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The Hentai Zone: Perfect

Lady Tora

Notes: What if Heero was the Perfect Sex Toy?

Duo was the excellent college student, good grades, worked hard in class, well liked and a great athlete. But Duo was fearful of human companionship and brushed off all sexual advances. He would keep friends far from himself and became closed off from civilization of the dating world.

Going through his mail one day, he noticed a strange catalogue wrapped in dark plastic.

"Damn, more porn."

About to throw the catalogue away, he decided to open it.

"The Hentai Zone?" Duo scrunched his eyebrows together and began to flip through the pages till he saw something that grabbed his attention.

"Create the perfect lover?"

Reading over the list of things he could have, Duo began to ponder and thought of the perfect mate. He tore out the application and filled it out. If he was lucky, he would be drawn to receive a free doll with his specifications, which would help him a lot when the dolls were over a thousand dollars and he barely had enough money for lunch the next day.

That night, Duo tossed and turned in the bed. His head was swimming with what to expect; would it be human like or blow up? Would it have soft skin and bright eyes or would it be vinyl with painted eyes.

"Damn it…" he hissed as he blinked at the clock. He had an early class and wasn't going to sleep because of thought of having `someone' or `thing'.

Throwing the covers off and slipping his boxers down over his slim hips, he thought if he would be able to sleep, he would wear himself out. Slowly taking his swollen shaft in his hand, Duo hissed and groaned at the slight pleasurable sensation.

The soft glow of the moon, gave his act a more sensual sight then relief. Running his thumb over the slick slit and running his fingers lightly over the base, Duo began to purr and rock harder into the bed. The simple teasing was making him harder and harder as the pearly drops of pre cum began to dribble down across his fingers causing a long moan except the long pale throat.

The friction began to build as jerked his hand faster and faster along the throbbing pole, Duo arched up and thrusted into his hand, feeling the tingly sensation wrapping around his body as stars stroked his mind.

Hot white lava sparked from his loins as he cried out, milking his cock the last of his essence and flopping down on the bed in a ragged mess.

Duo wiped his hand on the edge of the sheets as he turned over and passed out into a world of strange dreams.

Waking up to the phone ringing off the hook, it shattered the soft dreamscape of faceless people feeding him grapes on their supple laps.

"Erm? Oh man…who tha hell calls in-" Duo looked at his clock and groaned, he forgot to set it and missed his classes.

"Yeah, hello? Maxwell residence." He let out a large yawn and scratched at his stomach.

"I am calling on the behalf of your registration, congratulations Mr. Maxwell. You will receive your package on Saturday. Good bye."

Before Duo could get a single word in, they hung up. Confused he sat on the couch and rubbed idly at his temples.

"What was that all about?" Feeling that no one in the empty room would answer him back, he stretched out on the couch, holding a small pillow up against his chest as he went back into slumber. Writhing around on the plush leather sofa, Duo began to slip onto the floor hanging by his legs.

Again someone had to disturb his rest, banging on the door loud enough to have the neighbor's next door look out their peep holes. Groaning and rubbing his eyes to wipe away any signs of the long sleep. Duo opened the door to an overly cheerful person.

"Hey! Duo, we are going to the concert tomorrow. Wanna come?"

"Not really, who is playing?"

"5 Dollar Dolls, that is why I asked. I know you like the band."

Again rubbing his eyes then slipping the long pale fingers through his hair he thought what say it was. "Shit, I got to wait for someone Saturday. Maybe if it is later."

"Cool, who is this person? You can bring em' if you can. Later."

Closing the door Duo looked around in disbelief, "yeah, I'll bring the blow up doll." He again curled up on the couch with his cheek pressed against the slick leather surface then reached for his remote. Watching the news for an hour he decided to slip off and do something with the day.

Cleaning was nice to do, then some reading and homework; but the spooky feeling of someone watching him and knowing what he wanted before he could think began to run through his brain.

Yawning and heading for the bedroom there was a light knock on the door. Turning hard enough to bop himself in the head with his braid, Duo went to the door and looked down at a short man holding a huge package.

"I have a delivery for a Mr. Duo Maxwell."

Seeing the box and deliveryman in amusement, "Yeah, that is me. I'll take it."

"No worries." The man picked up the box single handedly and placed it in Duo's apartment.

A woman began to peek in through the door, "Sorry about that, he never usually gets ahead of me like that." She smiled nicely and began to open the package.

Looking surprised, Duo tried to stop the lady but she just smiled.

"I built him, my best work ever. I hope you like him."


"Oh yes. I am surprised you didn't know. I guess you're surprised your urges, but I know you will love him."

The cardboard fell from the figure inside. He was Duo's height, thick mane of deep walnut hair and large lashes that sat gently on his cheek. The figure was clothed in a simple green shirt and worn jeans. The skin was olive in appearance that seemed to shimmer.

"His name is Heero. Heero, wake up. Meet your new master." The lashes moved, revealing deep blue eyes that made Duo gasp.

"Is he really mine?"

The lady nodded, "Looking at your application I know that you will take good care of him and maybe give some word of mouth. He is like any other person, personality and such. But he lives to make you happy."

The `Heero' didn't make a move till Duo told him to sit on the couch. When he looked up, the lady and the deliveryman was gone without a trace.

"So Heero?"

"Yes Duo?" The voice was clear and low, but the response felt so automatic.

"Are a robot or something?" He began to twirl his braid idly, not thinking that he was nervous or nothing.

"I am Heero, I was made to please you." He sat rigid, not moving but his jaw and ever so often his eyes to seem more `human like'.

"I was just wondering you know. I am sorry that I can't…er…use you like now. I usually get to sleep right now."

"Then you must sleep, it will make you happy."

Staring at Heero and cocking his head to the side, "Do you want to join me?"

"If you want. I am here to please you." Standing up and stifling a yawn, "Sure, come with me then."

Duo took off his shirt and shorts, leaving him revile in the dark blue boxers. Climbing into bed he noticed Heero just stood there. Sighing, "You can come into the bed, I don't mind."

Blinking in response, the robotic toy took off his shirt and pants to show he was not given any undergarments, and perfectly was endowed.

A quick smile and small gulp, Duo opened the blankets to let the other in. He was soft to the touch, but slightly cold with no heartbeat or breathing.

"Do you have like a motor or something with a soft noise?" Heero's response was a small pulsating noise that began to lull Duo to sleep.

"Thanks, Hee-" yawning and smacking his lips softly together, "Ro."

Wrapping the sinewy arms around the youth, Heero softly began to stroke the kitten soft hair as the delicate warm nose buried deeper in his shoulder.

The morning came to quickly for Duo; the sunrays pierced through his eyelids and forced a long grumpy groan from his throat. What stopped him was the soft petting motions on his head.

Now wide eyed, Duo looked up to see what he thought was a dream. "You are real." Back to the nuzzling motion, the soft skin moving against his own caused a sweet friction.

"I am real if you want me to be."

Lifting his head, the longhaired youth looked up, feeling the soft strokes move down to his back.

"Heero? Why are you petting me?"

For the first time confusion flittered across Heero's face, trying to compute an answer; but looking down at his hand moving slowly across the silky expansion of skin. "I don't really know, Duo."

"Well, I like it. Makes me feel loved."

"Loved?" The confused face reappeared, the dark forked eyebrows pointed down causing the deep Prussian blue eyes to squint.

"Yeah," Duo let out a small yawn, "Love. It is an emotion, do you have emotions?"

Heero began to twitch, "E…mo…tion? No compute." Then began to jerk and spasm as if his electronics broke

Throwing the blankets off the shaking body, Duo took him into his arms trying to slow down the circuit meltdown because of a simple little word.

"Heero! No! You'll be okay!"

Holding the spasming creature in his arms, Duo tried to think of things to help Heero stop.

"I know you can love! Please don't break! You held me and petted me and made me feel good for the first time in my life! Don't leave me Heero!"

Duo kissed Heero's forehead and wiped back the feathery hair that tickled his cheeks, tears fell rampant from his eyes and onto the still form in his arms.

"Please, please…"

"I…won't…Duo." Heero's voice was softer and felt more alive then when he first spoke.

Duo opened his eyes to see the dark haired man in his arms slowly move and placed a loving hand up to his face.

"You cried for me. Do you love me?"

"Yeah, I never had anyone." Wiping a small tear from his eyes and smiling. Heero's skin began to warm as he felt a soft pulse of a new heart. His eyes shined, not with glass, but with human experience.

"I feel, Duo…strange. I feel scared and happy and warm and things I never felt before."

"It's love." Duo kissed each blinking eye and smiled down.

He heard an `Oh' escape the fine porcelain like lips as he took a deep breath and reveled in the feeling of breathing.

Sitting up, Heero began to examine his hands smiling as they moved and he felt the movements as Duo propped his chin on the muscled shoulder.

"Duo, I'm alive! You made me!" He latched onto the other and laughed as he grasped the swanlike neck and kissed anything he could get a hold of.

The ministrations were too much for Duo as he felt a warming sensation begin to grow in his loins as he felt the soft lips caress every inch of skin that they could latch onto.


Stopping at the collarbone and letting his tongue snake out, running along the curving angle, Heero looked up and with a seductive smile he continued his work down to the pert nipples that begged for attention.

Groaning and writhing on the bed, Duo groaned and slipped further into Heero's wondering grasp. The mechanically perfect body straddled his, pressing his own arousal into Duo's stomach and leaning back into the cock between his ass cheeks.


Lost in all sensations, he would gladly give himself into pleasure with the angel on top of him, "Erm, yeah Heero?"

Crawling back up Duo's body, the youth began to kiss up the nape of the stretched out neck and gently nip the exposed earlobe.

"What do you want?"

Confused by the question, Duo looked at the wild haired man on his stomach gently rolling his hips. "I want you."

"What do you want Duo?" Leaning down and tacking his lips by force, Heero thrusted his tongue down into the warm cavern and woke up the other's shy mouth.

Now breathless, "I WANT you."

"Show me."

The simple invitation went straight to his groan and caused him to buck up into the air. Duo sat up with his prize in his arms and pressed Heero into the bed. He looked absolutely beautiful against the burgundy wine pillows, matching the tawny color of Heero's skin.

"Your so perfect Heero, so mine." He kissed softly and began to familiar himself with Heero, letting him moan and call his name as he manipulated the small frame. The scents that captured his nose was an erotic mix of wild roses, sandalwood and the musty scent of lust.

Thoroughly exploring the indentation of the small bellybutton, Duo followed the dark trail of hair to something that caused the air choke in Heero's throat. Looking up with feral violet eyes stained with hunger, Duo dipped his head down on the tip of the glistening cock. He wrapped his tongue around the crown and lavished in the pure taste of sex that Heero offered him.

Pushing the bucking hips with one hand and gently massaging the soft velvety balls in the other, Duo heard the round of chants that filled the air. Slowly going down on the hard organ in his mouth, he gently raked his bottom teeth on the underside causing Heero to stop then scream out as waves and waves of hot seed rushed down Duo's throat.

Duo felt the large organ twitch, but not go down as he plopped it out of his mouth. The dark youth fell onto the bed gasping for air.

"Duo please…I want…"

"I know." He slinked up the body and kissed the partially open mouth, allowing Heero to taste himself on the swollen lips and automatically spread his legs to let Duo access him.

Giving a large cat like smile, Duo slid his hands up and down the tender inner thighs, kissing each knee as he began to lift the supple body up against him. He traced the quivering ring and pressed his finger through, surprised how hot and tight it was. Heero sucked him up to the knuckle and began to slowly press himself for more feeling. Giving him what he wanted Duo put two fingers together then three into the shuddering hole and hit a small bump that caused Heero to rise up and squeal.

Rubbing the soft cheeks, Duo began to press himself on the tight ring and gain access to Heero's body. Feeling the intrusion, Heero bit back a cry and let himself relax. The sensations blew his mind as Duo slowly began to fill his body inch by grueling inch and waited for a sign from Heero to continue.

Blood thrumming through his veins felt like live wires as Duo stopped and began a small dance of soft circles to get the other to push up letting a series of short thrusts. The sweet feeling of filling and being filled drove both into euphoria of pleasure as Duo began to pull out more and more and slamming into the tanned body.

Harder, faster, more and more; Duo reveled in Heero's cries as he gave him what he wanted. He pulled out all the way causing the man beneath him whimper, then slam hard and fast hitting the tiny spark maker that forced Heero into a prayer like state as he kept going on in different positions and speeds.

Everything went into a stand still as Heero arched his back as far as it would go and cried out in as many languages as he could muster as white ribbons exploded from his body.

Feeling the air around prick at his skin and the song of Heero's orgasm ricochet off his ears. With one last thrust as the body beneath him Duo shuddered as he filled the fiery tunnel with blasts of his seed.

Duo let go of the muscular legs and began his descend into the bed for peaceful slumber as his lover curled up into his arms. Smiling, Duo began to pet the sweat soaked bangs, causing Heero to purr and snuggle closer.

"Love?" Duo looked down into the softened eyes and grinned then wrapped his arms closer giving the dark haired youth a gentle squeeze.

"Yes, love."


Down the road a young woman knocked on a large wooden door as a smaller man held a huge package. The door opened to a young man with a large jut of hair covering one eye.

"Hello, Mr. Trowa Barton. We have a package for you."

"It is early, but do come in." Opening the door wider he gestured them to his living room.

"It is my best work ever, I hope you like him."

The cardboard came apart with a bit of foam peanuts getting stuck to parts of the beautifully tailored silk clothing. He was a few inches smaller then Trowa, but with black hair and smooth curved lips made for kissing and pouting.

"His name is Wufei. Wufei, wake up and meet your new master."

The almond shaped eyes opened to reveal eyes so black that they shined silver and sapphires when the light hit them.

"Hello, Trowa."

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