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Over the River and Through the Woods (parts 5 - 9)


Part 5

Heero and I have long been comfortable with our sexuality. I'm actually not sure if we were ever really uncomfortable with it, but there was a time when any kind of public display was out of the question; more because of the reactions it got than how either of us viewed it. As uncivilized as it is in this day and age, the sight of two men, or women I might add, hand in hand, still draws more than it's fair share of negative attention.

I try not to think about it too much, almost feeling sorry for those who are so narrow-minded; unable to understand how they can't see past it all to what lies inside. But that is just me and nothing I say or do is liable to change anyone's mind. I look over at Heero as he drives the 8 miles into town, wondering if any of the same things are going through his mind. We're about to spend the next few hours out in public, unable to display the simple affections that heterosexual couples can; there is something just inherently wrong about it.

He is in deep concentration as he maneuvers the winding narrow road we're on and I turn to study his face. I'm not merely looking at it, at him... I'm analyzing it...each line, each surface and each angle of his face. He is beautiful, no... I mean really beautiful; easily capable of robbing me of my last breath. It has nothing to do with his looks and everything to do with who he is and why he is who he is. I love him even in his darkest moments and he me in mine. We are inexplicably bound by something that has no worldly reasoning; it cannot be explained away by the most learned of scholars. It would be the case regardless of the physical body his soul came wrapped in.

I was on the verge of tears when he spoke. "You okay?"

I nodded and looked away from him, pretending to find something of sudden interest out the car window.

"You're thinking about it, aren't you?"

I bite my lower lip to fight back the tears as I nod and he reaches over to take my hand. "Me too."


By the time we reached Wells, my mood had lightened considerably. I had resigned myself to the fact that the *hands-off* policy would be in effect for the next few hours and glanced over at Heero as we pulled into the small municipal lot.

"Ready?" he asked, closing the windows.

I nodded and turned off the radio.


"I know, I know, look but don't touch." I finish for him with a sly wink.

He shook his head and exited the vehicle peering over the roof of the car at me. "I promised, didn't I?"

He still didn't look totally convinced; I'm glad in a way, cause that would have meant I was losing my touch and that just would have sucked. There were no rules or lines drawn about what I could or could not do other than the one previously stated. It referred specifically to my hands, leaving the rest of my body to randomly tease and torture Heero for the rest of the day.

I was looking forward to it more than you can imagine.


I hadn't been paying attention as we drove into town and noted that it was actually a lot bigger than I anticipated and pretty lively for a Sunday morning as well. Crossing the street to where most of the shops were, we paused in front of the first one we came across; the window adorned with an odd mix of jackets, hooded sweatshirts and the standard gift shop fare. We looked at each other and laughed. Apparently this was big business up here; unsuspecting campers such as ourselves in search of the type of clothing the season seemed to call for anything but.

"Shall we?" he asked, opening the door to let me enter.


The store was huge and clearly more than the hardware store the simple sign out front proclaimed. We each found something to our liking, though it wasn't easy. Tacky sweatshirts with what someone thought were clever phrases gracing them didn't appeal to either one of us, even with our general lack of fashion sense.

We continued to wander around the store, more out of curiosity; wondering exactly just how all inclusive their merchandise selection was. It was indeed impressive, the large space filled with anything that anyone could possibly want and some things that I couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind wanting. One of those very things had caught my eye and I studied for a minute before putting it back on the shelf, still not quite sure of the purpose it served or if I even wanted to know.

Heero had moved on and something had apparently attracted his interest as well and I made my way toward him, noticing the large box he held in his hands. "Ever do it in a hammock?" he asked, looking up at me.

"Ummm.... can't say that I have." I replied a little stunned.


It was another one of those 'not really a question' questions that he had become so famous for asking of late.

Part of me wanted to tell him flat out no, just to see the expression on his face. A stunned Heero is an absolutely precious thing and equally as rare. I decided on giving him 'the look'. I had perfected it years ago, a silent way to let Heero know how ridiculous what he had just said was. It could be roughly translated as 'you gotta be fucking kidding me?' with heavy undertones that seriously questioned his sanity. He just grinned and started walking toward the register. "Hey Heero." I called out.

He paused and waited for me to catch up to him, his eyes focused on the small but rising bulge at the juncture of my thighs. "I told you those shorts were a bad idea." he grinned looking up at me. "Two can play your game."

"I didn't do anything!" I declared my innocence with shock, as if the very idea were preposterous; knowing full well he wasn't gonna buy it.

"Yet..." he replied, allowing me to follow close behind him until we reached the counter. I took advantage of the fact that there were several people on line in front of us, just brushing myself lightly against Heero's ass. I was glad he didn't turn around, I don't think I could have handled one of his lusty stares. I was already very close to being fully hard... and it showed. It was at this moment that the idea of buying a pair of baggy sweat pants crossed my mind. I opted not to. It was a decision I knew I was destined to regret; I volunteered to carry the package instead.


Along with the rest of our groceries, we had picked up a small styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice. We set the cooler up in the trunk of the car and put the perishables in it.

"So what now?" I asked, leaning against the trunk of the car with my arms folded. My stomach growled and he looked down at his watch. "Lunch?"

It was nearly noon and we were both hungry having woken quite early. Oddly, there weren't many restaurants in town and we walked for a while before we found one. I put my exper-tease to good use during lunch, though my reward remained unseen beneath the table between us. I could tell they had their desired effect; those cobalt eyes never lied.

It wasn't as if I couldn't think of anything other than sex, but once it had been brought up, by Heero I might add, the pink elephant phenomenon kicked in... and the more I tried *not* to think about it... the more I thought about it.

By the time we had finished lunch and dessert, the latter predictably consisting of anything on the menu that allowed us to tease one another; we were both randy and ready to play... the obvious glitch being that we were in the middle of a restaurant.

Fortunately, we had been seated in the back of the diner near the restrooms, and I excused myself and quickly rose, turning to face the wall; all the while ignoring the sound of Heero trying to stifle his laugh and failing miserably. I had just entered the bathroom and was about to lock the door when it pushed open and old blue eyes himself stepped in.

He locked the door and pulled me toward him, rubbing our erections together.

"Oh God..." I moaned, reaching behind him to grab his ass and grind myself harder against him.

"Now look what you've gone and done." he whispered, slipping his hand between our bodies to unfasten my shorts. He took hold of my cock, stroking me while his own sought friction against my thigh. I gasped as his hand pumped me, loosening the drawstring on his shorts and pushing them down to expose his thick arousal. Wrapping my hand around it, I rubbed my thumb over the tip, using the slickness to my advantage and his.

I was just several strokes away from coming and sensed Heero was too; gasping and actively thrusting himself into my hand. I fought the urge to cry out with only partial success and soon found Heero's hand covering my mouth as he rushed to bring me to completion. He buried his head in the crook my neck as our bodies began the tremble; reaching climax together in near deafening silence.

Heero stepped back and removed his hand from my mouth and I struggled to contain my laughter. We had achieved perfection in the art of near-public mutual masturbation; not a tell-tale sign of it on either of our clothes. Washing our hands, Heero exited the bathroom while I remained inside so we wouldn't gather attention.

I took the time to leave my mark on the chalkboard beside the door, using little finesse in letting everyone know what Heero and I had just done in here. For some strange reason... it made me feel better.

Part 6

We had spent the balance of the afternoon canoeing on Moose River. The young girl behind the desk at the tourist information booth assured us that even as complete novices, the narrow waterway was easily negotiated. She had been right and the four hours it took us to wind our way down the snaking river was definitely the highlight of our trip thus far. We emerged from the canoe at the dock and waited for someone to come and take the boat and equipment from us.

I sat with my legs dangling over the edge and watched as the sun begin to slip behind the high treeline.

"You cold?" His voice broke the silence.

I smiled, looking down at my soaking wet clothes and took a nice handful of my dripping matted hair. I said we had enjoyed it, I didn't say that we hadn't taken our fair share of spills. "Nah...I'm fine. You okay?"

He nodded his head and we both stood to hand our life jackets to the guy who had rented us the boat hours earlier. "I see you took a dip." he casually remarked as he pulled the canoe out of the water.

"More than one." Heero told him, winking at me as I wrung more of the mucky water from my hair.


So here we were, wet and a tad grungy, two hours from sunset and no where near home. It didn't ruin my mood and it didn't seem to affect Heero's either, though he appeared to be a little distracted as we headed for the parking lot.

"We should get a quick bite to eat," I told him. "Doesn't look like we'll make it back to camp before it gets dark."

He nodded in agreement and we stopped at a fast food drive-thru, eating while we headed back to our campsite. The car stopped in front of the now infamous 'hardware store' in Wells and Heero got out, responding to my unasked question. "I'll be right back." he announced, closing the car door. He returned about 10 minutes later, carrying a large bag and sat it in the back seat.

"Find what you were looking for?" I questioned.

"Yes." he replied looking over at me. "But I'm not going to tell you what it is." His reply made me more curious than I was before and I opened my mouth to ask when, but was pre-empted.

"Soon." came the reply, followed by an amused shake of his head.


We hadn't driven for more than 5 minutes when Heero pulled the car off the road and into a small parking lot. "Laundromat?" I asked, looking at the small building we had parked in front of. He averted his eyes off to the left and I followed his line of vision to the small sign on the building beside it. 'Hot Showers'. Apparently, unlike myself, Heero had been paying attention on our way into town.

I practically threw myself across the front seat at him, "Cool!" I cried out, taking a moment to think. "But we don't have any clothes or shampoo or...."

He reached into the back seat and brought the bag forward he had tucked back there earlier. "Towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap." he announced, pulling each item out of the brown paper bag. "We can take turns drying each clothes while one of us showers." It was perfect... he was perfect.

"Seems you thought of everything..." I began. "...but by the time we finish, it's gonna be..."

He anticipated my next question as well, producing a large fluorescent lantern from the bag. He flicked the switch and the car filled with light. "Dark?" he asked with a smile.

Absolutely perfect......


I showered first, handing my clothes off to Heero from inside the small stall. He exited the building in search of a dryer and I entered the shower . That one icy shower this morning had given me a new appreciation for the hot spray I was under and I took my time, thoroughly washing and conditioning my hair. I exited 30 minutes later to find my dry clothes neatly folded on the bench outside the stall along with Heero's wet ones.

I dressed and left the building to go next door to put Heero's clothes in the drier, stopping by the car for my brush on the way. I was still working through my hair when the drier beeped, alerting me that it was done. Taking the warm clothes out, I hurried next door, pretty certain that by this time Heero had finished his shower and was waiting for his clothes.

I entered the shower building to silence and called out. "Heero?"

"Over here." the call came back; I headed toward it. "Sorry I took so long." I apologized, passing his clothes through the small opening in the curtain. Instead of taking the offered clothing, he wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me inside the small changing area with him. The idea of resisting wasn't on the list of currently available options and I closed the curtain behind me, immediately turning my attention to my very naked lover.

"Thinking about me?" I asked after letting my eyes wander a bit.

He was partially erect and without waiting for an answer, I moved behind him, intent on rectifying the situation. He leaned back onto me as I my arms surrounded his neck, resting his head on my shoulder. Lowering my head, I tilted his chin and began whispering my intentions into his ear; not leaving out one little detail of exactly what each part of my anatomy planned to do to him.

His body wasn't alone in its reaction and I reached down to straighten my erection before shifting to press it against him. "Mmm... I would love to take you right here, koi." I moaned, nuzzling my thinly clad cock in between the cheeks of his ass. He gasped and groaned, taking my hand and bringing it down to his arousal. We were both fully hard now and I looked over his shoulder as I took his cock into my hand, its tip glistening with excitement.

I stroked him lightly for just a minute before releasing him with a squeeze. "You're just going to have to be patient until we get back to camp." I whispered, trailing my tongue down the side of his face; reminding him yet again of the things that tongue had in store for him. Releasing him under dual protest, I stepped outside and drew the curtain closed to allow him to finish dressing.

I leaned against the shower wall and closed my eyes. For the next few hours.... things were going to be a little tense.

Part 7

After we had left the shower/Laundromat, I had hopped into the back seat and began putting everything we had bought today into our backpacks. Pulling into the small gravel parking area that marked the trail head about 10 minutes later, Heero popped the trunk and removed the small cooler from it. Strapping our packs on, Heero picked up the lantern and I the cooler and we started our hike; free hands entwined.

The first 40 minutes or so of our journey offered us enough of the lingering daylight that the lantern was not necessary. We used the time to discuss what we wanted to do the next few days. We had both agreed that fishing was on the agenda and if weather permitted, a swim in the since discovered depths of the Adirondack River. We decided not to tie ourselves to anything beyond that, leaving our options open for one or more activities we hadn't been able to agree on.

We came away with one very important decision; we weren't leaving the campsite again, barring an emergency. Hot showers were henceforth to be classified as such.


Reaching our campsite under the cover of total darkness, I started a fire while Heero began unpacking our backpacks and putting everything away. I turned to find him seated on the table with his feet resting on the bench; reading the assembly instructions for the hammock. I had almost forgotten about it; apparently he hadn't.

Climbing up onto the table to seat myself behind him, I took the paper from his hand and set it aside. "What I have in mind isn't suitable for a hammock." I whispered, turning off the lantern. I moved my body closer, surrounding his with my legs and slid my one hand up under his shirt. "Do you remember what I said I wanted to do to you?" I asked. He nodded and I could feel him shiver as I took one of his nipples between my two fingers. "Good." I told him, rolling it between them. "I want you to repeat what I told you... and don't leave anything out."

The idea alone of Heero speaking aloud what I had promised earlier with a whisper was enough to fully harden me. He barely hesitated, his voice low and filled with desire as he repeated nearly word for word my lurid intentions. I let my hands travel over his upper body, teasing each of his known sensitive spots, allowing my mouth to touch him at will. His voice took on a more erotic tone as he continued speaking, growing deeper and more sensual as he described, as I had, the smallest intimacies of our upcoming encounter.

"Want you." I whispered, letting my hand to travel downward and into the front of his shorts. My fingers curled around his stiffened flesh, stroking it while my mouth lavished his outstretched neck, sucking and biting the tender flesh. Heero's words soon became incoherent; I vaguely recognized my own name being uttered amidst the random string of sexual acts, every one of which I planned on engaging in.

I moved to stand in front of him, taking off his shirt as I knelt on the bench between his legs. "Is that what you want, Heero?" I asked, looking up at him. "Do you want me to do those things to you?" I slid my tongue out, letting it move down his chest, pausing at his navel. "Yes... please...." he moaned, both hands reaching up to bury themselves in my hair. He tasted different tonight, the soap he had used leaving little of its fragrance to mask his own scent; intoxicating me further.

My mouth circled his navel, licking the depression before dipping my tongue into it. It was enough for both of us and had he not pushed me away, I would have abandoned my position seconds later. I stepped back to watch as he removed the rest of his clothes. I followed each movement as he pulled the sleeping bag closer to the fire, lowering himself down onto his hands and knees in the center of it. He was an incredible sight, the shadows cast by the fire on his naked flesh made the vision even more enticing.

I took my time joining him, enjoying his eyes on me as I washed mine over each inch of his flawless body. I knelt behind him and bent forward to kiss the center of his back; my tongue trailing downward and between the spread cheeks of his bottom. He moaned as I neared my goal, just brushing his entrance with my tongue. Repositioning myself so that I was lying beneath him, I reached up to pull him down, flicking my tongue out to tease him, drawing circles around his tight opening.

I could hear Heero moan and felt him run the palm of his hand over my trapped erection, applying only the slightest pressure as he rubbed it from base to tip. It was near torture and I lifted my hips up slightly to push against his hand; at the same time, pressing my tongue hard against his entrance. It was a glorious combination of sensations and judging by the sounds Heero was making, I would definitely say he agreed with me.

Momentarily distracted as Heero unfastened my shorts, I quickly turned my attention back to pleasuring him, stretching my head up to drive my tongue further inside. He pushed back against the intrusion, lowering his head and taking my cock into his mouth, sucking hard on its swollen tip. I groaned loudly as Heero's mouth moved faster and faster up and down my length, my tongue keeping pace with his frantic rhythm. I threw my head back and gasped. "Nnn....Heero...don't!!" I cried out, struggling to suppress the rapidly rising desire.

I felt Heero's lips tighten around me and gave up fighting what I knew from experience was a losing battle; thrusting my hips upward to bury myself in his mouth. "Do it, Heero....oooh yeah...." I moaned, though he needed no encouragement; he was an expert at this, as was I at surrendering to it. I gripped the thick sleeping bag beneath us with both fists and screamed out in pleasure, filling Heero's mouth with its sweet reward.


I lay in a mindless stupor for several minutes, unaware of anything that I could remotely recognize as reality. I opened my eyes to find Heero on all fours above me, smirking that devilish little smirk of his; I loved it and hated it at the same time.

"What?" I asked, knowing damn well what message his look was meant to convey.

He remained silent, still staring down at me, though his expression changed slightly; now resembling a smug grin of victory.

He did what he did for a reason as much as I loathed to admit it. "Shall we continue?" I asked, flipping him over onto his back. I wasn't expecting a response, at least not a verbal one; I didn't get one and bent down to kiss him, tasting myself in his mouth with a moan.

"You are evil, koi." I whispered, "Did you know that?" I asked, looking down at him. He thrust his hips up so I could better feel his need. "Mmmm... impressive. But I'm in no hurry now. That is what you wanted, isn't it, Heero?" I questioned him. Taking both of his hands into mine, I pinned them above his head and brought my mouth to his neck, sucking hard enough to leave my mark on him. He was writhing beneath me seeking friction as I continued forging my trail of purple bruises, I raised myself up off of him just enough to ensure he found none. This was his game, he had chosen it and I was more than willing to play.

My mouth tortured as much of his upper chest as I could reach while keeping his hands at bay and I seated myself on his abdomen, still bent forward over him. "Did you bring them... " I hissed into his ear, "...or should I just use rope?" He let out a deep moan and lifted his head up to tug at my lower lip with his teeth, releasing it to engage my tongue in a heated battle with his own.

I broke the kiss and stood with my legs slightly spread to straddle his waist and slowly took off my shirt, lifting my arms higher than necessary to remove it. My shorts were already unfastened and the thin fabric was folded down revealing my cock; wet and standing at attention. This was my realm of expertise; Heero's eyes confirmed that I excelled at my game as he did at his.

I asked him again. "Did you bring them, Heero?", I was looking straight at him, but he didn't notice, his eyes too busy watching my fingers play across my sweat-dampened chest and slowly moving downward. I waited a bit longer for his reply, then rubbed the palm of my hand in circles over the tip of my cock. I seemed to have an infinite amount of patience for this, I knew it would be worth it.

"They're in my backpack." he admitted, finally looking up at me. I gave him a wide smile and winked. I was certain he had brought them and equally as certain he intended to use them on me; life should always be subject to change without notice.


I returned from the tent with a tube of lube tucked into my pocket, a pair of handcuffs swinging from my index finger and a predatory grin on my face. Heero noticed all three in rapid succession, his eyes quickly darting from one place to the next as I knelt beside him. "Assume the position." I spoke firmly, watching as he brought his arms behind his back, joining them at the wrist. I snapped each black ring closed around them, leaving more than enough room play, this wasn't about pain... not this time.

I stood and watched as Heero brought himself to his knees, my breath catching in my throat. "You look so incredible like this." I whispered, my cock twitching as he turned his eyes upward to meet mine. It was usually me bound and on my knees waiting to be taken, I could totally understand his fixation with it.

Rising, I took the lube from my pocket and stood several feet in front of him, sliding my shorts down over my hips. I stepped out of them and took two large steps, closing the gap between us. Heero's eyes followed my movements as I lowered my hand, removing the clear drop of liquid that had formed at the tip of my arousal. He turned his eyes up to meet mine as his tongue slipped out to tentatively lick my offered finger, soon drawing the entire digit into his mouth. My groin tightened as he continued teasing it with his mouth, recognizing each movement of his tongue. I removed my finger and brought myself to my knees behind him, pressing my length against his firm bottom.

He remained still as I wrapped my arms around him, the fingers of both my hands seeking out his nipples, rubbing each one lightly with one fingertip. "I'm ready now." I whispered, squeezing both hardened nubs. "Ready to make you moan." I dropped one hand down to curl loosely around his erection. "Are you going to moan for me, Heero?" I asked, tightening my grip as I pushed my hips forward. He moaned deep in his throat, increasing my hunger for more. I needed hear him cry out, to watch him let go and surrender fully to my touch. "You can do better than that." I told him, stroking his length with a little more speed and pressure. He became more vocal and his hips began to rock forward as I stroked him.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby." I whispered, "Do you know what I'm going to do next? Do you remember?" He nodded and rested his head against my shoulder. I relaxed down onto the soles of my feet and drew him back up onto my thighs, turning my head to kiss him. "Tell me then." I whispered into his ear.

He was panting and his voice was breathy as he began to speak, his words flowing more like a stream of consciousness. It was an incredible turn on and I found myself gasping as he spoke. He spread his legs wide and brought his knees to the ground beside me, asking me to touch him the way he was describing. With one hand, I reached for the lube and covered my fingers, reaching between us and teasing his entrance with them. "Like that?" I asked, pushing just the tip of one inside of him.

"Yes..." he moaned, "..but deeper... all the way in." I obliged, slowly pushing it all the way in. "Nnn... another one, Duo.", he groaned. I added the second one and stroked his cock while I waited for him to tell me he wanted more. He started moving his hips around my fingers, rising up and lowering himself back down onto them. I ached to feel my cock inside of him and without waiting I roughly added a third finger, grunting as I plunged the three deep into him. Finding his voice, he began again; urging me on, begging me to bury them harder and deeper as I had promised.

It was so good, he was so tight. I was so close to losing it... he was too. "Tell me what comes next, Heero... what should I do now?" I asked.

"Duo...please..." he moaned, " it."

I reached beside me and grabbed the keys, quickly uncuffing his hands, immediately thrusting myself against him as he brought his arms back to surround my neck to pull me closer. "Do what, Heero?" I asked, letting my fingers brush his prostate before removing them. "Say it." I demanded, still stroking his cock, my other hand reaching for the lube. I tightened my grip on him, squeezing his cock. "Say it goddamit." I growled in his ear, covering myself with lube.

Pulling him closer to me with a rough grip on both of his upper arms, I let go of him with one hand, using it to push my cock down in between his legs. "You are such a prick." I ground out, sinking my teeth into the soft flesh between his shoulder and neck. He gasped and arched his back, he was so close to giving in. "Just fucking say it!" I demanded. Within a second he shifted his weight and positioned his entrance above my cock.

"Oh Christ..... FUCK ME, DUO!!!!"

His unholy cry echoed all around us as he thrust down fully impaling himself. I gasped, he gasped, I cried out loudly in just praise of his tight heat, slamming myself into it again and again. There were words, his and mine.... guttural sounds left us without request or permission urging each other toward completion. I reached for his cock, stroking it with near desperation as I demanded climax from him. Jets of surging heat pulsed from his cock as mine burned it's path through me and deep into him with screams that bore no resemblance to anything human; and then darkness fell.

This is what it was to be Heero's lover.

Part 8

I woke.. sometime later. I'm not exactly sure how much time had passed, but the fire was barely glowing, which led me to believe the more than a few hours had gone by. Heero was lying beside me, the two of us tucked inside the envelope of our sleeping bag. I had no recollection of how I'd gotten there.. such were the side effects of mind-blowing sex. I smiled and curled myself around Heero, easily falling back to sleep.

After sleeping for what must have been another several hours later, I rose to the harsh morning sun in my eyes and Heero predictably not beside me. I have mentioned that after five years I was used to it... I was... I never claimed to have liked it. I craned my neck to look around the site, but could see no trace of him. That in itself wasn't odd, the fact that there wasn't a pot of coffee on the fire or the table was highly suspect.

Coffee was his number one priority in the morning, it was *the* first thing he did when he got up. He was totally predictable in that one respect. A pang of anxiety hit me and my mind supplied with me visions I could surely have lived without. Bears. Black Bears. I recalled the huge warning signs plastered all over the booth as we entered the park. "Shit." I panicked.

Sitting up quickly, I tried to apply logic to my sudden fear. We had followed all the rules... our food was hung high from a tree... trash tied up and set beside the water downstream. I reached over to grab my shorts and put them on as fast as I could and stood, canvassing the site for any signs of .... anything. I saw nothing noticeably unusual and began searching high and low, sneaking around the campsite on my tiptoes.

"What are you doing?"

I jumped and turned suddenly, startled by hearing his voice, "Heero!" I called out.

"Guilty." he replied, setting the water jug down at the end of the table while looking toward me. "Why are you running around half dressed?" he asked.

I looked down at my naked chest and unfastened shorts and back up at Heero, zipping them as I smiled at him. "Umm.... I was looking for you."

"Ahhh..." he mused, filling the pot with water. "We were out of water." he continued, measuring the coffee into the metal basket. He sat on the bench and looked over to where I stood. "And now that you've found me?"

I grinned and walked toward him, seating myself on his lap and wrapping my both arms around him.

"You're trembling." he noted.

"Yeah...well. You scared me..."

He looked up at me, confused and rightly so.

I let out a small nervous giggle, "Never mind. So, what's for breakfast?"

I had shifted to get up off of his lap, when he pulled me back down for a kiss.

"We reek." I grinned, pulling back from the kiss. I hadn't noticed it before now, no idea how I could have missed it.

He looked up at me with a huge grin. "Yeah. Can I interest you in a cold shower?"

I offered him a very distasteful face in return, almost wincing in pain at the idea.

"We'll take it together this time." he told me, shifting to rise and forcing me to a stand. "Okay?"

The idea sounded great, well, as great as the idea of a freezing shower could get. "What if someone comes in. No shower curtains, remember?" I asked.

"They won't." he reassured me. "We haven't seen a soul since we've been down here."

He was right, I could hardly believe that I was actually thinking of turning down the opportunity.

Nodding, we gathered our stuff and left camp.


The showering event came off without incident and I mean.... any kind of incident.

There are certain parts of the male anatomy that don't stand up well in freezing water. I'm sure you find that very amusing. Ha Ha. We didn't. It's rather embarrassing, even when you're with someone who is well aware that your dick isn't normally 2 inches long and shriveled up like a prune.

The whole process had taken us precisely 4.5 minutes.... some of the longest 4.5 minutes I could ever recall spending. I had just washed my hair last night and kept it out of the spray, but Heero had opted to wash his again . One word came to mind: masochist.

I thought about the alternatives to what we had just done as we walked back to camp. There wasn't a great deal to think about; we either had to limit our activities to those times when we felt like trekking back up the mountain; stop having sex alltogether or deal with the Nordic showers; I decided I could easily force myself get used to them.

I looked over at Heero who was still toweling what he could of the icy water from his hair as we walked. I couldn't see his face, but the rest of him was in plain view; mine for the ogling. The muscles in his upper arms flexed as he worked the towel though his hair. I marveled at how they sent ripples down his chest and abdomen. He was wearing nothing but a pair of skin tight black cutoffs and his hiking boots.

I was rock hard.

I knew we'd be hitting the showers again before the day was through. How bittersweet.....


Entering camp, Heero started a fire and set the coffee pot on it, while I got out the cereal, milk and the rest of the stuff we needed for breakfast.

I sat beside him as we ate, still spooked about the whole bear thing. I wasn't being wimpy, I mean, they seemed to be nice enough creatures and all and I hoped they felt the same about me. I really didn't know much about them and no one bothered to mention this to me while singing the praises of this place. I turned toward Heero. "Did you bring your gun?"

"What?.... No."

"Knife?" I asked.

He shifted to face me. "What the hell is up with you this morning?"

Picture a huge sweatdrop at my left temple, cause if this were manga.... it would be there.


I outwardly cringed at having to tell Heero what had happened earlier. After all, we had managed to survive our childhoods and two major wars. The idea of death back then just wasn't nearly as scary as it was now... now I had something to live for. To end up as lunch after all we had been through would just have been a huge travesty of justice.

I quickly ran through this mornings scenario. It seemed ridiculous as I explained it to Heero... irrational even. I was getting soft in my old age and I was sure that Heero would mention the stupidity of my actions when I finished my hectic little monologue. "And then I heard you ask me what I was doing......"

I looked over at him when I was through.... he was smiling; not the reaction I expected.

"I'm glad you're amused."

"They are just as afraid of us as we are of them." he informed me.

It took a minute for my mind to register what he'd just said. "As *we* are afraid of them?" I asked. "As in you're saying that you are scared of them too?"

He shook his head. "Not scared, just reverently cautious. It would suck to end up as lunch."

I laughed. "My thoughts exactly."

He continued speaking, filling me in on what he had taken the time to read in the newspaper we'd received when we registered at the park several days earlier. The education left me feeling somewhat relieved, but still a touch nervous; I'd be spending the rest of the week looking over my shoulder.

Part 9

Whether intentionally or by accident, Heero had found a suitable distraction, taking the hammock from the tent after we had finished dealing with breakfast and the repercussions of the bear episode.

"Any particular place you'd like to set this up?" he asked as he removed it from the box.

"Depends. What do you want to do in it?" No, I hadn't forgotten the initial hammock discussion, just checking to see if he had.

"You already know what I want to do in it." he answered, walking toward where we had pitched our tent. "How about over here?"

I nodded and made my way over, taking the pen knife from my pocket. "Need rope?"

"I think we're all set. Take the other end."

We stretched the hammock out between the two trees where he stood, each of us tying one end around them and I looked down at the two wooden bars and mess of tangled white strings that hung between them.

"Ummm... it doesn't look very sturdy." I cautioned, looking up at him.

Walking to the center of it, Heero stretched it out and sat, the hammock sinking a few inches closer to the ground. "It seems fine." he told me, fumbling a bit as he reclined in it. "Pretty comfortable too." he added, folding both arms and tucking his hands under his head.

"Can it hold both of us?" I questioned, straddling him with a grin.

He looked up at me. "Only one way to find out." he grinned, pulling me down by my belt loops. "So far, so good."

I was seated on Heero's mid-section and could feel that he was partially aroused. "Have something in mind, koi?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nope."

I pressed my hips into him and smiled. "Your body says otherwise."

"Nothing I can't handle." he replied. One eyebrow quirked. "Want to watch?"

It started as a tingle at the base of my neck and spread like wildfire; I shivered. "Silly question."

He thrust his hips upward. "You're going to have to get up you know."

"I know."

I did know, really....I did, but having him almost fully hard beneath me just felt too damn good. I lingered a while longer with Heero just staring up at me and the lust written all over my face in his native tongue.

When I finally got up, he moved further back, dropping one foot to the ground on either side of the hammock and spread his legs wide. Reaching inside his shorts, he straightened his erection and looked back up at me. "Make yourself comfortable."

He motioned with his eyes to the other end of the hammock and I sat as he did, focusing my attention on his hand as he began rubbing it over the bulge in his shorts. "I'd be more comfortable elsewhere." I informed him, thought I didn't really need to.

"Not this time." he warned, reinforcing his words with long slow strokes over his rising bulge. His eyes shifted to watch his own motions, pleased by what he saw. He thoroughly enjoyed touching himself and I in turn thoroughly enjoyed watching him do it. I was fully hard before long and blindly adjusted myself, never taking my eyes off of him.

Heero was in no rush, satisfied with teasing himself and me in the process. Both hands traveled over familiar territory, knowing precisely when, where and how to touch himself. He moaned softly with eyes closed and neck outstretched; thrusting up into his hands as the pleasure built. Nimble fingers worked to unfasten the button and slide the zipper of his shorts down; freeing his arousal. I watched in awe as his thin fingers wrapped around it, caressing the dripping shaft, his other hand moving down in between his legs.

I reached for my own arousal, palming it through my jeans as he began stroking up and down his length, using the slick wetness at its tip to ease the movement of my hand.

Instinctively, his eyes opened to look up at me. "Duo...don't..", he whispered, lids growing heavy until they closed. "Just watch..." I let out a groan of displeasure, nevertheless removing my hand and giving him my undivided attention. His cock was thick and uncut; perfectly sculpted and without flaw like the rest of his body. I moaned as I watched him, his pace never increasing; that beautiful cock, twitching and reacting to his well-practiced touch. I knew exactly what those hands felt like on me and what it felt like to hold the weight of his arousal in my hand.

He was so deep in concentration that he didn't hear me moan, didn't hear me call out his name as he thrust upward to drive himself over the edge. I gasped as I watched him throw his head back and open his mouth to let out a strangled cry of ecstasy; sending thick white lines out to shower over his bronzed chest.

His body relaxed back down into the hammock, continuing to stroke his dwindling arousal. I'm not sure if he was even aware that I was still there, still watching him. I sat up and reached forward, wrapping my hand around his, squeezing it gently as I whispered his name. His eyes opened slowly to look up at me, then closed again. I just watched him for a minute or two then brought our hands up to my mouth, licking his essence from them. Setting his hand back down on his knee, I lie back down and closed my eyes to replay his beautifully executed climax over in my head.

His hand on mine startled me from my vision and I opened my eyes, watching as he brought the two to lie on my upper thigh, slowly guiding them to my erection. I moaned as he moved them over it, applying a moderate amount of pressure then curling his fingers and therefore mine around my length. "Let me see you come." he whispered as he removed his hand and lay back down.

There was never a question that this is what he wanted and without acknowledging his words, I closed my eyes again and freed my erection. Taking it into my hand, I began stoking it as he had his; that very vision projected behind my eyelids. I suppose this might be considered a kinky thing to do: masturbating for your lover while you are picturing them masturbating for you, but it is more of a turn on that you can imagine.

Unlike Heero's slow deliberate strokes mine were uneven and hard, causing the hammock to rise and fall with each thrust of my hips. I brought my left hand down to tightly hold onto the base of my cock while my right one teased and worked itself over the slick tip, urged on by the sounds of Heero's deep moans and longing in his voice as he repeated my name over and over.

I could feel my climax approaching and opened my eyes to look up at Heero, once again stroking his cock as he watched me. "Oh God..... it's too much." I cried out. My body began to shudder and I arched my back high off the hammock, succumbing to the frenzied pleasure of my own hands.

By the time I regained my senses and looked up at Heero he had climaxed a second time. His breathing was still erratic and he had yet to release himself from his grasp. I smiled at the sight. "You can let go now, Heero. I think we're done."

His mouth formed a huge grin before he opened his eyes to meet mine.

"So that's what you had in mind for the hammock?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No... that was a test to see if it could handle the weight."

I smiled and shook my head, carefully rising as not to upset the hammock's balance. I looked down at myself and then at Heero. "Whadda ya say we clean up, pack lunch and go for a swim?"

He nodded and I walked several feet, reaching into the tent to grab a box of tissues, cleaning myself up a bit before holding the box out for him. He brought his legs up onto the hammock and wiped the mess from his chest, taking another handful of tissues. "All set?" I asked, leaning over him, one hand grasping the wooden bar of the hammock at his head.

"Don't even think about it." he warned sternly looking up at me as both hands fisted the hammocks edge.

"What? I was steadying it for you while you got up." He trusted me and let go, grabbing one last tissue, totally missing the mischievous twinkle in my eyes.

"Big mistake, Yuy." I informed him, quickly turning the hammock upside down and taking off like a son of a bitch as he hit the ground. Both hands gripped at my sides as I ran laughing like an idiot through the woods with one very pissed off Heero hot on my trail.

I knew for damn sure I was in serious trouble when he caught me; even if I hadn't been able to hear the threats he was making on my life. Whatever he managed to come up with for revenge would be well worth the one second glimpse I got of that wide-eyed look of total disbelief plastered all over his gorgeous face.

Kodak moments... gotta love em!!

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