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Apology Accepted



-WARNING- the following fanfic is so juicy, let's just call it lemonade. In other words, you don't like yaoi, you don't read, kay? Don't say I didn't warn ya. Oh, and there's some dirty words in here. Not too many, but enough I felt I needed to tell you ahead of time.



He was hot. He was bothered. He was hot and bothered. Typical summer day at the park. The bench that he was sitting on felt like it was heated up to at least 200 degrees. Ok, maybe he was exaggerating a little... ok, maybe a lot. But the point was that Duo was really steamed. Though whether it was because of the heat, or his current situation, even he wasn't very sure. But at the time, storming out of the Winner estate to keep from breaking someone's face had seemed like a good idea. He knew Heero hadn't meant it, but God did it hurt. It really fucking hurt. At least... he hoped Heero hadn't meant it.

Duo stared down at the golden cross in his hand, free of its chain. Of course it was "free of its chain", Heero had broken the son of a bitch.

'Calm down, Duo. Just calm down.' Duo's inner voice pleaded with him.

He inhaled deeply and placed the charm into his pocket.

How could have Heero been so careless? How could have Duo been so careless for that matter? He didn't want to think about it. He wouldn't think about it, not at the risk of throwing a vicious raging fit and blowing up half of the playground equipment at the park simply to feed the burning anger eating away at him. Nope. Not going to do it.

'Aw, Hell, but it's so tempting.'

'Wouldn't you rather beat him senseless than ruin all the little children's day at the park?'

Duo watched as a little girl of about 5 with bouncy blonde curls slid down one of the shiny metal slides, her blue eyes glittering with laughter.

'Yes, I would. But this is Heero Yuy we're talking about here. I could get in one punch maybe if I surprised him and then if I was lucky enough to even begin to run away, he would tackle me by my ankles in two seconds tops.'

'My, my, seems like you've been thinking this out.'

'Hey, when you room with Heero all the time, you have plenty of opportunities to piss him off and then think about your own demise quite strategically.'

'Touché.' Duo's inner voice retorted.

Duo sighed loudly. He hated the summer. It was so... hot. And everyone knows that the color black absorbs sunlight and heat. He rolled up the sleeves of his tee shirt creating a makeshift tank top. Anything to beat the heat.

He stood and stretched, feeling his muscles taught and sore from the fuming he had endured silently while waiting on the park bench for his anger to disperse. How long had he been there anyway? Felt like ages. Yeah, that was usually how long it took for him to cool down. Mind you, Duo rarely got agitated, but when he did... hide the shiny pointy objects, women and children first!

Duo laughed to himself. Maybe he could stand to walk back to the estate now and face Heero and the other pilots.

He looked down at the broken gold chain.

Maybe not.

Heero grunted and crossed his arms over his chest. He was angry. Why was he angry? He didn't have a reason to be angry at that baka. Ok, fine, he was angry with himself. Why had he done such a stupid thing? He knew he had hurt Duo. He could tell from the instant the faint 'snap' of the gold link signaled that he had indeed broken it. The look on Duo's face had spoken the words that the American had been lost for. Most of them were probably four lettered and directed in the vicinity of Heero. Heero wanted to kick himself. Damn he was stupid.

"Of all the things you could have done, Heero."

Heero glared angrily at the Shenlong pilot sitting across from him in the vast Winner estate living room.

"It was an accident." He spat out.

"Yeah, well, you could have at least said you were sorry."

"Damn it, Wufei, he didn't even give me a chance to before he stormed out of here."

Quatre watched as a servant emptied the last of the broken glass from the door Duo had slammed into a garbage can.

"Stormed? More like plowed."

Heero turned his gaze to the Arabian boy sitting on the love seat beside Trowa. They were sitting close, very close. Too close for friends, of course. But then, whom in their elite group of pilots didn't know they were an item?

"It could have been worse," Wufei explained, "it could have been one of us instead of the door."

Quatre sighed.

"Yes, I'm surprised he didn't reap havoc on anything more."

Wufei looked back at the Japanese boy silently cursing himself in the recliner.

"Explain to me again how you managed to break the one thing that mattered most to him besides his Gundam?"

Heero gritted his teeth. He didn't want to think about it much less talk about it.

"He wouldn't shut up."

Wufei rolled his eyes.

"There's the understatement of the century."

Heero raised an eyebrow as if saying 'can I finish here?'. Wufei held up his hands in apology and motioned for Heero to continue.

"So I picked him up by his shirt and threatened him."

"Only instead you accidentally grabbed the chain as well?"

"Hai. And when I threw him by the shirt across the room to the bed, it was still wrapped around my hand."

"Snapping the chain apart."

Heero nodded once in agreement with Quatre. If Quatre had known the story so well, why couldn't he have told it? He looked forlornly down to the floor. He was so ashamed of himself. Duo was only trying to be nice. He was only trying to get the icy pilot to partake in a little casual conversation. Heero had overreacted this time, well he always overreacted, it was just more than usual this time, and the result was less than uplifting. He sighed.

How was he going to make this one up to Duo? Usually he could just shrug off happenings like this, but this time Heero had to admit, he felt guilty. How could he not? He was solely responsible for the accident. Why did Heero always have to act this way? Totally the opposite of how he wanted to act around the American pilot. But Duo would never understand or accept such ideas... would he?

He rose without warning off of the couch and headed straight for the same door Duo had bolted from.

" Where are you going?" He heard Quatre's muffled call through the walls.

The only reply as Heero carefully shut the door was "Out."

The room was left silent for minutes before Wufei spoke.

" Is it just me, or are these constant mood swings between the two of them making you feel like this is some sick soap opera?"

The other two pilots merely nodded.



Duo strolled down the darkened boardwalk. It was very late, and all the merchants had packed up shop for the night. He noticed how this part of town looked like death without the usual hustle and bustle of people shouting loudly and casually bumping down the street shoulder to shoulder. He was the only soul he could see for miles. Alone. But then, that's exactly how he wanted to be. That was exactly how he felt.

He kicked an empty soft drink can that was blocking his path.

Casually, he took a lick off the frozen treat he had purchased earlier. It was a sweet cheery flavored Popsicle on a long wooden stick that he had managed to buy right when a vender was closing for the night. He knew he didn't need a sugar rush right now, but when you're upset and can't drink, what's better than sweets to substitute?


He looked down to his feet, and underneath his left boot was a seashell. Duo inhaled deeply. His self-conscious had led him right to the beach beside the boardwalk. But just like the latter, it was completely devoid of human life. There weren't even the occasional couple of lovers holding hands for a romantic walk on the beach. Oh, be still his jealous heart.

Duo stepped closer to the shoreline. The salty smell of the tide tickled his nose. He walked along the wet sand for a few minutes before a slight glint of orange caught the corner of his eye. Someone had left a large beach towel crumpled up on the shore.

"Convenient." He murmured to himself and made his way over to the discarded piece of material. Duo stuck the Popsicle securely in his mouth and proceeded to use both hands to take hold of the beach towel. He lifted it up, flicking it in the air so as to spin all the sand off of it. Then carefully he laid it back out, smoothing all the wrinkles.

Duo took a step back and stared intensely at the towel, taking the Popsicle out of his mouth and licking it again. Small drops ran down the side and he greedily lapped them away before they could reach his fingers. He shoved the frozen sugar water back into his mouth and sat down on the beach towel.

Immediately he started unlacing his boots and taking off his socks, discarding them to the side on the sand. He took the Popsicle back out of his mouth and licked down the whole length, catching any offending drops that sought to trickle to his hand. Duo inhaled the salty air once more, then flung himself into a lying position on the towel.

The stars were bright tonight, each one twinkling a different array of the color spectrum. Duo loved space, but he loved observing it from afar even more. Stars weren't visible like this when you were floating through the black abyss. All the lights were always too close and distorted, not near as beautiful as they were from Earth.


Duo shifted nervously. Someone was watching him. They had made the same absent minded movement he had and stepped on a washed up seashell. He acted as though he hadn't heard anything, nonchalantly bringing the Popsicle back up to his lips.


Damn, why hadn't he watched were he was going more closely? He looked up from his safe hiding place and noticed that Duo had obviously been oblivious to the random sound.

Heero patted the lump in his shirt pocket ensuring that his possession was still there. It was now or never.

He was about to venture out onto the beach when he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. Duo had a Popsicle.

Pointless to notice, right? Wrong.

He watched with content eyes as Duo took the entire length into his mouth, plunging it in as far as it could go before slowly pulling it back out. His lips were still wound tightly around the icy object.

Heero felt a sudden dryness in his chest and a burning in his loins. He took a silent step closer.

Duo stuck forth his tongue and teased the tip, rolling his moist muscle over it in circular motions.

Heero swallowed the lump growing in his throat, ignoring the lump growing in his pants.

Duo flattened the base of his tongue and ran it up and down the sides of the Popsicle, licking up all the juices as they struggled to stream down.

Heero bit his lip.

And when one drop did escape to Duo's index finger, he casually stuck the finger into his mouth, sucking every bit of sweet residue off.

Heero felt lightheaded.

Duo stuck the entire length back in, and moved it in and out of his mouth in quick rapid bobs of his head. Licking and caressing it with his tongue as his pace quickened. Then quietly, he pulled it out and shifted it to the other hand.

"Whoever you are, you can stop spying on me and come out now."

Heero's heart skipped a beat. He'd been caught.

Duo had heard the person take a step closer to him, but acted as though there wasn't a care in the world that could tear him away from his lounging on the beach. But he got curious as to who would actually be spying. He moved the Popsicle to the other hand.

"Whoever you are, you can stop spying on me and come out now."

He heard muffled moving noises at the base of a rock behind him somewhere. Then felt a presence standing right behind his head. How did the person get to him so quick without making any noise?

Something shiny and a little heavy dropped onto Duo's chest. His body jumped a little at the contact, expecting for some type of harm to be dealt at him. Instead, the object just lay there, glistening in the starlight. He hesitantly picked it up with his free hand.

A chain. A gold chain.

While still lying, Duo fished around in his pocket for his cross. He pulled it out and placed it on his chest with the chain, going on another expedition in his pocket. Had he dropped his chain and someone was nice enough to bring it back to him?

No. His hands met something cold and hard.

He pulled out his chain. It was almost identical to the one on his sternum. Hell, it was identical, except for the broken link in the one he had pulled out of his pocket.

Without rising, Duo shifted his head back so that he could see the face of the person hovering over him. He was shocked to stare directly into cold blue eyes.


Heero pointed down to the chain he had tossed on Duo.

"Will it work?"

Duo put the Popsicle back in his mouth, picked up the golden crucifix, and slid it down over the new chain. It fit as perfectly as the previous one had. He stuffed the broken one back into his clothing and looked back up at Heero, taking the Popsicle out so he could speak.


Heero inhaled deeply and moved to sit beside Duo on the beach towel. He stared vaguely out to the waves slapping against the wet sand.

"Because I broke the other."

Duo raised an eyebrow and sat his body upright beside Heero's.

"Yeah, but it coulda been fixed."

"And because... because I wanted to say... "

Duo cocked his head sideways in curiosity.


"I'm sorry."

Duo's expression vaulted straight to surprise, and it was plastered even thicker as Heero leaned over and took the necklace off of his lap. Heero undid the clasp and brought it around Duo's neck. He fastened it securely and picked up Duo's braid, moving it out from under the chain and lying it on his back again.

Duo lifted the chain up in his hand, eyeing it as if it was the first time he had ever seen gold.

"I... I don't know what to say."

He looked up into Heero's eyes.

"Say you're not mad at me anymore."

Duo smiled intensely at Heero. No, he wasn't mad at all anymore. How could he be? He would never have expected a gesture like this in a million years from Heero. It was so kind, almost loving.

"Of course I'm not."

Heero sighed loudly. He didn't realize he had been holding his breath.

"Thank you, Heero."

Heero nodded his head and let a small smile play over his lips. Duo found it to be one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He felt a sputter of something cold fall onto his hand and looked down at the Popsicle. It was quickly melting down his fingers. Feeling pretty annoyed by it, and seeing it useless to his moping now, he threw the red object off into the darkness of the night, leaving it to melt into the sand. He looked up at Heero and shrugged his shoulders.

"I was getting tired of it."

Heero's eyes sat affixed on the red liquid clinging to Duo's fingers. Heero licked his dry lips.

Duo followed his gaze down to his own hand. And to Heero's disappointment, the American wiped his fingers clean on the towel rather than sticking them in his mouth as he had done earlier.

Disappointment? Yes. Heero found that day after day it was getting harder to forcefully stop his urges to take Duo. The baka had no idea how the slightest movement could send surges of passion through Heero. It was an ongoing battle that he found himself getting closer to losing as the night progressed.

"Hey, Heero... "


"Walk with me?"

Heero nodded and stood to his feet quickly. Duo, after taking somewhat longer, pointed down to Heero's feet.

"Take off your shoes, man. You don't want to get sand in them."

Without saying a word, Heero toed off his shoes and slipped out of his socks. He laid them quaintly right beside Duo's. He looked up to see Duo's retreating back already bolting off to the shoreline. He ran after him.

Duo had stopped right where the waterline began. He heard Heero coming up behind him and suddenly a wicked idea popped into his head.

'Don't even think about it, Duo.'

'Why not?'

'You'll be sorry.'

'Hey, it's better than me blowing shit up, right?'

'Point well taken.'

'Besides, he deserves it.'

'You still shouldn't.'

'Why's that?'

'Because he'll kill you.'

'I'll take that into consideration.'

'I don't like that tone of voice. Hey! You're smiling! No, Duo! Don't!'

"Shut up." Duo said surprisingly out loud.

"What?" Heero had heard the butt of the sentence as he was running up behind Duo.

"Um, nothing. Hey, Heero, what's that?"

Duo pointed out to some imaginary object out on the water.

Heero took a few steps into the water, wincing at the coldness. He scanned the waterfront and found he couldn't find whatever it was Duo was talking about.

"I don't see anything."

Duo crept up slowly behind Heero and placed his hands lightly over Heero's shoulders.

"Then maybe you should... get a little closer!"

And with that remark, Duo pushed Heero forward with as much force as he could supply, catching the Japanese pilot off guard and lightly off balance in a oncoming wave, Heero's body plunged face and hands first into the water.

Duo began laughing hysterically. He was laughing so hard he started to grip his side to force off the slight stabbing pain.

Heero shot to his feet, stumbling around in the water. A wave came and pulled him back down for a second before he could regain his posture and sturdy himself. His form convulsed slightly as his totally drenched body hit the cold ocean air.


"Oh my gawd! I can't believe you fell for that! That was only the oldest trick in the book!"

Duo quit laughing for a moment to look at Heero's sopping clothes and soaked skin. He looked wonderful that way. Every inch of clothing clinging to his body. And then their eyes locked, and Duo saw something that could very much put all of Heero's previous death glares to shame. He was really in for it now. He took a few steps back.

"Uh... gomen! I mean... I was only paying you back for the chain!"

Heero advanced quickly at Duo, and before he could blink, the Wing pilot had him in his grip.

"Heero... now don't do anything you'll regret... "

Duo gave a nervous smile.

"Oh, I won't regret this." Heero smiled wickedly. Duo had never seen that expression before. It could only mean one thing.

"Oh man, don't kill me, Heero!"

Heero ignored the pilot's pleas of mercy and took hold of the collar on Duo's shirt with both hands. Duo clinched his eyes shut, not wanting to see his own death coming.

Heero snickered as he ripped the shirt off with a loud shredding noise. Duo's eyes were still shut tight and he was biting his lip and turning his head slightly, as if bracing himself for a punch.

He picked the boy up in his arms and Duo gasped, still not opening his eyes. Heero walked with his load over closer to the water, and then began to quickly take off Duo's pants. When Duo felt the cool breeze lap his legs, his eyes flashed up into Heero's with a questioning look. He looked down at himself to see only his boxers were still intact.

"What are you doing?!" fear and terror rose in his tone.

Heero ignored the statement and stripped him of the boxers, still holding the boy in his arms. Duo gasped. What a strange and erotic way to kill a person.

'Listen to yourself, you're going to die and all you can think about is your nudeness?'

'Hey, if I've got to go... what a way to go!'


"No, I won't regret this at all." Heero's voice interrupted his inner battle.

That was the last thing Duo was aware of before he felt freezing cold liquid engulf his body. Struggling for air he shot for the top of the waterline. He stood wavering in the shifting ocean water, very much nude and shaking. Water streamed off his long bangs and down into his face. He gruffly swept the hair out of his face and shook his head, sending a spray of water in different directions and causing his braid to swing against his back violently. He was waist deep in water. Heero had thrown him in! And with no clothing! That bastard!

Duo realized the irony and let out a small chuckle. Heero actually had a sense of humor. He laughed a little louder.

"You're a bastard, you know that, Heero Yuy?"

"Yes. But so are you." Heero pointed to the nude Duo with a hint of a smile forming on his face.

Duo laughed.

"So we're a couple of wet bastards." He said while walking carefully to the shore. When his midsection was out of the water, he started to shake. The air was unbelievably cold. The necklace he was wearing only amplified the chill when it was wet.

He looked down to his shredded shirt and walked past Heero onto the beach.

"Geez, did you have to rip my clothing?"


Duo shivered again. And not from the cold. Heero was standing dangerously close to him. He was right on his back, breathing on his neck.

"And now what do you expect me to wear?"

Duo felt lips brush against his neck.


Duo swiveled around quickly to look at Heero eye to eye. Duo frowned absent mindedly. What did he mean "nothing"? Hell if he was going to stand here freezing his ass off.

"Fine. You ripped my clothing, so I get yours." Never mind the fact that Heero's clothes were wet, too. At least they weren't torn.

Heero smirked.


Duo waited for the wing pilot to make some attempt on the bargain, but he just stood there. Duo folded his arms over his bare chest and motioned towards Heero with his head.


"You want them... " Heero smiled. "you come and get them."

Duo cocked an eyebrow. Had he just heard that out of Heero Yuy's mouth? What was the world coming to when Heero Yuy hit on you... at least he thought it was a pick up line. Better not risk it, just shut up and get the clothes.

Duo puffed and threw his arms in the air in frustration.


He grabbed the hem of Heero's tank top and lifted it quickly over his head. He threw it over on the beach towel behind them. Then he went for the shorts.

Spandex... wet spandex... what a combination... it doesn't hide anything.

Duo stared shockingly at Heero's spandex clad erection.

'Oh my gosh! It was a pick up line!'

He couldn't take his eyes of that bulge in the midsection. How long had Heero been waiting to say that line? Forget that, how long had Duo been waiting to hear him say that line? He broke his gaze and looked up at Heero.

"Um... Heero?"

Heero just stared at Duo right in the eyes, not attempting to speak a word.

"Look, Heero, I'm wet, I'm agitated, and I'm freezing---"

"Then let me warm you up."

Before Duo could even begin to comment on that line, Heero gathered him in his arms again and started to carry the nude boy over to the beach towel. Duo's mind was going a mile a minute. What was happening here? How had he managed to get himself into this? Did he even want to get out of this?

And as Heero slowly lowered him down to the beach towel, Duo found his mind to be nothing more than a pile of fuzzy mush. All he could see and concentrate on was Heero's cobalt blue eyes. Those eyes. They were usually morbid and desolate, full of longing and emptiness. They were the eyes of a soldier. But now, now they were different. Something closer to desire and need flashed inside them. Little hints of passion and something Duo could have sworn was love was swirling inside those pools of blue. He couldn't take his own orbs of violet out of that gaze. Heero's eyes were searching every inch of Duo's body like fingertips, and vaguely Duo thought he could feel the eyes tracing his body's contour lines. And then after taking in every delicious scene of his nakedness, Heero's eyes locked onto Duo's.

They stayed that way for a long time, Duo lying motionless under Heero's hypnotic stare, and Heero crouched down over Duo with one leg on each side of his hips. Finally, it was Duo who spoke.

"Are you feeling all right?"

Heero didn't answer. Duo cleared his throat.

"Maybe we should be getting back. It's really late, you know."

Heero didn't answer. Duo got frustrated.

"Look, Heero, quit playing games, we need to---"

Heero cut him off with is mouth.

Duo eyes flashed with shock and surprise. Heero was kissing him! He lay there, motionless, his heart pounding up into his throat and his mouth frozen in awe with Heero's lips over it. Duo couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't even think...

Heero grunted and pulled back slightly.

"Duo... "

Duo looked up into Heero's eyes with questioning glances.

"Duo, kiss me back... "

What was that? A command? Hell, they weren't on the battlefield right now, he didn't have to do what Heero told him to. Heero closed his mouth over Duo's again.

But he wanted to do what Heero told him to.

Duo slowly started to return the kiss and even taking control of it. Heero gently lowered his body on top of Duo's and brought his fingers up to that heart shaped face. He softly caressed the sides of Duo's cheek, bringing his thumb to the corner of his mouth and brushing it lightly. Duo moaned and put one arm around Heero's neck, pulling him in closer.

Duo ran his tongue over Heero's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Heero opened his mouth a little wider, revealing an opening for his tongue to delve inside. He took that opportunity and stroked the inside of Heero's mouth with just the tip at first, teasing the Wing pilot and causing a soft moan of pleasure.

Duo smiled into the kiss. He had never heard the Japanese boy make noises like this, and the fact that he was the one enticing them gave Duo a feeling he had never felt before. It was like pure joy and excruciating torture rolled into one little ball of sound.

He softly nibbled on the corners of Heero's mouth and over the bottom lip. Then Duo plunged his entire tongue into Heero's mouth, initiating a wet battle between the two. Heero released his grip on Duo's face and took a few inches of his braid in hand, wrapping it around his fist. He felt like he was a drowning man and that rope of hair was the only lifeline keeping his body from sinking into a pool of passion and losing all grip on reality.

Duo hesitantly pulled away and looked up into Heero's half lidded eyes. He smiled earnestly.

"What are we doing?"

Heero smiled back.

"Keeping warm."

"Oh, is that what this is? I was just making sure, you know. I thought maybe you thought that I had drowned, and were giving me mouth to mouth. Or maybe I fell asleep on this blanket and this is all some silly dream that I can't wake up from. Or that possibly I have drowned, and I'm dead. Maybe this is Heaven."

Heero shut him up with his mouth.

"Mmmm... "

"No, you're not dead, but this does feel like Heaven."

Heero pushed his ache against Duo's, causing a short gasp in the American.

"Mmm... sure does... "

Duo ran his hands from Heero's torso and up his chest. He stopped when his palm encountered one rock hard nipple.

"Someone's enjoying this."

Heero grunted and pushed his hips further forward causing a slight moan from the Deathscythe pilot.

"You don't seem to be very unhappy either."

Duo smiled, remembering what his initial goal had been.

"Heero, I want the shorts."

"Then by all means, take them."

Duo grunted in frustration and rolled Heero until he was on top. While straddling the Wing pilot, he quickly jerked the wet spandex off of his legs, leaving the boy underneath just as naked and vulnerable as him. Duo stood up.

"Well, I got what I wanted."

The Japanese boy grit his teeth and swept Duo's legs out from under him, causing the boy to fall back onto Heero in a tumble of limbs and hair.

"But I haven't."

There was caged up frustration and desire built into that one sentence. Looking down into those cobalt eyes, Duo could tell he wasn't going anywhere until Heero wanted him to. So, if he was stuck here, why not make the other pilot suffer... ?

Duo leaned in and brushed his lips over the other boy's ear, signaling a slight shudder from the body beneath him. He ran his tongue over the curve teasingly.

"And what is it that you want?"

He felt another small tremor from Heero that was followed by a soft moan. Duo smiled.

'Evil, evil boy!'

'Hey, this is payback!'

'What for this time?'

'I dunno, pick a day. When does he not deserve payback?'


'Ahem. That's what I thought. Now just sit back and enjoy the ride.'

'I hate you, y'know that?'

'Feeling's mutual, pal.'

Duo smiled in his head. There wasn't any battle he couldn't win.

He ran his tongue from Heero's jaw line and back up to his lips. He slowly teased the corners with the tip of his tongue, allowing Heero's to dart out and taste him a few times. Heero brought his hands up and wound them around Duo's back, grabbing for the braid. He snapped the band from the bottom, allowing a cascade of wet, rich flowing honey to envelop them both. He plunged his hands into the thick tresses, marveling at the softness he felt even when it was damp.

Duo slowly worked his way down Heero's neck, stopping at the juncture of the shoulder. He nibbled softly there, licking and lapping like a jungle panther. And then he bit down.

Heero arched his back into the bite and gasped for air. It did sting a little, but it also felt surprisingly good. Duo showered the bite mark with little kisses, cooling the heated flesh. Then he returned to his journey down Heero's chest. His lips brushed against a nipple and Heero bucked slightly.

'Obviously a sensitive spot' Duo chuckled in his head. He stuck his tongue out and flicked it over the tiny nub. Heero's grip in his hair became stronger, and he pushed Duo's head down, forcing him to stay in that spot.

Duo brought his hand up and fingered the other bud, pinching it slightly. Heero bucked again. He enclosed his mouth around the erect skin, sucking and stroking it in a pleasurable manner. He caressed it gently with his tongue, and then flicked out over it rapidly. The combination itself was enough to send Heero into a gray fuzziness. He couldn't see anything, he couldn't smell anything. All senses were null and void. All he was aware of in this blurry world was the fact that Duo Maxwell's hands and mouth were sending jolts of pleasure throughout his whole body. It was all he wanted to be aware of.

Duo nipped tenderly at the nipple before moving to the opposite one and giving it the same tongue bath. There was a small inarticulate moan flowing from the depths of Heero's throat. Somewhere Duo thought it reminded him of an animal with its leg caught in a hunter's trap.

Duo finally released his assault on Heero's chest once both nipples were wet and sensitive. He started to resume his quest downwards, painting intricate patterns of wetness with his manipulative tongue. He stopped at the navel and dipped in briefly. Heero's muscles flexed and spasmed under his mouth, straining to resist their hormonal tendencies to buck and jump. Slowly, taking more effort than needed, he dragged his tongue down to Heero's arousal, making sure not to touch it at all. Instead, he moved his hands to the inner thighs and placed his mouth inches from the tip.

Duo exhaled deeply through his mouth, puffing warm air on the head. Heero couldn't resist any longer and his hips involuntarily pushed up a little. Duo had been prepared for this and had left just enough room that his mouth didn't even brush the member, much less get it into the position Heero ached for. The hands he had placed on Heero's inner thighs persistently guided his hips back down to the beach towel.

"You never answered me."

Heero's eyes instantly cracked open at hearing Duo's voice softly rumble just inches from his ache. He was lost, left behind in a forest of passion and desire long ago and couldn't find his way back to the here and now. He heard Duo speak, but couldn't understand a word he said. Finally his eyes focused in on Duo's body. That skillful mouth was hanging mere inches above its implied destination, inches Heero wished would be filled. Duo was still breathing out his mouth warmly. Heero sucked in dry air and finally regained motor skills.


Duo smirked and exhaled a deeper, warmer breath, tickling and teasing the most sensitive part of Heero's member.

"You never answered me. What do you want?"

A question that had been long forgotten and forged away by Heero's mind. Obviously it had to be clear what he wanted. Was the American baka that stupid? Of course not...

'He... he wants to hear me say it... ' Heero's mind deducted.

Heero shook his head slightly, trying to rattle his mind clean and clear. It was a futile attempt as his eyes couldn't leave the erotic sight of Duo's mouth slightly parted and breathing ragged puffs on his arousal. Once again his hormones took over and his hips slightly bucked up in silent answer to Duo's question. Duo moved his mouth just out of reach and pushed Heero back down.

"Uh-uhh, Heero. I was talking to you, not him.." Duo motioned down with his head towards Heero's swollen member and then looked back up into Heero's eyes smiling. "What do you want, Heero?"

Duo dangled his tongue loosely over the very tip, stretching it far but not letting it even graze the sensitive skin. Heero let his head fall back down to the beach towel so he wouldn't have to look at Duo's tantalizing mouth... lips... tongue...

Heero shook his head again. He spoke the only word that could come to his mind at the moment.

"D... Duo... "

"Yee~eess?" Duo hissed out over the tip with cold air.

Heero felt like he was going to faint from the sheer enjoyment of this evil torture. How could somebody be so cruel? Of course, this was Duo. A very sly, cunning, deceitful, annoying... arousing, tantalizing, sexy, sensual... Duo.

As if reading his thoughts, Duo brushed the tip of his tongue over the slit in the head and then moved his head back, preparing for Heero's buck.

Sure enough, Heero sucked in salty ocean air deeply into his lungs and his hips flew upwards.

That! That was what Heero wanted! Why couldn't he just say it and get it over with? Because, he was Heero Yuy. And he didn't give into OZ's torturous demands; this boy was no different. He could resist Duo. He could.

'You are such a son of a bitch, you know that right?' Duo's mind spoke up as Duo's finely trained eyes remained locked on Heero's face to read any expression that might cross.


'This is so evil. You are more evil than the devil himself.'


'And you know you'll probably get punished for this later.'


'Are you agreeing with me just to piss me off?'

Duo smiled mentally.


'ARRRGGHHHH! Duo Maxwell, you are such a fucker!'

Duo smiled on the outside this time.

'Not just yet... give me a few minutes... '

Duo's inner voice made gagging and hurling sounds at the tasteless joke.

'Time for drastic measures... ' Duo thought.

Heero was on the verge of regaining his senses when he felt all the weight and heat lifted off of him. At first he thought he must have lost himself in the forest of passion again and the senses were taking back over, but then he felt a slight breeze of cold air lap at his hips and erection. His eyes snapped open and he saw Duo wasn't on him anymore. Instead, the nude, free haired pilot was bending on the other side of the beach towel to reach for the spandex shorts he had taken off Heero.

Heero cocked an eyebrow. He shouldn't be there. He should be here. Heero's arousal twitched in agreement.

Heero groaned.

"What are you doing?" His voice was rougher and deeper than he had expected. He cleared his throat a little.

Duo picked the shorts up and held them in front of himself as if he was about to dress. He cocked his head slightly and dropped his arms back down to his side.

"What's it look like? I'm getting dressed."

Heero blinked. He was what?!

"Why?" Heero gritted out trying to remain calm and composed even though his eyes kept straying down Duo's torso right to the identical erection the boy had to his.

"Cuz you never answered me. Must mean you don't want anything." Duo shrugged, trying to refrain from snickering

'Damn, I'm such an actor.' He thought. His hormones screamed in agreement.

'Calm down, boys, you'll get your chance again in about... hmm... 15 seconds.' Duo reassured the raging demons.

Heero's eyes flared blue fire and he bolted to his knees.

"I don't w... want anything?" He pushed out between ragged breaths.

"Cool, an echo effect." Duo said while smiling earnestly and lifting the shorts to step into them.

Heero exploded in a rage of extreme desire and pulled the boy back on top of him, wrapping his arms around Duo with a hold that would have to be removed by a welding torch. The spandex shorts flew out of Duo's hands and landed somewhere near the vicinity of their shoes. Heero bared his teeth and thrust his hips forward, rubbing his ache against Duo's.

"YOU, damn it! I want you!!!" Heero grunted through clenched teeth. He wanted him so bad it hurt. Defeated. He had lost a battle of strength to a braided baka and a swarm or raging hormones. Well... maybe it wasn't exactly losing. In many ways he was about to win.

Duo smiled. His inner voice cackled. His hormones groaned sickly at the fact that Duo had been right, though they wouldn't complain. None of his body liked to admit when they were wrong. Duo gave Heero a fierce kiss, sucking harshly at his tongue.

"Well why didn't you say so?"

Duo smirked.

Heero rolled his eyes, something Duo had never seen him do before. It brought a genuine smile to the Deathscythe pilot's face. He leaned in and initiated a deep kiss this time. One that had no demands or gave the implication to be ended anytime soon. Heero wound his fingers through the long strands of honey colored silk and began to move his hips in tiny circles. Duo's hands roamed all over Heero's chest, palming and stroking bare flesh. Finally his hands reached Heero's stirring hips and he held them still in a tight grip.

"You're impatient, you know that?"

Heero closed his eyes and tried to wiggle free from the grip a little. It was useless. Again he resorted to the verbal pleas instead.

"Duo... ?"

"Yeah?" He nibbled slightly on Heero's abdomen.

"Finish what you started." It was more of a demand than a statement and Duo could feel himself smiling into the skin beneath his mouth. At least the quiet Japanese pilot was learning.

He kept his hands gripped on Heero's hips as his body made its way downward, wetting the skin with his tongue as he progressed. Until finally he found himself in the same position as last time, lurking over the top of Heero's erection. There would be no teasing this time. Well... maybe a little.

Duo flicked his tongue over the tip.

Heero held his breath and forced his hips to still.

Duo ran the tip of his tongue in a circle around the head, stopping at the slit to lap up the small drops of evidence to Heero's pleasure. Then he dragged his tongue down the back of the whole length, not using the tip but the flat base. Finally he removed his hands off Heero's hips and placed them at the bottom of the erection, wrapping his fingers around it lightly.

Heero began to breathe again. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath this whole time. He felt Duo's surprisingly soft hands wrap gently around his base and a small moan fell from his lips.

Duo took the head into his mouth, strangling another moan from the Japanese boy. He steadied the arousal with his lips. Duo began a wild dance with his tongue, swirling and caressing the sensitive head with his tongue. Slowly he dragged his lips down the length, grazing the side slightly with his teeth. Heero whimpered in agony. Duo took pity on him and in one long gulp took the entire erection to the hilt. Heero groaned and rolled his head against the ground.

The American started a steady rhythm with his mouth. Heero was grinding his teeth and pushing his hips up a little to meet Duo's mouth with each trip downward. Heero's pants became more frantic and exasperated. Duo knew it was only a matter of time, so he eased back, releasing Heero's shaft from his mouth.

The Japanese boy lay there struggling to catch his breath, but Duo wouldn't give him a single moment's rest. He crawled up the stomach of Heero until they were face to face. Heero's eyes were still closed and his warm breath puffed onto Duo's cheek.

"Do you want me?"

Heero could do nothing more but groan in reply. Duo licked his bottom lip.

"I don't think I heard you Heero. I said, do you want me?"

Heero moaned again and his mouth strained to whisper the word yes. Duo snickered, that just wasn't going to get it.

"One last time, Heero, or I'll get up and leave. You know I will." Liar. A good one, but a liar nonetheless. "Do you want me?"

Heero's hips surged upwards and his eyelids clenched tightly. His voice echoed across the deserted sands.

"YES! God, YES!!!"

Duo smiled and took Heero's earlobe into his mouth, his hand making a trip downwards. Eventually his mouth starting moving down, too, until it was firmly planted on Heero's abdomen. Slowly, Duo entered one finger into Heero's opening. When Heero didn't protest, but even moaned and pushed back against the finger, Duo inserted another. Heero's only response was too push even harder against it.

"Easy, Heero, I don't want to hurt you."

Duo finally made the count three. Gently, he began thrusting them in and out, searching and delving for that certain spot---



Duo pulled out his fingers and positioned himself over Heero, planting his hands firmly and Heero's hips and wrapping Heero's legs around his waist.

In one quick fluid movement, Duo thrust into the tight velvety enclosure. He knew it was too quick, but he just couldn't wait any longer. Heero cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

'So much for not hurting him.'

Duo moved his hips in tiny little circles, allowing Heero time to get used to the feeling. After what seemed like an eternity to Duo, Heero started thrusting back against Duo's ache. Since they were both in a frantic fury to get it over with, Duo began a series of deep, fast thrusts. Each one harder than the last.

"Yesss... " Duo hissed out between his teeth.

Eventually Heero moved his hips in time to Duo's thrusts, causing each plunge to go all the way to the hilt. Duo could feel the pleasure rising to the top and reached down to start pumping Heero's shaft.

Everything was a total haze to Heero. Little red and white stars were dancing over his closed eyelids and the only thing he could hear was his own ragged breathing. All it took was a few tight pumps from Duo's hand and he was set spiraling over the edge of ecstasy.

"Aaaaaa! Nnnnn! Aaa! Duo!"

Duo felt Heero's inner walls clamp tightly around his ache, setting off his own journey into pleasure. With an open-mouthed and muted scream, he shot deeply into Heero. Duo's body convulsed and shook with pleasure. He pushed a few more times before collapsing weightlessly onto Heero's chest, ignoring the mess he was lying in.

Both of their breaths were still ragged and violent. Heero's eyes slowly opened and he found himself gazing up into a starlit sky. His hand came up to Duo's back and gently ran shaky fingers through the waterfall of chestnut. Duo released a contented sigh and snuggled his nose deeper. Suddenly, he thought of something very twisted and funny to him.

Heero could swear he felt Duo smiling into his chest. No wait, he was. Actually, Duo began to giggle!

"What are you laughing at?"

Duo looked up into Heero's eyes with an innocent glow.

"Go... gomen, Heero. I was just thinking... "

Heero's eyebrow rose.

"Well, if this is your way of apologizing... "

Duo smiled and brought his hand up to caress the side of Heero's face.

"Then I should let you break my shit more often."

Heh, sorry if you were expecting some kind of sappy ending. That's the way the cookie crumbles... er, sumthin like that.

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