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Just a quick, one-shot break from Reunion! This is a Valentine's present to all of you, and especially to Akuma, to whom I promised a bit of turnabout...

Duo bounced happily into the safehouse. He had been out shopping for a Valentines present for Heero. It was their first Valentines together, and Duo had decided to go all out to make the holiday memorable for his lover. Duo wasn't even sure that Heero knew what the holiday was all about, but he was more than ready to teach the cobalt-eyed boy.

It had been nearly two months since the two had gotten together, and Duo thought it was a perfect time to show Heero how much he loved him.

"He~ero!" Duo called out as he slammed the door and locked it. There was no reply. Duo frowned; he had made the other boy promise to be home tonight, quite subtly he had thought. Maybe he had been too subtle. Duo pouted; all his plans would be ruined if Heero had gone out.

Duo went into the kitchen, depositing his packages. There was a note on the counter, and a chilled bottle of champagne. Duo read the note. It said:

Have a fun evening. We'll be out all night. Thought you might be thirsty.

Q and T

P.S. Wufei is gone too...

Duo grinned at the other boys' thoughtfulness. Leave it to Quatre to know when Duo was planning something special. Well, Duo decided, since Heero wasn't home yet, he would just get all set up and wait for him. Gathering up the chocolates, card, and other items, Duo grabbed the champagne on the way out and headed upstairs to their shared room. As he climbed the stairs, Duo reflected on the last two months.

Duo had thought that Heero was completely oblivious to him, but the opposite was true; once they admitted their desire for one another, all bets were off. Wufei had thought Quatre and Trowa were all over each other; but Heero and Duo had so much time to make up for that every spare moment, they were doing just that. Every night they were together, and afternoon for that matter, they spent discovering each other, and trying out everything their inventive minds could think of. And they were very inventive...

By the time Duo got to their room, he was half-aroused just thinking of being taken by Heero again. No matter what position they tried, or what new technique, it always ended by Heero burying himself deep inside Duo's willing body. Not that Duo minded; Heero and Duo had been each other's first, and Duo savored every thrust of Heero's hot arousal inside him; Heero had never left him unsatisfied. Duo loved being taken by Heero.

Duo opened the door, surprised at the unfamiliar lighting; then his eyes adjusted, and he nearly dropped the packages. The only light in the room came from candles; dozens of them, on every available surface. They gave off a flickering light that washed the room into soft color, and showed that the room was filled with flowers. All kinds of flowers, more than Duo had ever seen at once in his life. There were tulips, orchids, lilies, hyacinth, but the dominant type was red, red roses. The only surface not covered with flowers or candles was the bed, and that held something infinitely more beautiful: Heero, lying back, dressed only in a red silk g-string. In the low, changeable light the cobalt eyed boy looked even more gorgeous than normal; he looked exotic and feral, like a wild animal. Duo nearly forgot how to breathe as he took in the scene.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Duo," purred Heero, stretching languidly on the bed, flexing his muscles and showing off the body that made Duo weak in the knees.

Duo was completely taken aback. "Heero! I... Happy Valentine's Day to you too! This is amazing!"

Heero smiled and got to his hands and knees, crawling toward the longhaired boy. "I wanted this night to be special, Duo," he replied, and his silky voice sent shivers up and down Duo's spine, and right to his rising erection. "I did some research about this holiday, and tradition seems to demand that you give the person you love something very special. I think you'll like it."

Duo looked around. "I can't believe you did all this for me," he whispered.

"Oh, but the best is yet to come," Heero answered, kneeling on the edge of the bed and looking up at Duo.

Duo held up what he was carrying. "I have something for you, too. Would you like some champagne?" Heero nodded, and Duo busied himself opening the bottle and pouring two glasses, all the while trying not to drool over the vision on the bed. Carrying the glasses over to the bed, he sat beside Heero and offered him a glass.

"To us," Heero toasted. "I love you, Duo. That's why I wanted to give you something very special tonight. Something you've already given me. Something that can only be given once." He paused, and looked deep into violet eyes. "My virginity."

Duo's mouth fell open. "But Heero, we've..."

Heero interrupted. "I've never been taken. I'm still a virgin, that way."

"I've never... either," Duo answered. They had both been untouched when they first made love. Duo cherished that fact. But he had never thought that they could give each other the gift of their first time all over again. "I don't know how."

Heero grinned. "I can teach you."

"But, Heero, you like to..." Duo trailed off.

"What? I like to bury my cock deep inside you?" Duo nearly moaned at Heero's words alone. Heero continued. "Yes, I love it. But I'd like to try it the other way. If you want to, of course."

Duo licked his lips, amazed at what Heero was offering. "Yes, I think I'd like to try it."

"Good," murmured Heero in his lover's ear. Heero took Duo's hand and guided it to the front of the red silk, so the other boy could feel his readiness. Duo squeezed, and Heero threw back his head and moaned. "You're overdressed."

Duo stood up and started to remove his clothes, and Heero watched hungrily as the lithe body of his lover was revealed, aroused and ready.

Heero lay back on the bed, and Duo crawled up the length of the other boy's body. He stopped, straddling Heero's thighs. He looked down at the small triangle of silk which couldn't contain the cobalt-eyed boy's arousal. "Now who's overdressed?" Duo asked, and gently slid off the g-string. Heero arched his back and moaned as the fabric rubbed against his hardness.

All barriers aside now, Duo straddled Heero's hips as he reached back to unfasten his braid. Working the hair loose, he shook the shining mass free to cascade around them. He knew how much Heero liked his hair loose. Then he slowly lowered himself to capture Heero's mouth, at the same time bringing their hot arousals into incredible contact. They moaned into each other's mouths as they kissed, rocking against each other. Heero buried one hand in Duo's hair as the other trailed down the other boy's smooth side. Duo slid a hand down Heero's chiseled chest to toy with a nipple, making the other boy gasp.

"Want you inside me, Duo," Heero moaned, handing him a tube.

Heero had done this to him so often that Duo knew what to do, but it still felt strange. But Heero spread his legs willingly, already moaning as soon as Duo pressed a finger to his entrance. "Is this ok?" Duo asked as he added another finger.

"Oh, yes, Duo, it feels so good," Heero gasped as Duo stretched him.

Another finger, and Heero decided he was ready. Taking the tube from Duo, he applied the lube to Duo's dripping erection, and the longhaired boy moaned sensuously.

"Ready, Heero?" Duo kneeled between Heero's muscular thighs, positioning himself at Heero's waiting opening.

"Yes, Duo, take me," Heero said hoarsely, and Duo pushed. Heero tried to make his muscles relax; Duo's arousal felt so much bigger this way. There was a slight pain, then Duo was in him, sliding past the tight muscles, filling him.

Duo had never felt anything like this; the tightness, the pressure, the heat of Heero's body overwhelmed him. Deeper and deeper he slid, watching Heero's face for a sign of discomfort. He fought for control; the sweet pressure made him want to drive hard, in and out, and feel more friction. But he forced himself to go slowly.

Heero gripped handfuls of the sheet as Duo entered him. The sensation was like no other; he was being opened, filled, stretched, and it felt incredible. It felt so right to have Duo's hard flesh deep inside him. Was this the way it felt for Duo? Then the invading hardness brushed against what Heero knew must be his prostate, but the feeling defied description. He arched up off the bed, driving Duo the rest of the way inside him in one thrust, gasping.

"Heero? Are you alright?" Duo worried, trying to not to lose his mind since he was now buried to the hilt in Heero's body. He knew what Heero must be feeling, and he hoped it was as good for the other boy as it always was for him.

"Is it supposed to feel like that? So good?" gasped Heero.

Duo almost smiled. "Oh, yes, Heero," he panted. "And it gets better."

"Show me," Heero demanded, rocking his hips upward, willing Duo to move.

Duo did just that, starting with shallow thrusts that already threatened to drive him wild.

"More. Harder," begged Heero, lost in the feeling of being fucked. He wanted to be pounded into the bed. It was better than he could have imagined.

Duo was lost in discovery himself. He drove into Heero harder, and Heero's tight channel gripped his arousal in a hot caress. The faster he thrust, the more the friction drove him.

Heero asked for more, and Duo gave it; pounding now with abandon, Duo shook the bed and the boy underneath him with his thrusts. Heero took it all, screaming for more and nearly sobbing with pleasure.

Duo knew he couldn't last much longer under this onslaught of ecstasy. Then he remembered one other thing; he reached down and grabbed Heero's neglected erection and pumped it quickly.

That was it; that was all it took to drive Heero over the edge to completion. Screaming Duo's name, he came hard, pumping his seed all over himself and Duo. It was amazing, it was incredible, it was like nothing he'd ever felt before, sensation both inside and out.

Duo watched Heero climax, hoping it felt as good to the other boy as if felt to him. Then Heero's steely muscles clamped down on him, and Duo couldn't think any more. If Heero had been tight before, he was now excruciating; it took all of Duo's strength just to drive one more time into that tight heat. It was too much for him; with a groan, the longhaired boy pumped Heero full of his passion; white hot and blinding, the pleasure swept him away, and he pulsed on and on until he thought he had lost consciousness.

Finally, the world stopped spinning; Duo carefully withdrew and collapsed next to Heero, who was still panting. The two boys looked at each other; Heero whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day, Duo. I love you."

Duo sighed happily. "Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Heero. You gave me an amazing present. I love you so much!"

Duo snuggled up to Heero, and they drifted off to sleep. Duo could have sworn he heard Heero mutter to himself, "I just hope I can walk tomorrow...."

The End!

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