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Traffic Jam




Title: Traffic Jam parts 1-3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warning: yaoi, lemon, exhibitionism, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own them, don't sue me!

Heero gripped the steering wheel tightly and resisted the urge to honk the horn. It was irrational, he thought, it would do no good. There was obviously an accident or some other impediment to the traffic flow ahead, and honking would only serve to annoy the people ahead of him. But it would make me feel better, Heero thought. He sighed. That made no sense. He'd been around the braided baka too long, Heero decided. Briefly, he wished he were in Wing Zero instead of a rented Toyota Camry. Then he could just fly right out of there… Heero almost laughed to himself as he thought, or I could just walk off, stomping on all the cars like Godzilla. Heero realized he was probably losing his mind due to being trapped in a traffic jam with Duo for the past hour. That was the only explanation for these ridiculous thoughts he was having.

Duo, on the other hand, seemed to not mind the wait. He was amusing himself by searching the radio stations for the most annoying music he could find. Then he played with the power windows, locks, and anything else that had a button to push. He had long ago given up trying to engage Mr. Impassive Stone Face in conversation. So now he was amusing himself by trying to drive Heero crazy. By the look of the white knuckles on the steering wheel, he was accomplishing his goal nicely.

Duo decided he was hungry. "I'm hungry, Heero! Can we stop and get something?"

"No." Heero stared resolutely ahead. "If we pull off now, we'll never get there."

"But we're not moving anyway," Duo pointed out.

"The traffic could clear up any time," Heero replied.

Duo snorted. "Yeah, right. And I'm gonna starve to death and die of boredom at the same time. You're not much fun, Heero."

Heero didn't bother to answer.

Duo sighed, then brightened when he realized that he still had some candy in his backpack. Gleefully, Duo looked around for his backpack. The back seat!

Unbuckling his seat belt, Duo turned around, got on his knees, and leaned over the back to get at his backpack. He rummaged around for a bit.

Wondering what the braided baka was up to, Heero glanced over and was treated to the sight of Duo's ass wiggling around as he searched. Duo's shirt had pulled up and a smooth expanse of creamy skin was now visible. Heero gripped the steering wheel tighter, resisting the urge to grab that lovely ass. His spandex suddenly seemed too tight as he flashed back to last night's dream, which featured Duo in an apron and not much else. The dreams became more vivid when he was on a mission with the longhaired boy. Last night, he had had to get up before Duo woke to take care of his… problem. Usually he could control his impulses during the day, but Duo's proximity and the slow-moving traffic were making him lose his hard-won control.

"Baka. Sit down and buckle your seat belt," Heero growled.

"Oh, man, Heero. We're not even moving. I fly a freaking Gundam for a living. I don't need a seat belt," complained Duo while still hanging over the seat.

Heero didn't dignify this with an answer.

"Oh! I forgot I had these! Hey, Heero, want a bottle pop?" Duo held up something that looked like a miniature baby's bottle as he settled back into the seat.

"I don't think so," Heero replied dubiously.

"No, really, it's good," Duo said enthusiastically. He demonstrated. "See, this top part is like a sucker, and you dip it in this candy powder, like this, and suck it off."

Heero's eyes widened slightly as Duo showed him how he ate the candy.

"Want some? I got more," Duo smiled.

Heero said, "No, thank you," but thought, oh great, now I have to watch you eat it. This is not going to be easy.

Heero tried to keep his eyes on the stationary traffic in front of them, but unfortunately he had very good peripheral vision. He could clearly see Duo stick out his pink tongue and delicately lick the pop before plunging it deep into his mouth and sucking enthusiastically. Heero groaned inwardly as Duo made small happy sounds as he sucked. This was not helping him alleviate his arousal. Part of Heero's mind supplied him with an image of Duo doing the same thing to him, sucking and licking his hardness. Heero tried to unobtrusively rearrange himself so his arousal was not painfully constricted.

Duo, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying himself. He was feeding his sugar craving while having his own little private fantasy about what he'd rather be sucking on. In his mind, he kneeled in front of Heero, and gently pulled down the spandex pants. Of course, Heero wore no underwear. Duo slowly licked Heero's arousal from base to tip, then swirled his tongue around the tip… Duo kept glancing over at Heero as he sucked, imagining how much he would like to see that beautiful face twist with passion, those cobalt eyes clouded with need… With a start, Duo realized those cobalt eyes were staring directly back at him. Caught in the middle of his fantasy, Duo giggled as he tried to cover his erection and his embarrassment. "What?" Duo managed to say.

"What are you doing?" Heero asked. He had been watching Duo make love to his candy, when he realized the longhaired boy was staring at him while he sucked, and his other hand… was in his lap, rubbing… Heero was confused.

"Um… eating my candy?" Duo tried.

"That's not what I meant," Heero scowled at Duo.

"What do you mean, then?" Duo tried his most innocent look.

"Duo…" Heero growled. Duo could be so frustrating. But he had him this time. Heero could see that Duo was trying to hide his arousal, unsuccessfully. "That," Heero stated bluntly, pointing to Duo's lap.

Heero nearly snickered as he watched the emotions warring on Duo's face. Duo settled for blushing furiously. Duo dropped his eyes, looking anywhere but into Heero's steely gaze. Which left him staring right at Heero's crotch, where the other boy was also hiding something. Something large. Duo suppressed a snicker. Et tu, Heero? He decided to take the offensive.

Unbuckling again, Duo clambered over to Heero's side of the car, leaning directly across Heero and making sure to grope him as much as possible. Yes, sighting confirmed. Heero was hard as a rock. Houston, we have wood. "Look, Heero! Over there! A video arcade!"

Heero squirmed frantically, trying to avoid Duo's roving hands. "Omae o korosu! Get off me!" He pushed at Duo, but the braided boy was now firmly wedged between Heero and the steering wheel.

Duo grinned maniacally. The thought that the lustful feelings he had for Heero might be returned made him even more aroused and determined to do something about it. Duo turned around, and sat down, putting him in Heero's lap. There was just barely enough room between Heero and the steering wheel. Making sure he was making as much contact as possible with Heero's hardness, he looked directly into Heero's eyes from inches away.

"Are you sure you want me to get off, He-ero?" Duo said in a lilting voice, emphasizing the words "get off." "Or do you want me to get you off?" Duo wiggled deliberately in Heero's lap as he said this, and he was rewarded by a quiet hiss coming from the cobalt-eyed boy.

Part Two

"Duo..." Heero's voice was close to pleading. Pleading for what, though, even Heero didn't know. All he knew was that Duo, in his opinion the very epitome of sensuality, was sitting in his lap. Torturing him. "This is wrong."

"Why?" Duo said challengingly.

Heero couldn't think of an answer. He was finding it very difficult to think about anything but the beautiful longhaired boy on his lap. And what he wanted to do with him...

"Well, Heero?" Duo asked again. "Why is it wrong?"

Heero gazed deep into violet pools and forgot all the reasons he had told himself, why he and Duo could never... "You're too beautiful," Heero whispered, partly in answer and partly because he had always wanted to tell Duo that.

Duo looked stunned for a moment. Then he kissed Heero. A deep, searing, eternal kiss that left them both nearly breathless when they finally parted. "Oh, Heero," Duo breathed reverently. Duo was sure that if he died now, he would have no regrets. Well, maybe a few, he thought, as Heero's hands found his braid and began to unfasten it almost frantically. Duo reached back and helped, freeing the shining chestnut mass. Duo shook his head, and the flowing locks surrounded him.

Heero just stared at the vision before him. Duo looked even better than in his dreams. His mind refused to accept that this was happening, but his body knew what it wanted to do.

Duo looked deep into the eyes of the boy he had obsessed over for months. The passion he saw there blew his mind. Maybe there was a god...

Heero initiated the kiss this time, and Duo melted into him. Mouths opened and tongues entwined, and the outside world faded away.

The sound of honking horns brought them back to reality.

"Shit!" Heero realized the traffic had begun to move slightly and he was now the one holding up the cars. Looking around Duo, Heero managed to catch up with the line of cars ahead of him. This was also when he realized that their little display was attracting some attention from the neighboring drivers.

Duo giggled and flipped off an old lady who was frowning vehemently in their direction. Scowling, she turned away.

Heero glanced out the window to see two giggling teenage girls in the next car, giving him a thumbs-up. He frowned.

"Duo, we can't..." the longhaired boy silenced Heero with another deep kiss that left him panting; his body's overwhelming need was threatening to overthrow his reason.

"Why not?" demanded Duo.

"We... we're in a car! In public!" Heero stammered.

"So?" Duo smiled. "What better way to pass the time?" And Duo proceeded to kiss Heero's neck. At the same time, Duo dropped his hand to Heero's chest and touched his nipple through his shirt. Duo heard Heero gasp and felt his erection jump against his thigh. "You like that?" Duo slid his hand inside the tank top and pinched the same nipple. Heero moaned and threw his head back, any notion of resisting banished. Pressing against Heero's hardness with his leg, Duo played with the other nipple. He was rewarded with the most erotic moan imaginable, made even better by the fact that it was coming from Heero's incredible mouth.

Carefully, almost shyly, Heero ran his hands over Duo's back and arms. Duo shivered at Heero's touch. "Touch me, Heero," begged Duo. Heero pulled Duo close for another intense kiss, his hands roaming over the longhaired boy as if to memorize him. Heero quickly gained confidence, and soon Duo was moaning into his mouth as Heero's hand traveled ever so slowly up Duo's thigh.

Heero's hand brushed lightly over the bulge in Duo's pants, making the violet-eyed boy gasp and buck his hips. Pleased with this reaction, Heero traced the clear outline of Duo's arousal through the pants with a finger. He was rewarded by another, louder gasp from Duo. The sound of Duo's passion seemed to go straight to Heero's own aching hardness, making him even harder, if that was possible. Duo was very aroused, and for him! How many times had he dreamed of the sounds Duo would make for him, and only him... Looking at the beautiful boy on his lap, moaning for him, called up a fiercely possessive feeling Heero had never felt before. He wanted to protect Duo, hold Duo, fuck Duo... the contradiction and intensity of this feeling confused him, but it still somehow felt right. You think too much, Yuy, he told himself.

Duo was in heaven. On the Perfect Soldier's lap, his Perfect hands all over him, his Perfect erection pressed insistently against him... Duo didn't care where they were, he wanted Heero badly, and he wanted him now. Sliding off Heero's lap, Duo pushed Heero's tank top up and kissed down the hard stomach until he reached the straining spandex. Heero's arousal was clearly visible through the thin material, and Duo pressed his face against the bulge, inhaling the intoxicating smell of Heero's passion. Heero moaned at the pressure, and tried to control the car as the traffic inched forward.

Duo felt like he was unwrapping the best present in the world as he hooked a finger in the waistband of Heero's pants and pulled downward. Slowly, he pulled, exposing inch after inch of delicious flesh, until Heero's straining arousal was nearly free. Reverently, Duo carefully wrapped his fingers around Heero and pulled the rock hard flesh forward slightly, so he could reach it with his mouth.

Heero gasped as he felt Duo's fingers encircle him. Involuntarily, he thrust up into Duo's hand. Duo moved slowly, deliberately, so Heero knew exactly what was coming as Duo guided his erection into his lovely mouth. Still, nothing prepared him for the shock of that hot wet mouth taking him in, surrounding him with liquid fire and setting every nerve aflame. Heero chanced a look downward and was further stimulated by the sight of his hardness disappearing into that sensual mouth, opened wide to take him in. Duo was the picture of sex, surrounded by flowing hair, cheeks flushed and eyes half lidded as he sucked cock. The sight alone nearly made him come, not to mention the things that Duo's talented mouth was doing to him.

Duo was thoroughly enjoying himself. He had wanted to get into Heero's pants for a long time, and here he was, finally, showing the cobalt-eyed boy how much he wanted him.

Part Three

Heero fought for control of himself as Duo's mouth continued to ravish him. The hot wet pressure was making him lose his mind. He didn't know if he could drive while Duo was doing this. "Duo… oh, god, Duo…" Heero couldn't bring himself to tell Duo to stop. His mouth hung open and he threw his head back against the headrest as Duo swept his tongue around the sensitive tip before plunging Heero's arousal deep in his mouth. "You're so good…"

Duo couldn't help but smirk just a bit as he drove Heero insane. The Wing pilot looked so good in the throes of passion, though, Duo couldn't help but want more. Without removing his mouth from Heero's hardness, Duo managed to wiggle out of his pants and boxers. Heero's eyes were fixed on the road, and he was oblivious to Duo's actions until the longhaired boy started to try to maneuver his spandex down.

"Duo? What are you doing?" Heero panted. He rose up slightly, however, to allow Duo to pull the pants down to mid-thigh. No underwear to worry about, Duo noted with approval.

"What do you think?" Duo purred.

"You mean… you want to… in the car?" Heero managed to sound incredulous and desirous at the same time.

Duo nodded. "I want you inside me, Heero, and I don't want to wait."

Heero moaned at Duo's words, unable to refuse Duo anything at this point. Duo squeezed something in his hand and began to apply it to Heero's erection. "Sunscreen," Duo said in explanation as he stroked Heero.

Duo looked deep into Heero's eyes and kissed him hard. Then Duo was straddling Heero's lap, a knee on either side of Heero's legs. Heero's hands went around Duo, back onto the steering wheel, and he could just see around Duo to watch the road. Heero gasped as Duo pressed himself against him, and their rock hard erections touched. Duo moaned and rocked his hips against Heero, sending incredible sensations through the cobalt-eyed boy.

Heero was panting as Duo rubbed against him, making his already-throbbing arousal ache. He took one hand off the steering wheel and ran it over Duo's incredible ass, pulling the longhaired boy to him roughly. Duo moaned happily at Heero's aggression.

Duo reluctantly removed Heero's hand from him. "Just sit back and enjoy. I'll do all the work," he whispered in Heero's ear as he positioned himself above Heero's lubricated hardness.

Heero moaned again as he felt Duo's hand squeeze him, guiding him. Duo slowly lowered himself onto Heero's erection, setting the pace so he could adjust. Biting his lip in momentary discomfort, Duo settled down onto Heero.

Heero felt an incredible tightness slowly envelop him as Duo took him in. The hot pressure made him want to thrust into Duo, but he knew that would hurt the unprepared boy. So he used all of his iron control to keep still as Duo impaled himself.

Finally, Heero was fully inside Duo. Face flushed, Duo looked into cobalt eyes. "What do you think?" Duo panted as he adjusted to Heero inside him. Then he rose up slightly and lowered himself again.

An involuntary moan came from Heero as Duo moved, and he said through clenched teeth, "You're mine, that's what I think."

Duo smiled and moaned at the same time. "Oh, yes, Heero. I'm yours," he said as he raised himself up again and slammed down harder on Heero's erection.

Duo concentrated on finding a rhythm as he rode Heero. It wasn't easy. The overpowering feeling of being filled by Heero was making it hard to think. Not to mention the sight of Heero right in front of him, gorgeous face twisted in ecstasy, a light sheen of sweat evidence of his exertion. And Duo was giving him those feelings. Heero's head was thrown back against the headrest, and he gripped the steering wheel so hard with his left hand that Duo fancied he could hear it cracking. His right hand buried itself in Duo's hair. Duo gasped as those cobalt eyes started straight into his; the reality of what they were doing in public turning him on nearly as much as the act itself. And through it all, the Perfect Soldier managed to keep an eye on the road and control of the car as it crept forward.

Faster and faster Duo rode Heero, slamming himself down as hard as he could then raising himself back up for another thrust. Duo leaned forward slightly; the changed angle caused Heero to brush an incredible spot inside him, and trapped his own erection between them, causing delicious friction. Duo's rhythm disintegrated into ragged bounces, then he felt Heero start to thrust upwards. Heero took over the rhythm as Duo lost control. Duo grabbed Heero's shoulders tightly as Heero pounded him. His moans became screams and entreaties for more, harder, faster.

Heero complied, happy for once the traffic wasn't going anywhere. Dimly he sensed people watching them but he didn't care anymore. All that existed in the world for him was the beautiful boy on top of him and the incredible act they were sharing.

Duo clung to Heero, the feeling of friction inside and out of his body building up to fever pitch. He felt release coming and screamed Heero's name as white heat poured out of his body. Duo thought he might explode and his climax seemed to go on forever.

Heero braced himself as Duo came all over them; the longhaired boy's muscles clamped down like a vise grip around him as he climaxed. He could no longer hold off the searing intensity; he surrendered and pumped Duo full of his hot seed. In contrast to Duo's screaming, only a whisper escaped Heero's lips though he was no less moved.

The whisper was enough for Duo, though: "Mine."

The End

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