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Make Me Bad



I am watching the rise and fall of my salvation
There's so much shit around me
Such a lack of compassion

 Duo’s muscles rippled as he pulled his jacket off, leaving his chest bare except for the tight black straps of leather that crossed over his nipples. Shrugging them into a more comfortable position, he stripped out of his jeans, revealing more leather wrapped around his legs, hips, equipment, and sexy ass. / Almost time for work / he thought as he checked the temperature of the hot wax. / Perfect. Now for some mental preparation…/ He swung up onto the trapeze and hung upside down, his braid trailing to the floor.

 Closing his eyes, Duo smiled darkly, indulging in his most erotic fantasies. Opening his eyes to mere slits, he regarded the shackles on the wall opposing him.. he could almost see Heero there.. begging to be taken. Shuddering slightly, Duo lifted his fingers to his mouth, licking each one separately. / Yes Heero, lick me there…/ Forcing himself back under control, he swung down to walk over to the phone.

 “I am ready for my first client of the evening.” He purred over the intercom, positioning himself on top of the desk, where he’d be displayed to his utmost advantage.” Half-daydreaming still, he almost convinced himself Heero would be walking through.. but as usual he was disappointed. “So Dorothy, have you done everything I told you to? No? You should have been a better girl, now, you’ll just have to be punished.”  Stripping her and fastening her securely to the wall, he pulled her long hair up through a loop, where it was uncomfortable, but not quite painful. “Now, why don’t you explain to me why you’ve been such a bad girl this week?” He pulled out a feather, and started running it over her most sensitive parts. / This is going to be a long evening…/  Repressing a sigh, Duo set about driving Dorothy to the point of utter sexual need, never satisfying her in any way.

I thought it would be fun and games
(it would be fun and games)
Instead it's all the same
(it's all the same)
I want something to do
Need to feel sickness
In You

 Removing the leather straps from Dorothy’s sweat-clad body, he watched her passively, allowing her to pull on her clothes and run from the room. She probably had someone waiting out in the car for her.. ready to work off the hour of frustration and need she had paid for.  Laughing softly, Duo couldn’t see the hopeless look in his own eyes. Instead he concentrated on unbraiding his hair, to let it fall and hide his face and chest. Maybe, if he concentrated hard enough, he could pretend he was someone else. This game had lost it’s thrill a long time ago. Running a hand slowly over his body, he knew nothing would change. This job paid too well for him to do anything else… besides, what else could he do?  Peace didn’t need a soldier. Playing and Fighting were the only things he knew.  Trying to recapture his dream of Heero, he slowly walked over to the whirlpool, stripping and sinking in to wash a little of the tarnish off of himself.

 Dry and prepared, Duo hit the button for the intercom, summoning his second visitor of the evening. This would be their first time in here, and he had something special prepared. Donning his leather half-mask, he would make his new client beg for the privilege of seeing him. Not to mention the added benefit of his long hair.. he could usually get anyone to do anything to touch it. / I still can’t believe Quatre sent someone to me.. /  He wasn’t even sure how Quatre knew about his little “business.” Sure, Quatre knew many things people didn’t expect him to, but Duo had covered his operation with thoroughness only someone with a knowledge of the streets could. Shrugging, he grabbed his used towel and threw it in the closet just as his door opened.

 The perfect soldier walked through the door, closing it carefully behind him. Seating himself in front of the desk, he looked up expectantly at the motionless figure across the room.  “So, are these the forms the secretary said I’d need to fill out?”  Heero waved a stack of papers at the still stunned Duo.

 “Y-Yes.”  Duo stammered, suddenly certain that Heero knew it was him. “Why are you here?” He sauntered across the room, coming to stand right behind the leather chair. Heero simply reached up and pulled Duo’s head down to kiss him soundly.

I feel the reason, as it's leaving me
No, not again
It's quite deceiving, as I'm feeling
The flesh made me bad

 “Heero..” Duo murmured, feeling his self-control going out the window. “You don’t know what you’re doing.. you can’t know.” Pulling backwards, he tried to back away from the chair, needing some space to regain his composure. Heero was having nothing of it. Standing up, he shoved Duo into the wall, pinning him there and silencing him with kisses.  Expert fingers reached up to stroke Heero’s chest, homing in on his hard nipples almost against their owner’s will. / This can’t be real / Duo winced as short fingernails dug into his sides, then his back as Heero pulled him closer. / Ok.. maybe this is real /  Stopping the kiss abruptly, his lover pulled back, stripping quickly.

 Losing himself in passion, Duo almost didn’t notice when Heero picked him up and carried him to the leather couch, ridding him of the straps he was wearing.  Panting, naked, and sweating, Duo could only whimper as Heero  drew his tongue slowly down his body… leaving a glistening trail that traveled over one nipple to the other…and finally down to his throbbing erection. With a wicked smirk, Heero pulled the shaft into his mouth, sucking gently while looking directly into Duo’s eyes.

 Duo couldn’t remember ever feeling so helpless.. so weak. He couldn’t move an inch.. could barely breathe as Heero took him farther down his throat.. engulfing him is sweet warmth. “Heero..” He moaned, trying to force himself to concentrate.. to do anything but give in completely. “No… god.. Heero…… don’t make me…” He whimpered, unable to resist a moment longer. Screaming in passion, he spurted forth in a white rush of glory, throwing his head back to hide the happy tears of a dream come true.

All I do is look for you
I need a fix
You need it to
Just to get some sort of attention

 “I wasn’t sure if you were coming back.. besides I was a street rat before I was a pilot.. it’s not hard to track people if you know what you’re doing.” Duo held his arms up in surrender as he stared at the gun his lover had leveled at him. Heero laughed and put the gun carefully back into the cabinet next to him.

“What do you need, koi?” He smiled, pulling Duo close.  Duo whimpered slightly and rubbed up close against him.

 “I need you Heero. I want to be with you… please?” Duo felt more vulnerable than he ever had. “I’ve never needed anyone before.. but I need you.”

 “Come here then.” Heero pulled Duo into the sparsely furnished apartment, shedding his clothes as he went. Duo looked up in shock as his lover led him to a room that rivaled his work area for amount of toys. Heero pulled him over to the wall and shackled him there. “You’re the reason I built this room.” He whispered, ripping the clothes off of Duo. “I’ve been obsessed with you… dreaming of you.. and now, I have you.” Heero grinned evilly, picking up a jar of body paint. “Are you ready for the time of your life?”
 Duo could only nod, biting his lip to keep from screaming his need aloud.

What does it mean to you?
For me, it's something I just do
I want something
I need to feel the sickness in you

 Completely satisfied, Duo tried to move, but couldn’t due to the leather straps still holding him to the wall. “Hee-koi, could you let me down from the wall now?” With an evil grin, Heero shook his head and started kissing Duo again.

“Who says we’re done my love?” Heero purred, pushing his fingers through his lover’s tousled hair.
Looking at Heero in disbelief, Duo would have stepped backwards, but he still couldn’t move. /Did he just say he loves me?/

“Why do you do this Heero? T-The bondage I mean.. I’ve had to do this to survive.. I do it because I need the money.. but you’re not getting anything from this.. “ Heero silenced him with more kisses.

“I get pleasure out of this. I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long. Duo.. my love, I’m never letting you go.” Heero released the shivering boy from the straps, holding him close and stroking his hair.

 Suddenly feeling something snap inside of him, Duo pulled Heero closer and whispered something he’d never said before. “I love you.” Running his hands over the strong muscles in front of him, Duo suddenly pinned Heero up against the wall. “Your turn, my love.”  With a wicked grin, Duo pressed his body against the sweat slick form before him.

“You’re a bad man Duo.” Heero panted.

 “I know.”

I feel the reason, as it's leaving me
No, not again
It's quite deceiving, as I'm feeling
The flesh made me bad

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