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Over the River and Through the Woods (parts 10 - 14)


Part 10

I sat panting and out of breath under a small cluster of bushes about 500 yards to the left of the showers. I had somehow succeeded in eluding Heero, though knowing him, he had allowed me to escape; intent on using the time to carefully plot his revenge. I waited about 10 minutes before heading back to camp, still grinning over what I had done.

I approached quietly in the hopes of catching Heero off guard and maybe gaining a clue of his intended revenge. He was no where to be seen, but that was no guarantee that he wasn't there. "Heero?" I called out, trying again when I got no response. Satisfied that he wasn't there, I relaxed and crawled into the tent to change into my bathing suit, throwing a loose pair of shorts and t-shirt on over it.

Taking with me everything I thought we might need for our afternoon swim, I exited the tent and was greeted by my missing lover. Well, greeted wasn't perhaps the best term to use, since he'd not spoken, settling for hurling himself at me and pinning me to the ground beneath him.

It took a second for me to get my wind back, then I grinned up at him. "Umm.....hi. Nice tackle."

He smirked in return. "That was a very evil thing to do, koi."

I nodded and laughed. "You should have seen the look on your face. It was priceless."

"I bet it was."

"You gonna get up now?"

He shook his head. "We're not quite even yet. Still haven't decided what I'm going to do to you."

"Can you figure it out *after* you get up?" I asked as I wiggled beneath him. "I've got all these branches sticking into me and they aren't exactly comfortable."

"Neither was the ground beneath the hammock... especially when you're falling down onto it from three feet in the air while barely dressed."

"Eep!" I hadn't thought about that when I'd flipped him. "Damage anything of value?" I asked, trying my best to stifle my laugh.

"No, but I could have."

"And I would have kissed it and made it better." I offered, looking up at him. "Want me to anyway?" I asked, winking.

"Is sex your answer to everything?" he asked with an amused tone.

I nodded. "You never complained before."

"Not complaining now either. It was just a question."

"Sooo..... is that a yes then?" I asked, shifting to try to free my hands still held captive at my sides.

"Can I take a rain check?" he asked, relaxing his knees to let my arms loose.

I immediately reached up and wrapped both arms around his waist. "Yup. So we even now?" I questioned.

"Hardly." he grinned, bending down and giving me a quick peck before he stood.

Can't blame a guy for trying.


Heero headed into the tent to change into his swimsuit while I proceeded to gather everything I needed to make lunch. I sat at the table and assembled the sandwiches, tucking them into small plastic bags. "You almost done?" I called out, filling the cooler with ice, a few drinks and the sandwiches I'd just made. He emerged several minutes later with our towels and a book in hand and we left camp.

It was about a 20 minute walk and we chose to make it close to the water's edge, though it most likely wasn't the easiest route we could have taken. The banks of the river were rocky, as was the bed of the river itself and the journey basically consisted of stepping or jumping from one huge rock to the next until we reached our destination.

"Well.... that was... tiring." I announced, taking off my shirt and plopping myself down onto the only visible patch of grass. It was nearly 1:00 and the August sun was directly overhead, adding sweat to the list of current conditions that were causing me discomfort.

I rested for only a minute as I watched Heero lay the towel down in the small clearing and seat himself on it, then declared my intentions. "Cold or not... I'm going in." I took off my boots and rose to remove my shorts, wading knee deep into the water without regard for its temperature.

"You coming?" I asked, turning around to face Heero.

"I think I'll pass for now." he returned, lying down and taking his book in hand.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking into the river, gasping slightly as the coolness reached my upper thighs. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and dove into the water. The precise moment of total submersion was a bit of a shock, but my body adjusted quickly and by the time I resurfaced seconds later, there wasn't a hint of a chill left.

I swam for a while, pretending not to notice that Heero was feeling the full effects of the afternoon sun. He had removed his shirt shortly after I entered the water and was in the process of taking off his shorts with his back turned toward me. I struggled not to verbalize the cat calls that were precariously situated on the tip of my tongue. "Gonna join me?" I called out as he turned around. I took his moment of silent thought to appreciate his form and gave thanks to whomever had the foresight to make swim wear out of spandex.

"In a few minutes." he returned, seating himself once again.

I acknowledged his reply and continued swimming, occasionally stopping to let the current carry me as I floated on my back. I looked up about 10 minutes later to find Heero still engrossed in his book. Rather than ask him if he was going to come in again, I quietly swam toward the shore and slipped off my bathing suit; wringing out some of the water before wadding it up into a ball and tossing it at him. I snickered and brought my hand up to cover my mouth as it reached its target, hitting him square in the chest with a dulled splat. That got his attention.

He looked up in surprise and took my wet suit in hand, looking down at it and then up at me. "Is this an invitation?"

"Oh yeah..... Accepted?"

He stood and laid my suit on the towel and neared the waters edge. I could clearly see the beginnings of an erection in his white Speedo and I whistled at the view. He looked down at where my eyes were focused and then back up at me. "Just how cold *is* the water?"

I kept my eyes on him and took several steps, just letting the tip of my cock break the waters surface. "Not *that* cold...."

It was all relative. Having dealt with icy showers twice in the past three days had somewhat raised my tolerance. If I had to make a guess, I'd say the river was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While not the optimum temperature for swimming, it allowed one to gain and maintain an erection; which was apparently all that mattered at the moment.

Part 11

I watched him enter the water with caution, paying more attention to the slippery rocks beneath his feet than to me. It gave me the perfect opportunity to put some distance between us without him noticing. My invitation spoke for itself and I was certain my current actions would as well. Quietly swimming downstream, I turned to see if Heero had taken the plunge yet. He had and was no longer visible. I may have been a faster swimmer, but he was capable of holding his breath for longer periods of time, giving him a slight advantage over me. I made my way over toward the shore and stood atop a large boulder, looking out over the river for him. The water was slightly muddy, but the first several feet were transparent enough to see through.

It didn't take me long to spot him, headed right for me, but still about 20 yards off. I climbed down and waded back out into deeper waters, circling back around to hopefully throw him off; I wasn't quite ready to be caught. He rose to the surface several seconds later and looked around, grinning as he spotted me and started swimming toward me. I disappeared under the water again and continued my plight at full speed with my predator just 10 yards behind me. Cutting the chase short several minutes later, I seated myself on a submerged rock and watched as Heero swam toward me, extending my legs as he approached. He grabbed onto my ankles with both hands and looked up at me. "Give up?"

"Yup. Need to conserve energy."

"For what?" he asked, his hands moving upward and now holding onto my knees.

His body was fully extended in the water and his legs were still in motion, kicking lightly to keep himself afloat.


"Whatever?" He chimed, gazing up at me. I could feel myself hardening as he looked up and I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him closer, nodding in response. I felt his one hand leave my knee and hoped I knew where it was headed, offering him a smile as I felt his fingers wrap around my arousal. I looked down and could see his thumb breaking free of his other fingers, watching through the water as it teased just the tip.

"Mmm.... that feels nice." I closed my eyes and relaxed, shutting everything out but his touch and the effect it was having on me. I barely noticed that his hand left when I felt his both hands gripping my waist and lowering me down into the water with him. He immediately brought our bodies flush against one another and engaged me in a kiss while pulling us both out into the deep water.

My both arms surrounded him, one behind his head and the other slipping into the back of his bathing suit. I moaned and pulled back from the kiss. "Take it off." I whispered, tugging at the back of his suit. "Need more contact."

His hands abandoned their grip on me and worked to remove the thin barrier. He threw it up onto the shore and drew me back into a tight embrace, pressing his hips forward into mine. "Better?" he asked.

We were both naked and very aroused, locked in an embrace so tight that it barely allowed the water to come between us.

"Oh yeah.. perfect." And it was.

I leaned in and tilted my head, slipping my tongue into his mouth to initiate a kiss and challenging him to take control, which he did without hesitation. His hand moved down my back and quickly squeezed as it came to rest on my cheek before continuing down to its goal. One finger circled my entrance, applying light pressure and pushing up into it. I once again pulled back from the kiss and reached back to remove his hand, telling him just what it was that I wanted. "Take me; hard and fast, baby." I whispered, wrapping my leg around him and grinding my arousal against his. There was a 99.9% chance I wasn't going to get an argument out of him; his body answering with a moan and a thrust confirming my offer was something he was unable to refuse.

He took my hand and lead me to a more shallow part of the water, releasing it as we approached the shore, his eyes searching for a suitable place to carry out the deed. I eyed a large rock whose surface appeared as modestly comfortable as a rock could get and sat with my back leaning against it. I looked up at the question in his eyes and spread my legs, grabbing his hand to pull him down. "I don't care. I need you inside me." I moaned as he settled on bent knees between my open limbs, pulling my hips up so that I was seated on his thighs.

I reached forward to bring our bodies closer, once again ravishing his mouth. He tasted like heaven and his hard body beneath me felt even better, "Now, Heero." I demanded, reaching down between us and brushing the head of his cock against my entrance. He opened his mouth to speak, but I leaned back onto my hands and pushed my hips forward, robbing him of his thoughts. We rarely did this without prep but I was in no mood to wait and used one hand to pull him down on top of me. He nudged himself against my opening and our eyes met and held a steady gaze as he began entering me.

It was sweet agony as he drove into me, each inch of his thick hard length pushing to open and stretch me wide. I took the pain in stride, urging him to keep going when he paused. "Heero... don't stop, God.. it hurts so good.." I groaned, watching the pleasure on his face as he continued without hesitation until he had fully sheathed himself. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began thrusting immediately, the water making it impossible for him to pound into me as hard as I wanted him to. He grunted in frustration at the pace, unable to satisfy the urgency our bodies demanded.

I could feel the rough surface of the rock I was leaning on scraping against my back as I began lifting my hips up to meet each of his motions; the high contrast between the pain and the pleasure delightfully intense. "Harder, Heero!" I begged him, moaning loudly as he let go of my hips with one hand and wrapped it around my cock. "Fuck, you're good....." I told him, crying out each time he nearly withdrew and slammed himself back into me; the head of his cock brushing my prostate with each deep thrust. I closed my eyes and rested my head back, every stroke of his fist making me gasp loudly and causing Heero to moan loudly in return. I surrendered with a loud cry, my body taut and rising up off the rocky bed of the river to accept the passion and heat of Heero's shuddering release. My name fell from his lips repeatedly with a deep growl until his climaxed ebbed.

He eased himself from inside of me, immediately pulling me up and into his arms. "You okay?" he asked, letting his fingers move over the mid-section of my back. "MmmHmm.. fine." I told him. My body was still too lost in the pleasure to focus on the pain, if any, I was going to be feeling. I lay draped over his chest for several minutes more before moving back to kiss him soundly and climb off of his lap.

"Turn around." he ordered, one hand on my upper arm as he twisted my body around to look at my back. "Ouch."

I pulled away from his touch as his fingers moved over a particularly tender area. "It was worth it." I winked once I'd turned around to face him.

He smiled and we disentangled ourselves, still holding onto one another's hands. Heero reached for his bathing suit and moving toward the center of the river, we swam back to shore.


Heero put his suit back on just before we exited the river and tossed me mine as I stood naked and wet at the edge of the water. I dried off a bit before stepping into the warm dry shorts. "I think we're definitely gonna have to do that again before we leave." I told him with a smile, seating myself beside him on the towel.

"You might feel differently in a while when those bruises on your back start bothering you. It's scraped pretty raw."

I shifted a bit and winced slightly, the pain was tolerable but definitely more noticeable than it was a few moments ago. He must have caught the look on my face and smiled. "I think we should stick with the hammock." he returned, passing me a sandwich and setting several cans of soda down on the towel between us.

Ahhh... the hammock. "It does have some potential..." I agreed, ".. and is less likely to cause injury." I added with a wink.

His eyes opened wide and he looked me straight in the eye.

I smiled. "You have my word there won't be a repeat of this mornings episode." I assured him, taking a bite of my sandwich and leaning on his shoulder as I continued eating.

We hurried through lunch. The both of us were fairly exhausted from the day's activities, the sun and swimming alone enough to tire us out; not to mention everything else that had happened that morning. Gathering all our belongings, we hiked back upstream to our campsite in total agreement that a nap was in order; immediately following the minor first aid that was needed on my back... it was definitely worth it.

Part 12

The hike back home, as we now considered it, was made almost totally in silence. I know that I was just too tired to talk and assumed Heero was as well, though he really isn't much of a talker to begin with. He did speak as we entered camp, informing me of what he was going to do and giving me my own task as well.

"I'm going to get changed. Go get the first aid kit."

He disappeared into the tent and I bent to get said box from under the picnic table and seated myself on the bench.

Several minutes later, he emerged, seating himself beside me with one leg on either side of the narrow bench planks. "Turn around."

I turned at the waist so that my back faced him and gathered my wet hair, bringing it over my shoulder to lie on my chest. He was gentle as he cleaned the bruised area and carefully applied a thin layer of bacitracin ointment to it. "It really doesn't hurt that much, you know." I spoke softly.

"Good." he commented in return, placing a kiss on the back of my neck.

I felt him reach over my shoulder for my hair, twisting a towel around it and squeezing some of the water out it; mindful not to let his hands or the heavy towel touch my injuries. He removed the towel and brought my hair back to lay on my chest, sitting the towel on the top of my head and rubbing it furiously with both hands. "All set." he announced, placing the towel down on the table. I tilted my head back and stole a quick kiss. "Thanks." I smiled, kissing him again.

I turned to face forward and put on the shirt he had brought me from the tent. "Let's go lie down." I told him, taking his hand in mine as I stood. I moved toward the center of the campsite and bent to pick up the sleeping bag, dragging it toward the tent. The sun was still fairly strong and most of the site was fully exposed to its heated rays. The tent offered us total shade and therefore less heat.... it was the first time we'd actually been in it since we'd arrived.


It hadn't taken either of us long to fall asleep and I woke a while later, finding us in virtually the same position we'd started out in. I nuzzled up closer to Heero and tightened the grip I had on his waist. I was in all my glory. This was by far the most relaxing vacation we'd taken in the five years we'd been together. All 24 hours of every day were ours to do with what we pleased or to do nothing if we found that pleased us. There were no schedules that needed adhering to, no traffic to sit in, no phones, no closing times, no anxiety and no people.

I smiled as I finished my thoughts and opened my eyes to glance at my sleeping lover. "Well, one person.... " I whispered. " you." I finished, letting my eyes close and drifting back off to sleep.


Heero roused me sometime later, gently informing me that we had been asleep for several hours and that if we wanted dinner before dark, that we should get up. I was still groggy, but it didn't seem like he was in any hurry to move either. I moaned and rolled over, laying my head on his chest, his arm carefully pulling me closer.

"Too bad we can't just call out for pizza." I remarked in jest as I turned my head up toward his.

He nodded and looked down at me, "We can do something quick." he assured me, "Let's go."


We had eaten fairly healthy all week, with the exception of day one's hot dogs and neither one of us felt a compulsion to do anything more than stop our hunger. "How about macaroni and cheese?" Heero asked me, holding up a box of generic pasta and processed cheese food.

"Works for me." I responded with a smile, "I'll start the fire."

He nodded and took out a pot and filled it with water, setting it on the table and assisting me in getting the fire going. Within a half an hour, we were seated at the table with enough food to fill us both and only one pot to clean; what more could you ask for.


After dinner, I washed what few dishes the meal had created while Heero cleaned up the table and together we put everything away we weren't going to be needing for the night.

"If we're gonna make coffee tonight, we're gonna need some more water." I told him, clear plastic jug in hand.

He volunteered to take the hike to fill the jug, while I got the coffee pot ready and set things up for the quiet night we had discussed and agreed on during dinner. I had pulled the sleeping bag out of the tent and laid it by the fire, adding a few more logs while I was there. Taking the backgammon game and lantern out from under the table, I set them on top of it and reached for a bug coil. I was just lighting the end of it when I heard Heero call out my name.

I looked up to see him just outside the perimeter of our site, standing perfectly still and looking right at me. "Hey you." I called out.

"Duo. Stand still." he warned sternly.

I cocked my head and furrowed my brow in confusion. "Need some help with the jug?" I asked, taking a few steps toward him.

"I said don't move." His tone was deadly serious.

It was then that I heard the distinct cracking of twigs from somewhere behind me. "Heero?"

He raised his finger to his lips and shook his head to silence me.

The noises were getting louder, meaning that whatever was behind me was getting closer and I looked at Heero, whose expression I didn't recognize.

It took me only another second or two to place it. Panic. Oh Shit.

It was then that I realized he wasn't just enjoying the local fauna and that it probably wasn't Bambi behind me.

I'm guessing that my face revealed exactly what was going through my mind.

He spoke again. "Stay calm."

I took a deep breath and tried to do as Heero suggested but was failing miserably. My heart had relocated and was now somewhere in my throat, pounding so loud that I could hear it and every part of me was trembling. I could actually smell the animal, rank and sour. Just how close was he?

I swallowed hard and looked up at Heero, who had set the water jug down and moved a bit closer to me.

I followed his line of vision and looked out of the corner of my eye.

Shit. Shit. Shit. The thing was about two feet off to my right and standing up on its hind legs. It was friggen huge. I looked back up at Heero, he was helpless to do anything and his expression revealed the frustration he was feeling. I was scared shit and I'm sure it showed. I shook my head a bit from side to side.

He motioned with his eyes toward the bear. I looked over again. Fuck. It had moved even closer to me, but was now on all fours, sniffing the ground. It appeared slightly less threatening like this as it lumbered around, that is until it opened its mouth and let out a growl; the deep bellow reverberating throughout my entire body. I closed my eyes as tight as I could and bit down hard on my lower lip; I think that is when I lost it and started to cry.

I stood fear-struck for what was probably a minute or two then looked up at Heero. He had once again taken several steps to close the gap between us; I hadn't even noticed.

He nodded once and moved quietly toward me. "It's leaving. Just stay there."

I nodded and looked off to my right, unable to see the animal beside me. I slowly exhaled and tried to calm myself down. My legs were trembling and I honestly didn't know how much longer they would be able to support me. I shut my eyes and remained motionless, only opening them when I felt Heero's arm around me.

"You okay?"

"I think so." I choked out. "I need to sit down."

He guided me to the table and I sat on the bench and looked up to where he stood. Our thoughts passed between us without words, both of our eyes a little glassy thinking about the possible outcome of that situation. He sat beside me on the bench and both arms reached out to hug me and I clung to him for dear life.


I'm not certain exactly how long we were sitting there before a voice startled us. "Excuse me. I'm sorry to disturb you..."

We both looked up to find a pair of Forest Rangers standing several feet in front of us.

We rose, ignoring the fact that they'd found us locked in an embrace; it didn't seem to bother them. "Good evening." Heero told them. "Something we can do for you?" he asked.

"Actually, yes. We're tracking down a bear and it seems she was headed this way. Any chance you've seen her?"

I laughed nervously and looked over at Heero. "Yeah. She was here alright. Left just a few minutes ago."

The rangers informed us that they were planning to tranquilize the animal and return her to an area of the park that would keep her out of contact with humans.

"It's not healthy for them to feed on people food, so to speak. Poses a danger to the animal as well as the park guests." he told us. "Every now and then one of them ventures off and as long as they find food, they're in no rush to head back home."

We nodded our understanding of the situation and they thanked us for our help.

Following the two toward the edge of our site, one of them spoke. "We didn't realize that there was anyone staying down here. This part of the park doesn't get much use."

"We've been here since Saturday." Heero informed them.

The young ranger looked a little surprised and motioned with his hand to where the facilities were located. "I don't suppose anyone turned on the hot water for you, did they?"

Heero and I looked at each other with wide eyes. "No." we replied in unison.

He smiled. "I'll do that for you before we go. Enjoy your stay."

We waited for them to leave and made our way back to the picnic table, sitting beside one another.

I'm an eternal optimist; always have been. I'm also a firm believer that there is a silver lining in every cloud. The first 16 years of my existence and the life I was now living was all the proof I needed that it was indeed a truism.

I turned toward Heero and took his face into both of my hands, kissing his lips firmly. "Hey, baby. Can I interest you in a shower?"

Part 13

It was a fairly light-hearted comment given what had transpired and I'd meant it when I said it; the thrill of the news nearly overshadowing our encounter with the bear. My high wasn't that long lived though and I somehow sensed that Heero knew that and figured that perhaps he himself was still a bit shaken.

"On second thought, what do you say we have a drink first?" I asked. Neither of us were in the habit of abusing alcohol and I recognized that this probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation, but I really didn't care. It would serve to calm us both down a little and it was the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B.

Luckily, Heero agreed; Point A sucked.

"Sounds like a great idea." he replied, reaching under the table for cups and the bottle of Southern Comfort. He poured close to two shots in each of the paper cups and handed one to me. I brought it to my lips and drank it all down at once, shivering slightly and setting my empty cup down on the table behind us. I looked over at Heero who was just about done doing the same thing.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Now we pretend as if nothing happened." he replied, reaching out for the backgammon game.

"I'm not so sure I'm capable of doing that.." I told him in all honesty.

"Let's try it for a few minutes. You want to be tan or brown?" he asked.

I rose and seated myself across the table from him. "Tan."

We set up the board and played several games and I had to admit that after about the third game, I was feeling much more relaxed than just 30 minutes prior. It was most likely a combination of the alcohol and Heero's suggestion that put my mind more at ease; I'm guessing he figured as much.

"That was a good idea, koi." I told him with a smile.

He returned the smile and looked around us. "We still have a little daylight left. Feel up to that shower now?"

"You bet." I replied, standing. "I'll go get my stuff." I added, walking toward the tent.

"I'll come with you." he told me, standing and following me inside.

It seemed like an odd thing for him to do, despite the fact that he needed to gather his things as well. He zipped the tent behind us and sat beside me as I reached for my backpack.

"What's up?"

He didn't say anything, he just sat there, looking at me as if he wanted to say something.

"Been a hell of a day, huh?" I asked, grinning over at him.

"Not one I'd like to repeat."

"None of it?" I asked with surprise. "Hmm... I thought there were a few moments that were definitely worth a replay." I responded with a wink.

"Maybe all but the bear part." he said, then paused. "How is your back?"

"Not ready for a replay just yet." I returned with a huge grin. "I'm all set here, how bout you?"

He nodded and we exited the tent, grabbing the lantern and heading for the showers.


There was enough light still filtering through the trees to allow us to start our journey without the aid of the lantern. Heero had taken my hand shortly after we left the tent and our fingers remained tightly entwined as we walked for the first 10 minutes.

Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out what is going on inside his head. I can tell by his quiet demeanor and the lack of emotion on his face that something is up. If it were me, I'd be sending out more of a signal, but this is one of the areas where the two of us differ greatly. I know that when he is ready; when he has worked it all through in his head, he will tell me. I don't mind admitting that it bugs the hell out of me; it's one of the few things about him that does.

"Something you want to talk about?" I ask him as we approach the showers.

He has totally lapsed into what I've come to refer to as 'silent mode' and merely shakes his head in response to my question.

I inwardly curse the part of him that chooses to shut me out. I'm pretty sure we are thinking along the same lines; I wasn't going to be the first to give in though.


There was nothing further spoken and we arrived at the showers in total darkness. Heero turned the fluorescent light on and we entered the building, our hands falling apart as if by instinct.

"I'm going to be a while." I told him, setting my stuff down on the bench outside the shower. "Gonna do my hair." He continued to make his way into the other stall, not even acknowledging what I had just said. I should have been pissed, but I wasn't. On the contrary, I was worried....


I'd stripped and deposited my first of several quarters into the small metal box just outside the stall, passing my hand under the spray to check its temperature before entering the shower. The young ranger had kept his word and I smiled as I stepped into the warm water, almost wishing I'd mentioned something about the lack of shower curtains.

I had barely finished working the shampoo through my hair when I felt another pair of hands join mine in massaging the soap into my endless tresses.

"Hey, love. Everything alright?"


He continued while my hands moved further down my lengthy hair to work the lather in; his fingernails scraping my scalp with the perfect amount of pressure and all the skill of a trained hairdresser.

"Mmm... that's so nice, Heero." I moaned, my hands almost stilling as I instinctively relaxed under his touch. He had such a gift for this, I never hesitated to remind him. "You really have no idea how wonderful that feels." I whispered. He gently pushed my hands away, fully taking over the tremendous task.

"Are you going to tell me what is the matter?" I asked a minute or two later.

Once again there was no reply and I allowed Heero's hands to guide me under the spray, tossing my head back to rinse the shampoo from my hair. Those same hands pulled me from the water several minutes later and directly into a crushing embrace. I made no attempt to resist, instead holding him equally as close. I could feel his upper body vibrating slightly in my grasp and the muted sounds of his stifled sobs. My emotions had been brought under control and now it was time for him to let go. I tightened my grip and waited until his arms loosened before looking at him and smiling; knowing there wouldn't be a word uttered between us about what had just happened.


The walk back to camp found both of our moods significantly lighter and we agreed that the evening would end a bit prematurely. It was barely 9:00, yet the both of us were fairly exhausted. We brought the sleeping bag out again, settling down onto it for a few quiet moments beside the fire. Heero sat behind me, brushing out my hair while we discussed what activities we might engage in the following day.

"I'd like to get in a little fishing before we leave. Since we're going to bed early anyway, tomorrow would probably be perfect." I suggested.

"Good idea." he returned, moving back to brush the ends of my hair. "You wanna stay up a while longer while some of this dries?" he asked.

I nodded and pulled the towel back up over my chest, holding it in place.

"I'll add some more wood to the fire then."

I watched him do just that, turning off the lantern as the fire's light quickly grew and satisfied with it, he sat behind me again. I leaned back onto him and waited for his arms to encircle me, snuggling into the hug. I closed my eyes an laid my head on his arm, waiting a minute or two before sharing my thoughts. "This is so relaxing. Did you ever think you'd end up like this?"

"Like what?"

I smiled. "Like alive and happy."

"I never gave it much thought."

I looked up at him. "You are happy though, right?"

He didn't answer right away, still captivated by the fire in front of us. I waited patiently until he lowered his head to look at me.

"Why do you ask me these things?"

I saddened a bit and turned my attention to the fire, not responding immediately. "Sometimes I'm just not sure."

I wished more than anything to have even the smallest trace of psychic powers at that moment. I hoped he was trying to formulate some kind of response; he was never one to just blurt something out. It was entirely possible he planned on ignoring my question all together.

I waited a few more minutes then shifted to sit, stopped by the tightening of Heero's arms around me. Expectantly, I tilted my head back and looked up at him and into his eyes. "I'm deliriously happy." he whispered.

There was no doubt he meant those words. My eyes closed, forcing that one tear to roll down my cheek. "Me too."

Part 14

It felt odd at first, really odd... settling into sleep like this. I had grown so accustomed to our standard sleeping position that not having Heero behind me left me feeling a little restless. "This feels weird." I told him, squirming slightly to try and get comfortable. "It's just plain wrong." I noted with agitation into the darkness.

Heero had suggested that we switch places for the night, afraid of unintentionally irritating the bruises on my back during the night. "You can deal with it." he returned in a calm tone, "It's just for tonight."

I might have argued if I wasn't so tired, instead, I yawned and wrapped my arm around him, burying my face in his neck and inhaling his scent.


We woke in much the same position, though I had an entirely different perspective on the issue now.

My thinly clad morning erection was pressed up against Heero's very warm, muscled body and it felt so damn good. I totally understood why he'd always insisted that sex at this hour of the morning was a good idea and also why he invariably ended up on top; I was currently unable to think about anything else.

Careful not to disturb his slumber just yet, I shimmied out of my shorts and kicked them down into the bottom of the sleeping bag. I rolled over toward him and pushed my hips forward, reaching down between his legs to seek out his manhood; pleased to find him nearly as aroused as I was. He moaned as I reached inside his shorts, wrapping my fingers around his length and giving it a squeeze.

"Morning." I whispered, stroking him lightly.

He shifted his weight to lean his back against me, spreading his legs slightly to give my hands more freedom.

I took him up on his offer and allowed my hands to roam, touching as much of him as I could; my own cock hardening further as I brought his to full attention with little effort.

"Just how far do you intend to take this greeting?" he asked, moving his hips in circles to increase the stimulation.

"As far as you'll let me." I hissed into his ear, thrusting my hips forward.

He lowered his boxers just below his knees and worked them the rest of the way off, his hand then reaching out to find the bottle of astroglide. Opening the spout, he poured some out to cover my hand and his erection; the slickness a welcome addition to my firm strokes.

"No more of that." he groaned, taking my hand and guiding it back to slide in between his cheeks and rubbing my fingers against his entrance. I leaned forward and slipped my tongue into his mouth, simultaneously penetrating him with two well-lubed fingers. "Oh yeah.. that's nice." I moaned, wrapping my one leg over his; rubbing and grinding my wet cock against the back of his upper thigh. "Real nice...." I hissed. He pushed back against my intruding digits as I worked them in and out, moaning at the sensations I was causing, the soft sounds he was making turning me on even more.

I removed my fingers and reached over him, blindly feeling for the lube and kissing the tip of his nose as he placed the bottle in the palm of my hand. He turned to watch me as I covered my length with the clear gel, looking up at me when I was done. "I guess my morning secret is out."

I couldn't help but grin. "In a manner of speaking. I understood the mechanics of it before..." I told him, taking the base of my cock in my hand and sliding the tip of it up and down the cleft of his ass. "...the reality of the physical sensation is another story entirely." I whispered. "Turn around, Heero."

He moved into position without further coaxing and I shifted behind him, spreading his cheeks and nudging his entrance to slicken it. I bent my arm at the elbow and raised my head up with it, using my other hand to push his bangs away so I had an unobstructed view of his face. He pushed his hips back to take more of my length inside. "Nice and slow, baby.. " I told him in a hushed voice. "..we've got no where to go."

I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible and inch by inch I slid into the glorious warmth of his body. I rarely had this much patience, entering him this morning at an excruciatingly slow pace. I watched the lust and passion present itself on his face and enjoyed his groan as I pushed forward that one last time, fully seating myself.

I didn't move right away, waiting for Heero to let me know he was ready. I could hear his uneven breathing and see the pleasure in his expression, watching carefully as he took a deep breath. "Oh God.. Duo, now..." he moaned. As expected as they were, his words were tantamount to a symphony and I shivered as they left his lips; waiting only a millisecond before pulling out and pushing myself back inside of him.

"Oh yeah..." I moaned into his ear, the sound of his own hiss meeting with mine. "Mmmm... you are *so* fuckable." I whispered, doing just that with as much control as I could manage. He was so tight and so hot, his velvety passage hugging and squeezing every inch of my thick erection. I let my hand rest on his outer thigh, rubbing gently upward over it and in between his parted legs.

"That's not a word." he responded, pushing back against me, driving me still deeper inside of him. "Nnnn...more, Duo." he moaned.

"It should be." I told him, increasing the pace of my thrusts as he had requested. "Is that better?" I asked.

I guided my hand to his balls and rolled them in my palm, reaching further down to press my fingertips against the smooth flesh beneath them. The additional stimulation had him writhing under my touch; a non-stop stream of sweet moans and groans escaping his open mouth as I rocked up into him.

He reached for my hand and brought it up to his stiffness curling my fingers around it and stroking its length several times before removing his. "Unhh... just like that...." he grunted out."..but harder!", grinding forward into my hand. I shifted the angle of my hips and drove into him suddenly, the tip of my cock striking his prostate, making him cry out loudly and arch his back.

I was ready.. more than ready. Quite frankly I don't know how I had held off for this long, perhaps the pace had something to do with it. Or maybe it was the fact that I was barely awake when I initiated the mornings activities. If the latter were the case, I suspected there would most likely be a switch in our sleeping patterns; me waking up behind Heero a bit more often.

I carefully began timing my thrusts, pushing my hips forward at the same pace my hand was working his cock, teasing the slit with my thumb using its own slick liquid. Each forward motion of my hips pushed me deeper inside to brush against his buried pleasure center.

"You ready to come, love?" I asked without reason. I knew damn well he was.

Without waiting for a response, I tightened my grip on his erection and began to stroke him furiously, ramming my cock into his ass as hard as I could. "Oh Christ...NOW DUO!" he cried out, giving me only a 2 second warning before his body began to tremble and quake; trapping my twitching cock inside his constricting channel. "Oh we go.." I screamed. I could feel each stream leave him and I thrust into him one last time, surrendering to the immense pleasure and flooding Heero with the hot proof of my passion.

I continued impaling and stroking him as climax engulfed us both; losing ourselves to the mindless euphoria. Two voices broke the morning silence as loud cries of each others names spilled from our mouths; eventually dwindling down to the soft sounds of ragged breathing that filled the large tent as our pleasure subsided.

I released Heero's spent arousal and eased myself from within him with a groan, using both hands to turn his body toward me and pull him into my arms. "Mmm...." I moaned, gently kissing his pouty lips and looking into his deep blue eyes. "God, how I love you." I whispered, reclaiming his lips once again, but this time with greater force.

His both arms surrounded me as the kiss deepened, not loosening his grip even as he pulled back from it. "I love you too.. so much, koi." he smiled, planting a small kiss on my lips. "And that was... very nice." he smirked. "I think we should sleep like that more often."

I grinned. Couldn't have agreed with him more.


We exited the tent after cleaning ourselves off a bit and Heero made coffee, while I buttered a few rolls and tucked them into my backpack. "Still going fishing, right?" I asked, seating myself on the bench and reaching under the table for our fishing poles.

Heero looked up and then over at me. "Looks like we may have some rain." he commented as he glanced down at his watch.

I turned my eyes upward, easily seeing the dark clouds that Heero was obviously referring to. They were quite ominous, but still far enough in the distance that they didn't pose an immediate threat. Despite the fact that I never wore a watch, I knew it was still early. "Time?" I asked for confirmation.

"6:15." he replied questionably.

"Perfect." I told him, again reaching under the table, this time pulling out the small tackle box. "Early morning fishing in the rain is the best kind. That's what we brought those plastic raincoats for." I winked.

Collecting everything we needed and loading it into my backpack, I flung it over my shoulder and slipped my arms into the padded loops, bouncing slightly to adjust it. Heero grabbed the two poles and we each took our coffee cup in hand and headed to where the brochure Heero had read mentioned the fishing was good.

It was at least two mile hike, but we both had a good nights sleep and were definitely up for the challenge.

"Did you bring the compass?" I asked as we were about to leave. The journey ahead was not one whose trail was marked or well-traveled according to the official park literature. The last thing we wanted to do was get lost.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small silver disc, holding it up for me to see. I took a sip of my coffee and nodded, grabbing onto Heero's arm. "Let's go then."

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