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Special Delivery


This is one of like five in Jade's Bad Porn Series, of which I have two ^_^

Heero jumped up as the doorbell rang. Shit, he'd told the pizza place specifically not to ring the doorbell. His parents had gone to bed early, and he SO did not want them to wake up and start bitching at him again for ordering a pizza so late, and making a mess in THEIR kitchen. They were so controlling, Heero loved to think up ways to shock them. Not that he would ever do it, but, but it was fun to dream. The biggest thing that would shock them was something they really ought to have noticed by now. He headed for the door, and realized that he had left the money in the kitchen. Oh, well, he'd just have them bring in into the kitchen.

Duo waited by the front door, looking up in amazement at the huge house. He'd never been in this neighborhood before. It wasn't your normal pizza delivery neighborhood, he mused, looking around at the Mercedes and BMW parked in the driveway. Maybe he'd get a good tip out of this. He needed it; he just knew his father was going to kick him out for sure when he found out the real truth about his son.

Heero flung the door open in annoyance, and then forgot what he was pissed about. The most gorgeous creature he had ever seen stood on his front porch. He had long hair in a loose ponytail, huge violet eyes, and the most perfect lips he had ever seen. Not to mention the lithe body poured into tight jeans and a black t-shirt. Heero was sure his mouth was hanging open, but he couldn't help himself. It was as if his secret fantasy had come to life and was standing at his front door.

Duo was equally shocked; the person who answered the door was about his age, but looked completely different. He wore only a small tank top and short shorts that only served to enhance his well-muscled body. He was tanned and sullen and had the most incredible cobalt eyes Duo had ever seen.

The two boys stared at each other for a long moment until finally Duo remembered what he was there for. "Uh, you ordered a pizza?" he asked intelligently as he could manage. Oh, please don't let me have the wrong house...

Heero forcibly closed his mouth and said, "Yeah, I mean yes, I did. Come on in," he continued, holding the door open.

Duo trailed in, trying not to gape at the 18-foot ceilings and marble entryway. "It's $16.25," he said, finding something even more interesting to look at: the other boy's ass in the shorts. It was obvious to Duo's wandering eyes that the boy wore nothing underneath by the way the shorts clung to his... the other boy was speaking, and Duo dragged his eyes up.

"I left the money in the kitchen. Could you just bring it in here please?" The other boy said, still walking away. He didn't want the gorgeous delivery boy to leave.

"Sure," Duo answered. I get to stare at you ass more, he thought. He no longer cared about a tip. Unless it was... Duo stopped that train of thought; he was already getting hard, and in these tight jeans it would show instantly.

Heero led Duo into the kitchen, unconsciously wiggling his hips a bit more than usual. He indicated the marble countertop. "Can you put it there, please?" he asked as he turned around to face the longhaired boy. He stared at the vision before him, and thought, oh, god, I'm getting hard... the flimsy shorts hid nothing. He could feel a blush rising to his cheeks and said the first thing that came to mind; although as he said it he realized it was true. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Duo frowned; in the brighter light of the kitchen, the beautiful boy did indeed look familiar. "Maybe," he said, glad for the chance to feast his eyes on that muscled body a bit longer. "Do you go to Vista High?"

Heero smiled. "I used to," he answered, realizing he had seen this boy before. "But my parents put me in private school last year. It sucks."

Duo laughed; no wonder the other boy looked familiar. Not that they had ever met; they certainly didn't hang out with the same kids. But how could he forget that face? "Heero Yuy?" Duo asked.

Heero was amazed. "Right! How did you know? I'm afraid I don't remember your name."

Duo smiled. "Photographic memory. All kind of useless stuff in here," he said as he tapped his head. "I'm Duo Maxwell."

"Yes, I think I remember now!" Heero said, thinking back. Of course that was before he was admitting to himself that he was attracted to boys, so maybe he hadn't noticed how completely sexy Duo was. Now his body was reacting even more. Duo's eyes were the most incredible color. "I'm surprised you remember me. I don't think we ever talked. And I look a bit different now."

"Oh, yeah," Duo answered automatically, then blushed at the tone of his voice. He hadn't meant for it to come out quite so... lasciviously.

Heero blushed too, and smiled. "They have a great weight room at my school. I've um, been spending a lot of time there." What had that tone meant? Did Duo like boys too?

"I can, um, see that," Duo answered, blushing furiously now and staring at the floor fixedly.

Heero took a deep breath. "You look great too, Duo," he said, hopefully. The least the longhaired boy could do was reject him, and he didn't even go to the same school anyway. He took a step closer.

Duo looked up at Heero, eyes wide. What was happening? Heero was gorgeous, so much tanned skin showing... he was instantly rock hard, arousal pressing against his tight jeans. They were almost exactly the same height, and intense cobalt eyes stared back at him.

"Duo?" Heero whispered, asking... something. He took another step, and they were only inches apart.

"H-Heero?" Duo answered, and suddenly the cobalt-eyed boy was kissing him, opening his mouth with his tongue, slipping it inside... all the while running his hands over Duo's body.

Duo realized he was still holding the pizza, so one of his hands was occupied, and he was having trouble working the other arm. He should be protesting, he thought, trying to stop Heero... he wasn't sure why, but he thought maybe he should try. He broke the kiss, gasping, "Heero! Stop it! I'm not gay!"

Heero smirked at him, busy touching every part of Duo he could reach. "You're not?" he asked, running his hand down Duo's abdomen, toward the huge bulge in his tight jeans.

"No! I'm not! Stop it! No, no... stop," Duo gasped as Heero's hand reached his arousal. "No, stop it," as Heero rubbed the hardness through the material. "Ahh, stop it some more..." His voice dissolved into moans as Heero quickly unfastened the jeans and slipped his hand inside.

Heero used his free hand to take the pizza from Duo and throw it on the countertop. With the other hand he slipped deeper into Duo's jeans. The longhaired boy threw back his head and moaned as he felt Heero's fingers wrap around his cock. Heero looked up at Duo and said, "Still want me to stop?"

"No," Duo gasped out. "More..."

Heero smiled and pumped slowly, squeezing the length and running his thumb over the wet tip at the top of each stroke. Duo's knees started to buckle, so he guided the other boy toward the counter so he could lean against it. Then he put his hand on the tie holding Duo's hair and said, "Please?" Duo nodded, and Heero pulled at the tie, loosening the hair so it cascaded over Duo's back and shoulders. Heero moaned and felt his cock pulse at the sight of the sensual longhaired boy, completely lost in pleasure.

Duo leaned against the counter, unable to believe what was happening, but unable to deny the fact that he was very aroused, and a beautiful boy had his hand down his jeans, touching him where no one else had ever touched him. And oh god it felt so good...he whimpered as he felt Heero pull down his jeans, exposing him completely.

Heero watched Duo's face intently as he stroked the other boy's now-free erection. Beautiful. He used his other hand to slide the black t-shirt up, running his hands over Duo's stomach, and up to tease his nipples gently. He was rewarded by a sharp intake of breath and Duo's cock pulsing in his hand. Duo was his now. Heero wanted to take what was his.

Duo opened his eyes as the wonderful hands disappeared; he watched as Heero stripped off the tank top, and his eyes roamed hungrily over the muscled body. Heero's arousal stretched out the shorts and there was a wet spot, evidence that Heero was as turned on as he was.

"Duo, you're the sexiest boy I've ever seen. I want you," Heero said, locking eyes with Duo.

"Oh, Heero," breathed Duo, "I want you too. But I've never..."

"Neither have I," smiled Heero. "But I read a lot! Will you let me?"

Duo answered by pulling his shirt off and pressing his bare chest against Heero's, loving the feeling, and kissing him deeply. He had never wanted anything more.

Heero returned the kiss eagerly, dropping his hands down, inside Duo's open jeans, to cup the ass that would soon be his. He pulled Duo hard against him, and their cocks pressed together, only the thin material of Heero's shorts between them. Duo rocked his hips against Heero, moaning into his mouth, and the blue-eyed boy pulled tighter.

"Please, Heero," Duo begged. "Fuck me?"

Heero moaned and nodded, and helped Duo out of his shoes and jeans. Then he stripped off his own shorts, and the two boys stood in the kitchen, naked, hard, and very, very ready.

Heero pushed Duo gently toward the kitchen table, which was another slab of marble. He sat Duo down on it and said, "I'll be right back." Heero went to the refrigerator and Duo watched curiously as the other boy pulled out a stick of butter and walked back to him. Duo looked confused, and Heero quickly explained about prep.

Heero walked slowly up to Duo. "Are you ready?" the cobalt-eyed boy asked in a sultry voice. Duo nodded, and Heero walked up to him, spreading his legs gently and standing between them. He looked down at Duo, legs spread and hair flowing, just for him. His aching length throbbed.

Duo lay back on the table, barely feeling how cold the marble surface was, because his whole body was burning with desire. He was trembling with need, harder than he had ever been, and all he wanted was to be taken by this gorgeous boy above him.

Heero warmed up the butter with his hands, and leaned down to claim a kiss as he slid the first finger into Duo. The longhaired boy gasped into his mouth, then thrust back on his finger as he decided he liked the intrusion. Another finger, and louder moans; then an insistent beep caught Duo's attention.

"Shit! My phone!" Heero handed it to him from where it had been discarded on the floor, without stopping the prep.

It took Duo several tries to find the button. "H-hello?" he gasped as Heero stretched him. "Yes!" he shouted as Heero added a third finger. "I mean, yes, sir, I'm... Heero! I mean here, sir!" It was Duo's boss. "What? You want me to get my ass back for another delivery, sir?"

"Tell him your ass is mine, and it's busy," growled Heero, sliding his buttered fingers in and out of Duo.

Duo tried not to giggle as his boss continued to shout at him. Then Heero found the spot he was looking for and Duo screamed, "Oh god! I, um, had a flat tire, I-I-I almost ran off the road, goooootta fix it, be back as sooooooon as I can bye!" he rattled off, turned off the phone and threw it across the room. "Heero!" he cried out and arched his back.

Heero smirked and removed his fingers. He took more of the butter and slathered it on his rigid cock, then pressed it against Duo's entrance. "You want this?" he asked, pressing lightly.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, please..." Duo begged.

"One thing," Heero said as he slowly pushed his cock into the other boy. "You have to be quiet," he slid in another few inches, "Because my parents are asleep upstairs." As he said this, he thrust fully inside the other boy, and paused to look in those widened violet eyes.

"Your, nnnn, parentsssss?" Duo managed to hiss out as Heero claimed him fully.

"Yes, Duo. Imagine what would happen if they were to come in here and see us," Heero started to thrust, "Like this?"

Duo threw his head back and moaned; the danger was turning him on even more. They would be so dead if they were caught... Heero was thrusting harder now, and Duo had to hold onto him to keep from sliding away.

Heero lost himself in the rhythm of fucking the beautiful boy on the table, thrusting in and pulling out faster and faster. Pressure was building up; pleasure mounted, and he was a creature of instinct. He held on to Duo's hip with one hand, and wrapped the other around Duo's erection.

Duo moaned, trying to keep quiet; then Heero grabbed his cock and stroked it with butter-slickened fingers. He cried out then; cried out Heero's name and fell into the abyss of completion.

Heero felt Duo's body tense, and saw the creamy liquid spurt all over his lover; his name from those sensuous lips drove him wild. Another thrust and he fell too; overcome by pleasure, he climaxed, pumping his passion into Duo's body.

The two boys were paralyzed by ecstasy; unable to move, they rode out the ebbing tide of sensation, oblivious to the world. Slowly, they came to; Heero carefully withdrew from Duo and gathered the trembling boy in his arms, lifting him off the cold table.

Heero held Duo in his strong arms for what seemed like an eternity, then the longhaired boy looked up at him. "That was..." he trailed off, words insufficient to describe their joining. Heero just nodded, and held Duo close. He didn't want to let him go.

Finally, Duo looked at Heero and said, "I'm hungry. Think the pizza's still warm?"


The End

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