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Dancing Lessons

Miko no da

The sudden absence of the sound of typing alerted Duo to the problem. He glanced up from his manga, to see Heero perched, motionless, before his laptop. The screen was flashing, but Heero's hand hovered over the 'Enter' key, unmoving. Duo sat up, curious.

"Oi, Heero, what's up? You look like you just swallowed a bug or something." Heero still didn't move, staring at the screen. Duo hopped up from his bed and bounced across the room to his partner's desk, leaning over his shoulder. He scanned the message - a normal enough message from Dr. J, outlining the latest mission profile. Duo couldn't see what was causing Heero any problems - usually his psychotic best friend jumped at a mission. He scratched his head in confusion. "What the hell?"

Heero slowly moved his hand down, depressing the 'Enter' key to acknowledge the message, by what looked like a sheer act of will. "Ninmu… ryoukai…" he intoned.

An ordinary person would have seen only the expressionless look that Heero always wore, but Duo had made an art form out of reading Heero's face. If he didn't know better, he'd have thought Heero actually looked - scared? Nah. Couldn't be.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He demanded, almost enjoying seeing his partner off-balance. "It's just a simple assassination mission. And it ain't like we don't know this guy deserves it. About the only guy worse on my lists than him is Dermail."

Heero looked faintly nonplussed. "They should have given it to Quatre," he muttered under his breath.

Duo leaned forward, his interest now truly peaked. "Quatre? You know he hates doing assassinations. Can't offer them the chance to surrender peacefully if you're going to catch them by surprise. Why Quatre?" He looked the mission profile over again. Slowly, understanding dawned on him.

"Saaa…. Don't like High Society events, Heero? Guess you'll have to wear something a little less conspicuous than your tank top and spandex, huh?" He was openly laughing now, to his partner's disgust.

"Duo… omae wo korosu," Heero muttered, but Duo ignored the familiar threat.

"You might run into Relena, too… boy, that'll be fun! Relena-ojou-san will just love that! She might even get to dance with you!"

Heero actually turned pale at that, and Duo laughed harder. "If you don't like her so much, why don't you just tell her once and for all to get off your back?"

Heero glared at him. "What makes you think I haven't? She doesn't listen!"

Duo patted his best friend on the back. "Well, you can relax, because I happen to know that she's going to be at a different diplomatic function, the same night as that one." When Heero gave him a questioning look, he shrugged. "What? She always knows what we're doing, I figured it was fair to turn the tables. And knowing when she's going to be busy might come in handy some day. Like now." He grinned.

Heero didn't look any less tense, and now Duo was confused. "What? If it's not Relena, what the hell is bugging you? Afraid one of those society girls will actually get close enough to force you to dance with them?"

Heero turned even paler, and Duo goggled at him. "Holy - that's it, isn't it? You're don't want to dance!"

Heero slowly turned a bright red, fascinating Duo, who had been of the firm opinion that Heero was incapable of blushing. "I don't know how," he gritted out between clenched teeth.

Duo swallowed a laugh forcefully, sensing that this was NOT the right time for laughter. Not if he ever wanted Heero to speak to him again.

Heero didn't know how to dance? Well, he supposed it was hardly the type of thing Dr. J would include as part of his training. Hell, the only reason Duo himself knew anything about it was because Sister Helen had insisted on teaching him some of the basic steps. And Heero might be at the party for a long time before finding his target - it would look suspicious if he didn't dance.

"I'll teach you!" He heard himself blurting, then clapped his hand over his mouth, mortified. Where the hell had that come from? Damn, sometimes his habit of speaking without thinking got him in a lot of trouble.

Heero eyed him with faint surprise. "You? You know how to dance?"

Duo nodded, blushing as bright as Heero had been earlier. "Yeah. Sister Helen said it would teach me some manners." He grinned and tossed his head, showing his opinion of how effective THAT lesson had been. "I can teach you the basics, enough so that you won't look completely out of place."

Heero was actually considering it, Duo could tell by the thoughtful look in those cobalt eyes. "Fine," he nodded finally. "When?"

Duo thought about it. "We can break into the smaller gym tonight. That'll give us room to move, and give me enough time to find some music." He grinned getting into the spirit of it. "Shit, man, this is going to be fun. I can't believe YOU need ME to teach you something!"

Heero growled. "Don't let it go to your head." He turned back to the laptop, pointedly ignoring the braided boy.


Duo was in seventh Heaven. He'd been head over heels in lust with his psychotic partner for so long, he'd forgotten what pre-Heero life had been like. Not that he ever let on- Heero would probably shoot him. But tonight, we was going to get to hold Heero close to him, wrap his arms around him, breath in that incredible scent, and actually DANCE with the boy who'd been the center of his erotic fantasies for over six months. It was like a dream come true. Now, if he could just keep his body from reacting to close proximity with the spandex boy…

Heero showed up at the small gym at midnight, as they'd agreed. He'd actually changed into a button-down shirt, slacks and dress shoes, so as to get a better feel for what he'd need to be doing. Duo wore his normal tight black jeans and black tee, but he'd quickly sewn together a wide black skirt, which he slid on over his jeans. Heero raised an eyebrow.

"You wouldn't believe how hard it is to keep from getting tangled up in a girl's skirt," Duo told him, blushing faintly. "You have to learn from the start, or you'll go crashing head-first to the floor. And if THAT doesn't draw attention to you, I don't know what will."

He started the stereo playing a softly, and moved to the center of the gym, gesturing Heero over to him. "Okay. Basic foxtrot goes like so…" He demonstrated the male foot movements with his skirt tucked under his belt, so Heero could see his feet. Heero copied his movements expressionlessly, picking it up quickly. "Okay, now try it with me." He showed Heero how to hold his partner, then started counting out the beat. "ONE two THREE four... no, don't look at your feet, look at me. That's it. ONE two THREE four…"

They continued like this for some time, Heero quickly learning the steps to each dance. He did indeed get tangled in Duo's make-shift skirt at first, but finally got the hang of leading a partner around the floor. Finally, around two in the morning, Duo decided he was ready for the most complicated step.

"Okay, this is the one you're probably going to get asked to dance to the most." He flipped the tape to the other side, and a soft waltz started playing. "It's the one you're mostly likely to mess up, not because it's the hardest, but because you're closest to your partner. You also have to improvise the most with the waltz - the basic pattern is always the same, but you move around the whole dance floor, and you have to keep track of what's going on around you, so you don't bump into other couples. Here's the step…" He demonstrated, arms held out before him as if he was holding a partner, and waltzed around the room for a few circles. Heero watched him closely. "Okay, now you try it by yourself, and I'll be someone else moving around. Don't hit me."

They moved in circles around each other, Heero gracefully keeping step and avoiding Duo without any trouble. Duo grinned at him. "Man, if I didn't know better, I'd think you DID know how to do this, and you just wanted a chance to dance with me!" Then he blushed, realizing what he said, and was glad for the semi-darkness of the gym. Heero didn't comment.

Duo let his 'skirt' down again, and moved into Heero's arms. "Okay, now we'll try it with a partner. Ready? ONE two three…"

Heero whirled him off, never once mis-stepping, and Duo let himself relax and enjoy being in his friend's arms. Bare inches separated their bodies, and Duo could feel the heat rising from Heero's body. A light sheen of sweat beaded Heero's face, and this close to him, his scent was almost overwhelming. Duo often buried his face in Heero's pillow when the other boy was out of the room, inhaling that intoxicating scent that was purely Heero. Now, he was free to enjoy it without guilt, and he reveled in their closeness.

One turn around the gym, two… the song ended, and another began. Duo looked up to see his partner staring straight ahead. "Heero? The song's over…"

One eyebrow twitched. "I haven't quite got the hang of it," he replied, and Duo acquiesced. Not that he was complaining. Oh, no. Another five minutes in Heero's arms? Gods… his dreams were going to be steamy tonight. Being this close was brining every erotic thought he'd ever had about Heero to the surface of his thoughts. Duo breathed in sharply, trying to control his body's reaction.

Once around, then again… Duo suddenly realized that the space between their bodies had been reduced to almost nothing. Every movement had their torsos brushing together, and he could feel Heero's tight muscles and slim hips rocking against his own on the turns. He looked up, to see Heero's eyes closed and a look of concentration on his face.

"Uh…" he squeaked, cleared his throat, and tried again. All that came out was a husky whisper. "Heero, you have to leave a little space…" Heero moved his body out all of about an inch, and continued on without opening his eyes. Duo gulped. If this went on much longer, he wasn't going to be able to hide his erection from his partner.

Another turn, and their bodies were pressed together again. The song ended, another started, and Duo tried to pull away, suddenly nervous. "Heero…"

Cobalt eyes snapped open with a fierce expression. "Shut up, baka," Heero growled. Duo snapped his mouth closed. His mind panicked.

:Godohgodohgod - he's going to notice. He can't miss it. He's going to notice. He'll kill me. He can't miss it. Ohgodohgod…:

The final breath of space between their bodies disappeared, and Duo's eyes widened. All the air in his lungs left with an audible 'whoosh', and he clung to Heero, trembling.

:He's hard too… my god, he's as hard as I am… he's… enjoying this?:

Heero had stopped in mid-turn as their bodies met, and now they stood in the middle of the floor, unmoving. Duo couldn't bring himself to break the spell for the life of him.

Finally, Heero's voice whispered in his ear… "You, too?" There was a disbelieving quality to his voice, and Duo had to swallow hard before he could answer.

"Yeah," he said, his voice shaking, not looking at Heero's face. "I.. I've wanted you for a long time, Heero."

Heero dropped his hand, and for a horrible moment Duo thought he had been rejected. Then both of Heero's arms swept around him, and he was pulled in for a close hug. "I thought you'd be disgusted," Heero whispered.

Hesitantly, still not quite believing he wouldn't be shot or punched for the action, Duo hugged him back. Their hips ground together, and both boys moaned simultaneously. "I thought you would be," Duo answered.

Heero pulled away, and cobalt met amethyst. Both boys were stunned and disbelieving, but a spark of hope flew between them. Heero's features were more expressive than Duo had ever seen them before.

Duo brought his face to meet his friend's, going slowly, giving him plenty of time to pull away. Instead, Heero met him half-way, and their first kiss was long, slow and sultry.

They pulled apart, gasping, and stared at each other in wonder. "You… you're really cool with this?" Duo asked. In answer, Heero pulled him in for another kiss.

Duo stopped protesting. If Heero wanted to make all his late-night dreams and fantasies come true, he wasn't going to complain! He returned the kiss with enthusiasm, and pulled Heero down to his knees.

Hungry fingers, long denied access, tore at clothing. Heero tugged Duo's tee-shirt over his head, tangling his arms in the process. Duo protested, laughing, when Heero left him like that. "Oi… Heero… come on, this isn't… oooooohhhhhh…" he broke off with a moan as Heero lowered his mouth to caress Duo's nipples. Duo struggled to free his arms. "Aaaahhh… Heerooooo…"

Heero moved to the other side, his fingers plucking at the stiff, wet nipple he left behind. Duo started to tremble, moaning breathlessly. Finally, the Japanese boy took pity on him, untangling his shirt and pulling it the rest of the way off.

Duo jumped Heero the moment his arms were free, tugging at the dress shirt in frustration. Ordinarily nimble fingers fumbled helplessly with the buttons, and with a desperate noise, he finally just yanked them free. Tiny 'ping's sounded all over the floor, as the button hit the ground and went rolling. Duo pushed the shirt off Heero's shoulders and started nipping and laving his way down his muscled chest. Heero groaned, the sound rumbling in Duo's ears.

Heero bent his head as Duo bit gentle at his nipples, and ran his tongue along the edge of the American's ear. Duo gasped with pleasure, tilting his head to allow Heero better access. Heero dipped his tongue inside the delicate shell, wringing a moan from Duo.

Duo returned to laving attention on Heero'd chest, working his way down. He felt Heero's abdomen muscles go rigid beneath him, and looked up uncertainly. "Heero?"

"Don't stop!" the Japanese boy gasped, his hands gripping Duo's shoulders tightly. "God, Duo, don't stop!"

Grinning, now sure of his reception, Duo moved his hands to Heero's waist. The same fingers that had been unable to handle the buttons earlier now deftly undid his belt and pants, questing inside. Heero gasped and moaned, then started panting heavily. "Duo… god, I've dreamed of you doing this…"

Duo grinned wickedly and tugged Heero's pants and shorts down around his thighs. "Me too, koi…. Me too," he murmured, then wrapped his lips around Heero.

"Aahhhhh!" Heero fisted his hands in Duo's long hair and thrust his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt in Duo's mouth. Duo opened his throat to take him in, running his tongue along the underside of Heero's shaft. "Ahhhh! Duo!"

Duo began sucking, loving the gasping cries Heero was giving. He lightly clasped his balls in one hand, running the other along his crack to his ass. Heero writhed in pleasure beneath him.

"Enough!" An iron fist clamped on Duo's braid and hauled him up. Heero was panting, barely able to speak, his cobalt eyes half-closed in pleasure. Duo stared in utter amazement at the sight of Heero abandoning himself to his feelings. "Your turn," Heero muttered, and in a flash, he had Duo on the ground, pinned beneath him.

He ground his hips into Duo's while toeing off his shoes, eliciting a gasp and causing Duo to writhe beneath him. Quick fingers made short work of Duo's make-shift skirt and jeans fasteners, tugging them off his legs and pulling his own pants of at the same time. Now naked before each other, they wound their limbs together and moved against each other, kissing fiercely.

Heero reached down and wrapped his fingers around Duo's erection, pumping slowly. Duo gasped and squirmed, pleading with him - though whether he was pleading for Heero to stop or continue, even he wasn't sure.

"Tell me what you want, koi," Heero whispered.

"I… I want you… inside me…" Duo managed between pants. Heero speared him with a searching look.

"Are you sure? We're not prepared - it'll hurt…"

Duo cut him off with a fierce kiss. "I don't care! I want you.. PLEASE, Heero…"

Heero slid his free hand down, probing for entrance. Duo hissed softly, forcing himself to relax and admit his koi's finger. Heero slid a second finger in, then a third, stretching the opening. Duo thrust himself deeper onto Heero's fingers, his own hands playing with Heero's aching shaft. "Now. Please, koi. Take me!"

Unable to resist any longer, Heero shifted his weight and positioned himself. Easing forward, he murmured, "Brace yourself!" then thrust forward.

Duo gave a keening cry, then lay still for a moment, panting. Gradually, he adjusted to the feeling of Heero, deep inside him, filling him completely. As the pain faded, he began to move his hips, silently encouraging Heero to thrust.

Heero complied, moving slowly at first, pulling most of the way out, then thrusting farther in on the return. On the third thrust, he was buried to the hilt, and hit a spot within Duo that had the American crying out in pleasure. "HEERO! God… faster! More! PLEASE!" Heero thrust faster, and they began to pant in rhythm.

"Duo… god, Duo… I… I…"

Duo gave a wordless shout that echoed through the gym as he came, spraying all over himself and his lover. His inner walls clamped down on Heero, triggering his release as well. Heero buried his face in Duo's hair and screamed his pleasure.

"Heero!" Duo gasped. "Heero, I love you!"

Heero collapsed onto his lover, unable to support his weight on shaking arms. A single tear squeezed its way from his eye. "Duo… ai shiteru."

Duo gasped. "Hontou? Oh, HEERO!" He threw his arms around his lover and held him tightly. "God, we've been such idiots, haven't we? Tiptoeing around each other. Baka. We could have been together all this time!"

Heero smiled faintly, lifting a hand to brush Duo's long bangs from his face. "I'm sorry I've been so rough to you. I was fighting with myself, with my training. And it was the only way I could hide how I felt from you!"

Duo laughed softly, wonderingly. "That's okay. I don't mind. I just can't believe it's really real. I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow, and it will all have been a dream."

Heero hugged him tightly. "You won't feel that way for long. 'Cause I'll be right beside you to remind you." His expression suddenly turned uncertain. "If you want me?"

Duo mock-slapped him. "Baka. Of course I do. You think I'm letting you go now? Not a chance, Yuy! You're SO mine!"

Heero smiled softly, the first real smile Duo had ever seen from him. "Hai," he answered, kissing him gently. "I'm yours. Forever."


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