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Touch Me




Title: Touch Me (Sequel to I Touch Myself)
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi, lemon, voyeurism
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

Duo thought of Heero inside him, filling him, taking him, pounding him... Heero's name spilled from Duo's parted lips as he climaxed all over himself, a joyful agony, yet incomplete...

/Oh no, oh no, oh no.../

And cobalt eyes widened outside the partially opened door as Heero heard his own name, and saw Duo, and finally understood...


Heero had been heading for the shower when he heard the moaning. Figuring Quatre and Trowa were at it again, he tried his best to block the erotic sounds from his mind. Unfortunately, this wasn't easy, and despite his best efforts he began to get aroused. Immediately, his mind filled with an image of Duo, underneath him, writhing… Heero shook his head to rid his mind of the image of the violet-eyed boy. That way lay disaster, and frustration. And another cold shower.

Progressing down the hallway, Heero's acute directional hearing soon told him that the sounds were not coming from Quatre and Trowa's room, but his and Duo's. Confused, Heero cautiously approached the door, which stood slightly ajar. Yes, the moans were definitely coming from their room. And Heero was certain that it was only one voice, and that voice was Duo's.

Heero's erection hardened even more as he stood outside the door, listening to Duo make the most erotic sounds he had ever heard. He knew he shouldn't be doing this, that he shouldn't be a voyeur, but he couldn't help himself. Heero wanted to be the one making Duo make those sounds, but he would settle for watching Duo pleasure himself.

With all the stealth he could muster with a hard-on, Heero crept towards the door. Duo was getting louder. Heero licked his lips with anticipation of catching a glimpse of the violet-eyed boy in the throes of passion.

Holding his breath, Heero peeked through the door. Heero thought Duo was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, from the first moment he had seen him. In fact, he had not even been aware he was attracted to boys until he had seen Duo. But, seeing him like this was even more than Heero could have hoped for. Duo's amazing hair had worked its way loose from the braid, and his face was flushed. His head was thrown back, and his sensual mouth was open and moaning. His shirt was pulled up, exposing a well-toned stomach. His pants were open, and his hand stroked his own arousal roughly. Heero's own hardness pulsed in answer, and he longed to take Duo's arousal in his mouth, his hand… Above all, Heero longed to bury himself in that incredible body.

Nearly panting, Heero leaned against the wall and peered in. His hand stole down to rub his painful erection through his spandex. Heero wondered what Duo was thinking of as he relieved his tension.

Heero could tell that Duo was very close; his hips were bucking upwards frantically as he pumped. The longhaired boy's moaning was increasing in volume. Heero bit his lip as he watched; then a name came from Duo's parted lips. Heero was stunned; he couldn't possibly have heard correctly. Duo was coming, his mouth opened wide, almost screaming, again… "Heero!"

As Duo coated his stomach with his spent passion, Heero stood outside the door, nearly incoherent. Then his body moved as if by itself; Heero was in the room and standing next to Duo before he knew he had even moved.

The pleasure was just ebbing from Duo's body when he opened his eyes. Heero was standing by the bed. Staring at him. Duo's eyes went wide with panic. How long had Heero been watching him? Realizing he was still exposed, Duo scrambled back on the bed, away from Heero, trying to cover himself. "H-Heero!"

Heero realized he was staring, and Duo looked frightened. Heero couldn't think of a thing to say, however, except, "Duo?"

Duo had never heard Heero sound so unsure of himself. And looking more closely at the other pilot, Duo realized that, directly at eye level, there was a huge bulge in Heero's tight spandex pants.

"You were watching me!" Duo blurted out accusingly. How long had he been there?

"You were making a lot of noise," Heero managed to say. "You… said my name."

Long enough. Busted. Duo now didn't have anything to say. He couldn't tear his eyes from Heero's, though. Impulsively, Duo decided to do something he had always wanted to do.

Springing to his knees on the bed, he wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and pressed his mouth to the other boy's.

Heero was so surprised that he didn't react at first when Duo kissed him. Then he felt Duo start to pull away. So Heero grabbed Duo's waist and pulled him back, and returned the kiss fiercely. Duo moaned as he felt Heero's erection against his stomach, and felt his own reawaken. Tentatively, he ran his tongue around the inside of Heero's mouth. Heero responded by exploring Duo's mouth with his own tongue.

Heero's hands began to move, downward into Duo's unfastened pants, to cup his ass. Duo responded by thrusting his hips against Heero and moving a hand down to tease his nipple through the tank top. Heero broke the kiss to gasp at the sensation. Heero reached back to unfasten the rest of Duo's braid while he kissed a trail down his neck. Heero ran his hands through the freed locks, marveling at the texture.

Duo sighed with pleasure at the longed-for feeling of Heero's hands on his hair. One of his favorite fantasies started with Heero undoing his hair. But Duo had to remind himself that this was real, not a fantasy. Duo wanted to feel Heero's bare skin against him, so he pulled back just enough to tug at Heero's shirt. Heero got the message, and quickly stripped off his tank top. Duo pulled his shirt off as well. Then they were pressed hard together again, hot flesh against hot flesh as two young bodies sought each other.

After another soul-searing kiss, Duo's hands quested down, brushing hardness through spandex. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, hips bucking forward at Duo's touch. Pleased at the other boy's reaction, Duo traced the outline of Heero's passion with a finger. Moaning louder, Heero transferred one hand to the front of Duo's pants and sought Duo's arousal. It was Duo's turn to moan as Heero gently squeezed him through his silky boxers.

Slowly, the two boys explored each other's reactions, teasing each other through their clothes. Soon, both boys were panting with need. Duo wanted to touch all of Heero, so he began to tug downwards at the spandex. Heero pulled back and let Duo strip him of the last of his clothes. Finally, he stood before Duo, and the longhaired boy looked at him in awe. Violet eyes roamed over flawless skin and chiseled muscles, down to a straining, rock hard arousal. Heero was even more gorgeous than he had imagined. Duo licked his lips in anticipation of touching every inch of him.

Reverently, Duo reached out and delicately wrapped his fingers around Heero's erection. Heero shuddered and moaned as Duo bent his head down toward his hardness. Delicious pressure began building up as soon as Duo's soft lips enveloped him. As his arousal disappeared into that sensuous mouth, Heero once again buried his hands in Duo's flowing hair.

Duo slowly took Heero into his mouth. He tasted as good as Duo had imagined. Duo closed his eyes and savored the feeling of Heero's hot flesh in his mouth, and the bittersweet taste of his excitement. The reality of doing this to him, knowing everything the cobalt-eyed pilot was feeling was because of him, was nearly enough to make him climax again.

Also near climax, Heero pulled Duo's mouth off him with difficulty. As incredible as the sensations that Duo was giving him were, Heero wanted-no, needed-something more. Gently pulling Duo's beautiful face up to his, he looked deep into the eyes that haunted his wet dreams. "Duo, I… want…"

Duo looked up at Heero with a look of utter abandon. "Anything, Heero. Anything you want."

Heero's passion surged even higher at Duo's words. That this beautiful creature could give himself so freely was more than Heero could have ever imagined. "I want to be inside you. I want you to be mine, completely."

"I've always been yours, Heero," Duo whispered in answer. And he drew Heero onto the bed with him.

Duo lay back on the bed, hair spread around him. Heero leaned over him and claimed his mouth once again, until they were both breathless. Then Heero began to kiss down Duo's chest, pausing to suck at both nipples on the way. Then he reached his destination: Duo's unfastened pants. Heero gently eased the remaining garments off of Duo, and sat back to drink in the vision before him.

Alabaster skin, lean muscles, perfect lips and rock hard arousal; Duo was too perfect to be real. Yet there he was, offering himself to Heero, stretched out on the bed before him. Duo reached up behind him and gripped the headboard with both hands, and opened his legs for Heero. Duo could see the effect he had on Heero, how his erection pulsed at the offering of his body this way. "Please, Heero," Duo moaned, beyond thought. "Take me."

Heero groaned with desire and took Duo up on his offer. Moving between the longhaired boy's legs, he leaned down and kissed him. Duo arched up to meet him, causing their arousals to rub together. Duo gasped at the sensation; Heero ground harder against him, loving the sounds of passion from Duo's lips.

"Duo," Heero managed to say. "I'll be right back."

Within 10 seconds, the cobalt-eyed boy was back, holding a bottle of lotion. Heero kissed Duo again, and as he did so, slipped a lubricated finger inside him, making Duo gasp. Soon, Duo relaxed, and Heero continued to prepare him. When Heero slipped in a third finger, Duo gasped and arched back on his fingers. Heero had found the spot.

"Oh, god, Heero, please," Duo pleaded. "Just do it. Do me!"

Judging that Duo was ready, Heero removed his fingers and put some lotion on his own aching arousal. Moving closer to Duo, Heero crawled forward, spreading Duo's legs apart further with his thighs. Duo just moaned in supplication, gripping the headboard and opening his legs as far as he could.

Heero rubbed his dripping hardness against Duo's entrance, savoring the agony of anticipation for one more moment. Duo moaned his impatience. Then he entered Duo, pushing slowly, but inexorably, deep inside the other boy. Not stopping until he was fully inside Duo, Heero bit his lip with the effort of going slowly. Finally he was fully sheathed in Duo, and he paused.

Nothing could have fully prepared Duo for the feeling of being filled by Heero. Pain merged with pleasure, Duo felt split in two yet one with Heero all at the same time. As his muscles relaxed, the pain disappeared and the pleasure took over. This felt so right, so complete. He and Heero were as close as two people could be. Then Heero began to move.

Heero began a steady rhythm of pulling out slowly and entering again slightly faster. He grabbed Duo's hips and lifted him slightly. Heero could tell the instant the changed angle caused him to brush against Duo's magic spot, because the longhaired boy hissed and thrashed his head about. The new angle also caused Heero to go deeper into Duo with each thrust, and the ecstasy increased accordingly. The feeling of being enveloped by Duo's excruciating tightness was quickly driving him insane. Pressure, heat, and friction surrounded his erection with every thrust into Duo, and Heero knew he couldn't hold back much longer. Looking down at Duo, Heero wrapped a hand around Duo's hardness and began to pump.

Duo's eyes grew wider as the new sensation threatened to overwhelm his senses. Already nearly mindless from Heero pounding him from the inside, now his arousal was being stroked. Duo screamed Heero's name as the pleasure became unbearable; his passion shot forth, splattering Heero, Duo and the room with its creamy heat.

Heero watched Duo's face as he went over the edge; that sight, the sound of his name from those lips, and the agony of Duo's muscles clamping down on him made Heero follow Duo immediately. With a final thrust and a possessive growl, the irresistible climax claimed him with unimaginable sensation.

After what seemed like hours, Heero was able to breathe again. He gently removed himself from Duo and pulled him close. Brushing back damp hair, Heero searched Duo's face for regrets, and found only a pure smile looking back at him. Heero couldn't help smiling back.

The End

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