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If You Can't Dance . . .

Silverblade Shi-fax

Duo was bored.

They had been waiting around for a new mission for over a week, and even he was beginning to feel the strain of having nothing to do. And the others! Brrr! Trowa was silent, Quatre was pouting, Wufei was even more in need of an enema, & Heero . . . was Heero. But a Heero in an even more bad mood than usual was not something Duo liked to share a room with!

And that’s when the idea hit him.

There was a disco down the street, and they could all use a break from the tension, so perhaps . . .

Quatre was thrilled with the idea and Trowa would follow along with anything that made Quatre smile like that. Wufei was reluctant until Duo got him with the jibe about ‘if he wasn’t man enough to have some fun with his teammates . . .’ He’d thought that convincing Heero would be the hardest, but Heero had just shrugged and agreed to come along for the night out. Duo had nearly had a heart attack.

So now they were on their way to have a night on the town.

The disco was called ‘The Blue Rocket’ or something equally inane and was much like any other of its ilk throughout the world. Loud music, bad lighting, cheesy lighting effects, and only a token rule against minors drinking alcoholic beverages. Duo thought it was just great! He was looking forward to getting severely plastered and telling his buddies all the dumb things they’d done while just as plastered. And perhaps . . . He looked at Heero’s mask of stony indifference, perhaps he could get him to relax a little . . .

He grinned. The night ahead was looking better all the time!


"C’mon, Heero! Dance!" Duo whined at his best friend, grinning maniacally.

"I do not dance," Heero replied in his usual monotone.

Duo’s grin widened, an idea forming in the back of his mind. "Don’t tell me that Heero Yuy, Perfect Soldier, can’t dance!" he taunted.


"Hey, it’s easy! Really!" He grinned again (or should I say still?). "I mean c’mon! If I can do it, anyone can! Right?" He looked at Heero’s ramrod straight posture, then his grin got even more mischievous (as if that were possible!). "But first, we gotta loosen you up, man! Hehe! Wait right here, I’ll be back in a sec!" He made his way through the crowd and returned with a couple of wine coolers. Handing one to Heero, he said, "Here, drink up! It’ll make you more relaxed! Honest!"

Heero glared at him, but took the wine cooler from his hand and drank up.

A few wine coolers later . . .

"Yeah, that’s right! Now move your legs a little . . . See, you can dance!"

Heero glared at him, and he gulped a little, a sweatdrop appearing on his head.

"Of course, not that anyone said you couldn’t!"

Heero just shrugged and continued dancing. Duo sighed inwardly at the near death experience he’d just had and wondered briefly where the others were. He looked around and spotted Wufei slumped over the table, out cold. Duo grinned, just like the guy to miss out on the real fun! It took him longer to spot Trowa and Quatre, but when he did, his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. They were in the corner . . . kissing! ‘They must both be pretty far gone to do that in public!’ Then his ears perked at the change of tempo in the room, a slow song had started. He turned to Heero to point this out.

"Yo, Heero. This is a slow song, ya gotta dance this one with a girl."

Heero’s eyes seemed to be sparkling with more than just the amount of alcohol he’d imbibed and Duo would have sworn that he was grinning. He looked Duo up and down, then grabbed his arm and dragged him out to the dance floor.

"With the lighting in here, you’ll pass."

The only thing Duo got out in response was an *eep!* as Heero put his arms around him and swayed with the music. ‘S’not tha bad,’ Duo though fuzzily as he leaned his head against Heero’s shoulder. ‘In fact, s’kinda nice . . .’ They danced like that for about half an hour before the songs began to pick up in tempo. Duo found himself strangely reluctant to stop, but didn’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. He had other things to ponder, like where Heero was going. Many of the other couples had moved to the relative darkness of the walls and corners and Heero was dragging Duo in that direction. In his alcohol fuzzed mind it took a few minutes to realize what the meaning of Heero pressing him against the wall with his arms still around him meant.

"Mmm, Heero, I, uh, mmph!" Duo’s blithering was cut short as his lips were occupied with another thing other than talking (for once) when Heero pressed his lips to his. Duo opened his lips to protest the action and Heero seemed to take that as an invitation to plunder the warm cavern of Duo’s mouth, sliding his tongue against Duo’s in a caress more intimate than any other he’d ever received. Duo’s reaction, when sober, would have been to try to continue to protest this treatment. But, as he was not sober and he was feeling nice and fuzzy and warm, he responded to the kiss by moving his tongue against Heero’s in a sparring match of dexterity. Heero pulled away just as Duo was starting to really enjoy the kiss and looked down at him.

Duo was looking thoroughly dazed and Heero was practically radiating smug.

"C’mon, let’s go back to the hotel."

"Huh? Oh, ok."


Upon reaching the hotel they were staying at, Heero led Duo up the stairs to the room they shared. Looking around, he smiled. Duo was already drunk or he would have gone into shock at the expression. Heero turned to Duo, looking him up and down again, only more slowly this time, his smile turning almost predatory.

"Hmm. How convenient, we have the room to ourselves."

"Wha? Um, Heero, why are you looking at me like that? I am not a steak!"

"No," purred Heero, "I’d say you’re more like a chocolate truffle. Infinitely delectable!" The smile on Heero’s face was definitely what Duo would call predatory.

Duo did the only thing he could do in this situation, 3/4 drunk with a drunk Heero about to seduce him. He gulped and eeped, but was not about to try to escape.

Heero’s grin grew wider and he walked up to Duo and kissed him again. Duo enjoyed it thoroughly and slid his arms around Heero’s neck, entwining his fingers in the hair at the base of Heero’s skull and rubbing his neck. Heero’s response was to deepen the kiss and pull him tighter against himself. After a few minutes of this, Heero broke the kiss and Duo looked up at him, questioningly.

He just smiled and whispered huskily, "Time to move on, ne?"

Duo’s eyes widened and he nodded, wondering if this was just because Heero was drunk or if . . . His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of hands sliding underneath his shirt. He started and the hands slid out again, accompanied by Heero’s soft, husky chuckle.

"Well, that’s one way of getting my attention," Duo muttered.

Heero chuckled again and began to unbutton Duo’s shirt, kissing down his chest as he undid each button. When he got to the last button, he kissed his way back up again and slid his hands up along Duo’s exposed abdomen and chest. Duo shivered and Heero smiled a sultry smile that sent shivers down his spine.

"This is your first time, isn’t it," he stated more than asked.

Duo nodded nervously.

"Hn. I’m surprised no one’s taken the time to truly appreciate you." Heero then slid the shirt off and began to show his ‘appreciation’ of Duo’s finely developed physique by running his hands along his back and sides and gently kissing his way along his chest. Duo gasped as Heero’s lips brushed over one nipple and he felt his knees growing weak at the sensations running through him.

"Heero . . . I gotta sit down, ‘fore I fall over . . ."

Heero chuckled again, deeper this time, and picked Duo up, laying him on the bed. "This will make my job easier," he said sultrily and Duo gulped again.

Duo closed his eyes as Heero brushed his lips over his nipple again and gasped as he darted his tongue out to tease the small bit of flesh. One of Heero’s hands had moved to his chest and was teasing his other nipple. As Heero applied a small amount of suction and a bit of expert manipulation with both fingers and tongue, Duo moaned. The sound seemed to be the cue for Heero to pull away.

"Don’ stop," Duo half pleaded, half whimpered, "feels good . . ."

"Does it now?" Heero sounded amused, but Duo was too far gone to care.

"Don’t worry, Duo," he continued, "I won’t stop, it gets better from here!" Heero began a series of hot kisses down his neck and chest, stopping briefly at each of Duo’s nipples to give them a good swipe with his tongue, continued down to tickle at his bellybutton, and then moved to his pants. His fingers deftly undid the ties holding them closed and he slid them off quickly. He removed Duo’s boxers in much the same manner. Then he gazed at Duo, his beautiful Duo, naked and aroused, and proceeded to show him how much ‘appreciation’ he’d been missing. He darted his tongue out to taste the small bead of liquid at the tip of Duo’s rigid member. He chuckled as Duo moaned again, the sound arousing him even more. In the back of his mind he wondered if Duo was only allowing him to do this because he was drunk or if . . . He decided to think about it later and take this time to lavish his attention on Duo’s body, especially the part so wonderfully close to his mouth right now. He grinned as he slid his hands under Duo’s buttocks, squeezing the muscular globes and listening to Duo make a sound that was half whimper and half growl. Heero chuckled again and enveloped the head of Duo’s member in his mouth, gently suckling. Duo’s hands gripped his hair tightly as he squirmed under his ministrations. Heero went down farther until all of Duo’s penis was in his mouth and began to move up and down, Duo bucking under him. He continued until Duo’s tensing of his buttocks gave him the warning that he was about to come. Heero swallowed the salty-sweet fluid and pulled away to look at Duo’s face.

Duo was dazed, he’d never experienced anything like that before in his life! He opened his eyes to see Heero poised over him, watching him and Duo blushed. This seemed to amuse Heero, who then began to stroke his sides and thighs, gradually moving closer to his rising member. He held his breath, wondering what Heero was up to now, when his hands bypassed Duo’s penis and slid lower past his balls. Then his eyes widened as Heero brushed a finger against his anus. The contact sent a shivery sensation up his spine and served to arouse him further. Heero chuckled and opened a drawer in the table next to the bed, pulling out a small tube. He squeezed some of whatever was in the tube on to one finger and gently slid the coated finger into Duo’s anus. Duo tensed at this intrusion and looked at Heero uncertainly. Heero just kissed him gently, sliding another finger in. Duo whimpered against his lips as Heero hit something inside him that sent shocks through him and made him crave more.

Heero smiled, pressing against the g-spot again, while sliding another finger inside of Duo. He wanted to keep Duo from as much pain as was possible and so spent a longer time stretching him than he would have otherwise. He could tell Duo was ready when his hips started to push back against Heero’s fingers. He sighed in relief, he couldn’t have waited much longer. Heero slid the fingers out and was happy to hear the small sound of disappointment that Duo had been unable to suppress. He positioned himself at Duo’s entrance, after covering his hard shaft with a great deal of lube, and gently penetrated the lovely boy in his arms, as he’d been wanting to do for a longer time than he liked to think about. A dream was no substitute for the reality of the heat and tightness of his Duo.

He pushed forward slowly, tenderly stroking Duo’s sides and planting teasing kisses along his jawline and neck. Gradually, Duo began to relax and Heero felt free to move a bit more. His thrusts were gentle and careful as Duo got used to the feel of him inside himself, and soon he was thrusting his hips against Heero’s. Heero grinned ferally, thrusting a little deeper and harder. He nearly laughed as Duo gasped when he hit the g-spot again, this time with an organ a lot larger than a finger or two. Duo made a small sound of supplication and Heero responded with a series of faster, deeper thrusts, feeling himself reaching the edge. He could feel Duo’s arms wrap tightly around him, almost clinging to him as an anchor in this storm of new sensations. He began nipping along the same line as the kisses he’d placed earlier and could feel more than hear Duo’s deep, sensual growling. The edges of his vision began to dim and his world narrowed to the feeling of moving inside of Duo faster and harder, thrusting deeper each time until he reached the pinnacle and exploded into the indigo-eyed beauty. He felt a stickiness flow between him and Duo and smiled for the umpteenth time that night. Now, it was perfect.

He slipped into a world of dreams in which he and Duo made love every night and every day in an idyllic paradise where nothing mattered except each other. It was a nice dream...

Duo felt Heero relax against him and felt his breathing even out. Heero was asleep.

Duo was glad that he could now have some time to think over this remarkable experience, except that he was so tired... Heero was a vigorous lover and there was the alcohol to take into consideration... He felt his eyes shutting of their own volition and slipped into his own dream world in which Heero held him and whispered sweet nothings in his ears and led him into special hidden places where they would make love and he’d wake up in Heero’s arms with Heero smiling tenderly at him... It was a nice dream...

Heero woke up slowly, wincing as his head reminded him with a vengeance why he didn’t like getting drunk. He smiled at the wonderful dream he’d had where Duo had let him make love to him... He then realized that there was someone in his arms and looked down half dreading, half hoping that the dream had been real. And there Duo was, in his arms, their legs entangled and Duo’s hair spread over everything. He hesitantly stroked some of the beautiful chestnut strands away from that gamin face, hoping not to wake him. Duo just mumbled something sleepily and snuggled closer to Heero. He took this opportunity to just look at him, smiling at how angelic and innocent he looked. He snorted to himself, Duo was anything but angelic. But he looked so vulnerable and, well, cute like this... Heero suddenly wondered how he was going to explain last night and hoped that Duo would stay asleep long enough for him to think of a plausible excuse. This wish was not to be granted.

Duo stirred in his arms, his nose wrinkling up as he slowly blinked, looking for all the world like a sleepy kitten. He tilted his head back, regarding Heero with an adorably confused expression on his face. Heero gave into the impulse to kiss him deeply and was happy to feel Duo’s body relax into the embrace and respond to the kiss with active participation. He broke away with a regretful sigh, pulling reluctantly out of the comfortable tangle that their bodies had been involved in. Duo looked confused.

"We should shower and get some breakfast," was all that he said, before heading into the bathroom to follow his own advice.

Duo watched the retreating form of Heero incredulously. Had last night meant nothing?! He sat up and pulled his knees up to his chest. Probably. After all, Heero was the ‘Perfect Soldier,’ it had just been a fluke due to the alcohol. He sternly told himself that he was not going to cry, even as a few tears slipped down his cheeks. He just curled up tighter, wishing the entire world would just go away and leave him to rot in peace. His heart hurt, but he would not let that get to him. So what if Heero had taken him under the influence? It shouldn’t matter, they’d both been drunk, so it was excusable.

But he couldn’t stop the ache in his heart, he loved Heero, he knew that, but he also knew that the ‘Perfect Soldier’ would never love him back. He buried his head in his knees, allowing his hair to fall around him in a concealing curtain, and shook with silent sobs that he would not allow himself to acknowledge. But it hurt so much...!

Heero came back in from his cold shower to find Duo curled up and shaking. He was at a loss, this was way out of his element. Sure, he could blow up an OZ base or set his own leg, but dealing with people’s emotions, including his own, was not exactly his strong point. He tentatively placed a hand on Duo’s shaking shoulder and, in a soft tone of voice he hadn’t even known he had, asked, "Duo, what’s wrong?"

"Nothing," came the choked answer. Heero didn’t believe that for a minute.

"Duo, I may not be the most knowledgeable person in the area of emotions, but when someone is curled up and shaking, it does not realistically follow that nothing is wrong. Now, what is it? Tell me, please, Duo."

One indigo eye peeked out of the curtain of hair and there was a sniffle. "Does what happened last night mean anything to you?" Duo asked, his voice neutral, but with a slight catch that sounded like he’d been crying. He’d jumped out of a 30 story building without opening a parachute and he’d self destructed when the colonies’ safety had been threatened, but answering Duo honestly would be the bravest thing he had ever done. He looked carefully at the boy he’d unexpectedly fallen in love with and saw him turn away, interpreting his silence as a ‘no.’

Duo got up and began to head towards the bathroom. Heero swallowed and gathered his courage together. "Duo... Yes... last night meant a lot to me."

Duo turned around swiftly, the expression on his face one of shock.

"You... you really mean that?" His voice was breathless, like he wanted to believe Heero, but wasn’t quite sure Heero meant it.

Heero nodded, his throat too choked up to say anything more. He was dazzled by the radiant smile that appeared on Duo’s features. The American rushed into his arms, kissing his neck, jawline, cheek, any part of his face he could reach. Heero felt surprised, but suddenly, many of the American’s odd little gestures and looks made sense. Could it be that Duo felt the same way? He looked into his eyes and pulled Duo into his lap for a long and leisurely kiss. When they had to break apart or suffer asphyxiation, he looked into those deep indigo pools that now seemed to be glowing with happiness. He had to ask, it was dangerous, but he had to ask.

"Duo, do you love me?"

Duo’s eyes widened in shock and he blushed.

"Duo, do you?"

Duo gulped, but then met his eyes. "Yes, I...I love you, Heero."

Heero could feel his heart swelling in his chest and he kissed his Duo fiercely. He had never felt a joy to equal this, he doubted he would ever feel like this again. Then he realized that he would always feel this joy whenever Duo said he loved him. He looked forward to the future, their future together.

Duo responded dazedly to the kiss, still wondering how he’d worked up the courage to tell Heero how he felt. But he was glad that he had. Heero’s eyes had lit up like he’d always imagined they could and those blue orbs had burned with a fire that sent an answering rush of flame through his body. He suddenly wondered if Heero... did he? It was dangerous, but he had to know, he had to ask.

"Heero, do you love me?"

Heero’s eyes met his in startlement and Duo gulped. There it went, he was sure of it. His one chance to have Heero and he blew it. "Gomen, Heero. I..." he looked down and started when he felt Heero’s fingers tilt his chin up to meet his eyes.

"Don’t apologize, Duo. You have every right to know."

Duo looked at him, unable to keep the hope from his expression.

Heero took a deep breath and then sent Duo into orbit with 3 words, "Yes, I do."

Duo had never felt like this before, it was as if he would explode with delight. All he could do was murmur ‘I love you’ over and over again into Heero’s ear, letting his hands roam over Heero’s back and snuggling against him. For him, the world was perfect. The future was now a lot brighter. Because now he knew that Heero would be there for him, not only as a friend, but as a beloved as well. All in all, getting bored had turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to him!


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