Duo re-entered shortly with a small cup in his hands. He walked slowly towards Heero's bed, swaying his hips slightly as he went. Heero's eyes widened as he looked up and down Duo's nude body, and the seductive way that he pranced across the floor. Duo sat the cup on the nightstand before pouncing back onto Heero, thrusting his gentle erection tightly against Heero's much more needy one. He kept himself pressed tightly to Heero as his fingers massaged down Heero's bare chest, doing so in such an intricate pattern and in such a way that it aroused Heero even more so. Once Duo's hands reached the waist of Heero's shorts, he tucked the tips of each pointer finger in them and hooked onto the material, pulling it down slowly.

Heero swallowed hard, clenching his fists once again as he stared at the back of Duo's head. Duo rose onto his knees and moved back slightly, pulling Heero's shorts down slowly. He stopped with them just covering the light line of Heero's pubic hair, grinned up at Heero, and giggled.

"Ooo, Heero, I never took you as the type to go without... I always saw you as a boxer man myself."

Heero snorted softly, attempting to control his shaky breathing as he responded. "Hnn, I am.. The one day I have to go without, due to SOMEBODY not doing the laundry as they were supposed to have done... and look what happens..."

Duo giggled. "I'll have to remember not to do the wash more often, now won't I?"

Before Heero had any chance to respond, Duo's tongue was over his lips and his hands were massaging over his pelvis. Heero opened his mouth slightly, allowing Duo's persistent tongue to enter once again. He arched his hips up slightly in response to Duo's soft fingertips, grunting softly. Duo took this as a sign to move on, and did just that. He slowly pulled Heero's shorts down and pushed them off of his thighs, shoving them down to about Heero's knees as to not have to stop his probing kiss.

Duo settled his hips back onto Heero's now exposed ones and pushed his now-needy erection against Heero's even more needy one. Heero tossed his head back, parting his lips from Duo's, and gasped in sharply. He thrust his pelvis up eagerly, craving so badly the feel of their bodies tightly pressed together. Duo softly groaned, leaning forward to bite onto Heero's shoulder. Heero grunted softly at that, enjoying the feel for some odd reason.

Just as Heero was really beginning to enjoy the feel of Duo's sweaty flesh locked up against his own, Duo slid back onto Heero's thighs, smirking somewhat. Heero settled back, scowling slightly, unable to take this constant teasing of his senses. Duo reached into the bowl sitting on the nightstand, and pulled out one of the objects inside. Heero glanced over, trying to figure out what it was, and scowled more when he could not do so. Duo's smirk widened, making Heero more than a bit nervous. He kept the object hidden within his hand before placing it over Heero's navel.

Heero gasped in sharply at the feeling of something so cold and wet being placed anywhere on his flaming torso. Duo giggled softly, gliding the ice cube in zig-zags over Heero's pelvis. Heero arched his back and hips up once again, still panting hard. He was thrilled by the feelings and arousal that the ice was causing to his senses.

As Duo slowly moved the piece of ice lower, Heero started to struggle wildly.

Nnn, dear God, the way this is feeling right now.. I don't know if I'll be able to stand it....

He threw his head back and groaned loudly as Duo slid the small piece of ice down the length of Heero's penis, avoiding the head however. Duo dropped the tiny piece of ice, letting it fall onto the sheets as he reached for two more cubes. He slid the new cubes of ice slowly up Heero's inner thighs, one on each leg. Heero's eyes fluttered closed, his gasping and moaning growing louder and more intense as Duo moved the ice manipulatively on every sensitive spot that he could think of, save for Heero's most pressing need.

Heero thrust his hips up and held them there, grunting softly. This was his silent plea, as he couldn't bring himself to beg as Duo had. Duo gazed adoringly at Heero's face before giggling and giving in. Heero's entire body tensed up as one piece of ice slid up his shaft and onto his head, while the other was lightly being rubbed across his testicles. He shivered slightly, his trembling growing each time the ice was rubbed around his penis, especially when it was rubbed over the head.

After a few short minutes of this, which seemed like hours of mind blowing feelings and torture to poor Heero, he arched up and shouted out his final soft groan.

"NNnnngh, oh, my God, Duo..."

Heero's body shuddered several times as he came, his hands clenched into fists so tightly that his fingertips turned white. Duo wrapped his arms tightly around Heero's torso, hugging him tightly while kissing at the top of his chest lightly. He released his tight grasp in order to unlock the handcuffs which were still restraining Heero. Instantly, Heero wrapped his arms tightly around Duo's hips, holding his bare body close to his. He nuzzled Duo's ear, keeping one arm hugging him tightly, allowing his other hand to gently stroke the top of Duo's head, running his finger through his silky strands of hair.

Duo clamped his mouth firmly over Heero's once again, softly prodding the inside of his mouth with his tongue. Heero held no resistance; he only pulled Duo down tighter against him. After a few minutes of gentle kisses, Heero pushed Duo back without warning. He lifted him up and placed him lightly face down on the bed, and proceeded to sit on his lower back. Duo's muscles tensed up at first, as he was curious as to what Heero was up to, but he soon relaxed.

Heero gently pushed Duo's long, wildly splayed hair off of his back and his neck. His hands then proceeded to gently tickle up and down Duo's back in a slow, torturous manner. Duo grunted softly as his koibito's hands slowly switched from a light, teasing stroke into a rougher massage. He arched his back up upon instinct when Heero scooted back somewhat to sit on his rear, his thumbs rubbing gently at the center of the small of his back. Heero continued to tease him in this way for a few short minutes, before eventually working his fingers forward and onto Duo's shoulders.

He grasped lightly onto Duo's shoulders before leaning forward and lightly kissing the back of Duo's neck. Heero licked gently down Duo's spine in small circles, slowly maddening the long-haired boy, who was softly whimpering his pleasure. Heero slid his hands forward, pressing two of his fingertips against Duo's warm, slightly moist lips. Duo opened his mouth obligingly, allowing Heero's fingers to enter his mouth. He rubbed his soft, velvety tongue against his fingers in an enticing way before he began to lightly suckle onto them.

Heero made a soft noise before withdrawing his fingers from within Duo's mouth. He blew lightly over Duo's damp back as he slid backwards, sitting on the backs of Duo's bare thighs. His gentle, dry fingers of his other hand lightly massaged over the silky, pale skin of his demon's small buttocks. Duo gasped in a breath quickly, somewhat startled (and very much aroused) by the pattern of Heero's hands. One of Heero's saliva-covered fingertips gently rubbed at the base of Duo's anus, causing the young boy to arch his back. In doing this, Heero's lightly lubricated finger was pushed further into Duo's rectum, thus causing Duo to cry out softly.

Heero gently penetrated his other finger into Duo's anus, moving them only slightly as to let Duo's body adjust slightly to this new feeling. Duo moaned softly every time he sensed Heero's fingers moving, arching his back up occasionally. Heero slid his free hand around to Duo's ventral side, slowly running his fingertips over his stomach and massaging lightly over his pelvis. His hand eventually reached Duo's once again gently pulsating erection, and he cupped it lightly.

The combination of Heero's one hand lightly grasping onto his shaft and his fingers tenderly groping for his g-spot was altogether too much for Duo. He shivered slightly, pleading in a soft whisper.

"He-Heero... p-please... take me..complete me... and make me yours.."

Heero slowly pulled his fingers out of Duo's rectum, resulting in a soft sigh from the other boy. His hands grasped lightly onto the sides of Duo's hips, and he rolled him over gently. He gazed intently into Duo's pleading eyes, and knew what his lover was saying was indeed what he wanted, even needed at this point. Heero's lips lightly brushed against Duo's as he pushed the long-haired pilot's legs back slightly, crawling forward as to situate his gentle erection against Duo's slightly moist anus. Duo trilled softly as Heero's tongue poked its way into his mouth, exploring slowly.

Duo groaned loudly, arching his entire body upwards as Heero unexpectedly thrust himself into the other boy's rectum. Heero kept his hips still, his tongue still rubbing lightly inside of Duo's mouth. Duo wrapped his arms tightly around Heero's upper torso, kissing him back with a hungry passion. Heero then drew his hips back slightly, thrusting them back forward slowly.

As he slowly began his rhythm of thrust and withdrawal, his kisses became as intensified as Duo's had been just moments before. His tongue roughly pinned Duo's tongue to the roof of his mouth, pushing itself back further into the expansion of Duo's mouth for a long deep-throat kiss. Duo shivered, arching his hips up in reaction to the overwhelming pleasure. His now-throbbing penis pressed tightly against Heero's stomach, arousing both pilots immensely.

Duo broke their passionate kiss and tossed his head wildly from side to side as Heero's rhythm became slightly faster, and every thrust became more and more pleasurable. His gentle moans and soft groans became louder and more intensified as the fire burning in the most sensitive parts of his bodies increased in temperature. His fingernails dug into the soft flesh of Heero's back, causing Heero to thrust forward even harder. A bead of sweat from Heero's brow slowly trickled down and landed just above Duo's nipple, causing another slight tremble in the frail youth.

After several minutes of pleasure, Heero's blood began to boil to the extent that he could not resist any longer. He thrust deeply into Duo one, two, three more times before holding, trembling in his lover's arms. Duo arched up, thrusting his erection tighter against Heero's stomach before he shivered violently as well. Their embraces on one another tightened as they came, their breathing and soft groaning matching one another's perfectly.

Heero gazed down lovingly into Duo's eyes, panting wildly for breath. Duo stared back up with powerful emotion, his chest heaving as he also tried to catch his breath. Heero withdrew himself from Duo for the final time (that night!) before lying his head onto Duo's rapidly moving chest. Their gasping breaths eventually slowed down and became more stable, their heart beats doing the same. Within a few minutes, Heero rose his head slightly to find Duo's eyes closing slowly. Duo cooed softly out to him.

"Heero... you are my angel, Heero.. I will always love you.."

Heero kissed his darling's forehead lightly before responding.

"And I'll always care for you, my dark little bat out of Hell.."

Duo grinned, giggling softly as Heero planted another light kiss onto his forehead. His eyes closed completely and his entire body relaxed as he fell slowly into the deep abyss of sweet dreams. Heero pulled a sheet lightly over their bodies before allowing his muscles to relax as well, and he followed Duo into the beckoning world of dreams.

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