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Hidden Secrets

Silverblade Shi-fox

Notes: *sweatdrop* as I was lying awake this morning this just went through my head, not been really proofed yet, so... be kind! *thinks a moment* probly not really coherent either.....

Hands caressed his chest, gently running over his nipples and playfully pinching them. The boy in the bed could do nothing but arch into the touch as a warm mouth descended upon his own. At the touch of the other's erection, Duo could only clutch at the dark strands of hair, crying out his partner's name as he was slowly penetrated.


The perfect soldier continued his thrusting and soon all was lost to Duo. He could barely hear his own voice moaning encouragement.

"Ah! Yes! That's it...Hee- oh god! Yes! Heero!"

He was so close...just a little further now....

And then his world was shaken abruptly and his eyes snapped open to stare into blazing blue.

Duo became aware that he was panting and Heero's hands were on his shoulders, obviously having shaken him awake. He glared at the boy above him.

"Damnit, Heero! Why'd ya hafta go and do that for!?!"

Heero pulled his hands away and gazed at him coldly.

"I'm trying to work. Your moaning and tossing about was an unnecessary distraction."

The American blinked for a moment, then turned bright red.

" bout that...." he muttered as he sat up, thanking the heavens that the blanket covered the proof that his dream had been a bit more steamy than blowing up mobile suits.

Heero only nodded before walking back over to the laptop. Duo sighed and toyed with the end of his braid, watching the other boy for a moment, then deciding that it was time to get up anyway and take a shower.

Heero watched his partner bounce out of bed and into the bathroom, only pausing long enough to grab a clean pair of black boxers.

He frowned as he thought over Duo's reaction to his complaint. It was rather unlike the braided boy. The perfect soldier briefly wondered why Duo had been moaning his name in his sleep. The tossing wouldn't have much bothered him, but when Duo had started moaning his name... No one had ever said his name like that before... It made him want Hell, he wasn't quite sure what it made him want to do, but whatever it was left his body tingling slightly.

Oh, you know perfectly well what you want to do to him... You just don't want to admit it.

Shut up, he told that small insidious voice. Unprofessional feelings are an unnecessary distraction.

The small voice snickered.

Heero ran a hand through his hair, rubbing his temples slowly to ease the ache. This was when his bladder informed him that he needed to go to the bathroom... now.

The Japanese pilot opened the door to the bathroom, a wave of steam and sound flowing over him, and stepped in. As he went about his business, he looked over to the boy in the shower. The shower had one of those slightly bumpy clear glass doors, enough to see the outline of the person inside it. Heero couldn't help but smile slightly as the American continued to dance and sing along with the radio blaring while washing his hair. His eyes traced the fall of chestnut through the glass, he'd seen Duo often enough in only his boxers that he could imagine the lines of the body that the waterfall of hair was plastered against. He found his breath quickening at the thought of hands on slick skin... running fingers through the wet hair... kissing that mouth that was so often occupied with chatter...

Heero shook his head in a vain attempt to clear it of those images. He sighed again slightly, then smirked as he flushed the toilet before walking over to the sink to wash his hands.

There was a bloodcurdling shriek.

"Heero Yuy! You are a DEAD MAN!!!!!"

Duo's head popped out of the side of the shower door, glaring at him. Heero met the glare calmly, one corner of his mouth twitching slightly. After a few minutes, the anger in the brilliant indigo eyes faded out and was replaced with another expression that Heero couldn't quite place. He turned away from the almost - vulnerable? - soft emotion in the other boy's eyes, not wanting to admit his own reaction to it.


Heero just shook his head and continued out the bathroom door to his laptop to work some more. He liked computers - computers didn't make him feel things like this...

Duo sighed and returned to his shower. He had to get out of here. There was this club down the street... He nodded firmly. Yep, he'd go dancing and get drunk and maybe forget about a certain dark haired, Prussian blue eyed gundam pilot...

The little voice inside his head told him he was fooling himself.

Yeah, he thought back at it, but what else do I have to keep me sane?

The voice was abnormally quiet in response.



Duo could hear spandex-boy typing away at his precious laptop and figured this was as good a time as any to sneak out.

"Where are you going?"

Doh! Busted! He sighed and turned around to face his partner. Heero raised an eyebrow at his outfit.

Duo was wearing a pair of skin tight black vinyl pants that were low on his hips, his usual black shoes, and a loose, filmy, dark blue poet-style shirt. The outfit was topped by a gold cross earring in one ear and a simple rhinestone stud in the other.

Heero wondered if it really was possible to die of shock like this...and when had Duo gotten his ears pierced anyway? Questions...talking would give him time to get his breathing and heart rate back to normal. He hoped.

"Out," Duo answered his question evasively.




"To a club."


By now Heero was clearly frustrated with his unhelpful answers. Duo slumped his shoulders slightly.

"The Stargem."

Heero blinked. He had heard plenty about the place while doing reconnaissance on the area and he knew that Duo knew what he did. The club had a rep.

Duo saw the look on his face and sighed.

"Look, all I'm gonna do is some dancing, ok? I just need to get out for a while."

"In that outfit?"

Heero was clearly skeptical.

"Yeah, do you have a problem with this outfit?"

Duo's eyes narrowed in anger. How dare Heero act like this!?

Heero found himself getting angry as well. Duo was already the poster boy for pure sensuality, but this outfit made him something out of a wet dream!

"Yeah, I do have a problem with it! You practically have ‘fuck me' written all over you!"

"And just why is that YOUR business!?"

The Japanese pilot clenched his fists tightly, if he didn't, he might do something stupid like go over and try to slap some sense into the boy and then throw him on the bed and show him exactly why it was his business...

"Look, like I said, dancing. That's all! So relax!"

Heero's brows drew together as the American sauntered out the door. He knew that what Duo was really gonna do was dance and get thoroughly drunk, and in a place with that reputation, Heero worried what might follow. Duo really was too damn hot for his own good, and in that outfit...

Nice ass, huh soldier?

Shut up...

He'd wait an hour or two and then head after the other boy. Just to make sure he didn't get himself into any trouble...

Uh huh...sure... That's the reason... Ri~ight...

Fuck off...

The voice snickered.



The man threw Duo against the wall, spinning him around and claiming his lips in a fierce kiss.

Yes, Duo thought hazily, this is what I want. This is what I need right now to forget about... him...

He could feel the man's hands digging into his hips, the kiss becoming almost bruising with its force... then there was a growl and the man was torn away from him.

Duo opened his eyes to come face-to-face with the reason he was here in the first place. He slumped against the wall.

"Heero, why the hell are you here?"

The Japanese boy looked him over quickly, as if to ascertain that he was unharmed.

"I came to make sure you stayed out of trouble."

Duo started laughing, he couldn't help it, the situation was just too funny. He could feel Heero's glare as he slid down the wall, giggling helplessly. The Wing pilot let out an exasperated sound and slung the drunken Shinigami over his shoulder. Duo yelped.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Taking you home."

"Heero! Damnit! Put me down!"

Heero ignored the demand as well as the fists that pounded on his back until Duo gave up. He knew that the only reason that there was no real damage inflicted was the fact that the American was totally wasted, or at least pretty well sloshed.

Duo made an exasperated sound after they exited the club, followed by strange and knowing looks from the rest of the clientele. Heero felt the muscles of the vinyl-clad rear under his hand shift as the boy over his shoulder propped his elbows onto Heero's back.

"Hey, Heero, think ya could put me down now?"

The low voice was quiet and slightly slurred. The Japanese boy knew that it would be a miracle if Duo could walk unassisted, and even then he'd still be weaving. So it was just easier to carry him.

Yeah... a lot easier... and you can also have that pretty ass under your hand and him completely dependent on you... of course, you're only doing this for his own good...

Heero decided that ignoring the voice was the easiest thing to do. He didn't like the ideas that it put in his head. Well, to be honest, he liked them a little too much.


He shook his head and Duo sighed again, finally giving up and giving into his lethargy. Actually, this really wasn't so bad... especially since it felt like Heero's hand was stroking ever so gently... He snorted to himself - man, was he getting delusional.

It wasn't until he shut the door to the little motel room they shared that Heero realized that his thumb was moving ever so subtly against Duo's rear. It was just as well that the other was so trashed, he probably wouldn't even notice. With a slight feeling of regret he slid the long-haired pilot off his shoulder, silently treasuring the feeling of the lithe body slipping against his own. When his feet touched the floor, Duo blinked at him sleepily.


Heero swallowed and when he spoke, he almost winced at the husky tone his voice fell into.

"We're home."

Duo blinked again.


He yawned and stretched, then looked back at Heero with a quizzical expression.

"Heero, why did you go after me?"

"I told you. To keep you from getting yourself into trouble."

The American frowned, giving him a firm, if slightly drunken glare.

"I knew what I was doing. It's not like I've never done that before."

Heero could feel himself tense. Had Duo wanted to get used like that? That situation was exactly what he'd wanted to prevent! Must be the booze...

"Duo, you're wasted, not thinking clearly. You would have hated yourself in the morning."

The boy shrugged, the poet shirt falling partially off his shoulder.

"Duo," he had to ask, to know, "why did you go out tonight?"

It was Duo's turn to tense, he blushed and looked away.

"No particular reason," he muttered, face burning. Then he gave Heero a steady look. "I just needed to get out, away..."

"Away from what?"

Duo looked at the floor again, refusing to meet his eyes any longer.

"Duo," he knew this was important, "away from what?"

The braided boy shook his head, refusing to answer. Heero strode across the few feet that separated them and grabbed his shoulders, forcing Duo to look him in the eye.

"Away from what?"

The eyes skittered away from his face again so that the dark haired boy had to grab Duo's chin to make the baka look at him. There was fear in those eyes, but also a strange vulnerability, and there was desire. Heero found his breath quickening once more and knew that his own hunger was showing in his eyes for Duo to find. The indigo orbs widened, those soft silver tinted lips parted to say something, but Heero cut it off with a fierce kiss.

Duo couldn't believe it. He pulled away in shock. Was this why Heero had been so vehement about him not going out tonight?


He was once more stopped by a kiss, this one hungry and demanding. He realized that Heero needed this, that if anything were to happen, the dark haired boy had to feel in control of it. And since that was what he wanted...

Shinigami relaxed his muscles and melted into the possessive claim that Heero lay upon him, submitting to the other boy's need. There would be time later for other things.

Heero could sense the change in Duo's body, could feel it in the way he responded to the kiss, giving himself to the Japanese pilot and submitting to his hunger. Tonight, Heero would finally be able to be in control of something, even while he really wasn't.


He growled, pulling Duo closer and claiming his mouth once more. He moaned at the skill of the boy's tongue and pulled away before he could get too lost in it. Heero stepped back, breathing harshly, to look the beautiful chestnut haired boy who had tempted him into this.

Duo's eyes were glazed over slightly, his panting breath echoing Heero's. He could feel himself being looked over, slowly, and began to tremble slightly. He didn't know what had brought this on, had brought about this change in his normally icy compatriot, but whatever it was, he could bless it.


The one word command nearly brought him to his knees, his hands shaking as he finished unlacing his shirt and removed the rest of his clothes. Then his eyes were filled with burning blue as he was ruthlessly kissed again, strong hands holding him tightly against Heero's clothed form. He whimpered quietly and felt, more than heard, the answering growl. He could also feel the other boy undoing his braid and was about to protest, but found he couldn't when he was kissed breathless. Then there were fingers sliding through his hair and down his back, the kisses gentling and becoming tender.

Heero looked at the American in his arms, an odd sort of awe for the beauty he'd hungered for, but never really thought he'd have. He couldn't understand exactly why Duo was letting him do this, but he would not toss the gift away. The endless eyes met his and he could have drowned in the emotion there, tender, vulnerable, not the boy he knew and worked with, this was an entirely different side of his partner that he'd never seen before.

And he realized that he needed Duo like this, wanted to see the brash boy vulnerable, needed him to submit, to give, offer, and relinquish everything to Heero. He needed to see those brilliant depthless violet-blue eyes clouded in passion, that silken skinned body against his own, to hear that husky voice say his name like he was doing now.

"Heero..." it was almost a sigh as Duo nuzzled at his neck, nibbling gently.

And this would be his, if only for this one night, Duo would be his.

He continued to caress the silken hair and skin as that oh-so-talented mouth moved lower, to his chest. His eyes closed in pleasure as he felt hands working at his jeans and then sliding them down, only opening them again when he felt Duo pause. He looked down to see Duo kneeling in front of him with a thoughtful look on his face. Then it was all he could do not to fall over when he was the recipient of a sultry smile and oh god that mouth!

Duo smirked to himself as he felt Heero's hands clench at his shoulders, those would bruise later, but there were far more important things to worry about. Like how he was going to make sure Heero came back for more. His world narrowed until there was only the need to give his partner everything he asked for and wanted, pleasuring him into a mindless frenzy - and, oh, was he good at that... Nothing existed except the length in his mouth and the taste that was frankly driving him mad with need, it was so Heero, and the knowledge that this was his Japanese partner that he was with now, the boy he had been dreaming and fantasizing about and oh god he's moaning my name! The thighs tensed and he swallowed Heero's essence, pulling away only after every drop was gone.

Heero opened his eyes slowly, forcing his fingers to loosen their grip on Duo's shoulders. He had never expected that anything could feel so good... He knew what he had to do now. He smiled.

Duo's mouth dropped open in shock at the smile that spread across Heero's face. He'd never expected that! He'd also never expected the hands that threw him across his partner's shoulder once more, the hand definitely stroking him this time. He yelped as he was dropped on the bed, trying to work up a good glare, but then Heero was kissing him again.

This kiss was different. It was a question and demand at once, both fierce and possessive yet strangely tender. It left him gasping as he felt those same hands that could bend steel in half trailing over his body, the fingers of one gently teasing a nipple as sharp nips followed by heated kisses were pressed along his neck and shoulders.

He ran his fingers through Heero's dark hair, reveling in the soft texture of the strands even as he whimpered when he felt the mouth move to his chest. The other boy shifted, moving one knee between his legs and pressing gently against his erection. Duo mewled and arched up into the teasing mouth and rocked against the muscled thigh. He received a sharp nip on his nipple, sharp enough to draw blood, for his pains.

"Stay still!"

His eyes widened, there was no way he could do that! Not under this delicious torture and god he'd been wanting this for so long...! He shifted again, seeking some sort of friction. He was hardly prepared for the snap at his neck, Heero again drawing blood. He looked up to see the Prussian blue eyes blazing.

"You gave me the control," the voice spoke in an unfamiliar husky, intense tone, "So we're going to do this MY way or not at all. Now stay still!"

Duo swallowed, then hesitantly nodded. He was rewarded with a deep kiss, almost enough to make him forget the pain. Then there was a light touch to his inner thighs, he sighed and spread them wider for Heero, knowing what he was searching for.

The dark haired boy trailed kisses down his chest, tickling his belly button, and then nibbling along his thighs up to where Duo wanted his touch the most. His fingers preceded his mouth, stroking along the erect length and lower, gently teasing the entrance to Duo's body.

Duo was clenching the sheets, tearing them, his back arched and body trembling violently with the effort to stay still. He was again rewarded with a kiss as Heero took his member into his mouth, gently swirling his tongue about the tip. Duo mewled again as he felt teeth gently scrape against the skin, burying his hands in the wavy strands once more. There was no way he could stay still during this, and he was certainly not going to try! Heero took care of it for him by holding his hips down.

"Heero! PLEASE!"

He looked down at his tormentor to see him smirking evilly before swallowing him to the hilt, he half sobbed/half whimpered knowing he would get no mercy at all. A delicate touch reminded him of what Heero wanted from him as one finger slowly slid inside. He cried out as the finger managed to find that place inside him, he could feel Heero's smirk this time. The first finger was joined by a second, then a third, all the while Heero was still going down on him. His world narrowed again to a single focus, this time his own release. Duo was no longer truly aware of his actions as he begged and pleaded for release, finally getting it in a soundless explosion.

Heero smiled down at the panting, rather dazed looking boy under him. He was painfully hard, but it had been worth waiting to drive Duo over the edge. The sight of him writhing and hearing that husky voice promise him anything, begging for release had been...intriguing. Something he definitely planned on having again. But now, there was more that he wanted - needed - from Duo.


Sleepy eyes blinked at him.


Heero pressed his body close to the other boy's, watching the expression change from sleepy and sated to sultry and hungry. He reached over to the end table and pulled out a small bottle, smiling all the while. Heero raised an eyebrow. Duo smirked.

"I always come prepared."

The Japanese boy snorted before seizing those smirking lips in another fierce kiss, telling Duo, without words, that he was Heero's. The lips parted for him, the American submitting sweetly and arching as he was prepared with the oil. The perfect soldier pulled away to coat his burning need and found himself spellbound by the look of utter contentment on Duo's face. Then the small smile became more sultry, the body under him stretching languidly, the sensuous movement of skin against skin waking Heero back up to this reality. Duo wanted to tease him? He thought about waiting a bit longer, just to frustrate the other boy, but decided that he really couldn't wait any longer and slid inside Duo with one quick thrust.

Duo's eyes widened as his scream was swallowed by Heero's mouth. He had never expected the perfect soldier to just let go like that! He was seeing a whole new side to his partner... and he found that he liked it. Oh yes, especially when Heero kissed him like that... or moved just right... or... Duo smiled, Heero had let go of his inhibitions... perhaps it was time to let go of his own... Another thrust that hit that spot just so... another moan... another kiss... Yes, now he could let go... He sighed and offered himself up to Heero, giving him everything...

The perfect soldier was aware enough to sense the subtle change in Duo's body language, the signal that he'd thrown away his control as he met Heero thrust for thrust, whimpering and begging for more.

"Please, Heero! God, yes! Just like that! Harder!"

Heero lost track of the rest of the world, there was only Duo under him and himself in Duo. All that existed to his ears was the sound of their panting breath, the soft liquid sounds of sex, and that husky voice in his ear... And gods! The sounds Duo made when he thrust just right, it made him press harder against that spot just to hear that mewling noise again. The moans alone were almost enough to drive him to orgasm. But though he wanted to finish this, he also wanted to make the braided boy realize that he was now Heero's. To hell with just one night, the thought of Duo with anyone else made him mad enough to kill.

He thrust deeply into that sweet body, Duo arching up, his nails clawing at Heero's back. He grabbed his face, kissing him fiercely, as possessively as he could.

"MINE! Understand?! You are MINE!"

The dazed indigo eyes widened as comprehension settled in. Then Duo kissed him sweetly, wrapping his legs around Heero's waist and thrusting up against him.

"Yours," whispered that deep voice in his ear, "and you are mine as well."

Heero nodded, driving hard into the giving boy, wrapping a hand around the erection between their bodies and pumping roughly, making Duo cry out. He continued to thrust, knowing his back was going to be covered in scratches from those amazingly sharp nails. He didn't mind, it was Duo's mark. His eyes were drawn to the deep bite on Duo's neck where he'd drawn blood. That mark was his claim on Duo.

The world fell to pieces as the pace quickened. Now there was nothing but sensation and then there was nothing but the explosion of pleasure singing through every vein and he vaguely felt something hot wash over his hand and the taste of blood in his mouth and there was the echo of his and his lover's cries and then there was silence.



Duo stirred slightly. He was warm, sore, but sated. He opened his eyes to see Heero still draped over him. He smiled, wrapping his arms around the other boy and drawing him closer.



Prussian blue met indigo and Duo smiled reassuringly. Heero smirked slightly and kissed him again.


Duo nodded.

"Yours," he sighed happily as Heero kissed gently along his neck, barely brushing his lips over the wound he'd made in an apologetic caress.

Duo ran his hands tenderly across the Japanese boy's back, tracing each of the scratches that remained, some as welts, others as scabs.

He smirked, drawing Heero tightly against his body and nibbling his neck.

"And you are mine."


The End


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