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Talya FireDancer


Author’s note: The lemon scene was inspired by a doujinshi translation from the GWML archive. . . .And for anyone who knows more about aerodynamics than me, and reads this and is either horrified or hugely amused. . . ^.^;;;;;;;;



"I can’t believe this! I absolutely cannot-fucking-believe this!" Duo exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. "Heero Yuy, the infallible. Heero Yuy, the perfect soldier. Heero Yuy, more precise than any comput—ack!"


Heero tightened his grip around Duo’s throat and glared. "Shut up, Duo."


Duo sniffed and made a face at Heero when he released him, then scooted on his behind out of reach, flipping his braid over his shoulder.


"I can’t believe you don’t even know where we are."


"Yeah, well I didn’t notice you helping much!" Heero snapped, spearing him with another burning blue glare.


Duo gave him a wide, innocent smile. "I was sleeping. So how’re we gonna get home now?"


"The old-fashioned way," Heero grunted, gesturing with a grease pen to the rumpled paper charts he’d pulled out of gods-know-where.


Duo blinked. "What’re you gonna do, triangulate a way home?" He guffawed at his own joke.


Heero ignored him and turned back to the navigation charts spread out over the floor, making marks as he compared computer data to their theoretical course, slowly generating a dotted line that should be their actual path. He stuck the black grease pen over his ear and scowled, picking up another sheaf of printouts.


"How could you forget to calculate for wind shear? You’re supposed to be Heero Yuy, hottest pilot in the sky! Yeah the computer’ll navigate to a certain extent – but if we’re flying on a storm front of *course* we’re gonna drift; I coulda told you that! And the navigational readings would be the same for—*woulf*—" He choked on his own braid as Heero pounced halfway across the cabin and crammed his hair into his mouth.


"I said shut up," Heero repeated in a growl. "If you’re such a know-it-all, why didn’t *you* do it?"


Duo smirked as much as he could around a mouthful of hair. "Mm mmf mmeemphmg," he replied.


"Sleeping’s no excuse," Heero retorted. "You want to complain, do it yourself."


Duo pulled his hair out of his mouth, and in a sudden move flipped Heero over and pinned him. "Does that mean you won’t complain if I do you myself?"


"Duo," Heero said calmly, as the American pilot wriggled on top of him, eyes bright, "not *now.*"


Duo wrinkled his nose. "Spoilsport."


"We need to report back from our mi—mmph!"


Duo plastered him with a big sloppy wet one anyway. He just couldn’t resist that gorgeous, earnest face. He pried Heero’s lips open with his tongue and teased at the roof of his mouth, hoping Heero wouldn’t bite his tongue off.


"C’mon, one quick bang?" Duo wheedled, when he let him up for air. "No one’ll notice since we’re already late."


Heero looked grim.


Then. . . "I’m sure there must be a flaw in that logic somewhere. . ."


Duo grinned and lowered his face again. Heero responded to the kiss this time, hands curling up around Duo’s neck, lips flowing open as Duo traced a wet line across the bottom one, sighing into his open mouth. The meeting of their tongues was an electric, thrilling sensation and Duo made a noise deep in his throat, pressing himself closer.


When they finally broke, both pilots were breathing faster. Duo nuzzled at his ear. "I wanna be on top."


Heero snorted, giving him a slightly feral grin. "Fight you for it."


"Huh?" Duo blinked in surprise.


Heero locked his fingers into a stiff, rigid line, jabbing them into a sensitive spot of Duo’s neck while at the same time he clipped him sharply on the temple. Duo yelped and collapsed, and Heero pushed him off and to the side.


"Shit, Heero," Duo complained, eyes filling with pain-smarting tears, rubbing his neck, "that hurt!"


He pulled away angrily, drawing his knees up and wrapping his arms around himself. Heero remained silent for a long moment, glanced at the navigation charts, and hesitated. Then he looked back at Duo, staring off into a corner of the cabin, his mouth a taut line as he clasped his hands around his knees. He exhaled a slightly annoyed puff of air, tossing the grease pen towards the charts, and moved over towards Duo.


Duo tilted his head, eyeing Heero warily as he approached. "You know, if you don’t want to, just say so.


Heero frowned. "No, I. . ." He settled next to Duo, making contact with the long line of his body from shoulder to flank. Duo leaned against him almost involuntarily.


"I mean, you don’t have to give me a concussion. Then again you’d probably rather use a gun, anyway."


". . ."


"Ne, Heero, hadn’t you better get to work on those navigational charts?" Duo murmured, starting to uncoil the limbs he’d tensed.


Heero’s head drifted casually to rest on Duo’s shoulder, although if asked he would’ve sworn it was an accident. "Didn’t mean to hit you so hard."


"Oh?" Duo raised an eyebrow, but let it go. It wasn’t worth an argument. He released his knees and slipped an arm around Heero’s waist.


They sat like that for a while, until Heero began to get impatient. "Well?"


"Well, what?" Duo teased, blinking at him innocently.


". . ."


Heero glared at him. Duo laughed, pulling him in for a long kiss. Their tongues chased around leisurely for a while, then Duo pulled free, glancing around the cabin. "Damn. . .there aren’t even any bunks in this dinky little tin can you stole. . ."


"Wuss," Heero accused him, tangling his hands in the thick braid and pulling him down to the floor. Duo’s hands moved over his shirt, tugging at it, pushing it up over Heero’s head and he lifted his arms to help then arched involuntarily as his spine made contact with the cold metal floor.


Duo pressed a line of kisses from his neck down his chest, flicking his tongue against Heero’s navel and smoothing his hands over the ridges of muscle. Heero pulled him taut against his body as Duo moved up to kiss his mouth again, warm breath pouring into Heero’s parted lips as he rocked against him. They both shuddered, breathing faster, as Duo did it again, rubbing the mounds of their arousals together. Heero slipped his hands into Duo’s pants, tugging the shirt out.


*Why. . .why does he. . .?*


The American pulled back, sitting on Heero’s thighs as he pulled the black shirt over his head, then the white shirt underneath it. Heero stared up at him, not glaring, not scowling for once. His breath caught as he looked searchingly into Duo’s eyes. *Why. . .does he. . .?*


"Why do you wear so damned many clothes," he grumbled, but it was half-hearted as Duo hooked his fingers into the top of Heero’s pants.


"The better to tease you with, koibito," Duo responded with a mischievous grin, tugging at his pants. Heero obligingly raised his hips, then closed his eyes as Duo nudged his thighs apart.


*Why. . .why do I let him. . .?*


Duo’s fingers stroked along the silky, hot skin of his inner thigh. Soft teasing kisses, and the flicker of cool breath. The warm, slick line of his tongue.


Heero gasped as the deep, warm wetness of Duo’s mouth enclosed him and he arched up again, reaching to push himself further. Duo pulled back a little to avoid Heero’s tip hitting the back of his throat. Then he began to move back and forth, quickly establishing a rhythm. Heero groaned and abandoned himself to the sensation, hands clutching roughly at Duo’s thick brown hair.


"Ah. . .Duo. . ." the sound escaped his lips along with a panting moan and gods he was *so close* as Duo plunged his mouth nearly all the way down and then up oh yes as he licked the tip, tongue teasing the slit and –


"Gah! Dammit Duo!" he snarled, as the other pilot pulled away, licking his lips. Heero’s eyes half closed at the sight, then he tried to push Duo’s head back down to his throbbing erection.


Duo pulled free with a little wince as Heero’s fingers clung like burrs to his hair, pulling part of the braid out. "Not yet," Duo murmured, reaching a hand between Heero’s legs. He wormed his fingers underneath Heero’s rear until one finger brushed lightly over the pucker of hidden flesh.


Heero tensed reflexively. Then Duo’s hand was grasping his shaft, and pumping slowly, building up such focused, heated pleasure that the finger he slipped inside of him seemed like a part of that. Heero gasped, hands clenching at air. Duo slipped another finger inside him, working them around, then started to thrust them in and out in time with the steady pulls on his length.


Heero moaned and his hips began to move, striving to meet the dual sensations. Duo bent down and kissed the tip of his member, then pulled his hands away.


The Japanese pilot uttered a low noise at the loss, then waited while Duo quickly divested himself of pants and underwear. *Why does he. . .HOW can he. . .* He grabbed Duo’s shoulders, pulling him roughly to him.


"Say it," he demanded. "Say it again. What you always say."


Duo lay atop Heero, caressing his chest with light loving touches until the nipples hardened under his palms. "Heero," he breathed, and kissed him, a light brush of the lips. "I love you. With every heartbeat I love you."


He kissed him again, this time insistent pressure that lengthened as Heero crushed him to his chest into a long, passionate endeavor, lips opening and pressing and breath mingling as their bodies pressed together, and Heero strained against him.


Then Duo nudged Heero’s legs apart again, getting on his hands and knees. Silently, his eyes burning into Duo’s, Heero wrapped his legs around the other’s waist.


Despite being prepared, Heero still muffled a cry of pain. "Ow—mmf. . ." he bit his lip, shutting his eyes tightly but grabbing at Duo, pulling him closer.


Duo watched him carefully, trying to ease all the way inside. Then Heero was tugging at him insistently and he shifted his hips and he was all the way in now and he lay atop Heero, panting, Heero’s erection pushing swollen up against his stomach.


He kissed Heero as he began to move inside him. "I love you. . .I love you. . ." he panted, kissing the closed mouth, straining to kiss the frowning brow that was beginning to smooth out as Heero shifted and began to rock up to meet his thrusts.


*Why do you. . .HOW can you. . .*


Heero clasped Duo against him with a desperate edge, hips moving frenzied to meet the other pilot’s pelvis as he started to pound into him. "Duo," he gasped, and stretched to kiss him. Duo’s mouth covered his, moved over his face and neck.


Duo’s fingers clenched into his shoulders, digging into him as his breathing took on a labored sound, then he jerked against Heero, hips stilling but for a few convulsive thrusts and his mouth was heavy against Heero’s bottom lip.


Heero shuddered, reaching as far down Duo’s back as he could, pulling him tight against him with legs and arms as he thrust up harder, shoving his hard, hard penis against Duo’s marble-hard stomach muscles until he exploded, biting at Duo’s lip and thrusting as hard as he could. The head of his shaft rubbed spasmodically over Duo’s abdomen, spurting out Heero’s climax and making a general mess.


Duo settled on top of him for a moment then pulled out, as they rolled onto their sides to face each other. Heero tugged Duo into his arms for the other pilot to curl against him and bit his shoulder, stroking the long half-unraveled hair.


"That was nice," Heero grudged against Duo’s neck.


"Mmh," Duo agreed, "It was perfect. My perfect Heero." He nestled against him, then all of a sudden pulled back, blue eyes capturing Heero’s mostly-closed ones with an earnest expression.


"Ne. . .Heero?"


"Nani?" Heero grumbled. One of the good things about sex was that it shut Duo up. Usually. For a while at least.


"I’ve been wondering. Since you *are* such a perfect soldier. . .why this? Why me?" He wriggled a little, expression anxious. "Why would you stray from the guidelines of the perfect soldier. . .drift so far to pick up with *me?* Blown off the course of a pilot’s maverick lifestyle. . ."


Heero pressed a hand against Duo’s mouth to shut him up while he considered it. Not that he hadn’t before.


"Huh. Wind shear."


Duo blinked.


"Heero. . .did you just make a joke?" An incredulous grin spread over his features.


Heero socked him in the shoulder. "It was a metaphor, moron."


Duo was giggling like a maniac. Heero sighed and gave up. But his arms closed around Duo possessively, cradling him against his chest. Hunh. Maybe this wind shear thing wasn’t so bad. He could live with the results.


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