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Never Die


This PWP tried to grow a plot, but I squashed it. I just wanted Duo to get laid, but I had really wanted it to be someone else who looked like Heero, but alas, the fic wrote itself and I wrote a poem to go with it.... I don't like this, but I can't really do anything about what it wrote.... maybe later. Please tell me what you think.

The club was filled with people from brim to brim. The neon lights illuminated the smoky haze giving the place an eerie glow and adding surrealism to the whole scene.

Duo didn't know why he chose this place, this wasn't his kinda club, but who cares? He just needed a place where he could get away from it all, and this was good enough for him.

The first cords of a song started up and Duo decided to join the mass of writhing bodies on the dance floor.

"Hands on a window pane, Watching some children laugh and play, They're running in circles, With candy canes and French braids," the singer crooned into the microphone. His voice slightly harsh and eerie.

Duo danced out onto the floor, body gyrating in time with the others dancing. Bodies ground together, skin met skin seeringly hot. It was a dance of heat and flesh, the warmth of the bodies pressed around him making little rivulets of perspiration run down his face and neck.

A flash of blue as he moved, turning around in beat with the song.

Hands in the air, moving as one with the eerie music; Duo moved with his eyes closed. As he gyrated he felt hands moving down his sides and his stomach. He shivered slightly at the eroticism of it.


"Inspired to question, What makes us grown-ups anyway? Let's search for the moment, When youth betrayed itself to age."


Strong arms pulled him close and he didn't resist, he just adjusted his rhythm to that of his partner's, melding into one writhing component.

Their hard bodies were pressed so close together there wasn't a centimeter of space between them. Hands slowly, sensually ran along Duo's back making him hard. Still moving with his eyes closed he leaned into the other, grinding erection against erection.

He gasped as a soft mouth began to bit and lick along the column of his neck. The mouth moved to cover his, sucking insistently.

Duo opened his mouth to the onslaught. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought, 'Only open your mouth if you intend to open your legs.' But he was to gone to really notice. Besides, that'd been his purpose for going out anyway. And hell, who cared. Not Yuy, not Chang or Barton. Perhaps Quatre, but Duo, at this moment, couldn't've given a damn.


"So let the children play, Inside your heart always, And death you will defy, 'Cause your youth will never die."


Somewhere along the line, his shirt became lost in the sea of people, but he didn't care. All his world focused on the boy holding him and grinding his erection against Duo's. Soon they were backed up to a wall at the edge of the writhing sea, still grinding into one another.

Soon enough, his pants were loosened the the other was kissing his way down to Duo's dripping need. Duo's eyes shot open as a warm mouth, far hotter than the heat of the human sea, closed around his engorged member. Slowly a very talented mouth, proceeded to drive him to ecstasy, but when he felt himself about to come the mouth left him, only to move back up to his mouth.

Duo moaned, eyes flittering shut, as his freed, and twitching, erection ground against the other's jean clad one.

"Like this?" a slightly nasal voice breathed against his ear. Duo's eyes shot wide open to be greeted with a pair of lust filled prussian orbs.


"In searching for substance, We're clouded by struggle's haze, Remember the meaning, Of playing out in the rain."


Duo nodded dumbly then threw his head back as Heero ground into him again. Then the pressure was gone, Heero was no longer grating against him.... and he was being pulled. Pulled away from the wall and out the closest exit.

Outside the rain came down in sheets, but neither cared. As the door shut, Heero threw him against the wall. Whether is was kinky roughness or pissed aggression, Duo didn't care.... as long as he got his brains fucked out, nothing else mattered.

Heero launched at him, his hot mouth searing every inch of flesh it covered. His back against the wall, Duo could feel the steady thrum of music as the band played on.

Heero trailed fiery kisses down Duo's chest, latching onto a nipple, eliciting a yelp/moan from said boy. He trailed his hands down Duo's back and the boy arched against him, a throaty groan coming through clenched teeth. Heero slipped his hands into the back of Duo's pants, grasping the firm buttocks within. Pulling them closer together, he played with the puckered cherry entrance between the silky cheeks.

Duo bucked against Heero as the boy continued to tease him and drive him wild. Rain soaked and rock hard, Duo couldn't take it much longer.

"Fuck me or leave...." He hissed, though the latter he was not really interested in.

"What an ultimatum," Heero said, spinning him around to where he was face to face with the grafittied wall. "I chose.... the latter...."


"We swim in the fountain, Of youth's timeless maze, If you drink the water, Your youth will never fade."


"Nani?!?" Duo screeched, whipping around so fast that his braid hit him in the face. Heero was already stalking down the alley. Duo ran after him as fast as he could. Reaching the boy, he tackled him, knocking him into a fountain.

"I said fuck me!!!!!!! You don't just leave what you start, damnit!!!!!!!" Duo screamed, staring the other in the eyes. He couldn't look for long and turned his back to keep from crying.

Heero came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Duo's shoulders. "If that's what you want...." Duo nodded slightly.

'No, that's not what I *really* want, but, hell, it's better than nothing,' Duo thought.

Without warning or preparation, Heero rammed his huge cock deep into Duo's entrance. Duo let out a cry of pain, before moaning as Heero slammed furiously into that glowing spot deep within him.

With one hand, Heero pinned Duo's wrists above his head and with the other he reached around to grasp Duo's weeping arousal. He pumped it fast and hard, the friction was more than enough to drive Duo over the edge, but combined with Heero ramming him full force in the ass Duo couldn't handle it. As blinding pleasure spread through him, his vision darkened and he passed out.

His muscles, how ever, reacted to his ecstasy and clamped down on Heero's impaling cock, driving him over the edge.

Held up only by his wrists and the arm wrapped around his waist, Duo slumped against the firm body behind him.

"Hn." Heero grunted, pulling his now flaccid member out of Duo's tight heat. He noted that the boy was unconscious, but otherwise fine. After replacing both their pants (Duo's shirt had been lost somewhere earlier in the night) he lifted the limp body in his arms and returned to the safehouse.


"Never die I won't let go of that youthful soul, Despite body and mind my youth will never die."
Forget the Forgotten

Forget my youth
Forget my "naivete"
Forget that I am but a child
Forget it because I have

I am a child, but also a man
I've seen more than most my age
And done more than most yours
I am not but a child, but I've forgotten

I've let myself be used for money
I've given myself over to pain
I've forgotten that I was ever anything
But what I am now

I have lost my youth
In my struggle to survive
I've kept my self alive
When I'd really rather die

A child doesn't feel what I do
A child doesn't think what I do
A child is naive and innocent
Both of which I am not

So forget
And give me what you would give a man
Give me what I crave, like you would give it to a man
And never think that I don't want it
For that is how I am

I lost my youth
I lost my innocence
But the one thing I cannot lose
Is my heart.... is you.


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