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Heero stood on the front porch of the small safe house waiting for his partner. He had watched Deathscythe land only several minutes after he had completed covering Wing with its camouflage net.

"Where the hell is he ?" he scowled, brushing his hair from out of his eyes. Heero surveyed the area, the teeming rain offering limited visibility.

"Hey, Heero." Duo called panting, running up the steps onto the porch.

"What took you so long ?" Heero asked, his key fumbling with the stubborn lock.

"Couldn't see a thing in this torrential rain." Duo replied, wringing his braid out on the porch before entering the building.

Once inside, the two made haste of removing their soaked outer garments, dropping them unceremoniously at the entrance.

"Nice !" Duo smiled, taking in their new surroundings. "Fireplace and all."

Duo tossed several small branches into the hearth, "Got matches ?" he asked, turning toward his partner.

Heero stood in the corner of the large room, divesting himself of his soaked clothes.

"Ummm.....Heero ? Couldn't you do that in the bathroom ?" he asked, turning his eyes away.

"There are matches in my satchel." he replied, pointing toward his bag as he finished removing his tank top.

Duo bent to light the fire, adding several more sticks before placing a medium sized log on top. "Should be warm in here soon." he announced. "I'm going to get changed."

Grabbing his duffel bag, Duo headed for the bathroom while Heero made his way over to the fire, soaked clothes in hand, leaving the pilot clad only in his dripping spandex shorts.

Duo grinned. pleased to note how the thin fabric when wet left very little to ones imagination.


Making his way back into the living area, Duo put his wet garments in front of the fire. "Need something dry to wear, Heero ?" he asked his partner, noticing the boy shivering in his wet shorts.

Without waiting for a response, Duo tossed a dry pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt at him. "Here. You're gonna catch pneumonia."

Heero nodded and left the room to change.

Duo added several more logs to the fire and grabbing the comforter from the bed stretched out on it in front of the fire.

"Better ?" he asked, Heero smiling as he sat next to him, spreading his spandex shorts on the brick to dry. "Much. Arigato."


Reaching over into his satchel, Heero removed a small battery operated radio and rotating the dial, placed the headphones into his ears. "Major storm due here tonight. High winds and rain. We should get ready."

Duo stood "Got any Duct tape ?" he asked, eyeing the enormous plate glass window across the room, Heero handing him a large gray roll.

"Always prepared." he grinned, unrolling the sticky gray tape, pressing the edge firmly to one corner of the window. Having successfully taped a giant X over the surface, Duo repeated the procedure until each window in the house had been taped.

"What now ?" he asked, his partner inside the small kitchen filling all of the available pots with water.

"Do we have enough fire wood ?" Heero asked.

Glancing over at the 3 logs, Duo looked down at his last pair of dry clothes and moaned. "Fine. I'll go out and get more."

"Put your wet clothes back on, baka." Heero offered.

Duo flushed and grabbed his wet clothes from the hearth, sticking his tongue out before entering the bathroom.

Heero shook his head and smiled at the retreating figure.


Thirty minutes later, one very water logged pilot made his way back into the house.

Heero eyed the door as Duo entered; his partner soaked to the bone. He made his way over to take the logs from him and Duo stepped onto the porch to retrieve another pile. "That should do it." he panted, closing the door.

"It's really coming down out there." he noted, pulling his hood back to reveal his face, pretty much concealed by his dripping wet hair. Brushing most out it away, Duo smiled. "What's so funny ?"

Heero smiled "Take those wet clothes off.", grabbing the hem of Duo's sweatshirt, attempting to pull it over his head.

"I'm a big boy, Heero. I can take care of that myself." he smiled, shifting uncomfortably as Heero continued removing it.

A loud crack of thunder pierced the silence from out of nowhere, "WHOA !" Duo jumped, looking up at the ceiling as the lights above them flickered.

Heero grinned "Don't like storms ?", he asked, noting his partner's unusual expression.

"Ummm.....not used to them." Duo replied, gasping as a flash of lightening light up the room. "No *real* weather on L-2"

Heero smirked.

Duo made his way into the bathroom to remove the rest of his soggy clothes, grabbing his dry ones along the way.


Somewhere during his re-dress, the lights went out.

"Heero ?" Duo called from behind the door, still fumbling to find the rest of his dry clothing.

"We lost power." Heero called through the door. "You okay in there?"

"Course I'm okay, it's just ....dark." Duo smiled, opening the door to stand face to face with Heero.

"You're hair is soaked." Heero noted, reaching to hold the end of the braid, his other hand removing the tie. "I'll get a towel."

Duo walked toward the fire, untwisting his hair as he went, sitting on the blanket, his back to the heat.

"Bring your brush ?" Heero asked.

Duo nodded "It's in my duffel bag. Err...why are you doing this, Heero ?"

"Don't want me to ?" he asked, kneeling beside him.

"No, it's just...*so* not like you." Duo smiled.


Duo turned to poke the fire, adding several more logs to it before turning his back to the blazing warmth.

What is was about Duo Maxwell at that exact moment that totally captivated Heero, he was unable to say. He only knew for certain that he found Duo irresistible and he was unwilling to deny his emotions for the boy any longer.

"You look incredible when you're wet." Heero whispered, lifting Duo's hair to lay the towel over his shoulders.

Duo turned toward him, his face partially light by the fire. "Heero ?!?", his mouth open in shock.

"I think you heard me." Heero returned smiling, laying the mass of wet hair back down before coming to sit in front of Duo.

Duo looked into his partner's eyes, the bright blue almost glowing as the flames reflected off of them. "Heero....there's something that I've been meaning to tell you..."

"That you like me ?" Heero replied, "I already know, Duo" his hand caressing the side of his face. " you too."

The two moved toward each other, lips brushing lightly before pressing their mouths firmly against one another's. Opening his mouth, Heero brought his hand up to pull the boy toward him, his tongue flicking out in invitation. "Kiss me." he whispered, moaning as Duo's tongue joined his own, the two swirling softly over each other.

"Why now ?" Duo asked, lifting his arms to allow his shirt to be removed, Heero's fingers brushing against his chest as he slid the fabric over his head.

"You're much too sexy to resist when you're dripping wet." Heero moaned, his thumbs tracing the lines of Duo's collarbone before moving his hands to trail over his exposed chest, pulling him closer. His tongue darted out to tease Duo's lips. "Cold ?" he asked as he toyed with Duo's erect nipples, smiling as the boy shook his head.

"Lay back." Heero whispered, applying pressure to his chest as he brought his mouth down over Duo's. Moving to straddle the reclining figure, Heero perched above him on all fours and stared down at the amethyst-eyed boy beneath him.

Moaning as looked up the passion in those cobalt eyes, Duo pulled him down, administering a deep kiss as he pushed his hips upward, rotating them against Heero's stiffness.

Duo flinched as the thunder boomed, rattling the glass as well as his nerves. The lightening struck shortly after, illuminating the entire room and he focused his gaze on the face of the beautiful boy above him. Heero smiled down at him "I love storms." he whispered, recapturing his lovers mouth while he ground his hips downward.

Duo gasped as their hardened flesh met. "Touch me, Heero..please.", he whimpered, his hands on Heero's shoulders, urging him down.

Slipping his fingers inside the waistband of his sweatpants, Heero slid the thick fabric down and off to leave Duo's amazing body naked before him. "So enticing." whispered, his eyes washing over the erotic vision.

Running his finger through the moisture at the tip of his erection, Heero brought his finger to his lips, his tongue darting out to taste him before taking the entirety of the thick length into his mouth, causing his lover to cry out.

Heero's mouth was warm and tight against his flesh and his tongue moved with precision over the swollen head, putting pressure on its most sensitive areas. "Mmmm…….. perfect soldier..........perfect blowjob." Duo groaned, lifting his hips off the floor to bury himself further inside of Heero's mouth.

Heero smiled around Duo's erection and continued sucking its length, moaning as Duo thrust upward into the pleasure, his own arousal twitching within the confines of his shorts.

Sensing that Duo was near release, Heero moved his head more rapidly over the thick shaft, his hands gripping tightly at Duo's bottom, pushing him still farther into his mouth, the anticipation of tasting Duo for the first time driving him on.

"Oh God, Heero….." Duo moaned, his both hands putting pressure on Heero's head as he drove himself further into his mouth. "Nnnn…..that's it." Duo cried, his body convulsing as he filled Heero's mouth with his essence.

Heero moaned around the thick shaft as Duo gave up his seed to his unrelenting hunger. Heero continued sucking, drawing in the exquisite warmth, texture and flavor that was uniquely Duo's passion.

Climbing upward to lie atop him Heero drew the hair from his lover's face, his eyes smiling at the still lusty and half-lidded amethyst orbs "Delicious." He whispered, his mouth covering Duo's, his tongue parting his lips before slipping inside, groaning as Duo pressed more firmly against his mouth.

Duo's tongue explored every recess of Heero's mouth while his hips moving upward to rub his growing arousal against Heero's, his body trembling as he tasted himself in his lover's kiss.

Slipping his hands into the waistband of Heero's pants, Duo pressed Heero's body down onto his, his hips grinding against the rigid flesh above. "I want you inside me." He moaned, "Do you want to, Heero ?" his mouth close to Heero's ear.

It was Heero's turn to shiver, the breath of Duo's words eliciting a exceptional reaction in his excited young body. He did want more than anything to make love to his braided partner, the very thought making his cock twitch against Duo's bare thigh.

"No." Heero whispered, "I mean...... yes…… but not now, Duo.", climbing off the panting boy before coming to kneel between his open legs.

Looking up at Duo, Heero hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants and slid them down, smiling as he watched Duo take in the vision of his nudity, his lover apparently pleased, his amethyst eyes filled with pure desire as they washed over his form.

"Like what you see, Duo ?" he asked, reaching forward to wrap Duo's hand around his cock, his eyes never leaving Duo's.

"Yes....... you're beautiful, Heero." He whispered, "Simply beautiful." His hand lovingly stoking Heero's length, pleased with the soft moans he was drawing from him.

"Relax, lover." Duo smiled, pushing lightly against Heero's chest as he reclined down onto the floor. "I've been waiting an eternity to do this." Duo whispered, lowering his head to take every inch of Heero's stiffness deep into his mouth. "Ughh......Duo !", Heero groaned, Duo moaning around his erection at the sound of Heero crying out his name in pleasure.

The taste and feel of his lover's hot flesh in his mouth far exceeded his every fantasy and he sucked roughly on it, anxious for the ultimate reward of drinking in Heero's passion.

Reaching up under Heero's shirt, Duo's fingers teased his already hardened nipples. Heero arched his back up off the floor and Duo slid his tongue over the sensitive tip before taking the entire length back into his mouth.

"Don't stop." Heero groaned, "Oh God, Duo.......please don't stop !" his both hands now holding Duo's head still as he began to thrust upward into the exquisite warmth. Duo could feel Heero's cock throbbing in his mouth and he tightened his lips around it's base to bring his lover to climax.

"DUO !!" Heero cried, gasping as his lover expertly coaxed the first of his seed from him. Moving his head swiftly up and down Heero's length, Duo groaned loudly as each stream of Heero's essence filled his mouth.

Placing a kiss on the tip of his dwindling erection, Duo crawled up to lay beside Heero, resting his head on his lover's chest.

Heero's arms surrounded him, holding him close. He could imagine nothing more wonderful, his arms and heart were completely filled with Duo. It was so right, so perfect and Heero smiled down at his sleepy lover "Bed ?"

Duo nodded, shifting as Heero moved to kneel beside him. Gathering Duo into his arms, Heero carried his exhausted lover to the bed, laying him down gently, before joining him.

Once again drawing Duo into his embrace, Heero pulled the covers up to surround them. Kissing the top of Duo's head, Heero whispered "Goodnight, Duo."

Duo smiled, snuggling further into the strength of Heero's arms. "Night, lover."


Duo awoke the next morning, alone.........his heart beating rapidly as he wondered for a moment if it had all been just another dream.

Propping himself up on one elbow, he peered across the room grinning widely.

Heero was sitting naked as the day he was born at the desk in front of his laptop.

Duo watched him for several minutes, until Heero turned toward him.

"Power is back." he smiled, crossing the room to kiss the smiling face before him. "Morning, koi." he whispered, pushing Duo back down onto the mattress, capturing his mouth in a deep kiss.

"Message from Doctor J." Heero announced, breaking the kiss, the disappointment clear in Duo's eyes.

"New mission ?"

"Of sorts." He smiled, "We are to lay low here for a couple of days.....until down." he grinned, his fingers reaching out to tease one of his lover's nipples.

"Mmm......that is not going to cool anything down, Heero." Duo smiled, gasping as Heero's bent forward to lick at the hardened flesh.

"Didn't say I was going to cool *you* down. Heero smirked, his tongue flicking out touch Duo's lips before rolling off the bed to disappear into the bathroom.

"What a tease." Duo laughed lowly, shaking his head from side to side. "You, Heero Yuy, are a big tease !" He called toward the bathroom.

Duo could hear the shower running in the small room adjoining the bedroom. Closing his eyes, Duo savored the endless visions that flashed before his eyes. He was besieged with erotic pictures of Heero....dripping wet under the warm spray, soapy hands gliding over the taut muscles of his chest, his hand sliding up and down his lathered shaft.

Duo nearly laughed at his body's response.....Nearly because his erection too prominent to totally ignore......Nearly because Heero was now his, his body aching for more of his lover's glorious touch.

Crossing the room to retrieve his clothes, Duo slipped into his sweatpants and entered the kitchen.


Heero made his way into the large room and headed for the kitchen. Standing in the doorway of the small room he silently observed his newfound lover.

Duo was shirtless, barefoot and with his hair down standing before the sink, swaying to a tune he was humming. Even the smallest of his movements oozed sensuality and the vision make Heero instantly hard.

Quietly making his way across the room, Heero wrapped his arms securely around Duo's waist "Making coffee ?" he asked.

"Yup." Duo replied, relaxing back onto Heero's chest. "Hungry ? There's some stuff in the fridge."

Heero pressed his body against Duo's, his amethyst eyed lover moaning as he felt the stiffness against his bottom. "I'm not hungry for what's in the fridge, koi.", Heero whispered, his voice so low and seductive that Duo barely recognized it.

"What are you doing, Heero ?' Duo asked, panting as Heero continued grinding his arousal into him, the proximity of Heero's cock to his entrance nearly driving him wild.

"What do you think I'm doing, Duo ?" Heero whispered, several of his fingers circling Duo's mouth.

"Seducing me ?" Duo asked, his tongue drawing circles around the now intruding digits.

"Hai." Heero whispered, his breath hot in Duo's ear, his open palm moving over his arousal. "Working ?"

"God, yes......." Duo moaned, dropping the stainless steel pot into the sink, his body relaxing back into Heero's grip.

Heero's tongue inched its way across his neck, almost instinctively knowing where to apply the greatest amount of pressure to drive Duo mad.

"You're driving me crazy, lover." Duo moaned, pushing his hips forward into Heero's hand, hissing as his teeth sunk into the tender flesh just behind his earlobe.

"Mmmm......good." Heero whispered, each breath against Duo's ear sending a shiver down his spine.

"Don't want breakfast ?" Duo asked, nearly panting as Heero continued sucking at the soft skin, his tongue drawing long lines over the smooth flesh.

"Breakfast first, dessert after." Heero replied, kissing his lover's cheek, leaving his arms to surround Duo's mid-section.

"Definitely a tease, Yuy." he smiled.


Breakfast was filled with an inordinate amount sexual tension, the two teasing each other throughout the meal. Duo never imagined that buttered toast could be so erotic, the sight of Heero licking the greasy substance from his long fingers visibly exciting him.

Duo shifted in his seat as he watched, his mind wandering back to last night, recalling the sensation of Heero's mouth on his arousal now fully hardening him. Reaching forward, he brought Heero's fingers to his lips, swirling his tongue around each fingertip, moaning as he took them fully into his mouth, sucking them roughly before releasing them "Two can play that game." He grinned.

Duo watched Heero's reaction to his tease, his cobalt eyes filling even further with lust. Holding Heero's fingers in his mouth, Duo made his way around the small table and releasing the digits, slid himself behind Heero on the chair "Things are about to get a little bit hotter in here." he whispered, his both hands reaching forward to cup Heero's groin.

Moaning and laying back against Duo as his one hand stroked his arousal, the other fondling his hardened sac, Heero yielded to the desire Duo was drawing from him.

"I want you....." Duo whispered, his hand grasping roughly at Heero's stiffness ".....inside me." he spoke through clenched teeth.

Heero shivered as Duo pressed himself closer, the evidence of his need apparent. "Please, Heero, I can't wait any longer."

Duo rose to take Heero's hands in his, laying down on the bed, pulling his willing lover to lie on top of him, his hands roaming hungrily over Heero's body.

Heero looked down at Duo, caressing his face before kissing him deeply. "It's more than like, isn't it Duo ?" Heero whispered, his eyes focused on his lovers 'definitely more...'

"Hai, much more." Duo replied, his tongue darting out to lick at Heero's open lips.

"Duo....Ai Shiteru." Heero whispered, placing soft kisses over Duo's face.

Duo held his head still and looked into the piercing cobalt eyes of his lover "I love you too." Lifting his head up off the bed, Duo's tongue darted out to slide over his Heero's lips before it found it's way into his mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Duo brushed the hair from his lovers face. "Make love to me, Heero."

Heero stood above Duo on the bed, removing his shirt and shorts, noting Duo's air of impatience as he slowly stripped.

Duo lifted his hips as Heero slipped his fingers into the waistband, pushing them down, his hands gently caressing the smooth skin of Duo's legs. "So beautiful, my Duo." He whispered, unable to pull his eyes away from his lover's naked body.

Running his hands up Duo's inner thighs, Heero's finger found their way to his entrance, brushing it lightly as he looked expectantly up at him.

"I have lube in my bag…"Duo smiled, "…don't ask." Heero returning it widely as he crawled off the bed to retrieve the small tube.

Flipping the cap open, Heero covered his fingers with the cool gel, settling back down onto the bed beside Duo.

"Open your legs for me, koi." Heero asked, his eyes going wide as Duo spread his long limbs in seductive invitation.

Bringing his hand down to Duo's opening, Heero pushed one finger into the puckered entrance, gasping as he watched it melt inside. Duo moaned as he worked it within him, adding a second, carefully stretching him.

Duo's hips met each urgent thrust of his fingers and he added another, burying the three more roughly inside. "Nnnn.......Duo....."

"I'm so ready, Heero." Duo moaned, his back arching high off the mattress as Heero's fingers found his prostate. "Unnhh ……Please."

Looking up at Duo, Heero shook his head and slipped his fingers out of his lover's channel. Duo groaned as Heero left him empty, confused by his actions.

"I'm afraid I'd lose it in about three seconds.", grinning as Duo smiled knowingly back at him.

Reaching for the lube, Heero held it over his erection and squeezed, the thick gel nearly turning to liquid as it met with his over-heated flesh. "Trust me." He moaned, taking his arousal in his hand, grinning as he watched Duo's response. Heero stroked himself roughly for only a minute before surrendering to the necessary pleasure, made that much more intense due to the fact that he was kneeling between the legs of his aroused lover.

Duo lay captivated as Heero gratified himself, his arousal visibly twitching as he watched climax overtake the beautiful boy, mouth open and gasping as his body trembled with the release of each hot stream.

Remaining silent for a few minutes under Duo's watchful eye, Heero covered his renewed arousal with his warm seed and moved forward to nudge the slick tip against Duo's opening. Heero searched his lover's amethyst eyes for any sign of hesitation and finding nothing but pure desire within them, placed his hands on his lovers hips and pulled him steadily closer, groaning softly he dissolved into the incredible heat of Duo's body.

Heero remained still as he allowed Duo's body to adjust to the sensation, pleased there was not a trace of pain visible on his lover's face. His eyes met with Duo's, his amethyst eyes expressing a mirrored reflection of Heero's own sentiments........sheer adoration and pure ecstasy.

"You feel so good, Duo." Heero moaned, gasping as Duo began moving his hips in small circles around him. "Move, Heero...." Duo pleaded, "please..." his voice soft with passion.

Letting himself slide part of the way out of Duo's channel, Heero moved slowly forward to engulf himself again, moaning as the warmth and tightness surrounded him. "Like that ?" he whispered, nodding as Duo shook his head, "Mmm…..yes, more." he moaned, shifting his hips upward. "please...."

Holding Duo's hips still, Heero began to thrust into him, each moan of pleasure that left his lover's open mouth driving him more deeply into the heat of Duo's body.

Heero's POV

The intensity was consuming both of us, his breathing had shallowed considerably and his violet eyes were silently begging me for more and I was in no position to resist, totally enslaved by my magnificent lover before me.

Reaching between his legs I wrapped my first around his dripping arousal. Bringing my hand up over its swollen head, I slid it roughly back down his shaft and he moaned my name in passion. He moaned *my* name, his voice so amazingly deep with passion......for me. It nearly overwhelmed me and I began stroking him more methodically, thrusting into him at the same frantic pace.

I needed to hear him call out to me again in the heat of desire. I angled his hips, carefully sliding into him, focused solely on finding that spot within him that would amplify the euphoria of our joining. His head was thrown back in ecstasy and a fine sheen of sweat covered the entirety of his body, heightening the already intense pleasure I derived from gazing down at him....flawless and stretched out beneath me.

Arching his back up off the bed, he cried out "Oh God, Heero, Make me yours !", snapping me out of my thoughts

Heero watched as Duo began his climax, covering his abdomen with his seed and Heero continued pumping him, consumed by every tremor and movement as Duo moaned and writhed in orgasm beneath him.

Unable to postpone the onset of his own orgasm, Heero clutched at Duo's hips, "I love you, Duo." he cried, driving himself further into his lovers depths. Gasping as Duo's muscles clamped tightly around him, Heero lunged forward one last time, his body convulsing as he began filling him "Unnh....Yes.....My Duo !!!"

Groaning loudly as Heero claimed him with his words and actions, Duo rolled his hips up into him with each stream Heero released. The sensation of his lover's liquid fire flowing through him was wondrous and he yielded to the incredible pleasure of belonging to Heero.

Gently easing himself from inside of Duo, Heero lay beside his braided lover, kissing him softly before gathering him into his arms.

The two lay in the center of the large bed entangled, sweaty and sated. Still reveling in the intimacy of the moment, amethyst and cobalt exchanged glances that spoke volumes more than words would ever allow.

Thunder crashed, rattling the windows, lightening illuminating the small room. Duo jumped slightly in his lovers grasp and Heero pulled him closer. "I really do love storms."

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