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Passion Directed


notes:been done a thousand times.....i know, but it just came to me and i had to write it.

Duo stumbled up the stairs and into the safe house at nearly dawn, completely inebriated, as was his intention.

He had spent the last few days of his miserable life cooped up inside the three-room house with the perfectly oblivious soldier.

Duo had all but thrown himself at the object of his lust, once again remaining unsuccessful at getting his message across.

Frustrated, he left the house, ignoring Heero's calls, practically running the entire mile into town. Turning into the first bar he found and parking his ass on a stool, Duo proceeding to drink, stopping only when the bartender refused to serve the apparently drunk boy another round.

As quietly as he could, Duo tiptoed into the bedroom they shared, knowing that waking Heero would most likely be a bad idea even if he weren't drunk. His current state would only serve to piss Heero off even more, his roommate needing little provocation to begin railing into the braided boy.

Sitting down on the edge of his bed, Duo removed his boots and socks and curled up under his blankets.

Hearing Duo settled into his bed, Heero turned toward the sleeping boy and sighed, finally allowing himself to sleep knowing Duo was safe.


Loud moaning woke the cobalt-eyed boy, his attention shifting to Duo's side of the room.

"Duo ?" he called, making his way toward the very pale and sickly form seated on the edge of the bed. "Are you okay, Duo ? You look terrible."

Duo shook his head and rose suddenly, his hand covering his mouth and ran for the bathroom, Heero following closely behind.

Lifting the toilet seat, Duo fell to his knees, paying homage to the porcelain God, Heero bent over him, one hand on his back, the other clasping the end his braid.

Duo sat back, breathing deeply, his hands still gripping the cool porcelain.

"Are you okay, Duo ?" Heero asked, his hand rubbing Duo's upper back.

"Do I *look* okay ?" he replied flatly, looking up at Heero.

"No. You look like shit. Serves you right." Heero retorted, his tone as cold as usual.

"Save the sympathy, Heero." Duo choked out, leaning forward to finish emptying the contents of his stomach.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Duo sat back. "You can leave now.", his eyes never meeting Heero's.

Standing, Duo grasped the sink, splashing his face, before looking into the mirror. "Geezus" he scowled "Nice job, Maxwell.", startled as Heero came into view behind him. "What ?" he asked.

"Why do you do this ? Go on these binges ? The same thing happens every time." Heero frowned.

Duo pushed his way past his friend, ignoring his question and the concerned look on his face, throwing himself down on his bed.

"Can't you just leave me alone in my misery ?" Duo mumbled, turning over feeling the weight of Heero's body on the bed next to him

"No, Duo." he replied, looking down at him, his hand brushing the hair from his face.

"Please, Heero, Just go away." Duo replied, removing Heero's hand from his face before rolling over onto his stomach.

Heero stood in the doorway, looking back at Duo before leaving the room.


Duo sobbed lightly into his pillow.

Why *did* he do this ? Well, *that* was obvious enough, but it really did nothing to resolve the issue. It rarely even succeeded in relieving his misery for more than a few hours, the emotions resulting from the after effects far exceeding the benefits.

"You're an asshole, Maxwell," he scolded himself. "No wonder he doesn't want you.", he frowned, rolling over to grab a tissue from the nightstand.

"Who doesn't want you ?" Heero asked from the doorway, his voice startling Duo.

Staring over at Heero leaning against the doorframe, Duo lowered his head. "I really need to rest now." he replied, pulling the blankets up over himself.

"You sleep. I'll make a pot of coffee. We'll talk later." Heero responded, turning off the light before he exited, closing the door behind him.


Heero's heart pounded as he stood in the hallway outside the bedroom.

Could he dare allow himself to think that Duo meant him ? Then why would he push me away ?

Allow it or not, Duo's words repeated in his mind........on a maddening loop, silently hoping he was the one whom the braided boy longed for. There was nothing he desired more, his already intense passion for the amethyst-eyed boy growing deeper at the possibility.


Awaking several hours later, Duo rolled over onto his back, groaning as his head pounded, closing his eyes as they met with the source of his misery.

Heero sat on his bed, eyeing Duo cautiously. "How are you feeling ? Any better ?" he asked.

"My head hurts." Duo moaned.

Heero knelt at the side of his bed, offering him two extra-strength Tylenol and a glass of water. "Take these." he smiled.

Propping himself up on one elbow, Duo looked at his partner, blindly reaching for the two small white tablets, the water washing them down. "Thank you." he smiled, his bent elbow covering his eyes as he lay back down.

"I made some coffee.", offering Duo a cup of freshly brewed black coffee. Heero smiled as Duo accepted it. "Thank you again." he smiled, bringing the mug to his lips.

Heero regarded Duo carefully as he drank, his mood lighter than just hours ago.

"Duo..." Heero started, "You were talking before...."

"I'm always talking, Heero, aren't I ?" he asked coldly, cutting him off. "It's just talk.", obviously irritated at Heero's broaching of the unwanted topic.

Heero frowned, moving back to sit on the edge of his bed.

Duo stood "I'm going to take a shower." closing the bathroom door.

"Why won't you talk to me ?" Heero called through the door.

"I have nothing to say, Heero." Duo replied, turning on the water.

"I have something to say, Duo." Heero whispered, his open hand sliding down the painted surface of the door.

Heero returned to his bed, throwing himself onto it in frustration. 'It's now or never, Yuy.' he told himself, resigned to revealing his feelings to Duo, ready and willing to accept the rejection, praying he wouldn't have to.


Duo exited the shower and drying himself off, stood before the mirror, preparing to blow dry his hair.

Wiping the condensation from the mirror with his forearm, he smiled at his reflection. "There's the Maxwell we all know and love. Knew you were hiding in there somewhere." he winked, his grin widening.

Flipping the switch on the dryer, Duo ran his spread fingers through his hair, humming as he began the arduous task.

Duo turned hearing at a light knock, Heero not waiting for a reply as he opened the bathroom door.

Frozen in his tracks, Heero eyed Duo's naked form standing in the center of the small room.

Grabbing for a towel, Duo wrapped himself in it before turning back toward Heero, his face flushed.

"Heero ?" Duo questioned, "Ummm....I'm still not done in here.", gripping the towel more tightly to him, his member hardening as Heero continued to stare at him.

Heero looked into his eyes and took several steps toward him, his hand reaching forward to remove the towel. "Duo." he whispered, his eyes focused on Duo's growing arousal.

Duo swallowed hard, "Heero ?" backing up against the wall as Heero advanced slowly toward him.

'Please let me be right.' "I want you." Heero whispered "Please tell me I'm the one you want to want you, Duo.", his eyes searching Duo's for a response.

Bringing his hand up to caress the side of Duo's face, Heero asked again "Am I, Duo ?", closing his eyes as Duo nodded.

It was pure desire that brought his body to Duo's. Bringing his mouth down, he demanded entrance at those pouty lips he could up until now only dream of kissing, groaning as his tongue made it's way inside Duo's open mouth as if starved for his taste.

Breaking the kiss to slide his shorts down and off, Heero pressed his naked arousal against Duo's before backing away to remove his tank top. Every inch of their bodies met this time, both boys gasping as their flesh touched, hips grinding against one another seeking relief in each other's hardness.

"I've wanted you for so long, Duo" Heero moaned, his wet mouth moving over Duo's neck "I couldn't imagine you'd ever want me in return."

"Damn you, Yuy. You must be blind." Duo moaned, moving backward as Heero's fingers traced the crack of his bottom.

"Don't tease me, Heero." he whispered, pushing back as Heero's fingertip brushed his entrance, that simple promise of how far Heero intended to take his lust sending Duo into sexual overdrive.

Slipping several of his fingers into Duo's mouth, Heero moved them in and out, allowing Duo to wet them thoroughly, "No teasing." he moaned, sliding one slender finger inside of his lover.

Duo bucked back, "More dammit !" he cried, gasping as a second finger joined the first, still wanting more. "Please, Heero, take me !" he cried, unable to withstand being denied the pleasure of Heero filling him any longer.

Biting down on his lower lip, Heero ignored his body's aching need and added a third finger, twisting them inside of Duo, stretching him completely "Soon, koi." he moaned, thrusting his fingers into Duo's incredible tightness, his cock twitching in envy.

Duo slid himself down the tile wall, Heero following him, his fingers still thrusting into his panting lover. "Need lube." Heero moaned, seated between Duo's spread legs, watching as his fingers pleasured him.

Reaching over to grab the bottle of shampoo from the tub shelf, Duo offered it to Heero, flipping open the cap. "Nnnn...Hurry." he groaned, thrusting his hips forward as Heero's fingers brushed against his prostate. "I need you to fuck, Heero." he cried, his hips thrusting against nothingness as Heero removed his fingers, closing his eyes and groaning in utter frustration.

Climbing between his lover's open legs, Heero poised himself at the puckered entrance, "Open your eyes, Duo." he whispered, nudging the opening. "You belong to me now." he moaned, moving forward to bury himself inside. "Nnn......Duo." he groaned, driving himself forward, stopping only when his hardened sac met with the soft flesh of Duo's bottom.

"Oh God, Heero !!" Duo moaned, his body thrusting upward, filled yet wanting to take in more of Heero's exquisite hardness. "Move, Heero." Duo begged, his lover's lust filled eyes staring down at him, "Please, Heero.....please......" Duo whimpered, "I want you.....I need you." his amethyst orbs pleading, gasping loudly as Heero grunted and backed out, plunging himself roughly back inside. "Oh God....Yess...." he hissed, "Harder, Heero...." groaning as Heero exerted tremendous force, slamming his body against Duo's.

Shifting his hips upwards into Heero's thrusts, Duo growled, "That's it lover, MORE....make me come.", gasping as Heero's hand encircled his dripping arousal, pumping its length, sending him over the edge, the first shot of his warmth covering Heero's hand.

Watching as Heero spiraled into ecstasy, his mouth open as he silently surrendered his passion, Duo shuddered feeling each shot of Heero's heat enter his channel, continuing his release into his lover's fist. "My Duo." Heero groaned, focused on the beauty of his lover's face as he climaxed. "Yes...Your Duo, My Heero." Duo whispered, relaxing back onto the cool tile floor, both arms pulling his spent lover down onto him.


Carrying Duo to the bed, Heero laid him down, taking a moment to appreciate the vision of lover's nudity before lying beside him. "I love you, Duo." he whispered, brushing several long strands of Duo's hair from his face. "Love you so much.", his tongue tracing the outline of Duo's upper lip. Duo snaked his tongue out to meet it, groaning as Heero adjusted himself on the bed, his arousal pressed against Duo's thigh.

Reaching for Duo's now erect member, Heero began to stroke him "Don't you want to be inside me ?"

Duo shivered as he looked into his lover's eyes "I thought......"

Heero shook his head, "We belong to each other. I want you......want you to take me.", guiding Duo's hand to his entrance. "Please, Duo." he whispered.

Duo looked up at Heero and thought a moment about what he was offering him, "I've said this so many times to myself....why is it that I can't bring myself to say it out loud ?" his brow furrowing as he gazed into Heero's loving eyes, those cobalt eyes that had haunted him for so long.

Letting his fingers trace the outline of Heero's cheekbone, Duo closed his eyes. "I love you, Heero." he whispered, opening his eyes hesitantly, as if he somehow feared that Heero might disappear, his amethyst orbs filling with tears as the boy of his dreams still lay looking up at him. "For so long I've loved you....." the words catching in his throat.

"Don't cry, Duo." Heero whispered, wiping the warm tears from his lovers heart shaped face. "I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere......ever.", arching himself off the bed to touch his lips to Duo's, his lover pulling him up into a deeper kiss.

"Take me now." Heero begged, thrusting himself upward.

Duo closed his eyes. "Don't wake me up." He spoke softly, his hand moving over Heero's inner thigh seeking his opening, brushing his fingertip lightly against it.

"You are awake, Duo." Heero whispered, squeezing the small bottle to cover Duo's hand with the makeshift lube, gasping as Duo's finger entered him.

This was the easy part.

Duo needed only revert to his countless dreams and fantasies, certain he could prepare the body of perfect soldier beneath him in his sleep, but the sweet sounds he was drawing from Heero totally threw him off.

His eyes opened wide, the vision before him assuring him this was indeed no dream.

Spreading Heero's legs further apart, he added a second finger, his body moving upward to kiss his lover's waiting mouth, pushing the two digits further inside. "You look so beautiful, Heero." Duo whispered, his free hand moving down the side of Heero's face, "I always knew you would.", watching the boy's expression as a third finger joined the other two, his love softly moaning as he rotated them within him.

Arching his back up off the bed, Heero thrust himself against Duo's hand, driving his fingers further inside, hissing as Duo removed them only to slam them back inside, mimicking the upcoming act. "What are you waiting for, koi ?" Heero moaned, his body screaming for the rest of what he desperately needed his amethyst-eyed lover to give him.

Duo shivered as he removed his fingers, Heero sighing as Duo left him empty.

His cock twitched against his lover's thigh at the thought of burying himself inside of Heero, pressing himself against it's tightness before taking his place between Heero's open legs.

Looking down at his sweaty lover, Duo covered his stiffness with lube, nudging the tip of his cock against Heero's opening. "Say it again, Heero." he whispered.

"I love you, Duo." The passion in Heero's voice and the depth of emotion in his normally cold eyes nearly melting Duo from the inside out. "I love you too." he whispered staring down at him as he eased himself inside, his swollen head slipping past the tight ring of muscles before he paused.

Moving his hips gently up off the bed, Heero took the rest of Duo's length inside."Yours." Heero whispered.

That one whispered word evoked a incredible shiver within him and Duo's body froze for a moment, letting the implication of the seemingly simple syllable fully sink in.

Gazing at the motionless boy above him, Heero closed his eyes, not caring at that moment if Duo ever moved, the sensation of just being filled by him, more than satisfying him for the time being, but Duo had other ideas.

Slowly removing the better part of his length from Heero, Duo reached for his hips, grasping them tightly. "Look at me, lover." he smiled, sliding back inside as he watched Heero's reaction. The cobalt-eyed boy gasped, his eyes rolling back up into their sockets before throwing his head upward in sheer pleasure. "So me too." Duo moaned, repeating the process several more times, Heero's velvety channel caressing every inch of his stiffness. "Oh God....Heero." Duo cried, each thrust becoming more urgent as he angled Heero's body beneath him......searching.

His lover thrashed beneath him as the tip of his cock brushed against the tiny nub of flesh he had been looking for. Holding his body still, he nailed him again and again, until he was unable to hold back any longer. "Now, Heero." he groaned.

Taking Heero's arousal into his hand, Duo ran his thumb over the slickness at the tip before wrapping his fingers around its thick shaft. Pumping him in time with his thrusts, Duo groaned as Heero released into his hand, his muscles tightening almost painfully around his hardness.

"Harder, Duo...please !" Heero begged, his entire body rising off the mattress to meet Duo's frenzied thrusts, his need answered as Duo began pounding into him, holding himself firm against him as his passion made its way into Heero's waiting body, filling him with his liquid fire. "I love you, Heero." he moaned, still pumping his lover's arousal, the last of his seed, oozing from its softening tip.

Remaining inside Heero's warmth, Duo looked down at the juncture of their joining, his cock still hard within Heero's body, then up at and into the eyes his new lover.

This physical act was merely the culmination of all he ever wanted.

Shaking his head, his body still trembling from orgasm, Duo made his way to lie beside Heero on the bed.

Pulling his braided lover close to him, Heero wrapped both of his arms around him. Duo's arms held Heero tightly in return, his head coming to rest on his mid-section.

"What is it, Duo ?" Heero asked softly, feeling Duo smiling into his chest.

"Just thinking, Heero" He smiled, looking up at the perfect soldier, smiling further as Heero's hand traced up and down the length of his spine.

"Care to share ?" he asked, kissing Duo's temple.

Wondering if Heero either intended or understood the complexity of his question, Duo propped himself up on one elbow, his eyes looking directly into Heero's. "Yes, Heero…." He started.

Duo's expression suddenly shifted to one Heero couldn't quite place and his cobalt eyes searched the face of his uncharacteristically quiet lover. "Duo ?"

Duo kept his silence, still finding himself completely unable to express the broad spectrum of emotions that he was experiencing and pulled Heero tightly to his chest, swallowing hard.

It was several minutes before he looked down at the beautiful boy who had stolen his heart wrapped lovingly in his arms and found the words he had been searching for.

"Yes, Heero, I care to share.…everything that I am…..with you…...forever."

It was more than Heero ever could have hoped for.

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