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Do You Want to Touch Me?

Lady Tora

Notes: My half bro bought me the album and given it to me for an early birthday present…to my surprise I never heard this song till now and just laughed like a mad neko that it screamed 1x2. The only change is ma'am to man…still fits though.

/We've been here too long
Tryin' to get along/

Coming out of another cold shower, Duo began the mundane task of drying the yard long hair as he watched his partner keep his back to him at all times and work on the computer.


The clicking stopped for a brief moment and the messy locks of hair turned to show a face.

Heero looked and make a small squeaking sound. "Ye …ye…Ha…Hai?"

/Pretendin' that you're oh so shy/

Duo swore he heard the boy gulp, "Nothing, just wanted to make sure you're still alive and the computer wasn't haunted or nothin'." The American stretched to show major mid drift as the small tight cotton shirt rose up. A whimper caught his ears; this made him smile.

/I'm a natural man
Doin' all I can
My temperature is runnin' high/

Sitting in the large wooden chair trying to hide everything going on with things below, Heero was about to go crazy with his comrade's display and was about to throw the boy down and ravish him for just what he was wearing.

A tight black shirt that hung to Duo's belly button and then the metallic painted leopard boxers that had the large cat starring with emerald green eyes from his crotch.

The Japanese pilot was about to get up and check the thermostat but the rock hard erection tenting his shorts was another matter to tend to.

No use talking to Duo, his voice left him whenever he glimpsed the beautiful pilot and the matter of dress caused him to speak in the mouse language.

Silently cursing himself for looking Shinigami in the eyes and doing back flips, Heero quickly stood up and keep his back to the boy brushing his hair at all times and ran straight to the bathroom.

/Cry at night
No one in sight/

With the door now closed securely behind him, the dark headed boy turned the cold water dial on high and flipped the shower head switch.

He began to slip the confining shorts off when the gentle brush against his arousal made his head swarm and a cry choked in his throat.

Bending down and grabbing a washcloth from the side of the small bathtub, he could smell the heady aroma of Duo's apple soap. Another small whimper came out of him as he jumped into the shower with washcloth stuffed between his teeth to dampen the loud cry as he began to slowly slid his hand up and down his swollen shaft.

The even pressure felt good as he began to quicken the pace till the world began to spin from underneath his feet. Grabbing onto the closest wall, Heero felt something boil up from his loins and leave him as he bit down on the washcloth and choked out a cry. Large blue eyes widened and fell back as the orgasm quaked through his limber body and juts of white cream hit the off white tiles.

The pelting water down Heero's back began to hurt his over sensitive body as he climbed out and took the little wash cloth from his chattering teeth. Looking around the messy bathroom, he caught sight of Duo's dirty laundry pilled up on the floor, a few inches from the actual target of the basket. Shaking the image from his head, the cold water splattered on the wall and large mirror as he tried to remove the delectable image of Duo striping.

From behind the door Duo began to yell, "We do have towels! Don't shake off like a dog you baka!"

Feeling his cheeks redden, Heero grabbed the polycotton towel but froze as he saw a long strand of golden brown hair. "He's trying to kill me," under his breath.

/An' we got so much to share/

Peering out of the bathroom he saw a pair of deep peacock blue eyes. Slowly making his way across the room, those eyes followed his every move, step and turn.

/Talking's fine
If you got the time/

"You know Heero? It feels good in a shower, but sometimes it is better when someone else does it to you." The long painted eyebrow arched up in a quizzical thought.


"You know what. Damn Heero, I never took you for a stutterer." Getting off the bed as the long trails of hair slipped off and followed. "Alright then. One little easy question." Getting real close to the now sweating bullets body, Duo closed his eyes and pursed his lips. "What color are my eyes Heero?"

'Oh hell…' Heero began to think. 'I remember green eyes, but then it was purple…great.' Looking at the sweet endearing face, like a little girl awaiting her first kiss. "Gre..en?" The eyes flashed open with a furry color, 'Oh shit! Blue!'

Awaiting punishment, Heero closed his eyes and flinched as something soft touched his nose.

"Never took you for a pervert Heero." Sitting on his bed, the American looked up at his partner.

/But I ain't got the time to spare/

Heero looked again at the shimmery boxers and the large green eyes of the leopard…on his crotch. "Oh…erm…"

"Don't apologize Heero. I've done worse too you." Sighing, Heero joined him on the bed and laid straight out, letting his arms go over his head; stretching out the rippled abdominal muscles.

Sliding from his spot, Duo bent over and faced the Asian pilot and let his long hairs do most of the touching. With a low husky voice, "Is this an open invitation?"

"Hai." Bending up a little, Heero grabbed the other boy's bottom lip between his teeth and gently brought him down closer on the bed.

/Yeah! /

The kiss lasted a second, almost electric in the sense as the flesh touched flesh for the first time. Their second kiss felt like a battle of domination; two separate creatures fighting to control the other's warm moist territory.

Duo pulled up gasping for breath and pulled off his shirt, only to be twisted and pulled down again by Heero, and thrown onto the bed with a cloud of golden streaked hair lightly following his path.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

Lying on top of the stretched out body, the Wing pilot just looked up and studied the lithe beauty like he done hundreds of times before.

"Pretty." Heero petted the soft cheeks that glowed soft crimson. He was just happy to get out a two-syllable word for once. Lightly pecking the juncture between Duo's jaw and throat, the boy underneath him let out a drawn out groan causing Heero to go further down the fleshy pathway.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

The dark bangs hung down and tickled the spots still wet from the snake like tongue flicking out and taking long strokes up and down the delectable throat as it made low murmuring sounds that turned Heero on even more.

Biting lightly on the fair skin caused the writhing creature below to jump wide eyed and scream out.

"God Heero!"

Repeating the process again made Duo whimper and whine like a puppy before his meal and buck like a mule.

/Do you wanna touch me there, where/

Never letting the boy catch a single breath, Heero traveled on, thirsting for a taste of every part of the longhaired boy pined underneath his body.

Feeling that he would never win the little game of Want and Need, Duo tried to find a way to fight back. Rubbing his covered arousal against the fine tuned thigh and then slightly up till it forced the Asian boy to shake.

"Ah, Duo no fair!"

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

Taking matters into his own hands, literary; Duo began is assault as he laid down large long claw marks down the other's back, eliciting a low groan as Heero began to nibble on the American's shell pink nipples.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

Groaning and moaning began to echo against the walls as the two began to slide against each other for friction. Heero grabbed the other's shoulders and pushed him deeper in to the bed as he bent down to capture that panting mouth again.

Slender fingers brushed down dark headed boy's back and began to hook under the elastic waistband and gently massaged the taught globes of flesh, causing Heero to arch up.

"Mmm…Duo…don't stop!"

/Do you wanna touch me there, where
There, yeah/

Not wanting his lover to stop the delicious friction against himself, Duo buried his nails into the dark flesh and groaned as Heero rubbed his naked ribs.

"Heero! I can't hold on!" The thrusts became more frantic as they slid across each other's clothed erections.

/Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah/

Feeling that familiar burning down below, Heero sensed the wash of white over his vision as the sweat perfumed silky skin beneath him fueled his need to go over the edge.

Duo spasmed underneath him and screamed at the top of his lungs as the orgasm tore through his body and left him like a rag doll as Heero felt his own rip through his body.

/Every girl an' boy
Needs a little joy/

Pushing himself from under the lump, Duo grumbled something about his boxers not being very absorbent and padded of to the bathroom to get a new pair as his stomach grumbled.

Opening his blue eyes, Heero grunted as he felt the warmth beside him gone and wondered to the kitchen. Looking through the cabinets, he grabbed a large bottle of some caramel colored liquid and a small box of strawberries. Taking his stash, Heero hopped up the steps and opened his bedroom door.

/All you do is sit an' stare/

Again, in his natural perch, Duo stared at the Asian boy with curiosity. "Okay, what did you do now?"

A broad smile came across Heero's face as he placed a strawberry on his outstretched tongue and began to chew. "Want some?"

"Of course, then I want you for desert."

"You got to beg for them." A sly smirk grew as he held the bottle behind his back and the pale red fruit above his lover's head.

/Beggin' on my knees/

Getting up with a small pout, Duo began the game and knew how to get what he wanted.

Heero sat down on the bed and opened his legs to let Duo slide between with each small hand on his knees.

Batting his long dark lashes and opening his swollen lips, his tongue darted out for the sweet fruit and licked the hand that feed him. Chewing slightly and making small moans, Duo watched carefully as Heero's groin began to slightly grow before him. After swallowing the treat, the longhaired boy blew over the still moist shorts and watched as the Asian boy began to bite his lip.

"You're not playing fair koi."

"You know I don't follow rules."

/Baby, won't you please
Run your fingers through my hair/

As Duo stretched his neck to grab the piece of fruit his lover gently massaged the powder soft hair and lifted a small train of it to his nose.

Loving the ministrations, Duo nuzzled the hand and purring like an over sized kitten.

/My, my, my
Whiskey and rye/

Getting the bottle of Whiskey out, Heero poured a small amount on the strawberries. His eyes caught sight of a very interested lover as he placed the saturated fruit to his lips and bit into it. Groaning thinking that he was being ignored, Duo began to play with the elastic band of Heero's shorts.

"You want something?"

Shaking his head yes, "Um hm…" Slowly pulling them out, he exposed the weeping head, causing Heero is hiss out. "Mmm…want you." The long stained red tongue came out and danced a circle over the strained cock.

/Don't it make you feel so fine/

Heero fell over on the bed with his feet still planted firmly on the floor as the longhaired Shinigami stripped him of his remaining clothing.

Duo loved to look of his pale hand wrapped around the deep red erection, and enjoyed the feeling as it passed his lips and swirled his around his tongue and the sheer pleasure that ran across his lover's face.

The strong essence of Heero stroked his nose as he began to go farther and farther down, bobbing his head and running his hand along with a grueling pace.

/Right or wrong
Don't it turn you on/

Head swimming and his erection totally taken in the moist cavern of his koi's mouth, Heero was basking in more erotic energy rushing over him then his little excursion in the shower or rough play Duo and himself finished earlier.

But now it was different then anything he experienced. The rough tongue sliding and gripping as his lush lips wrapped around his cock and came up with a small popping noise. Duo's right hand kept a constant pace as his left fondled the straining balls.

"Oh Duo-sama!" Heero's head was a wash as he felt the touching tides of his orgasm ready to fall over him when everything stopped.

/Can't you see we're wastin' time, yeah/

"Du…Duo! Why?"

Licking his lips and crawling over the shaking form, "Do you want me Heero-kun?"

"Oh Kami-sama, hai Duo! I want you so bad."

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

"Good, I want you to fuck me Heero."

The fire blue eyes began to darken and turn a shade of deep amethyst.

"Anything you want and more." He kissed the ruby lips and began to peel off the offending boxers.

Gazing down, Heero took the hard erection and kissed the tip-causing Duo to gasp loudly.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

Enjoying this new form of bare skin, he began to lick the roughed up hairs down and trace the long winding pathways of veins on the thick muscle. Heero could taste the slight hint of apple soap and the pure sexual pre cum forming at the tip of his newfound toy. Not wanting to leave this area of pleasure, Heero opened his nightstand to produce a small bottle of baby oil.

Giving his partner a strange look, Duo pointed to the bottle; "So you been planing on jumping my bones?"

"I keep it for my hands baka."

/Do you wanna touch me there, where/

Kneeling between the tender white thighs, Heero began to trace his finger up and down the shaft as he maneuvered a slicked finger passed his love's quaking ring and being sucked up to his knuckles. Preceding the first finger, Heero pressed the second one through, stretching the wrinkled flesh out a bit, then forcing a third through. Massaging the rippling inner walls, he hit something that caused the boy to choke and gasp for air as he bucked down harder on the intruding digits.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

"So, you like that?" Heero thrusted his hand again as he licked the salty tip of his lover's wet arousal.

"Erm…my…Gawd…HEERO!" Duo's body began to shudder and squirm as his arms flew up above his head, and moving the incredible large mass of dark locks.

/Do you wanna touch (Yeah)/

Enjoying the wanton display of his Duo, he pulled out with a small suction noise as he took the bottle to coat his own erection. The American whimpered at the loss, but began to moan at the gorgeous sight of his Heero stroking his own bobbing cock with the clear oil.

/Do you wanna touch me there, where/

Taking the slender leg over his shoulder and one wrapped around his waist, Heero silently gave Duo the signal receiving a small nod and a twinkling eye.

Taking the slim hips, the Asian pilot began to slip the crown through the tight ring and watch for any pain. Duo rose off the bed with a low chanting of Heero's name over and over causing the boy to slide in further and further into the silken tunnel that rubbed and pulled on his arousal like a vacuum.

"Oh Heero, you feel so good…." His voice trailed off with a long groaning sigh.

"You too koibito." Heero threw back his head and began to slowly move out and slam back in causing the longhaired beauty to bounce on his lap and grunt as the soft slapping filled in the soundless voids.

Heero lost all recollection of when the pace changed from simple and slow to forceful and fast as he pounded into the screaming body.

"Oh Heero please!" Crying out as he tightened his legs around the thrusting body and grasping the bed sheets like a lifeline. Hearing Duo calling out to be touched, the Asian pilot grasped the bouncing cock in front of him and gave a gentle squeeze. That was enough for Duo to shudder and cry out one last time, spilling a trail of white ribbon across Heero's hand and over his chest.

The tight tunnel began to vibrate and squeeze around his arousal till he couldn't do anything but thrust one more time till floods of white lights shone around him as Duo's body milked him of his seed and energy.

/There, yeah/

Falling on top of the sweet body beneath him, Heero pushed himself up and cradled the still shuttering form.

"Heero…that was…"


Snuggling further into the sweat streaked blankets, their arms twisted in a sweet embrace.



"Where are the strawberries? I'm hungry."

"I think they are under us."


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