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Over the River and Through the Woods (parts 1 - 4)


Part 1

"Just in case you are wondering, I'd like to take a moment here to set the record straight about mine and Heero's relationship. If you're reading this, I'm going to have to assume that you've read other fics about us. Most likely hundreds of them."

"What, Heero?"


"Heero would like me to remind you that that was just an assumption. I'm betting it's a pretty accurate one though."

"Anyway, back to what I was saying. Heero and I have a pretty good thing going on. I mean, we've been together for years now... 5, I think.... and while it all hasn't been a bed of roses, it's been great for the most part. Despite what you've read, it's not all about sex. We do actually do *other things* You're shocked.... I knew you would be!!"

"Our lives are sometimes just as mundane as yours. We work, we eat, we sleep, we go to the movies and sometimes even rent them.... the last few Heero picked out were pretty bad actually..... but I digress. So, we do all this *stuff* that normal people do... almost wish we didn't. Our lives have been over-glorified by our adoring *fans* and while we find it flattering for the most part, I just thought you should know it's basically bullshit."


"All that stuff about me being frank and sarcastic has not been over exaggerated by the way."


"Don't get me wrong, there have been fics written about us doing things other than having sex and some of them are quite good.... even accurate I dare to say."

"Say, Heero? You don't think there are hidden cameras in here, do ya? Okay, never mind then. Anyway, I'm getting off track again."

"Yes.... as usual, love...I know..."

"To wrap things up here... YES, we do live what I'd venture to say are *normal* lives, we fight when one of us leaves the gas tank on E or doesn't replace the empty toilet paper roll, but heck, what did you expect!"

"Yes, dear, I *AM* wrapping things up. And in case you were wondering, it IS true that Heero is pretty anal retentive... heh... just thought I'd add that in. OUCH !"

"In conclusion... for real this time, we are two fairly regular guys who lead what would most likely be considered a boring life. But this fic isn't about any of those average, run-of-the-mill things that we do."

"It's about us having sex........"


It had taken me months to convince Heero to go camping. It was something I'd always wanted to do. He found the idea less than appealing, citing the fact that we'd lived out of duffle bags and slept on the ground on more occasions than we'd care to admit in our youth. Heero was looking for a more valid reason for what he considered my odd desire, which I, of course, was more than able to provide him with; but I hadn't stopped at one.

I had carefully prepared an entire monologue on the benefits of camping... the whole "being one with nature" thing. I can be very persuasive when I want to, the fact that Heero hates to deny me anything also contributed to where we now found ourselves.

We had spent the morning shopping..... blowing half of our allotted vacation funds on camping equipment. I hadn't realized that a week in the woods required so much... gear... apparently Heero hadn't either. Friday evening found the two of us standing in the middle of our living room surrounded by an inordinate amount of what can only be described as *stuff*.

"Okay, Duo. What now?" he grinned. "There is no way we can carry all of this."

I looked down at it all, the rug barely visible underneath it and then over at the two backpacks we had purchased earlier. He was right. We had planned on hiking into the woods for this little adventure of ours, the idea of 'parking lot' camping didn't appeal to either one of us. We were going to have to make some concessions.

"I suppose there is some stuff we could get rid of." I offered.

"Hn. Lots of it, I'd say."

I nodded in agreement and we began weeding out anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. There were a few disagreements on what constituted *necessary*, but after nearly an hour we had dwindled the pile down to what both of us felt was acceptable.... though there was still a lot of shit.


The following morning we rose well before dawn and spent the first few hours driving, finally reaching our destination at 9..... The Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York.

There had been little doubt as to where I wanted this first of what I hoped what would be many of our camping trips to take place. I'd heard about this area from several different people and the splendor of our surroundings confirmed their praise.

"Amazing, isn't it?" I asked, taking my backpack from the trunk.

Heero had already slung his pack behind him and was busy fastening it around his waist, nevertheless taking the time to smile at me in return. "It's perfect." he replied, handing me my walking stick and closing the trunk of the car.

We began our trek and despite the fact that it was still early, the weight of our packs and the steepness of our descent down the mountainside found us ready to take a break after only an hour. Slipping my pack off, I sat down against the nearest tree and reached for my water bottle, taking a deep swig before passing it to Heero who had seated himself beside me.

I watched as he drank, lips wrapped tightly around the long neck of the clear bottle. His head was tilted back and his adam's apple rose and fell sharply with each deep swallow. Pulling the bottle from his mouth, he looked over at me. His skin was damp with sweat and he was panting slightly from exertion. I stated the obvious. "You look beautiful like this.", turning a predatory grin on him.

"You always say that." he returned, setting the water bottle down and straightening his legs out before he looked over at me again.

I recognized the look in his eyes and maneuvered so that I was on all fours above him. "That's because it's always the truth." I told him, "You know I never lie." I added, stretching forward to kiss him. He pulled me toward him with both arms around my waist and I lowered myself until I was seated on his thighs. The kiss deepened and I pressed my upper body as close to his as I could, the unmistakable feel of his erection pressed up against me. "Ohhh....yeah." I moaned into his mouth, shifting my hips so he could feel my excitement as well.

This is something that I've not taken for granted, even after our 5 years as lovers.... the overwhelming sensation of being driven crazy by the mere thought of what was about to happen. Sex with Heero was anything but predictable. The only thing I could be assured of was that when we were done, he would still be there to remind me of what my name was.....

Both of Heero's hands had found there way into the waistband of my shorts, several fingers delving deeper inside, moving downward and into the crevice of my rear. "Here?" I asked breathlessly, burying my head into the crook of his neck as his fingers reached their goal.

"MmmHmm. Know where you packed the lube?" he whispered, still teasing my entrance.

I nodded and reached toward my pack, which was thankfully close by, not wanting to abandon my position. Successfully retrieving the white tube, I handed it to Heero who wasted no time in coating his fingers and slipping several of them inside of me.

Heero's fingers drove deeper and I ground into them, eventually raising and lowering my entire body down onto them. As good as they felt, I wanted the real thing. "Nnn... If you want me to come with you inside of me, you better hurry up." I moaned, gasping as Heero purposefully grazed my prostate. His other hand slid into the front of my shorts and his fingers wrapped tightly around my cock to form a warm tunnel. " that's how it goes, is it?" I asked as I looked down at him.

A small nod was his confirmation and I grabbed both of his shoulders and began impaling myself on his fingers as his hand moved faster up and down my length. I was never sure why he did this and at the moment I couldn't have cared less. I think he enjoyed watching me come without having to deal with the mindlessness that accompanied having his cock buried inside me. I made a mental note to ask him when we were through, but for now, I had every intention of giving him exactly what he wanted.

"Harder, baby!" I begged, feeling that glorious sensation begin to rise within me. "Ohh...Yessss." I hissed, looking down into his eyes. The wide pad of his thumb moved firmly over the head of my erection, his finger smearing the slick liquid over its tip. "Ready?" he asked me with a grin. Not expecting a reply, he added a fourth finger and twisted them within me, successfully sending me to that blissful place that only orgasm can take you.

I threw my head back for just a moment when it first hit, then immediately refocused my gaze on Heero, who was busy eyeing my twisted features with raw lust and passion. "Like what you see?" I managed to ask, my voice trembling as my body shuddered with each shot of release. A slight nod followed by a whispered "Hell yes.", found my mouth covered by his and I closed my eyes as his hands worked to finish what they had started.

I slumped down onto him, feeling like more of a rag doll than a former Gundam pilot. He'd always had this effect on me.

I had barely recovered when he shifted his weight, rolling me off to the side and brought himself to his feet and bent for his backpack, slipping his arms into the thick padded straps. "We should be there in another hour."

I looked up and he smiled at what I'm sure was the dumbfounded expression on my face. "Ooo...kay." I responded, letting my eyes rest on his unresolved need. "You sure?" I asked, motioning with my head as I tugged at the belt loop of his denim shorts.

"MmHmm. Let's go." he replied, offering his hand down to pull me up to a stand.

Part 2

The rest of the journey was made in virtual silence. There is something innate in the stillness of the forest that calls to be left untainted. Only the snapping of twigs beneath our feet and leaves rustling as small animals scampered beneath them broke that silence. I reached out to grab Heero's hand as I heard the faint sound the running water off to the left; pulling him toward it. We walked several hundred more yards, finally stepping out into the small clearing.

Letting go of his hand, I walked toward the water's edge in awe. He followed and stood behind me, lifting and removing my backpack to set it down beside his. It was truly an amazing sight. One could easily see how the phrase 'purple mountains majesties' was coined; the late morning sun had barely made its way over the towering pines, the lush color of everything around us taking on an odd indigo cast.

"That is the Adirondack River." I told him in my best tour guide voice.

"It's not much of a river." he noted, staring out at what I had to agree appeared to be more like a rocky creek.

"Not here, but a bit further down it widens considerably. Deep enough to swim in too." I returned, leaning back onto Heero as I felt his arms gather me toward him from behind.

"I think this was a good idea, Duo." he told me, gently kissing me on the cheek. "I'm glad you insisted we do this."

"No problem." I returned, pivoting to face him. "Let's set up camp." I smiled, stealing a quick kiss.


It wasn't much of a chore deciding where we should pitch the tent. Most of the terrain beside the river was either rocky or offered no protection from the elements. Though neither one of us had any camping experience, common sense dictated its placement.

We had barely begun assembling the tent when I noticed that Heero had stopped and was watching me. "What?" I asked playfully. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Nope." he replied, leaning back against the huge oak behind him. "Come here." he beckoned softly, his index finger curling toward himself in emphasis.

Laying the tent poles down, I walked toward him. "Want something?" I asked, smiling as he nodded.

"Me?" I questioned, pointing innocently at myself in mock disbelief.

"Your mouth to be more precise." he responded, intent on clearing up any misunderstandings.

"Ahhh...." I said, closing the gap between us and bringing my lips to his. Our mouths had barely met, when I felt his hands on my shoulders; exerting pressure as he forced me to down onto my knees.

There is something strangely erotic in the way Heero conveys his lust in silence and I shivered as he pushed his hips forward, rubbing his still clad erection against my face. I held his hips still with both hands, nipping and teasing it roughly, inhaling his musky scent. Removing his shorts and wrapping my lips around just the head of his cock, I brought my two hands up to knead the tight muscled flesh of his bottom. He moaned and took two fistfuls of my hair, thrusting his hips forward to bury himself to the hilt in my mouth.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in pure heaven and I sucked hard, working my tongue roughly over the spot where his foreskin stretched taut at the tip. I could hear him moaning loudly, his fists tightening in my hair; I knew from experience what is was that he wanted.

Moving up and down his shaft more quickly, I applied more pressure, letting my teeth graze the sensitive skin, raking them up and down his length. Bringing my one hand around and sliding it upward on the inside of his thigh, I rubbed my open palm over his hardening sac, one finger teasing his entrance.

Both of his hands were holding my head firmly in place as he thrust into my mouth and I shifted my gaze upward while I continued pleasuring him. I'm not certain what set him off.... truthfully, I never am, but this time I'm pretty sure it was the moment our eyes met; the epitome of pure lust. There seemed to be a spark of some kind and every muscle in his lower body began to tremble and he filled my hot mouth with his even hotter seed. I swallowed hard, sucking greedily until he had emptied himself, savoring the taste there were no words to describe.... I had settled on simply calling it Heero.

He lowered himself down into my arms, his limp body still shuddering. I brought him as close to me as I could, brushing the sweat dampened hair from his face and looked down at him, once again stating what was I hoped was painfully obvious. "Love you."

The phrase had previously been reserved for rare occasions and there was a time when it was I who said it the most.

But that was history..... and contrary to popular belief; it was never to be repeated.


Considering it was the first time we had attempted to pitch this particular tent, we were pleased with the fact that once Heero's physical desires had been temporarily sated, it had taken us under a half an hour and that it looked pretty much like the diagram.

Heero eyed the tent suspiciously. "It's huge.", he commented.

I could tell that he probably wished he hadn't given me task of choosing our sleeping accommodations, but rest assured; I had done my homework.... for the most part anyway.

I nodded and unzipped the tent, throwing our two sleeping bags inside. "We need to store all our stuff in it as well." I told him, crawling inside. "I'll be right out, just gonna zip our bags together."

I heard a distinct groan from behind me as I entered the tent on all fours, snickering as I pictured the look on Heero's face. Never one to waste an opportunity, I put a little more sway into my hips as I crawled the rest of the way in.

This was going to be even more fun than I predicted.


I finished setting things up in the tent and exited, finding Heero starting a fire in the stone ring off to the right of the site. "Lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah. Hungry?" he questioned.

"Starved." I returned, reaching into the small cooler. "Hot dogs or.... hot dogs?" I asked, carrying a package of said meat to the table and setting it down.

We had brought enough food with us to last for two days, planning to make a trip back into town for additional supplies. From the look on Heero's face, I'd say we were going to be making that trip sooner than anticipated. "It's all we had in the freezer." I offered, "Brought some stuff for salad though." I added, reopening the cooler.

Everything tasted better cooked over a campfire, Oscar Mayer himself would have been proud.

"What do you want to do this afternoon?" I asked, still seated at the table after lunch.

There wasn't a helluva a lot *to* do up here... which was a good part of the allure.

We waited a while for the fire to burn itself out, taking the time to discuss our options. Both of us were kinda tired from the drive and the hike down here, but we were curious to explore our surroundings. There was general agreement that things like finding the bathroom and shower were most likely a good idea while there was still daylight.

Decision made to head due north where the river seemed to widen, we brought our bathing suits and fishing poles with us at my insistence; Heero still claiming my thoughts on the river a myth. Walking for nearly a mile, I took my shoes off and continued our journey along the shore of the river. It was cooler than I had thought it would be. The fact that mid-August in New York wasn't enough to warm the shallow water made me realize just how cold the evenings must get here.

I didn't bother mentioning it to Heero.... we hadn't packed any warm clothes.

Part 3

Judging by the sun's position in the sky, we had re-entered camp at nearly 4, allowing us ample time to cook dinner and clean up before night settled in. I was looking forward to watching sunset from here and to the eventual darkness that would descend.

It was partially my childhood and a greater part of my youth that found me anticipating nightfall. Along with the recommendation of this particular spot, came the benefits of one's vigilance of taking in the view of the night sky. I was anxious to experience it; saving that part of my newly acquired knowledge to share with my lover when the time came.


Dinner finally done, Heero started a fire and I dragged what was now our one huge sleeping bag out of the tent. Folding it in two, I laid it on the ground several feet from the fire ring and sat.

"So, what now?" he asked, throwing another log on the already blazing fire.

"Backgammon and Southern Comfort?" I suggested, rising to get the game and flat bottle from my backpack.

Despite what people think, Heero is a fairly agreeable person, not nearly as easy-going as I am, but he has mellowed out quite a bit these past few years. I think I had more to do with it than he gives me credit for.

We stayed close to the fire for warmth more than anything, playing several games and putting a good dent in the bottle; its contents warding off the evening chill as well. Setting the game aside, I moved closer to Heero wrapping my arm around his waist and resting my head on his shoulder. I felt his arm surround me in return and I closed my eyes, suddenly not noticing the chill. "Perfect fire, koi." I told him, scooting even closer.

I was intrigued by the fire. It wasn't just the visual pleasure it provided, it affected all of my senses. Having Heero seated beside me only enhanced the experience.

"It's damn cold." he replied several minutes later, shifting away from me and standing. "Should I keep the fire going for a while longer?" he asked me.

I nodded and slipped myself into the sleeping bag, seated with my knees drawn up to my chest. "Unless you're tired and would rather go to sleep....."

He shook his head, adding several more logs, poking the white coals beneath them with a long branch. "Warm under there?" he asked, crawling in to seat himself beside me.

"Uh huh... warmer now though." I smiled, moving forward and drawing the thick fabric up till it covered all but our heads. I shivered as his hand found its way up under my shirt, fingernails lightly scraping my back. Aware of the effect his simple touch had, he turned toward me. "Out here or in the tent?" he asked softly, coming up onto his knees behind me. I could feel his fingers toying with the end of my braid and heard the dull snap of the rubber band that bound it.

"Depends." I spoke softly, relaxing as his fingers carefully separated the plait.

"On what?" he asked, continuing to run his hands through my hair.

"On what you want to do to me..... or me to do to you." I pondered out loud, not really caring who did what to whom. I smiled inwardly knowing that Heero didn't care either.... let me clarify that; *most* of the time he didn't care.

With both hands, he untucked my shirt and proceeded to slide it upward. "You really don't want me to spoil things by telling you, do you?" he asked.

I raised my arms up high over my head as he slipped it the rest of the way off, immediately pulling me into his arms. "Mmmm... suppose not." I mumbled, closing my eyes as he continued to undress me. The chill in the air raised goose bumps on every inch of my exposed skin. "Maybe we should go in the tent." I suggested, moving a bit closer the fire as I rubbed my upper arms. Heero shook his head and laid his hand on my chest, urging me to lie down. I complied, but noted that Heero was still fully dressed; no wonder he hadn't agreed with my suggestion. I was about to protest, when I felt him over me; not laying on me, just hovering above me; I could feel the heat emanating from his body.

Placing one knee between my legs, he spread them apart, lowering himself down onto me. I didn't move. His warmth was a welcome relief and all other thoughts dissipated; as did my body's chill. "That seems to have done the trick." I whispered, wrapping my both arms around his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.

Cobalt eyes stared down at me as I ravaged his mouth, one hand moving up into his hair, the other spread out on the small of his back. I lifted my hips up off the sleeping bag and pushed down with my hand so Heero could feel my growing desire. He ignored my gesture and closed his eyes, deepening the kiss in a clearly possessive move.

I vaguely heard the sound of the fire popping, the balance of my senses having been robbed by Heero, whose abilities never ceased to amaze me. "You're driving me crazy. Did you know that?" I ask softly after prying his lips off of mine. He doesn't bother to respond; rather his eyes meet mine and offer me a knowing glance. I follow his movements downward, his mouth delivering its sweet torture via pleasure and pain. He looked up at me as his teeth clamped down, trapping my nipple between them. I hissed and arched my back, moaning as he loosened the pearly vice and began sucking the hardened nub, soothing it with his tongue. The sensation went straight to my groin; adding to it an all too familiar ache.

I buried my hands in his hair. "How long do you intend to tease me?" I asked, applying just enough pressure to let him know what it is that I want. Message understood, he slowly moves toward his goal, stopping at my navel to slide his tongue into the depression. I can feel his warm breath on the head of my cock for just a second before he wraps his lips around it and lowers his head to take all of me inside his mouth.

I can no longer feel the cold; my body temperature rising in direct correlation to the amount of glorious pressure Heero is applying as he sucks my length. I watch him for a moment or two, closing my eyes as he reaches into the pocket of his shorts. I recognize the clicking of the cap and spread my legs wide to welcome his upcoming touch.

There is barely a warning as his two fingers roughly invade me; his patience is wearing thin, his hunger for this joining nearly as rabid as my own. I whimper as he continues; my wordless plea ignored as his fingers delve deeper, his head bobbing with more intensity up and down my shaft. As incredible as it feels, I don't want to come like this and I break the silence, telling Heero what I'm relatively certain he is waiting to hear. "Please, Heero, do it. Fuck me." I whisper. "I need you." It was much more than need; though that was the only word I was able to summon to describe it. Perhaps it was need... primal need... not a craving.... not a desire. not an option.

He face is devoid of anything but lust as he abandons his touch and kneels between my legs to remove his shorts. He looks down as he unfastens them, groaning as his erection bounces free. He removes his shirt; my eyes riveted to him and the way the muscles in his upper body ripple beneath his tanned skin. I watch as he stands to step out of his shorts and wait for him to finish covering his length with lube before reaching up for his hand, pulling him down on top of me.

The fire beside us seems too hot now, nearly burning my already over-heated skin. I'm running out of patience and I wrap my legs around Heero the instant he has positioned himself between my legs. "Hurry...." I moan, trying not to squirm too much. There was only a second more of anticipation and with one swift movement he drove himself forward, filling me to capacity. We cried out together in ecstasy, almost as if that glorious moment of impact had somehow taken us by surprise.

Another myth debunked. Heero is anything but silent during our intimate moments; giving me a fairly good run for my money.

I nearly laughed as a smile shot across his face. "Good thing we're alone out here, huh?" I asked, receiving a nod in return before he withdraws and slams back into me. "Damn good thing." he groans, bending down to kiss me as he begins a series of powerful thrusts. He has more stamina than I do, but I can tell he is losing the battle as he breaks the kiss and continues impaling me, his lower lip drawn into his mouth and held firmly in place by his teeth.

"Don't fight it, Heero." I manage between ragged breaths, my hips answering his rhythm. I reach down, wrapping my hand tightly around my own erection, pumping myself and moaning at the additional stimulation. Just a few more good hard strokes till I find release, taking my beautiful lover with me. I feel Heero's hand surrounding mine as he issues a stern warning. "No." he grunts out, removing my hand to entwine our fingers, bringing them both down hard onto the ground beside my head. His free hand reached out for my other wrist, pinning it to the ground above me as well.

I resist the urge to vocalize my thoughts, knowing that reminding Heero that he is a sadist won't help the situation and could probably give him the idea to further prolong the inevitable. I'm already two steps from sanity and convinced that this is what if feels like to go mad; I decide to share my thoughts, not caring that I'm most likely whining.

"Please, Heero.... you have to let me come, please.... I'm losing my mind." His look reminds me that I've used that line a bit too often. "I mean it this time!" I growl, inwardly cursing his strength as he tightens his grasp on both of my hands.

He is motionless now as I squirm beneath him, his eyes narrow and staring directly into mine. "No one ever lost their mind from being denied release." he is quick to respond with a grin. I wasn't convinced and offered him an equally valid response. "That's because they never had you for a lover." I grunted, jerking my hips upward, spurring him back into action.

The odd intermission had reduced the urgency I was feeling just moments ago. "You did that on purpose...." I accused him, sensing it had had the same effect on him. "And if I did?" he questioned, once again bending forward, this time taking my lower lip between his teeth and biting down fairly hard on it; releasing it as he resumed thrusting in earnest.

It hadn't taken more than a minute before I reached that critical stage again and fought to release my hands, answering each of his slams with an upward thrust of my own. "Nnnnn... Duo." he groaned in response, guiding our entwined hands to my cock, slowly pumping it. "Let me." I moaned, stroking myself faster as he removed his hand. I flexed my sphincter muscles, giving Heero a preview of what is about to happen, repeating it as he gasps and cries out my name.

"Now?" I ask him, a bit smug as I realize that *he* is now the one who is on the verge of being driven insane, though I'm not far behind. I don't wait for a reply, stroking myself as fast as I can. "Here's the money shot!" I cry out, my body tensing as I start to come, covering my chest and hand. I turn my attention to Heero and watch him let go; bucking my hips up against him as his body shudders violently; his essence filling me. One or maybe both of us is moaning, screaming, pleading for more; urging a faster pace.

Spent and exhausted he collapses down onto me, his breath heavy against my ear as I wrap my arms around him. I whisper into his hair and kiss his temple, it's all I can reach and my body has lost its ability to move. "Love you too." he breathes softly.

Minutes later he rolls off of me, leaving me exposed once again to the cold night air. I moan in displeasure and reach out to cover myself with the sleeping bag. His hand stops me, wiping my chest with my t-shirt before doing the same to his own.

"Wanna sleep out here?" he asks, smiling at my nod as I scutch myself down into the sleeping bag.

The fire has nearly died out and he settles in beside me, curling himself around me. He brushes my hair aside and softly whispers his standard goodnight and I sleepily reply with my own. I hadn't totally regained the capacity to think straight just yet but I'm certain of one thing; it just doesn't get any better than this.

Part 4

I woke early the following morning... just not early enough to have the pleasure of finding Heero beside me.

In 5 years we hadn't succeeded in synchronizing our internal clocks; his waking him a good hour before mine roused me. It has its advantages though. While I found my mornings at bit hurried on workdays, I always left plenty of time to eat the breakfast that Heero had taken the time to prepare.

I looked around the campsite finding him no where in sight, but I could see the small aluminum pot on the table, steam still rising from its spout. I grabbed my shorts and slipped them on, seating myself at the table and pouring a cup of coffee. The warm liquid drove the morning chill from me as well as waking the parts of my body that were still resisting. Once fully awake, I realized that I was in desperate need of a shower; memories of last nights activities bringing a huge grin to my face. Figuring that that was probably where Heero had gone off to, I gathered everything I needed and headed down stream.


I was thankful there was running water. Our discovery of the primitive toilets yesterday had us both a bit apprehensive about the showers... even going so far as to question if there would even be showers. Fortunately, there were, though they lacked any modern conveniences. I'm not talking massaging shower heads here, I'm talking ceilings and shower curtains... there weren't any.

Walking briskly as I made the nearly half mile trek to the showers, I arrived more in need of one, making use of the toilet first. I applauded the people who planned the meager facilities, they had enough foresight to put a good distance between the pit toilets and the showers, the idea of them doing otherwise slightly sickened me. I left the small wooden enclosure and finally exhaled, walking a bit further till I reached my destination.

From the minute I entered the space, it was apparent that Heero was not here. He had been here though..... the pleasing aroma of his soap was in the air to greet me; it's sandalwood, he gets it at the local natural, hippie-type store. It's rare and it's Heero, I inhale deeply and close my eyes; disappointed that he has already left.

The shower building... and I use that term in its loosest sense, was a 12X12 space with two shower stalls separated by a thin fiberglass wall. Each shower had a pre-shower area, presumably for privacy while one undressed and bathed, the major flaw here being that there were no curtains.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a particularly modest person, but I'm not stuck on the idea of getting butt naked and having just any Tom, Dick or Harry being able to watch. The world is full of perverts and while I may be one of them, I have Heero now and he more than fulfills my needs; after all, it's how we ended up together in the first place.

Setting my clothes and stuff down on the small bench, I removed my shirt and dropped it to the floor, using it as a bathmat, the tile beneath my feet slippery with cool mud. I shudder and continue stripping, grabbing three quarters from my pocket before tossing them onto the bench. Unadorned and my hair hanging loose, I step into the stall, depositing the first quarter into the slot, turning the dial as directed.

I can hear the water banging through the pipes at the same time I hear a familiar voice. "There isn't any hot water."

My body spasms in shock as the cold water hits it. "Shit!" I cry out, shivering as I step back, glaring at my grinning lover. "Couldn't you have warned me *before* I got in here?" I ask, turning to find Heero more than amused outside my stall.

"What fun would that have been?" he wonders aloud. I have to agree... I would have done the same to him.

"You took a shower in this?" I question him, his wet hair a testament to the fact that he indeed had.

"Hai." he responds, "You get used to it."

"I doubt that." I squeak, stepping into the icy water with trepidation.

I ignore the fact that Heero is watching me, intent on completing the task at hand as quickly as humanly possible. It's times like these that I wish I had given in and cut my hair; the thought of having to wash it and the time the chore entailed, pissing me off even more than I already was.

"I swear, Heero." I warned, "I'm gonna cut it all off.", throwing my head back into the water to wet it. My entire body was trembling now, I'm shivering.... even my teeth are chattering. I reached out toward the small shelf, blindly trying to locate my bottle of shampoo. The slim bottle finds its way into my hand on its own, a meek voice accompanying it. "Want me to wash it?"

It's somewhat of a rhetorical question and we both know it. Heero removes his clothes, stepping into the stall behind me.


Within the hour we find ourselves back in the campsite, Heero with his coffee cup in hand, me with my arms still full wet clothes, towels and toiletries. "Well, that sucked." I remarked unloading everything onto the picnic table and plopping down onto the bench.

Heero remained silent and I looked up at him and the questioning look on his face.

"Most of it sucked, the hair washing part was nice." I correct myself. "Thank you." I tell him with due sincerity. I doubt I would have done the same for him and it makes me feel a bit guilty. I put on a smile and rise from the bench. "How about I make breakfast for you this morning?"

He nods and adds more wood to the fire, then sits at the table and watches me; silently taking in my every move. It isn't until I've set the plate of french toast down on the table and seated myself across from him that he finally speaks.

"Why do you hate the cold water so much?"

Now... I realize that after nearly 30 minutes of silence, that doesn't seem like a very profound statement and I myself am a bit surprised at it. Trust me when I say that there is more to that question than meets the eye. He is beating around the bush, it's atypical. Whatever it is he really wants to talk about.... is something he really doesn't want to talk about.

I look up at him, holding my fork with two small squares of french toast just outside my mouth. "Why do you like it so much?" I counter, my eyes still on him. He wasn't expecting that. "I don't." he returns. I take the fork into my mouth, chewing slowly as I wait for him to continue. "Things like that don't bother me." he finishes, looking down at his plate.

"They do me." I tell him, but he already knows that.

We continue eating, Heero poking at his breakfast more than anything. And then it comes out.

"You aren't serious about cutting it, are you?"

Ahhhh... so there we have it. I'm tempted to smile at the expression on his face, but I repress the urge; he isn't looking for a quick brush off or cocky comment. "No." I reply. It's not the most reassuring answer I could have given him, but he nods and lowers his gaze, accepting it for now. I know him well enough to know that this conversation won't end here.


Having finished breakfast and its associated chores, I drag the sleeping bag a bit closer to the river and out into the sun and take my brush from the tent. "Any ideas on what you'd like to do today?" I ask, starting to run it through my hair.

"I thought maybe we could go into town this morning. You up for it?"

"Sounds great." I return with a smile. "I'll be done here shortly." I tell him, making my way over to the sleeping bag and seating myself.

I could hear Heero fumbling around inside the tent, figuring he's most likely emptying out our backpacks. We'll need them to lug the food back down here. I've only just begun brushing my hair when I hear his footsteps behind me. I pretend not to and wait until he seats himself behind me and pass the brush back over my shoulder; not saying what is on my mind until he has lost himself in the task. "I do think about it, you know."


It's one word. It's tinged with sadness. He continues brushing it, fanning out the completed strands to dry in the sun.

It's a tremendous chore and every few months, I seriously think about cutting it; maybe not all the way off, but something significant. I usually verbalize the desire even though I know that it upsets him; perhaps that is why I do it.... so he can talk me out of it. It's almost as if its become sacred; the hair and the ritual.

"It takes so much time..." I begin, soon rambling on about all the things that go through my head when I am in one of these moods. He doesn't speak, not pausing or hesitating as he continues his task, simply letting me vent my frustration.

"Are you finished?" he asks softly a minute or two later.

I nod and let out a sigh. I does make me feel better, though it hasn't completely squelched the urge.


I don't respond right away, I hate it when he does this; he knows it. I wait until he has set the brush down and hand him a hair tie. It's a red one this time... it matches my eyes; he curls my fingers back around it and pushes my hand away. I inwardly accept his plea to leave it unbound and rise, tucking the tie into the pocket of my jeans.

"Ready to go?" I asked, offering him a hand.

He is still waiting for me to answer what wasn't initially a question but hangs in the air as one. I don't understand how it came to be so important, but his eyes confirm the fact that it is. He had taken on a good portion of the responsibility years ago; the chore of brushing it was strictly his, washing it as well more often than not.

He has never once complained. It's almost as much his as it is mine.

I smile and bend down to take both of his hands, pulling him to a stand. His eyes meet mine expectantly.

"I promise." I assure him, sealing my vow with a small kiss.


I quickly put on my socks and boots after deciding to change into a pair of shorts. It's still early and the temperature seems to have risen rapidly the past hour or so.

Heero eyes my outfit suspiciously as I exit the tent.

"You're wearing those into town?" he asks.

I look down at my shorts. They are a bit skimpy and perhaps tighter than they used to be, the denim worn fairly thin. "Yeah." I smile, "They're comfy."

We grab our empty back packs and head out of the campsite. The hike out won't take us nearly as long without the weight of our packs and I'm looking forward to exploring the town. Heero is walking several paces behind me and knowing him, ogling my ass. I gather my hair and pull it over my shoulder, giving him a better view and adding a little wiggle to my walk.

I swear I can hear him groan.

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