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Boy Next Door


Dedication: for the Fablespinner, from her gorgeous pic

Quatre wandered around in his elaborate backyard, admiring the flowers that everyone else seemed to ignore. Why did his parents pay so much money to the gardeners when they never came out here to enjoy the results? He especially liked it out here now, when stormclouds were gathering, and the sky took on that eerie pre-storm glow. Summer thunderstorms were incredible, the warm rain and thunder caressing him, the air heavy with moisture, almost like it was alive. The trees were a heavy canopy, and the rain wouldn't penetrate unless it was really energetic. He loved to watch the rain from underneath them.

He frowned as an unfamiliar grinding nose interfered with his enjoyment of
the faraway thunder. It sounded like a large truck, and nearby. After a
moment of listening he decided it was coming from next door. It looked like
the new neighbors were moving in. The truck sounds stopped, and he heard
voices. Then the sounds of boxes being moved, and Quatre lost interest. He
sat back and daydreamed. He had a favorite one he liked to think about when he sat out here under the trees. It was about a gorgeous wood nymph he dreamed he would discover one day, half naked and cavorting in the garden. Not an unusual fantasy for a teenage boy; except the nymph in his dream was male. Quatre smiled to himself as he pictured a tall, brown-haired boy, lithe and graceful.

Quatre was startled out of his pleasant thoughts by the unmistakable sounds of someone in the next yard. Frowning to himself, he decided to be nosy and have a peek at the new neighbors. Probably just some middle-aged yuppies like before, getting ready to breed, wanting a nice cozy nest in the suburbs. There weren't any other kids his age in the neighborhood; not that he would have associated with them if there were. They wouldn't understand him. He crept up to the brick fence that separated the two yards. At almost an acre each, the backyards almost couldn't be called yards, but he thought of them that way. Footholds in the brick were easy, and Quatre clambered up the side easily, slowly peeking over the top. The rain was still falling, but he tried to ignore it. He searched the surrounding area; the landscaping next door was almost as lush as his own. He was sure he had heard someone. Then he saw...

The nymph from his dream was real, and was no more than 10 feet from him. Quatre stared, stunned, as a tall, slim vision danced before him, getting drenched in the summer downpour, oblivious. Brown hair, a look of rapture on a handsome face, clad in nothing but tiny cutoff shorts that were... Quatre remembered to breathe... unzipped. The boy danced, worshipping the rain as it flowed over his muscular body, his drenched shorts barely clinging to his lithe hips. The little shorts rode so low on those hips that Quatre could see hipbones, and lower... he licked his lips and nearly lost his balance. The boy danced to an unheard beat, and when he raised his arms over his head, turning around, Quatre let out an involuntary moan. He realized at that point that he was hard as a rock from watching the boy.

He hadn't thought he was that loud, but the brown-haired boy spun around
nevertheless. His eyes lit immediately upon Quatre's golden blond head, and his eyes narrowed. The nymph-boy glared at him, and Quatre felt disappointed that he had disturbed him. The boy stood, hands on hips, and Quatre could see that the boy's small brown nipples were both pierced, as was his bellybutton and ears. Gold hoops sparkled everywhere, and Quatre couldn't help wonder if the boy was pierced anywhere else. This thought and the fact that he had been found out finally caught up to him, and he blushed. "Uh... hi?" he stammered, unused to interacting with boys his age yet driven to say something.

The boy stared at him for a long moment, then his expression softened. "Don't you know it's rude to stare?" he demanded, a touch of an unidentifiable accent gilding his voice.

Quatre tried not to melt at the richness of the beautiful boy's voice, and
felt reckless. "I couldn't help it. You're beautiful."

The boy stared back, looking shocked, as Quatre clambered up to sit on the top of the stone wall, perching there delicately. "You look like an angel,"
the brown-haired boy whispered, then covered his mouth, blushing.

Quatre giggled, looking down at himself. It was true, he did like to wear
white... he really liked this boy. Angel and nymph, it was like a world of
their own out here, where no one else could intrude. A ray of sunlight broke
through the thinning clouds, illuminating them while the rain continued to
fall lightly. Quatre clapped his hands delightedly. "A sunshower!"

"What?" the nymph looked confused.

Quatre jumped down off the wall, landing delicately next to the other boy. "A sunshower is when the sun comes out while it's still raining. It's one of my favorite things."

The brown-haired boy stepped closer to Quatre, and the blond was thrilled to see how tall the other boy was. He looked down and said, "I didn't know the word, but it's pretty. Like you," he added.

Emboldened, Quatre stepped even closer to the other boy. "I like you," he
breathed, and ran a finger down the other boy's wet chest, stopping just at
the navel ring.

"I like you too," replied the brown-haired boy, bringing up a hand to
tentatively touch Quatre's silken blond hair. The blond boy lifted his other
hand up to hold the other boy's hand where it was. He stepped closer, and
pressed against the taller boy. Quatre loved the feel of the hard muscles
against him. He wanted to feel more, so he pulled back enough to pull off his white t-shirt. Now he was dressed only in silky white pants. He pressed back against Trowa's chest, and almost gasped at the heat that seemed to radiate from the taller boy. His skin burned, even though he was still damp. Quatre was drawn to that heat; he needed to feel more.

The brown-haired boy ran his hands down the blond boy's back, caressing the soft skin gently. He was almost afraid to break the delicate boy. "What's your name?" he whispered, pulling him closer.

"Quatre," murmured the blond boy, breathing in the other boy's scent. "What's yours?"

"Trowa," he answered, and bent down just enough to graze his lips over
Quatre's. The blond boy melted into it, pushing back and deepening the
contact into a real kiss. He opened his mouth, and let his tongue trace
Trowa's full lips; the other boy opened his mouth as well, and Quatre's
tongue slipped inside.

At the feeling of the other boy's tongue in his mouth, Trowa tightened his
grip on him. He pulled Quatre closer, pressing their bodies together as much as possible, feeling that the other boy wanted him too. The hardness against his thigh told him everything he needed to know; his own answering length throbbed from the contact.

Quatre moaned softly and buried his hands in Trowa's soft brown hair, holding tight, not wanting to break the kiss, ever. The feeling of the warm, hard body against him was intoxicating, and he was afraid if he let go, the
magical nymph would disappear back into the trees from whence he came, never to return. Finally, their mouths had to part; both boys stared deep into each other's eyes, green to blue.

"What are we doing?" Quatre asked softly.

"Whatever we want," declared Trowa, and took the other boy's mouth in another searing kiss. The pace increased, and caresses became more insistent. Trowa slid a hand inside the other boy's silky pants to cup the curve of the firm ass. "Tell me what you want."

"You," Quatre replied simply, shivering from the other boy's hands on him.

"Have you ever..." Trowa trailed off, asking a question with his eyes.

Quatre hung his head, and whispered, "No," then he looked up, directly into
Trowa's eyes, and said, "But I want to, so badly." It was true; he was
devastated to still be a virgin at 16. "Have you?"

"Yes," Trowa admitted. "But never with anyone as beautiful as you."

Quatre smiled up at Trowa. "Show me," he asked, and gently touched one of the nipple rings. This made the other boy gasp, and Trowa's hands tightened on Quatre's skin. He did it again, now playing with both golden rings. "Does it hurt?" Quatre asked.

"No, not at all," Trowa answered. "It feels good. The rings make them more
sensitive. I'll show you." He bent his head down and flicked his tongue over
the blonde's nipple before biting it gently.

"Ooooh," breathed Quatre, a lance of pure pleasure going straight to his
arousal. "That feels good."

Trowa continued, giving the same attention to the other nipple, until Quatre
was moaning low in his throat. Trowa's cock pulsed as he saw the blond's hand steal to his own arousal, rubbing himself through the thin white material. "Trowa... it hurts..."

Trowa looked at Quatre with worry; he didn't want to hurt the other boy. But
then he saw what the blond boy meant; he meant that his cock was so hard it was painful. Trowa could see the moisture that stained the white pants; poor Quatre needed release. "I can help you with that," smiled Trowa, moving the other boy's hand and untying the string of the pants. He slid the thin pants off, and the other boy stepped out of them, leaving him naked and aroused.

"Trowa," Quatre whispered, as the taller boy gazed at him. "Touch me, please."

Trowa stepped forward, struck by the blond's ethereal beauty, almost afraid
to touch him. Quatre indeed looked like an angel, but a sexual one. No
renaissance angel had ever looked like this, with his lean muscles and
glistening hard cock. But Quatre needed him, and he knelt before the other
boy, taking the rock hard arousal in his hand. He felt Quatre take a
shuddering breath as he touched him. The hard flesh in his hand pulsed, and Trowa stroked slowly. The sounds that the blond boy made in response made his blood boil. His own neglected arousal tortured him, but Quatre's need surpassed his. Trowa was determined to make the boy's first experience with ecstasy an unforgettable one. He had just met the mysterious blond boy and he already felt a connection with him.

The taller boy pulled gently on the erection before him, bringing it to his
mouth. Quatre looked down and held his breath as his sensitive arousal
approached Trowa's mouth. Then the tongue flicked out, and he whimpered as the other boy tasted his excitement. It wasn't enough stimulation to ease his need, and he wanted more. Her bucked his hips gently, and panted, "Please, Trowa..."

Trowa smiled and took pity on the aroused blond. Gently, he twirled his
tongue around the tip of Quatre's cock, tasting the sweet nectar, then slowly lowered his mouth over the burning length.

Quatre cried out as the wet heat enveloped the center of his world. Never in
his life had he imagined such a feeling. "Trowa!" he cried out, almost losing
his mind from the sensation.

Trowa knew that the inexperienced boy wouldn't last long. He could taste
Quatre's excitement, and felt the boy tremble beneath his hands and mouth. He knew that prolonging the agony for Quatre would just frustrate him, so Trowa wrapped one hand around the base of Quatre's cock. He moved his mouth and hand in concert, and soon Quatre's hands were buried in his hair, and the slim hips bucked, trying to drive his cock deeper into the exquisite mouth.

Quatre was an animal, a creature of need, and the pleasure emanating from his cock was his whole world. He felt a tightening, an approaching wave, and he surrendered to it willingly. "Oh, Trowa!" the blond boy gasped, thrusting once more before he felt hot seed flow from his hardness into Trowa's waiting mouth. "Oh, oh, oh," he continued as pulse after pulse of his virgin ecstasy pulsed out.

Trowa swallowed every drop of Quatre's passion, savoring the pure taste of
the untouched boy. The other boy's cries made his passion rise higher; he
wanted to do everything to him. He licked at Quatre's cock, which was still
rock hard. The other boy's hands tightened in his hair, and then Quatre sank to his knees beside Trowa.

Trowa devoured Quatre's mouth hungrily, thrusting his tongue eagerly inside
the blond boy's mouth. Giving the other boy pleasure had inflamed his desire. He felt Quatre moan in his mouth as he tasted himself.

Quatre allowed Trowa access to his mouth, as he wanted to give the other boy access to everything. The taste of his own passion in Trowa's mouth reminded him that he had just climaxed in another boy's mouth, and that made him want to do more wanton things.

Trowa pulled back, and looked at the flushed beauty before him. Quatre's lips were kiss-bruised, cheeks pink and eyes glazed. The smaller boy was panting, and Trowa's heart pounded as he watched Quatre's pink tongue flick out to moisten his lips. "Quatre... did you like that?"

Quatre nodded, not trusting his voice. He licked his lips again, fascinated
with Trowa's handsome face.

"I can show you more," offered Trowa gently, not wanting to push the smaller boy but unable to ignore his aching arousal.

He needn't have worried; Quatre nodded immediately, and launched himself at Trowa. He wrapped his arms around the taller boy and kissed him again, hard. Trowa held him easily, and they wiggled around until Quatre was straddling Trowa's lap. Both boys gasped as their erections rubbed together. Trowa wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, pulling him as close as possible. They rocked against each other, and Quatre loved the feeling of Trowa's rough shorts against his nakedness. He suddenly decided he needed to touch the other boy.

Trowa threw his head back as he felt the blond boy's hands snake between them and try to slide into the front of his shorts. He couldn't quite manage it, though, and Trowa gasped, "Wait, Quatre..." He stood up and placed the
smaller boy on his feet, and quickly grabbed a towel and tube that the other
boy hadn't noticed before. Quatre watched eagerly as Trowa spread out the
towel before straightening and sliding his shorts off quickly. Now they both
stood, naked and hard, and Trowa beckoned to the other boy. "Now we're ready to start," he breathed, and they resumed their positions, the blond
straddling the other boy's lap, with no barriers this time.

They kissed again, harder this time, as their tenderness was dissolved by
need. When the kiss finished this time, they were both panting. Trowa decided to move things along. He wanted to make Quatre his. "Quatre," he whispered, looking deep into aqua depths, "I want to be inside you."

Quatre bit his lip as the other boy's words sent another lance of desire
through his body. "Yes, I want that, please," he begged. "Just tell me what
to do."

"I'll do all the work, just enjoy, pretty one," Trowa answered, and showed
Quatre the tube of hypoallergenic sunscreen he held. He explained what he had to do with it, and Quatre's eyes grew wide, but he nodded. And Trowa began.

Quatre's moans got louder and louder as Trowa prepared him, and soon he was squirming with need on Trowa's lap, spreading his legs apart as far as
possible and gripping the taller boy's shoulders for dear life. "Am I ready
yet, Trowa?" the blond gasped breathlessly.

It wasn't easy for Trowa to be patient either; the smaller boy's cries and
perfect body tempted him to hurry. His cock ached with denied desire.
Finally, he withdrew his fingers, and heard the other boy whimper as he
watched him lubricate his rock hard arousal. He looked deep into Quatre's
eyes, and smiled softly. "You're ready."

Quatre nodded, and Trowa lifted the smaller boy. The blond realized what
Trowa wanted, and he raised his body so that Trowa could position himself
underneath him. He moaned as he felt the other boy's thick length press
against his opening. The pressure alone sent aches up and down his spine.
"Yes, Trowa," he begged, and he felt the other boy's hardness enter him.

Trowa gripped the smaller boy's hips, biting his lip as he tried to slowly
lower the virginal boy onto his erection. He wanted only pure pleasure for
Quatre. The boy's tight body gripped him, and yielded slowly to his invading
length. It was exquisite torture, but it felt so good. Finally Quatre sat on
his lap again, fully impaled on Trowa.

Quatre's breath came in shallow pants, not from pain but from the newness of the feeling. He squirmed around, and he gasped as Trowa's cock stroked him from the inside. "Oh, Trowa, so good..." he murmured, almost unable to speak.

An involuntary gasp came from Trowa as the blond boy wiggled, unwittingly
caressing the cock deep inside him with his inner walls. He gripped Quatre's slim hips as hard as he dared, trying to regain control of his desire. He watched the other boy's face, marveling at Quatre's beauty. The blond boy's head was thrown back, his perfect mouth open, as he experienced everything for the first time. Trowa lay back on the towel, and lifted Quatre just slightly. The he made a small, shallow thrust back inside, and watched the other boy's reaction.

Quatre looked down at the beautiful boy he was straddling, thinking that
Trowa looked even more exotic now. Then he thrust within him, and he moaned low in his throat. "Oh, Trowa... do that again..."

Trowa lifted Quatre again, thrusting deeper, and Quatre let out a keening
sound. "Yes... Trowa... more..." Then he realized something; he could lift
himself up and down on Trowa's cock, driving the other boy deep inside him
over and over. Faster and faster, Quatre bounced up and down on Trowa's cock, thrilling at the feelings it gave him.

Trowa was amazed at the way Quatre learned so quickly; he was soon fighting to keep from climaxing too soon. The blond boy found a perfect rhythm, leaning forward so that the arousal inside him hit the perfect spot each time. "Oh Quatre..." sighed Trowa, closing his eyes in rapture.

Finally, Trowa decided to recapture control; he began to thrust upward in
time with the blond boy's movements, deepening the strokes. He watched the effect on Quatre, knowing how his thrusts would sharpen the pleasure for the other boy. Indeed, he could feel the smaller boy's movements falter, as the ecstasy overwhelmed him. "Let me," murmured Trowa, and he placed his hands on the blonde's hips, holding them still as he thrust upward into that tight heat.

Quatre leaned forward, supporting himself on his hands, hips raised so that
Trowa could pound into him with abandon. "Oh, god, Trowa..." he gasped, no longer having to concentrate on rhythm. He just enjoyed.

Trowa thrust up, biting his lip at the sheer friction that caressed his
length. Quatre was so tight, so hot, so perfect... he was rapidly losing
control. Looking up, he watched Quatre's angelic face twist with passion,
framed by the lush garden that surrounded him. That brought home the fact
that they were doing this, making love, right out in the open, in the back
yard. No one had ever made him feel this wanton, ever. Quatre went straight
to his libido, made him forget all else. These thoughts made his passion rise even higher, until he knew it would be over soon. "Quatre..." he managed to gasp, as he slid one hand between their bodies and sought out the other boy's hardness.

Quatre almost screamed when he felt Trowa's hand stroke his cock. He loved the feeling of the other boy deep inside him, but adding this new sensation pushed him over the edge. His body tightened, and he climaxed again. But this time it was even more incredible; Trowa's cock deep inside him magnified the pleasure he felt, and he screamed his lover's name to the trees.

Watching and feeling the blonde's completion, Trowa held out as long as he
could; but one more thrust into Quatre's tightening body was all he could
manage. He made sure Quatre had his satisfaction first. Then, he cried out
the other boy's name, and surrendered to the most intense climax of his young life. On and on, the pleasure gripped him; over and over he emptied his desire into Quatre's willing body.

Trowa had dreaded another move, another new neighborhood; but after today he knew he had found a place to call home. And as he collapsed on his new lover's chest, Quatre realized that maybe this neighborhood wasn't so bad after all.

+the end

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