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Spectacular Spectacular


The hair salon was full of customers and busy employees. The scent of shampoo, conditioner and heavy hairspray wafted in the surrounding air. The shrill sound of blow dryers permeated throughout the place. Duo walked up to the Customer Service booth and rang the little, silver bell on top of the counter.

A petite girl with short, neon red hair and a heavy amount of eye make-up stepped up to the booth in a hurry. "Hello, and welcome to Spectacular Spectacular how may we be of service to you?" she said with a wide, glossy smile.

Duo smiled back politely. "Hello, I’m here for an appointment I had set up yesterday over the phone. My name should be on the list."

The girl pulled out a thick binder from one of the drawers and skimmed through the pages. "Ok, May I have your name please?" she asked.

"Duo Maxwell."

The girl’s green eyes searched through the first page, until she spotted his name. "Ah yes, here you are. You have an appointment with one of our new employees, am I right?"

Duo nodded. "Yes, I was told his name was Wing?"

"That’s it. Oh, he’s a wonderful guy. Really good with his hands if you know what I mean," she stated as she winked at him.

Duo just grinned at her dubiously. "Uhh….right."

She stepped out from behind the booth and motioned for him to follow her. "Right this way, Mr. Maxwell."

As he followed the girl with the neon, red hair; he passed two other employees giving similar haircuts to a set of twins. The twins seemed really excited about it. It looked as though they couldn’t wait for their friends to see it and try to tell them apart.

Finally, the girl stopped and maneuvered for him to sit on the black chair. "Here we are. This is his working area. Don’t worry about him not being here yet, he’s just charging his last customer probably. Well, I’ll leave you here then. See ya later."

Duo looked at the girl’s departing form and breathed a sigh of relief. That girl was pretty freaky. As he waited for "Wing" to arrive, he picked up one of the magazines in the bin next to him and flipped through the pages impassively. He was startled out of his thoughts when he heard a deep, nasal voice above him.

"Are you Duo Maxwell?" The voice asked. Duo looked up from the text in the magazine and came in contact with the most gorgeous boy he had ever laid eyes on. His mouth dropped open at the sight before him; throat going dry and speechless. The boy had incredible cobalt eyes, a cute, little, upturned nose, inviting pert lips, a smooth handsome face, wild locks of hair falling around his eyes. Duo felt his face flush at his thoughts. Then he remembered what he had been asked. Since he couldn’t trust his voice, he simply nodded.

The boy smiled at him and extended a hand. "Nice to meet you Duo, I’m Wing." Duo extended a shaky hand to the boy. Wing took the trembling hand and gave it a friendly shake. As their hands met, a spark of electricity went up Duo’s entire body. Oh God, this guy is beautiful. Nobody has ever had this kind of effect on me. Cool it, Maxwell! You gotta pull yourself together!

Wing let go of Duo’s hand and grabbed one of the plastic mantles, placing it over Duo. "So Duo, what would you like for me to do?" he asked as he stepped on the small paddle that made the chair rise.

How about you come home with me and I’ll tell you. "Umm…I just came here to get my hair blow-dried. I do it once a month to keep it from getting split ends. It’s kind of hard to do it myself because it’s so long," he said with a small laugh.

Wing hadn’t noticed Duo’s hair. When he looked down to see how long it was, his eyebrows raised and he smiled to himself. This beauty in front of him had a cascade of chestnut tresses. It was amazing! He had a fetish for long hair and this boy was a dream come true. He ran his fingers through the silky strands. The hair was a bit wet, apparently from a recent shower. Wing felt a sense of relief that the boy wasn’t going to chop it off. It was too beautiful.

"I think I can work with this," Wing said to Duo. He grabbed one of the super sized blow driers and connected it to the outlet. "First, lets part your hair so that we can get it evenly blow dried." He grabbed one of the various combs and a whole bunch of clips. He divided Duo’s hair into sections and fastened each one with a clip. He turned on the blow drier to Medium and proceeded to commence his task.

While Wing blow-dried his hair, Duo just enjoyed the feeling of the boy’s hands on his hair. Occasionally, he would feel a dab of what appeared to be some sort of gel applied to his hair, but he just shrugged it off. He really wanted to talk to him, but that seemed impossible with the noise around them. So he just settled with the subtle touches.

1 hour later….

"And we’re done! Viola!" Wing removed the plastic mantle from around Duo and sprayed a last bit of hairspray on his hair.

Duo looked at himself in the mirror and was astounded by the results. Wow! His hair looked sleek and really healthy! Wing did a commendable job. "Wing, this is….spectacular!" he said cheerfully.

They both laughed. "Why thank you, Duo. I hope you don’t mind that I added that extra gel to your hair that gives it a lustrous, healthy glow."

Duo ran a hand through his hair. "Not at all. It looks great. How much do I owe you?"

Wing rotated the chair around so that they were facing each other. "Tell you what, Duo. Promise me that you’ll never cut your hair and the job is on me," he replied sincerely.

Duo looked at him in disbelief. "What?! I can’t let you do that! It’s ok I’ll pay for it."

Wing shook his head. "Consider it a gift from my behalf. Just promise me you won’t cut your hair."

Duo looked into those cobalt eyes and he couldn’t deny him his offer. "Ok, I promise."

Wing gave him a warm smile and offered his hand to help him up. Duo took his hand and that same spark went up throughout his body again. Duo knew he was developing a major crush on this guy.

"What time do you get off from work?" he asked. The words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop himself. He looked down at the floor, a slight blush tinting his cheeks.

"You were my last customer. Why?"

"Well, um…you could at least let me buy you dinner," Duo said shyly.

Wing nodded at the offer. "Sure. That way we can get to know each other better."

Duo raised his head and beamed at Wing’s response. "Cool! I’ll wait for you outside then." He couldn’t believe his luck!

After Wing had finished cleaning up his working area and punching out, he joined Duo outside of the mall. "All done," he said.

Duo turned around and noticed that Wing had changed from his long sleeve, white shirt into a sleeveless black T-shirt. His well-toned muscles enhanced by every movement. Duo felt himself react to the tempting display of flesh. His growing erection pushing against the front of his pants. Shit! Not now! In order to hide his current predicament, he turned around quickly, pretending to be interested in the stars above them. "So w-where do you want to eat?" he asked in a shaky voice.

Unaware of Duo’s state, Wing suggested they cross the street and eat at the Subway. Duo agreed half-heartedly, praying to his deity that a car wouldn’t hit him and that his arousal wouldn’t be noticeable to half of the drivers. Lord, give me the strength!

They finally made it safely across the street and they entered the Subway. They ordered the same kind of sandwich to each other’s surprise. Then, they sat down to enjoy their meal. Duo was the first to break the silence after they had finished. "Umm…I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what is your real name?"

Heero took a sip of his coke before answering. How he made such a simple act seem so sexy was beyond Duo’s reasoning. His arousal returned with a vengeance and he cursed himself for letting his mind wonder off again to those kinds of thoughts. "My name is Heero Yuy. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I’m 18 years old and I own an apartment. I drive a blue BMW, I love dogs, my favorite color is blue, I’m into extreme sports in my spare time, and I work in a hair salon." Heero winked at him and motioned for Duo to go next.

Duo looked at him in awe. Heero. So that’s his real name. The guy was really amazing. Duo cleared his throat before answering. "My name is Duo Maxwell. I was born in the U.S. in Brooklyn, New York. I’m 18 years old and I too own an apartment. I drive a black Civic Honda, I love snakes, my favorite color is black, I’m into extreme sports too, and I work at a Blockbusters." Duo felt himself blushing as Heero stared at him intently. "Geez Heero, I only asked you your name," he joked.

"Yes, but now we have the usual questions out of the way. Now, we can talk more about the things that we really want to talk about," he stated.

Duo nodded, not quite understanding what Heero meant. Heero noticed the mild confusion in that pretty face so he decided to make the circumstances more understandable. "You know what, Duo? You would look incredible with violet highlights in your hair."

Duo grinned at Heero’s suggestion. "You think so, Heero? I’ve never thought about highlights before."

Heero hunched forward and took Duo’s hands in his. Duo gasped at the warm contact and his erection swelled within the confinements of his pants. "Why not? They’ll match perfectly with the hue of your beautiful eyes," he said tenderly. Duo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Heero was holding him and calling him beautiful. He could see the sincerity in those cobalt orbs. He wanted Heero really bad. Both boys looked deep into each other’s gaze.

Heero then moved closer so that only Duo could hear him. "Want to go over to my place?" he whispered.

Duo’s eyes widened in surprise at the question. A night alone with Heero in his apartment? Did he dare? Fuck it. Who was he kidding? He wanted to be as close to him as possible. Oh, hell. Why not just say it? He wanted Heero to fuck him. "Yes," Duo answered back huskily.

Heero smiled at him and both boys stood up, grabbing their belongings and exiting the deli.

Once they crossed the street, Heero remembered that Duo had mentioned that he owned a car. He turned to look at Duo, who seemed to be in his own, little world. Duo looked so adorable when he zoned out. Heero waved a hand in front of Duo’s view to get his attention. "Oi, Duo."

Duo snapped out of his reverie and looked apologetically at Heero. "Sorry about that."

Heero shook his head. "It’s ok, Duo. I just wanted to know if you had brought your car along with you."

"Uh, no. Actually, I took the bus today because my car was low on gas," he said with a blush.

Heero smirked. "That means I’ll have the pleasure of taking you to my apartment and giving you a ride home. Lucky me!"

Duo smiled at that. "Yeah, I guess so."

Heero finally located his car in the parking lot and opened the door for Duo. Both boys settled in and Heero proceeded to drive them back to his place. During the 20-minute drive they talked about their families and college and their usual daily routines. Both of them felt so comfortable around each other. Like they could tell each other anything. Almost like best friends. It was a great feeling. They finally pulled up to Heero’s apartment building and once again Heero opened the car door for Duo.

"You’re such a gentle man," Duo teased as he got out of the car.

Heero shut the door to his car and locked it. "I always try to be as gentle as possible," he whispered in Duo’s ear.

Duo gazed at Heero through lusty eyes. He had been aroused and excited for Heero all day long. He couldn’t wait any longer. "Lets go to your apartment."

Heero nodded and grabbed Duo by the hand, leading them to the elevator that would take them to his apartment on the 5th floor. Once the elevator doors opened on the respective floor, Heero guided Duo through the narrow hallway, until they reached his door. He fished for his keys inside of his pocket and then unlocked the front door. He stepped inside of the dark room and hit the light switch ON. With a slight tilt of his head, he motioned for Duo to go inside. Duo walked in flipping a bit of his hair back with his hand. The scent that drifted the surrounding air teased Heero’s senses and he felt his manhood twitch. Duo was intoxicating. He then closed and locked the door behind them.

Duo’s heart was racing. He had met this gorgeous guy with an amazing talent, had dinner with him at a deli, got to ride with him inside his awesome car, and had the chance to go over to his residence all in one damn day! Was he ever thanking his lucky stars! Now, it seemed as though he would also be given the opportunity to do something he had never felt convinced of doing.

Without warning, he felt warm arms wrap around his slim waist from behind. And a sexy, inviting voice speak softly in his ear. "Want to go inside my bedroom?"

Duo gasped in surprise as he felt a moist tongue run down the outline of his ear. "Yes," he breathed out. He wanted Heero no matter what. He wanted to surrender to Heero’s every request. Even if only for this very night----he would have him.

As usual, Heero led them both to his room. Once they were inside, Heero grabbed Duo by his hips and crushed his supple lips to Duo’s. The kiss sent a spine tingling sensation over Duo’s body, straight to his groin. Heero was an unrelenting kisser and almost immediately he was demanding entrance to Duo’s mouth. The braided boy gladly opened his mouth, letting the hot tongue dance around in the crevice of his mouth. Tasting Heero was like savoring the ambrosia of the Gods.

Duo grabbed Heero by the ass and rubbed their arousals together. Heero moaned loudly and took a hold of Duo’s left leg, wrapping it around his waist and thrusting back into him. The pleasure made Duo’s remaining leg give out and they toppled on top of Heero’s silky bed.

"Hee…Heero…I’ve never gone all the way before," Duo breathed out when they broke the kiss.

Heero gazed into Duo’s violet eyes and captured his heart shaped face in his hands. "That’s ok, neither have I," he stated simply.

Duo ran his free hands over Heero’s lower back and spine. "Well, then what should we do?"

Heero bent down to kiss Duo fully on the lips, leaving the other boy breathless. "Lets do everything."

With that said, Duo gently pushed Heero off of him and rolled him over on his back. He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of Heero’s pants and unbuttoned them. He bent his head over the zipper and locking eyes with Heero, seized the little metal clasp between his teeth and began to unzip his pants slowly.

Heero’s chest began to fall and rise rapidly. He couldn’t wait to feel that lovely mouth on him. Duo was being such a tease.

Once the longhaired boy had the zipper all the way down, he nuzzled Heero’s protruding manhood with the side of his face; inhaling the musky scent that was purely Heero. He hooked two fingers on the waistband of Heero’s boxers and pulled them down. Making sure to rub along the aching organ.

Heero was shuddering from the exquisite torture. He loved it, but he hated it. He didn’t want anything to end quickly, but he needed to feel some friction against his maximum point of frustration.

Duo at last took pity upon him and with one long gulp he jammed the erect cock down his throat all the way to the hilt.

"Ah! Uhhh…yeah." The Japanese boy grabbed the back of Duo’s silky hair with one hand and pushed him down on his throbbing manhood. Duo’s hair felt incredibly soft under his fingers. It heightened his sensations.

Duo let Heero push his head down. He could take it. He began to swirl his tongue around the entire cock. The saliva causing him to easily slip his mouth up and down the hard muscle. Occasionally, he would lightly scrape his teeth on the sensitive flesh, but since he was going down on Heero so deeply he was afraid of hurting him. Heero, on the other hand, seemed to be getting intense pleasure from the sporadic grazing of his teeth against his cock by the insistent thrusting of his hips and the moderate hand on the back of his head.

Feeling that his lungs would surely burst if he didn’t get some air, Duo pulled back from his ministrations. The firm hand on his head releasing its grip on his hair. "Did you like that?" he asked coyly.

Heero had a visible sheen of sweat covering his entire body. He sat up panting and kissed Duo fiercely. "We’re not done, yet," he replied with a devilish smile. "First, let’s remove these unnecessary clothes."

Both Heero and Duo proceeded to eliminate the last barriers that would stand between flesh against heated flesh as quickly as possible. As soon as they were completely naked, Heero moved forward and captured one of Duo’s nipples in his mouth, sucking on it like candy, while running his index finger over its twin. "Nnnn…so good, Heero." He then took the other one in his mouth and gave it the same oral treatment. Pinching each of them tenderly before settling back down on the bed and bringing Duo on top of him.

Heero took a hold of Duo’s neglected cock and began to pump it quickly. Duo grunted and arched his entire body causing him to fall back and use his hands for support, his long hair draping over Heero’s exposed dick and thighs. Heero hissed between clenched teeth. He squeezed the head of Duo’s cock on the upstrokes and ran his palm over the taut stomach. He wanted to see Duo come, but he didn’t want it to be this way. Then, he got an idea.

"Hey, Duo. Turn around."

Duo idly opened his eyes and did what he was told. He turned over so that him and Heero were in a 69 position. Heero let go of Duo’s cock to focus his attention on the sweet ass in front of him. Duo was perfect. Those soft, round cheeks displayed in front of him as an offering to a hidden paradise. He couldn’t help but explore such flawlessness.

"Touch me, Heero."

Heero clutched the firm ass and massaged it expertly. Duo groaned deep in his throat. "Do whatever you want to me."

Heero couldn’t believe the trust that Duo was bestowing upon him. "Duo…you’re so beautiful."

He placed small nips and kisses all around Duo’s sweet ass. Earning him encouraging grunts and gasps from the braided boy. He opened his mouth and extended a wet, little, pink tongue, dipping it in the tight ring of muscle. "Uhh!" He lapped at it greedily with the tip of his tongue. Dampening the small entrance. He used his thumbs to part the round cheeks and gain more access. Duo was all but bouncing on top of Heero’s chest. Oh Gods, he wanted this!

Heero flicked his tongue repeatedly against the tight hole. Feeling it clench in his mouth. Folding his tongue slightly, he drilled into it, tasting Duo more profusely. Duo was going out of his mind from the pleasure. He took a hold of Heero’s upright shaft and began to stroke it swiftly. This caused Heero to moan and hum inside of Duo, sending a delicious jolt of ecstasy through Duo’s trembling form. The Japanese boy backed away momentarily to suck on his fingers earnestly. He then inserted one of the slick digits inside Duo’s wet entrance.

Duo clutched Heero’s dick harder at the sensation, pushing himself back eagerly against the probing digit. "Unnn...uhh....yes."

Heero thrust an extra finger inside Duo’s hole and thrust into him faster. Heero could feel his excitement increasing, due to the wonderful sounds that were coming out of the braided boy’s sensual lips and the constant pumping of his hand on his cock. He was on the verge of losing his iron will.

Removing his magic fingers from the puckered opening, he placed a final, loving lick on that cute bottom. "Duo...ohhh...I need to be inside you, now. I can’t hold off for much longer. Get on your hands and knees." The last sentence was said with a desperate, pleading tone.

Duo regretful removed his hand from around the dripping, velvet shaft. But the thought of what they were about to share next made him horny and alive with newfound desire.

He crawled off from Heero and moved his trembling figure to get on his hands and knees.

Heero’s cock throbbed as he approached Duo’s vulnerable, and submissive form. He grabbed Duo’s silken strands and moved them to the side, exposing the boy’s sweaty, quivering back. He placed a petal soft kiss on his back before leaning down and whispering in Duo’s ear.

"Brace’re in for a long ride."

Heero bit his bottom lip and took a hold of Duo’s slim hips as the head of his penis meticulously entered the tight channel. "K’so...."

Duo’s mouth dropped open in bliss and his eyes slid close. Heero’s big dick impaling him was the best feeling in the world. Those talented, strong hands’ spreading him wider apart was what he had been waiting for all his life. Heero was so caught up in the warm pressure on his penis that his animal instinct began to kick in and he thrust himself all the way inside of Duo.

The sudden, forward push caused Duo to lose his upper strength and collapse face down on top of the bed. That, in turn, caused an unexpected jerk on Heero’s cock, making it hit Duo’s prostate. "Ahhhh! Just like that, Heero! Take me, now. Fuck me hard!", Duo begged the beautiful boy.

Heero didn’t need any more encouragement. He slid himself completely out of Duo and drove into him with the same intensity as the first time. He repeated the process about four more times, before he began a series of hard, pounding thrusts that had the braided boy sobbing in pure rapture.

Duo was in seventh heaven. Heero’s ministrations were hitting his g-spot right on target.

His cries of ecstasy slightly muffled by the bed sheets underneath his face. It was unlike anything he had ever imagined! Being filled, touched, licked, and fucked by Heero was his every fantasy come true. He wanted this incredible feeling to last forever! But already he was starting to feel the effects of their bonding building up and centering on his rock hard erection. He rocked back hard against Heero’s unbroken rhythm, earning him increased pants and moans from the other boy.

Heero could feel the passion within him boiling up to a breaking point. He wrapped his arms around Duo’s chest and brought him to an upward position, ramming into the writhing body fiercely. Using one of his hands, he clumsily turned Duo’s head and kissed him deeply.

That was it for Duo. With a stifled cry, he came all over his stomach. The juicy liquid running down his abs to his thighs.

As soon as Heero heard Duo’s cry of completion, he too came violently inside of the braided boy’s warm channel. It felt so good.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, the two boys fell invitingly on the soft, comfortable bed. For almost 10 minutes nothing but the slow, ragged breathing could be heard coming from each of them. Finally, Duo turned to look at the amazing boy who had captured his heart so easily. Heero looked very tired and his cheeks were stained a subtle pink from their prior activities. Duo couldn’t comprehend how a person can be so beautiful.

He didn’t want to disturb the hazy moment, but he just had to ask a question that had been floating through his mind during the past couple of minutes. He needed to know the answer. "Heero?"

Drowsy, but tender eyes turned to look at him. "Hm?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

Heero dragged himself so that he could take Duo in his arms and place a kiss on his faintly damp forehead. "I do now."

More than pleased with the response, Duo let sleep succumb his body. ‘I love you, Heero.’


Gomen nasai for taking a while to write anything, but I’ve been extremely busy with school! Anyways, tell me whadda ya think of the story, eh? Send me feedback, comments, critiques!! Por favor!


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