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Forbidden Confessions




Over on the 1x2ML mailing list, there was a vote for the kinkiest place for Heero and Duo to have sex. Well, the winning place was a confessional at church, and here is the first part. I have never even been in a Catholic church, haven't been in any church more than maybe twice, so forgive me if I get some details wrong. Oh, and if sex in a church offends you, don't read.

Title: Forbidden Confessions
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimer: Don't own the G-boys

Heero looked up from his laptop as Duo tried to slip out the door unnoticed. He couldn't escape the Perfect Soldier's attention, though, and Heero tracked Duo's progress silently. Heero wondered briefly where the American pilot was going. It was none of his business, but Heero couldn't help wondering. He tried to tell himself that he wondered out of concern for the mission, but he had stopped trying to lie to himself a long time ago. Heero shut his laptop with a sigh and slipped out after Duo.

Outside the safehouse, Heero picked up Duo's trail easily. The braided boy was trying to be inconspicuous, but with his beauty and that hair, Duo was unmistakable. Heero followed, just far enough back to escape Duos notice. Duo was good, but he was better. Duo slipped down alleys, over fences and through abandoned buildings. Heero could have told himself that he tracked Duo to keep his tailing skills honed, but that also would be a lie.

The boy who called himself Shinigami paused outside a large, ornate building, looking up at it with what looked like apprehension. Heero recognized it as a Catholic Church. Duo seemed to make up his mind and he went inside. Heero followed carefully. He knew of Duo's past, but he had never seen the boy go into a church. Heero briefly wondered again what he was doing, following Duo like this, but he realized he couldn't help himself. He was obsessed with his partner, and quite possibly in love with him. He was definitely deeply in lust. Heero, the Perfect Soldier, did everything perfectly, and true to form, he was now perfectly stalking Duo.

Duo seemed to make up his mind and entered the church. Heero waited briefly and followed. As Heero entered the building, he paused to let his eyes adjust. He spotted the braided boy slowly making his way toward the front of the church. Heero watched Duo kneel and make the sign of the cross. Heero knew he was intruding on a private moment and he should leave, but once again he couldn't help himself. Despite the image the American projected, of being open and cheerful, Heero really knew very little about him. Although Heero knew Duo would never return his feelings, Heero was still fascinated by him and would do anything to learn more about him, and be near him. He always arranged for them to share a room, and put them together on missions whenever possible, so he could protect Duo. Though Heero knew his feelings for Duo wouldn't be reciprocated, and Duo would never even know how he felt, Heero contented himself with watching over the longhaired boy. And his dreams were almost vivid enough to make up for it. Almost.

Luckily, Heero nearly always woke before Duo, so he could get rid of the evidence of his lustful dreams about his partner. Evidence such as wet sheets, or a painful erection.

As Heero watched Duo, he heard voices approaching and ducked into a shadowed corner. Two priests were discussing the fact that they couldn't take confession for a while due to some situation Heero couldn't hear. This gave Heero an idea; he could hide in the confessional and observe Duo, since no one would be in it.

Heero waited until the priests were gone, and, using all his considerable training, made his way silently to the confessional. Going through the center door, he found himself in what appeared to be the priest's area. There were two chairs, one near the screen into the confessor's area. Heero presumed this was where the priest sat when hearing the confessions. He went to the front to see if he could get a view of Duo, but was frustrated to find there was no window. As he was about to try the other room, to his horror he heard someone enter the confessional!

Heero froze. He was about to sneak out of the small room when he heard a very familiar voice.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," began the voice that haunted his dreams. Heero's heart hammered in his chest. He knew he should leave immediately, or confess his deception, but he found he couldn't move or speak.

"It has been... uh, 3 years since my last confession," Duo continued. Then he seemed to pause, waiting.

Heero desperately reviewed everything he knew about Catholicism, and decided a neutral response would suffice. Summoning up his skills again, he mimicked the voice of one of the priests as best as he could, and replied, "Go on, my child."

Duo seemed to accept this, and went on softly, so softly that Heero had to sit in the chair and lean forward to catch his words. "I have had... impure thoughts. About a friend," Duo nearly whispered.

Heero's heart raced. Could it be? He must mean Hirde, Heero thought.

Duo continued, "I have had these thoughts about... this person since we met. I have thought about... touching this person. I've never acted on it, because... " Duo trailed off.

Heero nearly said something else, but then Duo started talking again, sounding miserable, "The problem is... this person is another boy," Heero broke into a cold sweat. "I know that's a sin, too, but I can't help it. He's all I think about." Duo seemed to have found his voice, because he went on, rapidly. "He's beautiful and strong, and brilliant, the most amazing person I've ever met." Heero sat, unable to speak, as Duo said the words he longed to hear, "I can't help it. I'm in love with Heero."

Heero's hands gripped the arms of the chair so hard they nearly broke. Duo went on, "I'm not sure why I'm here, father, because I can't stop loving him and dreaming about being with him. All the Hail Mary's in the world won't make me stop," Duo said defiantly. "I've had impure thoughts about... being with him."

At these words, Heero felt himself harden. Duo thought about him too? Heero's feelings were returned? Heero's mind reeled, but his body knew exactly what to do. He threw open the screen between them and said quickly, before Duo could react, "I love you, too, Duo!"

Taking advantage of Duo's shock, Heero was out the door and in Duo's cubicle before the braided boy could close his mouth. Duo scrambled to his feet and stared in shock at Heero. The two boys regarded each other in the small space, barely able to hold both their small frames.

Duo seemed about to say something, then without warning he threw the hardest punch he could manage, straight at Heero's face. "Bastard!" he hissed as he swung.

Heero saw the punch coming, and could have easily dodged or blocked it. However, he did neither, and let Duo hit him. He deserved it, for intruding on his privacy.

Duo stared at Heero, who was barely moved by the force of the blow. A small trickle of blood, however, showed at the corner of Heero's mouth, evidence of Duo's anger. Duo launched himself at Heero again, but this time the cobalt-eyed boy blocked the blow, and caught Duo's hands easily. Duo struggled, trying to get free and hurt Heero, but Heero held him with little apparent effort.

"You asshole! Fuck you! Let me go!" snarled Duo, futilely fighting against Heero's superior strength.

In answer, Heero just held Duo more tightly and drew him closer. Duo continued to struggle. Heero whispered in his ear, "I love you, Duo. I'm sorry."

Duo sputtered, "What the hell were you doing? Following me? Why?"

Heero hung his head, "I shouldn't have, I'm sorry. But I was jealous. I thought you were meeting someone. You looked so secretive."

"Jealous? You?" Duo asked incredulously. Heero nodded. "Of who?" Heero shrugged. "There's no one else, baka! There never has been," Duo looked down.

"Never?" It was Heero's turn to be incredulous.

"Never," whispered Duo. "Not even a kiss."

"How could someone so beautiful remain untouched?" wondered Heero.

"If you're trying to flatter me so I won't be pissed off at you any more," Duo began, "I think it's working."

Duo looked at Heero, who was still holding on to him. "You can let go now, Heero. I'm not going to hit you again."

"Maybe I don't want to let you go," Heero answered.

"Then don't," answered Duo, and moved closer to Heero. Heero moaned as he felt the braided boy press against him. "Happy to see me, Heero?" Duo smiled as he felt the other boy's hardness against him.

"Not as happy as I'm going to be," Heero growled in Duo's ear as he ground his spandex-clad erection against Duo's equally hard bulge.

"Oh, really," Duo managed to say. "You think I'm that easy, do you?"

In answer, Heero ground his hips against Duo again, moving in small circles. Duo moaned and thrust back involuntarily. Heero said, "No, you're not easy. You're mine."

"Oh god, Heero," Duo panted, "You're gonna make me come in my pants if you keep doing that."

"This is just the beginning. I've spent so many nights dreaming up things to do to you," Heero whispered, his sultry voice dripping with promise.

Duo moaned, the combination of Heero's words and actions driving him closer to the edge.

Heero let go of Duo's hands, and moved his hands up to gently cup Duo's face. Staring deep into the violet eyes that held his heart, Heero asked, "Duo, may I kiss you?"

Duo felt as if his heart might burst any minute, but he managed to say, "Oh, yes, Heero."

Heero closed the small distance between their mouths and softly touched his lips to Duo's. Incredibly yielding softness met his mouth as Duo opened his mouth to his. Ever so slowly, Heero brushed his tongue against Duo's lips, teasing them open farther. At the same time, Heero dropped his hands from Duo's face, running them softly down Duo's body and coming to a rest on Duo's slim hips.

Duo raised his arms and wrapped them around Heero's neck as he melted into his first kiss. Time stood still and breathing was forgotten as the two boys tasted each other for the first time.

Part Two

Duo willingly opened his mouth to Heero's probing tongue. Heero plundered Duo's mouth as he gripped Duo's hips. Heero slid his hands around Duo, and ran his hands appreciatively over the boy's firm ass. Heero grabbed and pulled Duo closer still as he explored every crevice of Duo's mouth.

Again, Heero rubbed his hardness against the length of Duo's arousal. Duo broke off the kiss as he gasped with passion. Heero could tell that Duo was very close to releasing that passion.

"Duo," Heero purred in the other boy's ear, "Lean against the wall."

"Why?" Duo managed to ask, mind nearly blank with pleasure.

"Because, in a minute you're not going to be able to stand up by yourself," Heero said, in a voice that promised ecstasy. Heero then started to unbutton Duo's pants.

Duo got the idea and carefully leaned against the wall. There was just enough room for Heero to kneel in front of him, and that was just what the cobalt eyed boy was doing. Duo looked down, violet eyes half-lidded with anticipation, to see a scene from one of his hottest fantasies: Heero Yuy, on his knees, looking up at Duo with sultry cobalt eyes as he worked to free Duo's erection from its confinement.

One other thing struggled to make its way through the passion-drugged haze that was Duo's brain: there were voices outside the confessional; lots of them.

"Heero!" Duo moaned. "There are people outside! Mass must be starting!"

Heero smirked up at his love. "Then I guess you'll just have to be quiet," he said, with no intention of stopping. With that, he finished unzipping Duo's pants and eased them down. Underneath were black silk boxers that did nothing to hide the straining arousal inside. Hooking a finger in the waistband, Heero paused and looked up at Duo. The long-haired boy's eyes were closed, and he was biting his lip in an effort not to cry out. Heero smiled and began to unveil Duo completely.

Heero pulled down the soft boxers, and Duo's untouched arousal sprang forth in all its glistening glory.

Heero commanded, "Open your eyes, Duo. I want you to see everything I'm doing to you," he said as he pulled Duo's pants and boxers completely off.

Duo moaned as Heero finished undressing him, unbuttoning his shirt, leaving him clad only in the opened garment. Heero looked up at Duo and deliberately licked his lips, making the braided boy gasp at the look in his eyes. Heero reached up and removed the tie at the end of Duo's braid, and the shining chestnut mass unraveled over them both.

"So beautiful," breathed Heero. "I want to taste you."

Duo watched, unable to speak, as Heero's mouth moved closer to his aching arousal. Duo gasped as Heero licked, ever so gently, at the underside of his length. Heero's tongue traced upwards, slowly, toward the sensitive tip. Duo's knees threatened to give out as Heero's tongue flicked out to tease just the tip, tasting the fluid gathering there.

"You taste wonderful," Heero whispered just before he swirled his tongue around the end of Duo's hardness. Duo shuddered as Heero slowly took in the hard length, twisting his tongue around and around as he lowered his head onto Duo's arousal. Duo began to moan as Heero's mouth finally enveloped him completely, hot and wet.

Watching what Heero was doing to him was almost too much to bear all on its own; but seeing his erection disappearing into that perfect mouth? The mere knowledge that he was buried to the hilt in Heero Yuy's mouth was making Duo lose what was left of his mind. Heero was drawing his mouth back toward the tip now, lightly scraping the sensitive flesh with his teeth. When he reached the tip again, he plunged his mouth back down quickly, and started sucking harder. Moving up and down Duo's length, sucking and licking all the way, Heero started running one hand lightly up Duo's inner thigh.

By now Duo was trembling with sensation and the effort of keeping quiet. As many times as he had dreamed this particular scenario, the actual reality of Heero's mouth on him, so intimately, surpassed his wildest imagination. Wantonly, Duo spread his legs apart wider to allow Heero's hand access; access to whatever he wanted. Duo wanted nothing more than to completely surrender to Heero and his caresses.

Heero knew Duo couldn't restrain himself very much longer, but he wanted to extend the braided boy's pleasure as long as possible. So he varied his rhythm and techniques to keep Duo at the brink. It wasn't easy; Duo's erotic moans made his own rock hard erection stiffen beyond belief. And when Duo began softly pleading, even Heero couldn't take it any more.

Duo was nearly sobbing as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over him, never quite strong enough to take him over the edge. Then Heero's rhythm steadied, quickening and intensifying. It was then that Duo felt Heero's fingers brush gently between his spread legs, seeking his hidden entrance. As Heero found his goal, Duo found his completion.

Duo's world contracted to a point between his legs and then exploded. Sensations he had only dreamed of took control and reduced the universe to a bright wave of pleasure that filled his every pore and permeated his body. Luckily, loud music had begun to play in the church as Duo cried out helplessly, emptying his passion into Heero's willing mouth.

"Heeeeero!" was the only recognizable word out of Duo's mouth as he climaxed in the small confessional. The rest were unrecognizable moans that still sufficed to let Heero know that Duo had indeed enjoyed himself.

Heero happily swallowed some of Duo's sweet nectar; the rest he caught in his hand, lubrication for their next act of love. Heero stood and caught Duo in his arms as the violet eyed boy collapsed bonelessly. Heero sought out Duo's mouth and kissed him deeply, so Duo could taste himself in Heero's mouth.

"I was right; you taste incredible," Heero whispered into Duo's ear.

"Oh, Heero, that was…" Duo trailed off, at a loss for words for once.

"You liked it, then?" Heero asked, not quite innocently.

"Heero," Duo breathed. "Do you even have to ask?"

Heero smiled. "Not really, I just like to hear it."

Heero gently lowered Duo until he was sitting on the floor. Heero knelt beside him and bent over to gently suck on Duo's nipple. Duo gasped, erection returning rapidly. Heero turned his attention to the other nipple, and Duo began to moan.

"Oh, Heero," moaned Duo.

"I want you, Duo," Heero whispered, rubbing his neglected arousal against Duo's thigh. "I want to be inside you. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, Heero, I trust you. I'm yours. Take me," moaned Duo, leaning back against the kneeler and spreading his legs.

It was Heero's turn to moan as he looked at the braided boy offering his body and his virginity to him. "Oh, god, Duo, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you say that," Heero said as his arousal stiffened even more.

Heero moved between Duo's spread legs. Gently pushing them apart farther, Heero touched Duo's entrance with a finger slickened by Duo's seed. He gently slid a finger in, amazed in spite of himself by Duo's tightness.

Duo leaned back and closed his eyes, trying to get used to the new feeling. Heero added another finger and Duo forced his muscles to relax.

Heero forced himself to go slowly in preparing his virgin lover. Biting back his urgent need, Heero inserted a third finger and tried to find Duo's magic spot.

Duo was starting to enjoy the feeling of being filled when suddenly he felt an incredible sensation that made him forget his initial discomfort. His eyes flew open and stared at Heero between his legs, amazed at the unexpected shock of pleasure he felt. Heero grinned.

As Heero brushed that spot, Duo began to push back onto Heero's fingers and whine for more. "Please, Heero," Duo begged the cobalt-eyed boy. Then Duo moaned in disappointment as the fingers went away.

Heero quickly removed his bulging spandex shorts and tank top. He stroked himself, lubricating his rock hard shaft with the rest of Duo's seed as he gazed at the beautiful boy before him. Hair flowing, legs spread, arousal dripping, mouth open and begging, Duo Maxwell was the most sensual, incredibly arousing thing he had ever seen, and all he wanted to do was bury himself in that tightness and make that beautiful mouth cry out his name in passion.

Duo gazed through dazed eyes at Heero as he knelt before him, completely naked and stroking himself. Duo's eyes wandered over his chiseled frame, taut muscles, bulging organ and flawless skin before looking deep into those cobalt eyes. Duo thought Heero looked like a god: his own personal god of ecstasy. And he wanted to give himself completely to that beautiful god, body and soul. "Please," Duo whispered.

Heero could hold back no longer. Praying he could keep control and not hurt Duo, he positioned himself between Duo's legs, and, supporting himself on one powerful arm, guided the tip of his hot hardness to Duo's lubricated opening.

Entering Duo was like falling into paradise. Hot tightness surrounded his straining erection as he impaled Duo. It was all Heero could do to go slowly. All he wanted to do was pound the longhaired angel into the wall, deep and hard. But he held back, taking Duo's virginity inch by delicious inch, watching violet eyes for signs of pain.

Heero's invading arousal was much larger than his fingers, and Duo felt himself being split in two. But Heero had prepared him well, and Duo felt only a fleeting pain before pleasure overrode all. Duo reveled in the feeling of being filled completely; it felt so right to have Heero inside him, as close as two people could be. Duo felt Heero stop pushing, and realized he must be completely inside now.

Heero leaned on both his hands now, buried to the hilt in Duo's willing body. He leaned down and claimed Duo's mouth again as he claimed his body. They were both panting as Heero broke the kiss. Duo looked up at Heero pleadingly, willing him to move. But Heero wouldn't hurt Duo, and he waited a moment longer to be sure. Then he began.

"Oh god, Heero, please just fuck me!" Duo cried out as Heero slowly drew his length out of the longhaired boy. Heero withdrew until just the very tip was still inside, then he pushed himself back into Duo. This time, however, he changed the angle slightly, deliberately brushing Duo's magic spot as he entered.

The excruciating friction built up; Duo actually seemed to get tighter with every thrust and brush against his prostate. Duo was moaning now, begging Heero to do him harder, faster, deeper. Thrust after thrust came faster and faster until Duo was begging wordlessly.

Heero had never known the pleasure he felt deep inside Duo. Every thrust he made was met by Duo arching up to meet him. Duo matched him stroke for stroke, taking all Heero could give and begging for more. Heero soon lost control and slammed into Duo as hard as he could, rhythm disintegrating in the heat of the moment. Still Duo wanted more, begged for it. Heero felt his climax coming, and wrapped his hand around Duo's arousal to bring Duo with him. At the first stroke, Duo threw his head back and screamed, muscles clamping down on Heero like iron and shooting his passion all over the two boys.

Once Duo climaxed, Heero allowed his own passion to release, marking Duo as his. Heero growled as he pumped into Duo one last time, unimaginable ecstasy washing over his body. He barely avoided crushing Duo as he collapsed next to him, the reality of where they were coming back to him in a rush. Withdrawing carefully from Duo, he noted with satisfaction that there was no blood. Then he gathered his lover in his arms and smoothed back sweat-soaked hair to see his beautiful eyes.

"Are you ok?" Heero whispered. There were some voices outside the small room, and they appeared to be coming nearer. Duo nodded. "Then I think we'd better get out of here."

As they grabbed their clothes and threw them on as fast as possible, a voice outside demanded to know what was going on in there.

Grabbing Duo's hand, Heero looked at him; they exchanged a grin. Duo yelled, "What does it sound like? We're having absolutely mind-blowingly great sex in here! You should try it sometime!"

In the stunned silence that followed, Heero and Duo burst out of the confessional and made a run for the door. Shocked faces tracked their progress but no one moved to stop them. They made it through the door and down the street before Duo collapsed in a fit of giggles. He leaned on Heero's shoulders as he laughed. Even the cobalt eyed boy had to smile.

Once Duo had calmed down, they made their way more sedately back to the safehouse. Heero wouldn't let go of Duo's hand, though. He wasn't sure if he ever wanted to.

Duo leaned his head on Heero's strong shoulder as they made their way through the dark. "Heero, that was amazing," he said, then straightened up abruptly. "Hey! We can do that every night if we want to! Cool!"

The End

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