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"you're not going to tell me, are you heero ?" duo questioned the boy perched above him.

"no." heero told him grinning, shaking his head from side to side.

"the suspense is killing me." the braided boy informed heero.

"yes, i know." heero grinned somewhat wickedly.

"you're a sadistic bastard, you know that heero yuy ?" duo smiled.

"yes, but it's one of the things you love about me." he smiled, kissing his captive lover.

duo smiled widely at his lover's truthful assessment. "can i get up now ?"

"yes. get dressed." heero told him, climbing off the naked boy.

"if i don't know where we're going, how am i supposed to dress appropriately ?" duo asked, hoping for at least a clue.

heero made his way over to duo, who was now standing in front of the closet. wrapping his hands around his lover, heero whispered into his ear "doesn't long as it's easy to remove.", remaining behind duo just long enough to feel the shiver he knew his words would invoke.

duo turned to watch heero as he poured himself slowly into the black leather pants. "i've created a monster." he mused.

'yes you have duo....any complaints ?" the blue eyed boy asked, tucking his sleeveless black silk t-shirt into the waistband. eyeing duo only momentarily, heero moved up onto his toes, bouncing slightly as he attempted to zip himself into the incredibly tight pants.

moving slowly across the room, heero reached for the thick silver chain lying atop his dresser. bringing the cold metal upward to rest on his collarbone, heero reached behind his head, closing the latch. eyeing himself in the mirror before him, heero smiled at the mock barbed wire chain around his neck. the weighty adornment had been a gift from duo, heero's smile widening at the recall of his reaction to the strange, but somehow now appropriate gift from his lover.

duo pulled a pair of black jeans and white sleeveless shirt from his closet. giving the outfit a brief once-over, he reached back into the closet to retrieve a pair of red suspenders.

slipping his hands into the soft leather fingerless gloves, heero cautiously eyed his lover, slowly pushing the black fabric firmly between each of his slender fingers before snapping them tightly around his wrists. opening the nightstand drawer, he removed a small brightly wrapped box. placing it on the dresser, heero sat on the edge of the bed to watch his lover dress.

sliding himself into his silk black boxers, heero smiled as the fabric moved over his lover's thighs, knowing duo couldn't resist teasing him even as he dressed. duo's eyes wandered over his koi's body before coming to rest on the leather clad proof of heero's desire for him, smiling back at heero's grin.

duo buttoned the red suspenders onto the waistband of his jeans and wiggled into them. pulling the shirt quickly over his head, duo tucked the shirt into his pants and fastened them slowly, still mindful of heero's gaze. barely moving, he stepped into his low black boots.

catching the two red loops in between his thumb and index fingers, duo stretched the elastic up over his shoulders, letting them snap loudly as they made contact with his thinly clad flesh. "ready." he announced, turning to face heero.

heero rose from the bed and taking duo's hand in his the two exited the room.

reaching the parking garage a short time later, heero removed a piece of thin black fabric from his pocket. motioning for duo to come closer, heero brought his hands up, securing the blindfold around duo's head with a tight knot.

"too tight ?" heero asked.

duo shook his head.

guiding duo into the front seat of the car, heero closed the door. making his way around to the driver's side, heero slipped inside, duo still motionless where he had been seated just moments ago.

"come here, koi." heero whispered, grabbing duo's arm, as the blindfolded boy slid across the bench seat, stopping only when he felt his thigh resting against heero's.

"why so quiet, duo ?" heero asked, the back of his hand moving downward over duo's cheek.

"just playing the game, heero.' duo replied.

heero shivered slightly and started the engine. backing the car out of its parking space, heero sped out of the garage.

once out onto the street, heero took duo's hand and placed it on his knee. "i want you to touch me, duo." heero whispered, dragging duo's hand upward over his thigh, gently rubbing his lovers fingers over his leather clad erection.

"you do want to touch me, don't you ?" heero asked.

duo rubbed his thumb up and down heero's length. "i always want to touch you." duo whispered, now concentrating his touch on the tip of heero's arousal.

heero moaned softly, bringing his hips up to rub himself more firmly against duo's hand. "you make me so hard."

duo smiled wickedly as he felt himself harden further at heero's admission. it wasn't just the words, it was how his lover said them, his low voice breathless and sexy.

"do you want me to make you come, heero ?" duo asked, his pace of his touch quickening, increasing the pressure his hand was applying to heero's stiffness.

"mmm...yes...duo....but not now." heero moaned, reluctantly removing duo's hand from his lap.

duo took a great amount of pleasure in his ability to arouse his lover, his teasing and several strategically placed strokes and he knew that heero was his, his spirited lover unable to do anything but surrender.

"we're here duo." heero informed him and putting the car in park, heero exited, making his way to around the car to the passenger door. opening the door, heero put his hand on duo's upper arm and guided his blindfolded lover from the car.

walking only a few feet, heero stopped and released his grip on duo's arm. duo could hear heero fumbling with some keys as he opened a door, guiding him inside.

"sit down, duo." heero told him, placing his hands on duo's shoulders, gently forcing him down onto the soft surface.

'a bed.' thought duo, a smile moving quickly across his face.

duo could hear heero locking the door across the room, followed by footsteps as he made his way back over to stand before duo.

gently untying the blindfold, heero knelt on the floor between duo's legs, looking deeply into his violet eyes.

reaching forward, heero offered the small package to duo.

"happy birthday, duo."

duo smiled, his eyes never leaving heero's as he tore the paper off the small box.

duo looked down at the hinged black box, slowly opening it, his wide-eyes looking upwards to meet heero's.

looping his finger around the cold metal, duo brought the boxes contents into full view, his mouth forming a sinister grin.

"not disappointed then ?" heero questioned smiling, as he watched the two pair of handcuffs swinging playfully from duo's index finger.

"mmmmm....hell no, heero." duo replied, his voice deep and sensual. " why here though ?" duo asked.

bringing himself up onto his knees, heero pushed duo down onto the bed, his full weight coming to rest on top of him. "its soundproof." he growled into duo's ear, grinding his erection into that of the violet-eyed boy beneath him.

duo closed his eyes and sunk his teeth deep into his lower lip.

"mmmm……so what now, heero ?" duo growled, rolling over suddenly, pinning his partner tightly beneath him.

"your choice, koi." heero whispered, his tongue lightly licking duo's ear lobe.

"i'm not sure you realize what you're getting yourself into here, heero." duo seductively informed his more than willing captive.

"i'll take my chances." heero replied.

"fine then." duo told him, climbing hastily off of heero, his lovers eyes following his every move.

sitting cross-legged beside his lover, duo eyed his partner as he brought the end of his braid in front of him, slowly removing the red elastic band.

heero never had to ask anymore. his lover knew the effect his hair had on him, watching intently as duo enticingly ran his fingers through the braid, slowly unraveling it until it fell gracefully over his lanky frame.

heero reached forward to let several silky strands run loosely through his fingers, duo's smile widening, never tiring of heero's obsession with his hair.

coming to lie on the bed next to heero, duo looked over toward his lover "cuff me to the headboard.", duo told him, raising both of his arms high over his head, his finger tips touching the cold metal surface.

heero looked at him questioningly.

"just do it, heero." duo ordered.

heero opened the first steel circle and placed it loosely around duo's wrist, snapping it closed, attaching the other side to the metal headboard.

"tighter, heero."

heero looked at duo.

"make the cuff tighter." duo insisted.

heero tightened the metals grasp on his lover's wrist "like that ?" heero asked.

" the other one." duo told him.

heero put the other cuff on duo's wrist and fastened it to the headboard.

sitting back, heero looked toward duo, his brow slightly creased.

"what's the matter, heero ?" duo asked, heero's displeasure clear on his face.

"duo..are you sure…..." heero started.

duo cut him off "yes..."

heero frowned. there had been too many times over the past several years that duo had been in a similar situation. not entirely similar heero, noted, but enough to stir up some pretty nasty memories for both of them.

"now take me, heero."

heero moved forward to kiss his lover. duo turned his head away "no kissing, no touching…. just fuck me."

heero rolled off the bed and stood, eyeing duo as he slowly began removing his pants.

duo's arms were raised high above his head, his white shirt had risen as he had stretched his arms upward, exposing a tan band of taut flesh extending to just below his navel.

"leave them on." duo ordered "just drop them to your knees."

heero leaned forward to run his tongue along the inside of duo's extended arm, licking hungrily at the tender area as duo squirmed beneath him.

kneeling before duo, heero unbuttoned the red suspenders, licking small circles around the wet spot on duo's jeans before moving his hands upward to unfasten them. "horny, lover? heero asked.

duo moaned, "mmm… noticed.", his hips rising slightly off the bed asking to be touched.

heero moved forward to graze his mouth against duo's straining erection. duo groaned as heero's tongue continued its tease of the sensitive tip of his cock through his thick jeans. "want me ?" heero moaned.

duo kicked off his boots, as heero slowly pulled duo's jeans and boxers down the length of his long legs, letting them drop to the floor. "need you." duo whispered.

heero's pulse quickened as he washed his eyes over duo's nearly naked and highly aroused body. "duo."

heero moved onto the bed, and bringing his hand up to duo's face, turned his head roughly to the side, swiftly pushing his entire dripping length into duo's mouth, moaning as he watched his lover take in his arousal, "suck me." heero ordered.

duo gagged slightly before opening his mouth wide to suck hungrily on the warm flesh, looking up into heero's lusty eyes, his lips surrounding heero more tightly as he hummed loudly, watching heero's body quiver in reaction to his oral assault.

heero moaned as he watched duo repeatedly took his entire length in. "my god, duo, that mouth……….."

duo raked his teeth along the tender flesh as heero slowly pumped deeply inside his mouth, the gag reflex no longer an issue as duo took all of his lover in, moaning lowly around heero's exquisite hardness.

heero fell back onto the bed, breathless, taking a moment to look over at his captive lover.

"i want you to fuck me, heero." duo demanded.

"yes, i know.", heero smiled, rubbing his hardness against the tightness of duo's naked thigh, leaving the wet trail of his passion on duo's creamy skin.

duo closed his eyes and groaned "dammit heero, this isn't the way this was supposed to go."

"you wanted to be tortured, i think this qualifies." heero smirked, lifting up duo's shirt to run his tongue over his smooth chest, biting down hard on duo's nipple.

duo gasped, "torture wasn't exactly what i had in mind, heero.", closing his eyes tightly, tormented by the eagerness of heero's mouth against his sensitive flesh.

heero let his tongue dance lightly over duo's chest, working his way downward, stopping just below duo's navel. "what did you have in mind my love ?" heero looked up at duo.

"something more along the lines of i tell you what i want and you give it to me. no questions asked." duo replied bluntly.

heero grunted and made his way between duo's legs, pushing them apart roughly with his knees. reaching into his pocket, heero removed a tube of lubricant. opening it with his thumb, heero stared up at duo, who was watching him intently, his breath heavy as duo watched heero cover his hardness with the clear gel.

heero moved within centimeters of his intended target and lunging forward, unmercifully buried himself fully into his unprepared lover.

"like that ?" heero groaned, the ultimate pleasure he derived from of filling duo never having lost its edge.

duo grit his teeth and cringed silently, the only momentary pain giving way to immense pleasure of having heero's cock buried so snugly inside him.

"is that what you wanted ?" heero asked his panting lover, thrusting repeatedly into duo's tightness.

"ughhh....yes, heero....nnn....harder !" duo begged.

heero moved purposely inside his lover, searching only briefly, duo's reaction confirming he had hit his mark. "find what i was looking for ?" heero growled.

thrusting his hips forward, duo moaned loudly, tightening his body's grip on heero's thickness. "nnnn……yes, that's it heero !" duo cried.

heero took duo's leg and placed it up onto his shoulder, grabbing roughly to hold the other tightly at duo's bent knee, slamming himself into the warmth duo offered. "duo....i don't know how much more of this i can take." heero moaned, his eyes closed in rapture.

duo wriggled beneath his lover "then come, heero......and take me with you." duo moaned loudly, the desperate urgency of his pleas making heero lose the last shreds of his self control.

reaching forward, heero took duo's hardness into his hand, stroking it firmly as he nailed his lover repeatedly, duo's head tossing from side to side, several strands of his long hair clinging to his sweaty face.

duo screamed "harder, heero, fuck me harder !!!........don't stop dammit !!!!!", totally immersed in the raw intensity of the act.

"damn you duo, what the hell are you doing to me !" heero screamed, totally losing control as he tightened his grip on duo's leg, totally relinquishing himself to the needs of his frantic partner.

duo struggled beneath him, his hands pulling at the restraints as the cold metal dug painfully into the tender skin of his wrists, heero's body shuddering above him, releasing the first of his warmth into duo's body, pumping mindlessly into his lover, his hand moving furiously over duo's shaft, duo's body arching off the bed to meet his touch, spraying his own chest with his hot seed.

"ugh..heero...keep going." duo screamed, his lover always answering his pleas, losing himself in the completeness of the their joining, still spilling himself into heero's waiting hand.

heero's body continued its furious pace, unwilling to deny his duo anything, watching his lover's beautiful face as he drove him further into ecstasy, duo's heaving himself further in heero's velvety touch.

"god how i love you heero." duo screamed, as heero finally collapsed onto him.

heero lay exhausted on top of his lover, their bodies damp with sweat. heero reached forward to dance his gloved fingers lightly over duo's open lips. duo's tongue darted out to taste them, licking each slick finger, heero moving instinctively closer to him, allowing duo to capture his lips roughly, shivering as heero's tongue probed his mouth, the sweet taste of duo's essence filling both of their mouths.

heero moved forward and picking up the key from the nightstand, freed his lover's hands, needing to feel duo's touch.

duo brought his arms down to clutch at heero's body, pulling the exhausted boy to lie on him, heero frowning at the crimson trail running down his lover's arms.

"thank you, heero." duo whispered, leaning forward to kiss heero again, his hands tightly pulling heero to his hungry mouth, duo's tongue moving effortlessly into heero's mouth.

breaking the kiss and the embrace, heero quietly entered the bathroom, returning shortly, seating himself at duo's side. taking duo's hand in his, heero brought the warm washcloth to duo's wrist, gently wiping the blood off.

"duo…" heero whispered, continuing to remove the last of the blood from his lovers other wrist, duo watching him intently.

"it's okay, heero." duo smiled weakly, heero's eye's still watching as he ran his fingers lightly over duo's wounded wrists.

heero stood up, shaking his head from side to side.

"what ?" duo asked

"you're bleeding, duo." heero told him, adding "and that was very………kinky." heero smiled.

duo laughed "what did you expect to happen when you bought those handcuffs, heero ?"

heero thought for a moment, duo eyeing him lustfully.

duo reached out to grab heero's hand, pulling him back down onto the bed on top of him.

"you look great in that outfit by the way, heero." duo growled in heero's ear. "very sexy." he moaned, licking gently at the sensitive skin of heero's neck, rising slightly off the bed to rub his newly gained erection against heero's thigh.

heero moaned above him, duo's hardness arousing him once again. "duo" heero whispered.

"as good as it looks……." duo spoke softly, sitting up, his hands on heero's back, forcing the wing pilot to sit before him, " i have a feeling you would look much better without it." his hands reaching for the hem of heero's shirt.

obediently raising his arms high over his head, heero closed his eyes, allowing duo to slowly remove the silky fabric, duo making sure his fingers grazed heero's already hard nipples in the process.

"duo…" heero moaned "what are you doing to me ?"

"it's more like what i'm going to do to you, heero." duo whispered, reaching forward to kiss heero's chest, his tongue drawing small circles around heero's erect nipples, blowing warm jets of his breath on the wet skin, the dark nubs hardening further, causing heero to shudder.

duo moved forward, laying heero roughly down on the bed in front of him, leaving him kneeling between heero's spread legs, "breathtaking." duo whispered. heero's body sprawled out before him invoking an almost rabid lust.

"i want you, heero….." duo whispered, slowly removing the last of the thick leather fabric that stood between him and the vision of his naked lover he so desired.

raising his hips off the bed to assist duo in his quest, heero looked up into duo's sultry eyes, knowing there was no way he could resist even if he wanted to, enthralled by the power duo had over him.

slowly peeling the stiff black fabric down over heero's body, duo was left with the exhilarating sight of his very aroused lover lying before him. "you're so beautiful, heero." duo moaned, staring up into heero's clear cobalt blue eyes. "and i was right, you do look better without them." moving forward to run his tongue over the tip of heero's arousal, before dipping his tongue into the wet slit, his hands moving slowly over heero's inner thighs, heero's muscles quivering under his touch.

bringing himself to his knees, duo took heero's erection in his hand, bringing it forward to touch his own, almost breathless as the their heated flesh met, closing his eyes only after noting heero's response to the provocative act, his lover's half-lidded gaze still lingering in his mind.

duo brought his other hand down to surround the two erections, his thumb gliding across the two swollen tips, spreading the slickness across their sensitive heads, both boys groaning loudly, their bodies moving instinctively forward into the glorious touch.

"duo…do you want to take me ?" heero moaned, his breath heavy as duo hands continued their masterful work, gently moving their lengths against each other.

removing his hand from its previously delirious position, duo brought his cock down to heero's opening, rubbing the slick tip around it. "does that answer your question, heero ?" duo barely managed to speak, the thought of himself buried deeply in heero's body clouding out all other thoughts.

heero reached out to grab the tube of lubricant, his outstretched hand searching the bed almost frantically before finding it. looking up toward his violet-eyed lover, heero offered the tube and himself to the amazingly erotic boy above him.

"sure, heero ?" duo asked, taking the white tube into his hand, opening the tube, allowing clear gel to coat his fingers.

heero shifted his position under duo's lustful gaze, bending his one leg at the knee before placing it back on the bed again, essentially opening himself fully to his lover.

"very sure...." heero moaned, reaching forward taking duo's lube slicked hand in his. guiding duo's hand to his opening, heero grabbed duo's lubricated finger and pushed it gently inside himself. the discomfort passed quickly and heero found himself thrusting hungrily upward into the new sensation. "mmmm……duo." heero whispered "more."

"always my perfect soldier." duo moaned, eyeing heero as he lay before him, heero's exquisite body moving up off the bed as he begged for more, "oh god heero.", duo moaned…watching as he slid another finger inside his lover. duo moved the two fingers in and out of his lover with the savage force heero's body seemed to demand, duo growing impatient, wanting to bury more than his fingers in heero's lovely ass.

"ughhh….I'm ready, duo." heero groaned, driving duo's fingers further inside of himself with renewed hunger.

"not yet lover." duo moaned, adding one more slick finger, not wanting to hurt heero when he finally took him. "do you know how long i've wanted to do this, heero ?" duo asked, roughly kissing the inside of heero's thighs, his fingers reaching still deeper inside his lover.

heero screamed as duo's questing fingers rubbed against something inside of him giving him a piercing pleasure he never thought possible.

"duo !! mmmm…….what was that ?" heero groaned loudly, temporarily losing his breath as duo hit it that spot inside him once again.

duo grinned. "liked that, did you ?"

"yes....oh god, duo.....if you don't fuck me soon, I'm gonna come without you." heero growled.

"not likely." duo moaned, flipping open the cap of the familiar white tube. duo reached down and squeezed a large circle of the clear gel onto heero's hand before guiding it to his erection, arching his back as heero roughly worked the slickness over his length.

duo slowly removed his fingers and taking both of heero's legs in his hand, poised himself above heero and gradually entered heero's virgin hole, gasping as heero's incredible tightness slowly engulfed him. "…mmmmmm." groaned duo, thoroughly intoxicated as he melted into heero's body for the first time, never taking his eyes from his lover beneath him, watching the effects he was having on the breathless boy under him.

heero tensed up only slightly before moving himself forward, the incredible sensation of duo's thickness sliding into him, replacing the momentary discomfort as duo pushed the tip of erection gently past the tight ring. "ugghh……duo…..what are you waiting for." heero groaned impatiently.

duo bit his lip, not wanting to hurt heero, as he tried to control his body's desire. "i don't want to hurt you, heero." duo whispered, but he wanted heero and he wanted him now, that thought causing all else to vacate his mind as he suddenly thrust himself into heero, his cock now buried to the hilt inside the very sweaty panting cobalt-eyed angel of his.

"mmmm.....duo…this what i've been missing ?" heero moaned, his head thrashing from side to side as duo slowly moved himself repeatedly into the incredible warmth that was heero yuy, grinning as heero's words drove him on, not wanting his lover to be denied any aspect of the intimate, yet uncharacteristically rough act.

"yes. i'm going to show you everything you've been missing, lover." duo growled, moving heero's leg up higher to rest on his shoulder, allowing him to maneuver heero freely beneath him, as he searched for his goal, heero thrusting himself up as duo found it, slamming himself into heero's prostate repeatedly. "everything." duo hissed between clenched teeth, reluctantly pulling himself almost completely from heero before pounding into his incredible heat again and again. duo reached forward to wrap his fist around heero's dripping arousal . "uhhh……duo……i'm ready ... make me scream." heero cried.

"let's go baby." duo groaned, moving his fingers rapidly over heero's cock, the shaft now slick with his own precum as duo slid his hand effortlessly up and down it's length. "uhhh….harder…duo……fuck me harder." heero screamed, duo increasing the already furious pace at which was thrusting himself into heero.

heero's fingers raked over the sheets beneath them as he watched duo's body move forward into him, each thrust bringing him closer to ecstasy, his fists clenching tightly at the bunched up fabric.

"mmmm....heero….you're soooo tight…unhhhh." duo groaned as his body began to shudder, releasing the first of his warmth into his whimpering lover, heero's cock twitching as it spurted it's first hot stream over duo's hand and his own chest . "nnn…god..duo." heero moaned, each of duo's purposeful thrusts into his lovers mid-orgasmic body causing heero's muscles to tighter further around his shaft, duo panting breathlessly as he stroked heero's throbbing arousal in time to his frantic rhythm. "that's it. come hard for me lover." duo groaned.

tiny white sparks of light danced before heero's eyes, the lids shut tightly, as his helpless body writhed under duo's endless physical assault. duo's gaze was fixed on his lover thrashing beneath him, moved almost to tears as he watched heero, more beautiful in this moment than he had ever imagined possible, duo's ability to bring him to this climax, sending the first of drop of warmth to trickle down his cheek. "heero." duo whispered "my incredible, heero, I love you, oh god… have no idea…….how much I love you.."

heero reached up to touch his lover's face, his fingers playing lightly against the duo's warm tears, "ai shiteru, duo….my lover, ai shiteru…..zutto." heero whispered, his body calming, his eyes closed slowly as the last of the shudders made its way through his exhausted but satiated body.

mindful as he recalled his own first encounter, duo eased himself gently out of his lovers entrance, heero cringing as duo's flesh raked against his tender channel. "i'm sorry, heero." he offered, duo frowning further at the red-tinged liquid covering his softening member.

"don't be sorry." heero whispered.

bringing his spent lover to his chest, duo reached forward to move the hair from his lovers brow. "heero." duo whispered as his lover laid his head on his chest, duo's heart beat still rapid from their lovemaking.

heero settled himself onto his lovers sweat dampened chest, his arms moving underneath duo to surround his waist, the comfortable closeness relaxing him completely.

"this wasn't exactly how I had planned on taking you." duo whispered, gathering heero into further into his embrace.

heero looked up to duo questioningly. "planned ?"

duo laughed lowly. "not exactly planned, but i have thought about it….a LOT."

heero smiled "me too.", his tongue reaching out to lick at duo's chest, the familiarity of the salty taste intensifying his smile.

"next time…… I want to make love to you." duo whispered, "once you can walk again, that is." duo giggled.

"aa." replied heero, almost laughing himself, though he was all too aware of the burning sensation in the lower half of his body.

duo reached over to run his fingers down heero's spine.

"so, did it live up to your expectations ?" heero asked, smiling up at his lover.

duo grinned "mmmm…..above and beyond my wildest dreams, heero.", looking down at heero, adding "and you ?"

"ditto." Heero whispered, returning duo's wide grin, heero smiled, both boys closing their eyes, sleep only moments away.


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