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What Are Dreams And What Are Nightmares If The Waking Hours Are Filled With 

Duo no Miko


Warning: This Gundam Wing fanfic contains hardcore yaoi. Please do not read it 
if you are offended by gay sex. 
Note: I'm probably way off on some the characters, but I'd like to believe that 
Heero isn't the unemotional person he is and that Duo is just hiding his true 
feelings underneath that always smiling face of his.


I don't remember anything...It was just cold, so cold... a flash of blue-white light struck my eyes. Heero? Was that Heero? A figure hazed by fog. I hear a hiss, and turn to see Shinigami's blazing scythe cut me in half. Pain...unbearable pain...I cried out. I could feel arms around me...I dared to open my eyes...Heero? He was cradling me, caressing my face...I don't understand...


Blackness all around me. Was I awake, or dreaming?  Does it matter? Blackness is all I see...but Heero?

I bolted up...a dream...was that all it was?

"You're hurt. Lie down."

Heero. He stared at me, unreadable eyes holding mine. "What? What Happened?" I managed to say.

"You're hurt." Was all he said. Then he turned and left the room. Just as  usual...couldn't get him to say more than two words.  I craned my neck. Ow! My neck...I must really be hurt. I noticed bandages 
wrapped around my chest and left shoulder. Wonderful... 


I tried to get up, clenching my teeth so I wouldn't scream out. I headed towards  the mirror, pain reverberating throughout my body with every step. I looked at  my reflection. Hell. I looked like hell.  I was covered in blood and soot, an ugly purple bruise below my left eye, and my  arms were scarred with scrapes and bruises...heh...I grinned, even my hair 
looked bad, much of it's length clumped together by dirt and my blood.

...ugh...what was happening?!? I felt light-headed all of a sudden...all I could  see was a blur. What was that? A creak? The door? "Duo!" was all I heard before I collapsed into nothingness, caught by small, but  strong arms. 

I woke to the sound of running water. Blinking, I saw that I was curled up on an  old, worn couch, my naked body covered by a tatted woolen blanket. I was sore  all over. Unthinking, I reached up to touch my face, grimacing when a sharp pain  shot through my flesh. Idiot. You got a nasty bruise remember? I saw Heero out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look at him. He almost  looked serene, standing there, a slight smile playing upon his lips, eyelids  half closed. As if feeling my eyes on him, he raised his half closed eyes,  meeting my eyes with his intense gaze. Slowly, he walked towards me. I followed  the movement of his slim legs until he came to a stop, inches from me. He  frowned and wiped some soot from my forehead. He put an arm around my body, trying to help me rise. Slowly, cursing all the while, I was able to get up. 

Heero led me towards an adjoining room. Water was running in the bath. I felt Heero's fingers on my back, loosening my bandages until they fell on the cold, hard, floor. I felt his hands unraveling  my dirt-caked braid.

"Get in." He motioned to the tub.

Trying to avoid further pain, I slipped one leg over the side, and then the other. Sitting in the tub, I felt water pouring over my hair, washing away all the dirt, all the blood. Heero kneeled down beside me. He poured water all over me, silently, gently, wiping away the blood and soot with a washcloth. I heard 
the squeeze of a shampoo bottle, and then Heero's hands were on my scalp. Nimble fingers working, massaging circles into my hair.

"Do you use up a whole bottle every time you do this?"

Heero startled me out of the trance he created. I smiled, "Do you think it's easy to have hair like this?"

"Waste of time..." he whispered, his fingers worked their way to the base of my neck. His hot breath sending shivers through me. He started to remove his 

"Wha?" I said in surprise.

He only smiled as he climbed into the tub. Hovering over my body, Heero slowly lifted my chin. His lips touched mine. My eyes flew open. I felt his wet tongue tracing my lips. I opened my mouth to protest, but his tongue silenced mine before I had even the chance to utter a sound. Twisting, rubbing against each other, our tongues interlocked. I felt a strange shiver, almost a longing pass through me as I wrapped my arms around Heero's neck, to press his tongue deeper into my throat. He explored every crevice in my mouth. I felt a bolt of pleasure every time his tongue caressed mine. I returned his pleasure. I placed my tongue far into his throat. His hands gripped my lathered hair; I felt his body tense 
against mine. Slowly, I withdrew my tongue from his hot mouth. With his right hand, Heero lifted my chin and began to place soft kisses on my neck.

A soft moan escaped my lips; encouraged, Heero's tongue emerged from his lips and began drawing spiral patterns on my neck. I moaned louder as he moved to my right earlobe, gently gnawing on the tender flesh. I clenched my fists as he repeatedly touched the crevices in my ear with the tip of his moist tongue.

"Heero..." I whispered, but his reply only came as a hot wave of breath in my ear. It was enough. I could hardly imagine Heero being this tender in the past, 
but now I know how foolish I was to think that he could not have feelings or needs.

Suddenly, I felt Heero's hands on my thighs, encouraging them apart. He placed his body between my legs, my hot sex against his smooth chest. His hands went to my hair, forcing my head back. Again his tongue touched my neck, this time 
slowly working its way down to my chest until it reached my left nipple. I felt teeth graze it, then Heero sucked hard, and then harder, forcing my nipple to become hard and perked. Satisfied with his work, Heero moved to my right nipple, again grazing it with his teeth and sucking hard. Heero moved down to my navel, teasing it with his tongue, all the while keeping his fingers on my nipples, lightly kneading them. I moaned yet again as waves of pleasure rocked my body. 

My sex started to ache with need. Heero laughed softly as he felt me grow hard and hot against his taut chest.

He withdrew his hands from my chest. I felt him tickling the soft hairs around my shaft. "Heero..." I moaned, " it..."

"Not yet." he replied.

How could he be so cruel? Teasing me like this?
His hands moved to my shaft, gently rubbing the base and slowly working their way to the tip. Heero rubbed his index finger back and forth playfully across the slit. I cried out in agony, as I gripped the sides of the tub. I felt his hot breath on my sex. He took my whole length in, gently sucking on my shaft. I groaned with intense pleasure. Heero withdrew his mouth. I was puzzled until I felt him nibbling on my sex. He bit the tip of my shaft lightly and again 
surrounded my sex with his mouth. His tongue lapped at my shaft. I grew even harder until I could no longer stand it. I gripped Heero's hair as he began to squeeze my shaft against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. Heero placed his hands on my buttocks and rhythmically squeezed them and my shaft in unison. I could no longer stand it as hot semen exploded from my penis. I cried out as waves of intense, dizzying pleasure pulsed through my quivering body. 

Heero swallowed me. 

Satisfied, Heero leaned back. I ignored my body's soreness as I moved forward, my still- lathered hair brushing across his chest. I placed my lips on his, 
tasting my seed in his mouth. My hands gripped his hair and pressed his lips even closer to mine. I drew back, feeling Heero run his fingers through my hair. 
I held his gaze for a moment. I saw him smile and close his eyelids, as I descended on him, draping my hair around his neck and chest. I moved up and 
down, rubbing my still wet sex against his. I heard a soft cry escape Heero's lips. I placed my face against his warm chest, gently suckling his right nipple until I felt it grow hard. I traced the wrinkled skin with my tongue, drawing circles. A low groan rumbled from deep in Heero's throat. He wrapped an arm around me and used his other hand to weave through my scalp. Electric sensations passed through my hair, traveling to every part of my body. 

Smiling, I slide down to his navel, nuzzling it with my nose. I brush my lips against it, and continue to slide down. I reach Heero's beautiful cock and take it into my mouth. I place my hands on Heero's thighs, slowly moving them up and down. I start to suck gently, and feel Heero start to harden, his breathing becoming irregular. I graze my teeth slowly over his shaft, moving it in and out of my mouth. My tongue laps at the hole at the tip of his shaft, gently at first, and then harder, and harder still. Heero's sex swells to its full size. I place an arm around his waist and with the other, I probe for the hole between Heero's tight buttocks. I penetrate it with my index finger and move my finger in and out as I take Heero's full length in, sucking it as hard as I can. I feel Heero grip my shoulders, fingers digging into my flesh...his breathing becoming labored. He finally lets out a cry and I feel his seed burst into my mouth. I let it run all over my tongue until I swallow it, feeling the warm fluid travel down my throat. 

I withdraw, exhausted. I place my arms around Heero's body and I lay back down on his chest. I close my eyes for a moment and descend into darkness. 

Everything is black. beautiful instrument of death. I turn to see the green blaze of a scythe cut me in half, but I do not feel pain.
Blackness again. I try to peer into the darkness, but when I see the scythe's wielder, I see only my face and Shinigami' face and Death. I am the wielder of death and blackness.

Blinking, I awake back in the tub. I feel water wash away the lathers in my hair, Heero working his fingers in it. I lean on Heero's chest again, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Do you dream of death too?" I ask. "Do you dream of blackness?"

Heero wraps his arms around me, pressing me to him.
"No." He replies. "No, I don't dream of blackness, I only dream of red...of blood."

I press even closer to Heero's chest. "Why?" I ask. "Why us?"

"If not us then who?" Heero says softly. 

I sigh as I turn to bury my face in Heero's chest, ignoring the sharp pain of my bruise. "At least I'm not alone." I whisper.

Heero lifts my chin with his left hand, I stare into his eyes, so full of pain and love, and see that he is also grateful for a companion in this waking blackness.

--The End.-- 

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