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A Day Among the Muck



"Yelch!" came the cry from the long haired boy as he landed in a puddle of filth.

The blonde boy giggled as he looked down at the flailing boy. "Duo, calm down!" he laughed.

"CALM? I am covered in muck! My hair! My beautiful hair is full of sludge!"

This sent Quatre into another giggling spat. Duo was right though. He was covered from head to toe in mud and muck. His long braid of hair was sopping wet and was half covered in the goo. He was a mess.

And it was all Heero's fault.

The usually stoic boy had seen it fit to repay Duo for his chatter. He seemed to have found the best way of doing it, too. For Heero currently stood, smirking, as the braided boy flailed about, raving over the mess of his hair.

"Shut up, Duo." Heero said, moving to hoist the still flailing boy from the puddle.

"You! You did this! You ruined my beautiful hair!" Duo screeched, fixing Heero with a glare to rival his own.

Heero shrugged. "You can wash it." He said simply.

Duo's glare didn't waver. Heero was right, but Duo wouldn't let him know that he was. Duo fought, twisting, trying to get out of Heero's grip.

Heero held fast as Duo thrashed about. It was amusing. He couldn't help but smile as the violet eyed boy continued in vain. Finally, Duo stopped, tired from his attempts at release.

"Are you going to be good?" Heero said, glaring at the boy. There was nothing behind it, but it sufficed to get a gulp and a nod from his captive. "Good."

He put Duo down and immediately the boy ran for cover behind Quatre.

"Hey!" Quatre squeaked. Trowa Looked at Duo, that sent Duo out in the open again. Trowa would not have Quatre injured in a qualm between the Braided One and the Perfect Soldier.

Wufei looked between the mud monster and the *grinning* Demon that was Heero Yuy. Something was up. (AN: NOT THAT!!! ... M: not yet... *evil grin*)

Duo saw the grin too. "H-heero, w-whatcha grinnin' at?"

Heero didn't reply, instead he stalked over to Duo and picked him up... then tossed him into the little pond that had formed on the side of the road.


"HEEEEERRRRRROOOOOO!!!!!! You bastard!!!!" Duo stood up, slipped and wound up on his face in the shallow pool. Now he was completely covered.

Heero stood over him admiring his work. This would take some time to clean up. He grinned at that thought. Yes, a long time indeed. He leaned down and scooped up the muck covered boy, then walked back up to the house.

The three remaining pilots looked dumbly at Heero's retreating back. Quatre blinked then smiled.

"So that's what he was getting at... Neeee, Troooowwwaaa?!" Quatre smiled evilly causing the uni-banged boy to gulp and back away for the angel turned demon.

In the house, Heero carried Duo up the stairs and into the guest bathroom. Setting the boy down beside the tub he said, "Don't move, you might slip and bust that pretty ass of yours."

Duo blinked at him. 'Pretty ass'? Wha???

Heero had left the room to get towels and clean clothes (for the both of them). When he returned he found Duo, exactly where he'd left him. Good, he thought.

"Strip." he said. Duo looked at him as if he were crazy. Heero glared, "You wanna get cleaned up, don't you?"

Duo nodded and did as told (providing Heero with a *very* nice view of his milky white ass). Once undressed, Duo stood, naked, waiting for the next "command".

Good, Heero thought, he's waiting to be told what to do next... very good.

"Sit." he commanded. Duo sat on the edge of the tub as Heero began to run the water. Once the water was run, Heero stripped then moved to set Duo in the water. Duo, seeing Heero coming at him, tried to move out of his way and wound up in the water.

"Well, that's one way to get in the bath." Heero smirked, then slipped in and uprighted him. "Scoot forward." He said pushing Duo towards the front of the tub. He complied.

Heero began to scrub the grit and muck off the boy. He reached down to pull the band off Duo's hair, but found that it had already fallen off. Probably when I threw him in the pool a second time, Heero thought. Now, the braid was held together only by the muck caked in it.

He reached up and grabbed the bottle of shampoo off the shelf. Squeezing some into the palm of his hand he said, "Shut your eyes."


"I'm gonna get this mess out of your hair." He said, starting to lather the long tresses.

As Heero worked his strong fingers in Duo's hair, Duo began to relax. Having someone else to help with his hair felt good. Real good. It was one of the best feelings he'd ever had.

Heero was in Heaven, he had Duo sighing over the feeling he was inducing. This was great.

Once the goo was washed away, Heero picked up the sweet smelling body wash that Duo loved. He was hard, painfully so. He had ignored it as best he could, but Duo's sweet sighs when he had washed his hair had been the last he could take. Now, he lathered Duo's back and his swelling cock. Lifting Duo slightly, he lathered that milky ass.

Duo felt Heero's hands on his ass -- in his ass. He was shocked and afraid at first, but the shock and fear was replaced but a searing ache in his groin and a pleasure he couldn't even begin to describe.

Heero lifted him up higher and pulled him towards himself. The boy was stretched and ready, Heero knew that the pleasure who over rule any rational thought, and that Duo would be his. He slowly lowered Duo onto his throbbing erection, letting the boy adjust to the sensation of being filled.

Ohmygod! Duo thought, ohmygod, he's fucking me... and I'm sitting here letting him do it!

:And enjoying it,: a little voice in the back of his mind said.

Heero lowered him until he was all the way seated and Heero was fully embedded in the lithe boy. Ohmygod, he thought as he started to move, he's like silk! Heero bucked his hips striving to hit Duo's prostate with each thrust.

Duo cried out in ecstasy as Heero's thrusts hit something deep in him that sent jolts of pleasure searing through his body. He'd never felt anything this good. Each thrust sent him to new levels... and he wanted more. He knew it was a sin and his religion forbid this kind of 'sin of the flesh' (the sin of fucking with another male), but he couldn't help himself. He liked it, he liked the way it made him feel. And he liked that it was Heero doing it to him.

Heero could feel Duo's muscles tighten and close on him with each thrust. He couldn't believe how fast he was coming because of Duo. The boy, for all he was a virgin and first-timer, was good. After only a few minutes inside Duo, Heero came, sending his seed into his new lover and wrapping his arms tight as he cried out Duo's name.

Duo came as he felt Heero spill his seed into him. He wanted this feeling again. He was ashamed that he would succumb to such things, but the pleasure was well worth it. He vaguely remembered hearing somewhere that 'sex was more of a mental action than a physical action; that's why they say that sex is mind-blowing'. Who ever it was that said that, they were right.

Outside, the three pilots looked back at the house as they heard a very familiar voice cry out a very familiar name in a passion filled tone.

Quatre smirked then turned to fix Trowa with a 'come hither' look, which the tall boy succumbed to. Duo and Heero's activity, having been heard by the others, had flared their passions, requiring immediate action. (AN: <smirk>)

-In the house-

They lay there in the aftermath until their flesh was pruney from the water. Then the got out, dried off and dressed. Heero looked at Duo, the slender boy was pulling on the T-shirt Heero had brought for him to change into.


"Hmm?" Duo said, looking up.

"Are you... ok, with what we just did?"

Duo was silent for a moment. Then, he smiled and nodded. "Yes, Heero, I am ok with it..."

Heero let out the breath he'd been holding. He was about to speak when Duo continued.

"In fact, I enjoyed it very much." He said, then blushed.

Heero walked over and wrapped his arms around the boy. "Good," he whispered, before covering Duo's mouth with his own in a passionate kiss.


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