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School Sucks


Duo Maxwell was *not* going to class today! No way, no how! Unfortunately, Heero Yuy felt he should. Oi! Talk about a rock and a hard place!

"Get out of bed, baka!" Heero growled. "You'll be late for class!"

Duo snorted and rolled over, snuggling back under the covers. "Who cares? School sucks and I'm not going! Hell, we'll be transferred out of here in a few days anyway, I think I'm just going to stay in my nice warm bed for once!"

"*I* care!" Heero responded. "You'll blow our cover *again*, damn it! If we are supposed to be students, we should *act* like them!"

"Well, I am!" Duo pouted. "Most students agree that school sucks and would rather cut class anyway, so that's what I'm doing!" Hmphing some more, he burrowed deeper under his covers, shivering a little at the lack of heat in the dorm room he shared with Heero.

Growling his displeasure, Heero reached out and snatched the covers off the braided wonder and got quite a shock. "Kisama! No wonder you're cold, baka! Why sleep in the nude when it's so damned cold to begin with?!?"

"HEY!!!" Duo, completely naked and covered in tiny goosebumps, tried to retrieve his covers, but failed. Leaping to his feet, he went after his partner angrily. "Damnit all, Heero! You never complain about the fact that I sleep in the buff when it suits you to grace me with your presence! Now give me my blankets back! Go to class if you want to, asshole, I'm staying here!" Duo was seething in anger and completely missed the slight gleam in Heero's eyes as he gazed at his lover's body fully exposed before him.

"Oh? You want the covers, ne?" Heero teased, holding them up like a matador would his cape in front of a bull.

"Gimme!!!" Duo lunged at his partner and was suddenly grabbed tightly around the waist. "ITAE!!!" he screamed in pain.

Heero, shocked *again*, let go of the young man he had every intention of attacking in a more pleasurable fashion as soon as possible. "What's wrong, Duo? That shouldn't have hurt." Growling, Heero shoved his partner onto the bed and took a closer look at an angry bruise on the other boy's side. "All right, Duo. What the Hell happened this time?" he asked in exasperation.

Duo didn't want to face him. "Well, um, I got tackled pretty hard the other day in gym playing soccer. Yeah, it hurts, but I didn't think you'd notice." Then he glared accusingly at his part-time lover. "After all, when was the last time *you* bothered to get close enough to me to even notice?!"

Heero cocked his head to one side and pretended to think it over carefully then answered. "Obviously it was too long ago. Perhaps now would be a good time to rectify the situation." He smirked lasciviously.

"Ha!" Duo practically crowed in satisfaction. "See? Even *you* feel like cutting class occasionally! Not that I'm complaining, mind you! But you're over-dressed..." Duo proceeded to quickly even the scales on the clothing issue leaving both of them shivering in the cold without a stitch of clothes between them.

"Hmmm, I do believe, Mr. Yuy, that you are indeed happy to see me!" Duo smirked right back before pulling Heero on top of him for a deep kiss.

Things felt warmer in the room already! Go figure!

Heero extended the kiss as long as he could, but finally had to break to breathe. "Seriously, Duo. What about the bruise? Did you crack a rib?"

His face drawn into a moue of disapproval for returning to a non-sexual subject, Duo answered honestly, "I don't know. It doesn't hurt too much any more, but I never bothered to get it checked. Now, can we return to a more intimate subject, please?" He added sweetly as his hands gently made their way across Heero's chest to toy with his nipples, something the Japanese pilot could barely resist under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, when his koi might be injured, Heero could be damned single-minded!

Restraining both of Duo's hands, Heero probed the bruise further until Duo let out an ear-splitting shriek of pain. "Yes," Heero commented dryly, "It's actually a broken rib as I had assumed." It was just then he noticed that the owner of the broken rib had passed-out and lay limply beneath him. "Hn. Not good."

If the wound had occurred several days ago and had not been set properly this entire time, there was a good chance Heero'd have to either rebreak it or it would heal improperly. Without a second thought, he tightened the fingers of one hand and brought it down squarely on the bruise hearing the sickening snap of bone breaking. Yes, it had been healing improperly, but now it could start over. Heero pulled out the ever-present first aid kit and bandaged Duo's ribs tightly. Duo, thankfully, never regained consciousness during this rough treatment which was a far cry from their activities mere moments before.

Heero, suddenly realizing he had interrupted some very pleasant distractions with Duo in favor of first aid, decided it would be best if he vacated the room prior to the American waking up and realizing what happened. He gently wrapped the chestnut braid down next to Duo's shoulders and covered him with all the blankets he could find in the room.

He left a note of explanation on the off-chance Duo woke up before class ended, dressed rapidly, and left the scene of the crime.


When he finally did wake up, however, Duo was totally unprepared for what awaited him.

It had gotten dark out which seemed odd since the last thing he knew it had been morning and he and Heero were starting to make out...and...Oh Shit! Now he remembered Heero's over-interest in his injury! That thought was immediately followed by the awareness of the extreme pain he was in now as opposed to the constant ache he had felt earlier.

Groaning, he opened his eyes again and spotted a bottle of painkillers, a glass of water, a note, and a bell sitting by his bed. He reached for the note, stretching his side a bit too much which hurt and read:


Gomen nasai.

Next time you are injured kindly point it out *before* it heals incorrectly.

Take the medicine and when you are awake enough, ring the bell.


Duo laughed to himself "kindly point it out" when he was hurt? Since when did the Perfect Soldier give a damn? Well, he wasn't opposed to taking the painkillers and did so gratefully. Then, with a great deal of curiosity, he rang the bell, wondering what on Earth would come from such a pointless action.

Surprisingly, a great deal of things happened. First, candles were lit to one side of the room just out of his line of sight, but the flickering light was unmistakable. Second, deep, slow classical music filled the room; a seductive melody to be certain, but one he couldn't quite place. Third, and best in his humble opinion, Heero appeared around the edge of the room's odd obscuring angle as naked as the day he was born!

"Hey, handsome," Heero growled out in the sexiest voice he could muster without laughing. "You want some company?"

Duo, however, did not bother to keep from laughing. "Oi, Heero! That is the *oldest* come-on in existence! But, hey! It works for me! Get over here before you freeze, baka!" He couldn't stop laughing even as Heero climbed under the welcomed warmth. In all honesty, the other boy had stayed fully clothed until Duo's moaning indicated he was about to wake up, but Heero had to apologize one way or another to avoid getting thrashed for rebreaking the rib the way he had.

Snuggling under the covers, both pilots resumed their interrupted tryst from earlier in the day. Long kisses gave way to heated exploration of each other's bodies and gasps of pleasure only served to enhance the effect of the music and candlelight.

Heero, deciding he had apologized effectively, dropped that issue from his thoughts and went after deeper sexual gratification. His hands roamed across Duo's body, then slipped down to gently entrap his lover's erection. Slowly, he began to run his hand up and down it's length, bringing out tortured gasps of both pain and pleasure.

With an evil smile, Heero dipped his head under the covers and wrapped his lips around Duo's dripping manhood bringing a surprised yelp from the boy. Heero smiled inwardly as he began to lap at the engorged length before him, it tasted wonderful to him. He had everything he could possibly want right at that moment, nestled between the legs of his lover, *his* Duo!

Opening his mouth widely, he went down on him taking the full length deep into his throat, sucking and laving it with his tongue.

"Ohhhh," Duo moaned, articulate speech no longer available to him. "Yessssss!"

His breathing quickened as he neared the edge of control and Heero gladly took him over that edge by inserting a single talented finger into his opening, probing for the one spot he knew Duo would respond most intensely to and finding it.

"HEERO!!!" Duo screamed in pleasure, releasing his seed into Heero's greedy mouth. Licking his lips to savor every drop, Heero slowly moved back up to cover his violet-eyed lover's mouth with his own once more. Duo opened his mouth eagerly to Heero's questing tongue, excited at tasting himself there upon his beloved's lips.

Their tongues sparred lazily as Heero continued to probe deeply in the warmth of Duo's passage. With a slight moan of loss, Duo felt that one welcome visitor exit his body eventually. Slipping a tube of warmed oil from its hiding place, Heero applied some to his fingers and immediately returned to his previous attentions adding a second oil-slick finger as he penetrated the tight ring of muscle. Duo's body shook beneath him as he pressed his lips to his lover's nipple and sucked.

Slowly, Heero stretched his lover's tight opening and realized that if the braided beauty was this tight it had indeed been much too long since they had spent quality time together. Inwardly snarling at the frustration of waiting longer to shove his neglected arousal into the heat that awaited it, Heero forced himself to take his time. "You, koibito, are as tight as a virgin," he moaned, low and rough, into Duo's ear.

"Sweet talker!" Duo grinned, feeling a tingle shoot through him as again that special spot was brushed, his back arching erotically, thrusting himself farther onto those questing digits. "Ohhhhhh," he moaned as his own hands quested for something to do. His own erection was returning rapidly in response to not only the physical attentions but the very idea that he could possibly be "as tight as a virgin" was overwhelmingly exciting! This was something totally unexpected and it aroused both boys to new heights.

Duo's delicate fingers wrapped around Heero's shaft lightly, then pressed more firmly as a moan escaped his lover's lips. Slowly, he began to stroke the organ until he could feel the first droplet of delicious liquid seep out. Just as he was deciding on whether or not to go ahead and take Heero's length into his own mouth, his lover surprised him by backing away from those overly talented fingers.

"Ah-ah! Not yet, you don't!" Growling, Heero pushed the boy down flat on his back and held him there. A third finger had joined the other two during all of this action and Heero was not about to leave the job half finished this time.

Gently, he took the long legs of his lover and wrapped them around his waist; then he positioned himself at Duo's oil-slicked entrance, wet, and waiting for him. To be certain not to add any additional pain to his beautiful lover, Heero paused long enough to add more oil to his own aching need before entering. Slowly, with patience few could have ever hoped to match, he began to sink into the paradise that only he had ever known. The warm tight enclosure surrounding him was almost too much and he nearly lost his resolve to go slowly as he sank deeper into Duo's willing body.

When he had commented the boy seemed as tight as a virgin it wasn't a lie, it had obviously been way too long and he felt a desperate need to sink in slowly for fear of injuring him. Now that they had both realized how much they'd missed this particular "distraction", he wanted to be certain they could enjoy it as much as possible!

Eventually, Heero had seated himself fully inside Duo and while the other boy eagerly encouraged him to begin moving more forcefully, Heero wisely waited feeling the muscles clenching around his shaft slowly begin to relax. It was that feeling of relaxation that was his signal to begin thrusting ever so slowly in and out of the body beneath him.

Writhing, Duo could barely stand the torture of slowly being filled then feeling emptied only to be filled once more deeper and harder than before. The rhythm of thrusts and withdrawals built in speed until Heero was pounding mercilessly into Duo's body as Duo begged for more, harder, deeper, everything at once! Losing his control, Heero did just that, slamming the beauty beneath him almost savagely. He reached one hand between their sweating bodies and grabbed onto the straining erection trapped between them, and began roughly handling it in tempo with his thrusts.

Soon, once again shouting his lover's name, Duo climaxed and the tightening of his muscles sent Heero beyond his own limits. With two last deep thrusts, Heero held himself steady as he throbbed his own passion into Duo's body, filling him with the essence of his love.

Collapsing together, they lay side-by-side for awhile, both breathing hard yet feeling immensely happy for the first time in weeks. Eventually Heero withdrew from the tight heat to make it easier to simply hold Duo in his arms once more. He was cautious about where he held him to avoid aggravating the rib injury and the pair began to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Suddenly there was pounding and a shout from the door. "Hey, Heero!" A loud voice called. "You coming to tonight's physics class or what?"

Duo groaned in disappointment, knowing his lover wouldn't miss his favorite class which would leave him alone once more.

"Hmph. School sucks!" was the only comment Duo felt he could trust to give voice to as he waited for his lover to jump out of bed for class.

Heero, however, surprised him. "I'm not coming to class. Go without me!" He shouted back to the door and turned to look at Duo's stunned face. "Nani?" He asked semi-innocently.

"But, Heero," Duo was confused. "I thought physics was your favorite class."

"Hn." He snorted, tightening his arms a bit around his braided lover. "*You*, Duo Maxwell, are my favorite class!" This was all he'd say in response, but the smirk said far more.

"Hmm," Duo smirked back, his own thoughts tracking in perfect sync with his lover's. "Perhaps school doesn't 'suck' after all. But---" he grinned evilly, "*I* do!" And he proceeded to do just that.

Heero's only answer was a satisfied grunt.

Eventually they blew out the candles leaving the music to play as they enjoyed each other's company all night long.

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