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In My Dream


[Like a nightmare
You enter my dream without asking]

Duo lay asleep on the bed, in all appearances his slumber was peaceful.

Slowly he opened his eyes as he felt a curiously gentle hand on his shoulder. Violet gaze met cobalt in an impassioned, heated, and needful glance.

"Heero..." he breathed as soft yet firm lips met his in a soul searing kiss.

[You make me lose myself in ecstasy]

Pulling back, Heero Yuy stood in naked glory, as he began to strip the boy of his night wear. Soon, Duo too, was basking in the moonlight in his naked glory.

Smirking slightly, Heero began to make Duo feel the most wonderful things, stroking him just right. The boy in his arms trembled in anticipation as Heero readied him for what was to come [1].

Slowly, meticulously, he stroked the upright angle of flesh that confirmed the boy's body's arousal. Changing rhythm, he began to tease his love's member until he was on the verge of coming, only to retreat and deny him completion.

He continued this tactic for a time, Duo crying out his pleasure and annoyance. He was thoroughly enjoying listening as Duo moaned and pleaded for him to let him come.

Finally he had had enough of his little game. Removing his teasing pleasure from Duo's cock, he placed a lubricated finger at Duo's entrance and pressed, plunging the digit in to the second knuckle, then waited for the boy to adjust to the change.

Duo threw back his head in pain and pleasure as Heero's finger entered him. Slowly, oh so slowly, Heero began to move it, stretching him, readying him... His finger brushed something deep in him that had him crying out once again in sheer pleasure. "Oh--oh, GOD! Heero!"

"Mmmm, good?"

All Duo could manage in reply was to pant and moan once again.

Heero slid his finger most of the way out, when he pushed in again it came with a second. Soon after, this was followed by a third. Heero stretched him this way for a few minutes, sending him so close to the edge then denying him that bit of ecstasy. When he was sure Duo was ready, he removed his fingers and placed his neglected need at Duo's puckered entrance.

Duo felt Heero slide into him, filling him, sending him screaming. He screamed over and over as Heero repeatedly hit that spot deep with in him that filled him with intense pleasure and left him panting for more.

Heero continued to move in and out of the boy beneath him until he felt Duo tense and felt the hot seed spray against his chest. The tightening of Duo's interior was what sent him over the edge and in to the sweet oblivion of ecstasy, spilling his seed deep in his lover.

Both fell into an exhausted, sated sleep.

[And leave me every morning]

Duo awoke to find himself in a very messy situation. He looked about for his "lover" to find the boy where he normally was at this hour, asleep in his own bed. Thank God for small miracles, he thought as he stripped the sheets off the bed to dispose of the evidence of his... dream.

"Damn, that was way real though..." he whispered as he stepped into the shower a few minutes later.

[The guy lying on the grass is like a different person]

Duo sat on a bench as he gazed at his partner, who happened to be laying in a *very* nice position on the grass.

So calm, he thought, nothing like the passionate lover my dreams make him out to be. I wonder if he even knows how to be intense...


Duo hadn't realized he'd been staring until Heero had spoken. He turned quickly away as a blush rose to his cheeks.

[I want to be aroused excitedly and passionately.]


"Duo, you... why were you staring at me with that look on your face?"

'Cause I want you, dammit!' he thought, "I dunno, I guess I was just spacing out..." he smiled, but that didn't fool Heero 'The Perfect Soldier' Yuy for a moment.

"I want the real answer, " Heero said as he stood and walked over to stand next to his partner.

"Eh..." Duo considered running for his life, but decided against it, Heero was a faster runner than he. "Cause I like you." he whispered.

[In my dream, red roses
Spread all over my room
Making love to each other until morning, on a bed of silk]

This obviously didn't surprise the Perfect Soldier, so he plowed on.

"Cause I-- I love you... and I-- I--" Duo stopped as he felt a curiously gentle hand on his cheek.

"Shhh... I know... " he looked into that intense -- 'Guess he can be...' -- blue gaze as the hand slid from his cheek to his shoulder and then to his waist, pulling him up and against the stronger boy. Then soft lips found his and he was drowning in passion, fiery and hot sending all his nerve endings alight.

He found himself being lain down on a silk bed. He sighed as he wriggled closer to his love. He was very comfortable, he felt like he was wrapped in heaven.

Something soft and satiny brought him out of his half doze. He blinked as he felt the rose make a path across his nose to his cheek then down his neck. He sighed happily as Heero caressed his body with the satiny petals. He closed his and enjoyed the soft caresses.

He felt warm lips on his, moving tenderly, insistently... He opened his mouth as Heero's tongue demanded entry. Their tongues sparred for control, their actions providing outlet for the insistent turbulence inside their hearts [2].

[I can't get enough of your love]

Heero pressed up against the lithe boy, making them both groan at the contact. It was like drowning in happiness. Duo -- his Duo, here, panting his name... kissing him passionately... begging for him to take him. Oh yes, this is what he wanted. This -- this love, this heat, this body that lay under him... he was going to plunder all it's treasures and claim it as his own... forever.

"Mine," he growled as his fingers latched onto a nipple through the thin fabric of Duo's shirt.

"Yours," Duo purred. A glint of -- something -- passed through Heero's eyes and then he was thrusting his tongue into the deep recesses of Duo's soft, warm mouth.

Heero sat up, unbuttoning the shirt of the boy beneath him. Soon they were both naked and sweaty, rolling in the silky satin sheets both enjoying the love play.

They rolled over and Heero pinned the smaller boy down. Duo looked up at him, desire burning in his eyes. 'Take me...' they said. And Heero proceeded to do just that.

He grasped the boy by the hips, pulling him closer, then his finger sought Duo's puckered entrance. Finding the tight ring of muscle he proceeded to tease it into relaxing just enough for him to slide his finger in.

"A-aaaahhh!!" Duo cried in pain/pleasure as Heero's finger entered him... then he was moan in pleasure as it began to stroke him just right, brushing that glowing spot deep with in him.

Heero slowly added a second then a third finger, stretching and preparing his love. Duo writhed beneath him and he drank in the scene like a man in the desert drinks of water from an oasis... and what an oasis he was...

"Pl-please, Heero... Ohhhhhhh..." Duo moaned as Heero stroked him, "I want... you... inside me..." he panted.

"Ok..." he breathed, he too wanting to be inside the fey creature.

He removed his fingers, placing his throbbing length at Duo's entrance... and plunged in. Duo cried out in pain/pleasure as he was filled with Heero. It was a warm radiance, far beyond that of normal bodily copulation... it was copulation of two souls...

As Heero moved in and out, thrusting deeper and deeper, hitting that spot that made Duo moan the way that drove him crazy, two burning souls became one in a heated blaze that seared their souls together for all eternity. Their bodies danced in rhythm with their inter-mingling souls: parting, meeting, becoming one, over and over, never to be stopped.

Heero cried out as he felt Duo's muscles clamp down and felt a spray of warm, sticky liquid jet against his chest. Then he felt himself release inside the boy, screaming a wordless cry of passion, ecstasy, and love. The boy's collapsed into a boneless pile of inter-mingled sweat, tears, and love... two souls never to be parted... two souls... as one.

[In my dream, don't wake me up
I won't let anyone interfere
Always whisper in my ear, like an endless tape
Whisper, love me forever]

Duo broke the silence with a whispered sentence, "If this is a dream, never wake me up..."

Heero kissed his neck as both boys drifted into peaceful, warm post-copulation slumber.


Duo woke up, slamming his fist down onto the sleep bar. He blinked blearily, looking around to see if it was all a dream...

He turned to look at Heero's bed, to find that the other boy was not in it... Blinking he rolled over and came face to face with two beautiful, intense cobalt eyes.

"'Morning, sleepy head," Heero mumbled, stretching his neck to kiss the surprised pilot on the lips.

Regaining himself, Duo sighed happily.

Two souls entwined as one, never to be parted... not even in death. The burning of their love an eternal flame so hot and so inviting...

Duo drifted back into sleep as Heero wrapped protective arms around him. "Mine... I love you," the blue-eyed boy whispered into sleep mussed hair... "Forever..." [3]


For you Darkflame! My best lemon ever!!!!!!!!!

[1] Sorry, I couldn't resist.
[2] And other places as well... again couldn't resist.
[3] Yes, lots of sapppp and trite (I suppose) in this section of the fic, but I just had to get all mushy...

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