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NO Substitute for the Real Thing



Heero had returned from his assignment early. He had not forgotten Duo’s send off to him on the airplane as revenge for being left behind. He was in the mood for payback.

He had slipped into the house and had silently crept from room to room, seeking the braided baka. He finally located him outside on the sundeck of their house. Duo was gloriously nude as he lay baking in the hot sun.

Heero ran hungry eyes over the golden, sweat soaked form. This suited his purpose well; he could get their room ready and then grab the beauty and teach him a lesson he would not soon forget.

A flash of white caught his eyes on the sundeck and he focused on the cause of his need for revenge. It was that damn statue. He vowed to utterly destroy that statue before the week was out. Inanimate or not, it had tasted the pleasure of his koi’s body and *No One* but he was permitted that act. Glaring at the offending stone again, he withdrew back to the master bedroom and prepared the room for his impish koi.

Duo was totally relaxed and feeling good. Tomorrow Heero would be returning and he was interested to see what his lover did to him. He had deliberately taunted the Japanese youth and he knew there would be a price to pay.

Duo was surprised when a shadow fell over him, raising his head he was surprised to see Heero. He had thought that the Wing pilot would not be back until tomorrow.

He smiled seductively at his lover. “Welcome back love.” His smile widened as Heero admitted he had missed him and asked if he was ready for his welcome back surprise. Duo felt a swelling occur between his legs as he announced that he was more than ready for his beloveds’ return.

Imagine his surprise when he found himself flung face down over Heero’s lap with his ass raised up in the air.

Heero took a moment to admire the lovely rounded globes, running a firm hand over the silky flesh before raising a hand and bringing down in resounding spank.

“Here’s the greeting you’ve earned my sweet!” smirked Heero

Duo yelped as Heero started to spank his bottom. He clamped down on further yells because he had no desire for the neighbors to come running at the yelps and see him naked over Heero’s lap getting a spanking.

“Ouch, dammit, Heero stop this right now!”

Heero was thoroughly enjoying spanking the erotically wiggling bottom that was over his lap. He was being very careful, however, he had plans for that pretty little ass later on and didn’t want Duo to be too sore to participate.

“You deserve every minute of this Duo. Do you know how embarrassing it was to walk through an airport covering a wet spot on your pants!”

Duo continued to squirm as his bottom went from a light pink to a medium red. “You also deserved what you got Yuy!” A particularly loud and hard spank was given after that remark. Duo quickly continued, “You lied to me. You said my skills weren’t being used so there was no need for me to go, but you were testing Relena’s security and no one in our group is better at infiltration than me. You left me behind for convenience.”

Heero stopped the spanking because he realized Duo was right. He had left Duo behind because of the tension between him and Relena and not because Duo’s skills weren’t need…like he told Duo before the trip. He just hadn’t figured on Duo finding that out.

“You still have a price to pay for your taunts my dear and the piper had come to collect!”

Heero flipped his fairy love over and carried him off in his arms. Soundly kissing those pouting lips, he took them both to the master bedroom. It was time to teach the beauty that there was *NO* substitute for the real thing.

He quickly dropped the braided youth on the bed. Grabbing first one arm and then the next, he secured the fey youth to the headboard of the bed with silk lined wrist cuffs. Stepping back, he teased his lover by slowly stripping off his garments.

Duo watched as Heero peeled off his top and then shimmed out of his pants and underwear. He was well aware of the exaggerated wiggle Heero included in the erotic strip tease.

Heero took a deep breath and prepared to put his control to the test. He fully intended to drive Duo pleasure mad while stoking the fires of his own passion until he was in a frenzy and took the braided youth hard and deep.

Duo watched with panting gasps as Heero dragged himself up the length of his body, leaving tingles wherever his body touched. He moaned as Heero kissed up and down the length of his chest.

Heero reveled in the sweet sounds his lover was making. He decided to strike true and hard. Without any warning, he grasped Duo’s dewing erection and began to pump it mercilessly.

Duo cried and moaned as Heero gave him intense pleasure with his hand. He was soon covered in a light coating of sweat and thrusting his hips helplessly like a puppet controlled by it’s master. The strokes from Heero’s hands felt so good and drove him closer and closer to the edge.

Heero increased the speed of his intimate caressing. He knew Duo was expecting him to pull back and torment him some more but he intended to make Duo come. He growled in triumph as Duo cried out loudly and surrendered his passion and his seed to the Japanese youth’s skill.

Duo lay panting and trying to catch his breath. He wondered what the perfect soldier was up to, as he certainly never expected to be granted release so soon. Suddenly he knew what the shifty wing pilot was up too as his sensitive shaft was grasp and Heero brought him to an erection again.

Heero could feel his own need rising as he started all over again with pleasuring his lover. He ignored it because it wasn’t time yet. It was time to increase the intensity and reduce his lovely one to a writhing mass of sensation.

Heero leaned over and licked the pulsing flesh between those smooth thighs. He chuckled inside at the nonstop moaning and whimpers coming from that long slender throat. Looking up and locking his eyes with those luminous orchid orbs, he grinned wickedly before swallowing Duo’s erection to the root.

Duo screamed this time as he felt his throbbing manhood surrounded by a tight, wet heat. The sensation was enough that he almost came, but Heero had pulled his balls slightly to prevent this.

Heero was ruthless in his tormenting of the ripe fruit in his mouth. He licked, sucked and swallowed the thickness, savoring the unique flavor of his soulmate. Then he added to the devastation, he plunged a semen-covered finger deep inside the writhing body and began to stroke Duo’s prostate.

“Ahhhh, please Heero!” Duo squirmed and thrust wildly now, needing release so badly. He felt the change in Heero’s ministrations with his cry. He was so close, and then Heero sucked hard and struck his prostate sharply with a finger. Duo shuddered violently and released his seed for a second time that night, this time into Heero’s waiting mouth.

Heeero noted the exhausted and sated look on his koi’s face, but things weren’t over yet. It was time. He was aching so badly now that he knew he would go insane if he didn’t plunder this lovely creature’s depths and do it NOW!

Duo couldn’t believe it when he felt Heero began to stimulate him again. He was sure there was no way Heero could get him to rise again after the two earth-shattering orgasms he had already experienced, but he was wrong.

Heero laughed evilly as he took in his little one’s astonished features as he got another rise out of him. This time there would be no foreplay. The lithe form beneath him was stretched and the muscles relaxed…except for one.

He grabbed long, shapely legs and hooked them over his shoulders, then he thrust forward hard and fast. For the second time that night he wrung a loud scream from the longhaired fey youth as he was impaled on Heero’s large erect member.

Duo was in heaven and hell at the same time. He was so sensitive by this point that the sex bordered on pain but the excruciating pleasure he felt from Heero’s deep hard thrust were drowning him. Heero was literally driving him into the bed with the force of the thrusts. He seemed intend on thrusting his way so deeply into Duo that they became one entity.

The Japanese boy couldn’t get in deep enough. Time and again he plunged into his lover, filling his body, mind and soul with pleasure. Faster and faster the movements came as he worked for release. He was so close now.

Aiming carefully Heero gave three hard, deep thrusts to Duo’s already tingling prostate causing the pilot to come so hard he passed out. Heero swiftly followed as the contractions of Duo’s inner walls, along with a final deep thrust took him over the edge. He screamed as he climaxed and collapsed on his unconscious mate.

The braided youth spent most of the next day sitting on pillows and walking funny much to the amusement of his exotic lover. The Japanese native had wasted no time in gloating over his conquest or in demolishing the hated statue on the sundeck.

Duo lowered himself onto Heero’s lap and kissed him passionately on the lips as he declared the following. “You were right, koibito, there is NO substitute for the real thing!”


I don’t own the boys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This is a PWP Yaoi Lemon and a sequel to Substitute for the Real thing. There is some mild bdsm and mild hentai warning for the fic. It has a rating of NC-17 and is not meant for the underaged. The writer nor the lists are responsible if these warnings are ignored. This has not been beta read, so please ignore the errors!! This is dedicated to Lina,, a wonderful writer whose had a rough time lately and deserves some cheering up! Enjoy!

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