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Thrill My Gorilla


Well, I couldn't help myself, I had to start another series. Ok, this one came from a suggestion, a while back, on the 1x2x1 ML, that Heero should stop messing around and just drag Duo off by the hair, in one of my fics. I couldn't resist, the image of Heero in a loincloth was too much for me. So here it is. This is deliberately silly, I'm not trying to be serious or scientific or anything here, so don't pay too much attention to the details, just enjoy the mental picture. The title comes from a hilarious old Alice Cooper song that I haven't been able to get out of my head since I started this fic. This was supposed to be a quick, one shot fic, but I got carried away as usual...

Part 1

Duo and Heero arrived at the secret lab separately, each called by their respective scientists. They eyed each other warily as they waited for Dr. J and G to call them in for a briefing.

"Why do you think we're supposed to meet here, and without our Gundams?" Duo wondered as he admired Heero's spandex clad ass wistfully. Too bad Heero was as cold as space, and would never return Duo's affections and lust.

"Hn. No idea," Heero offered as he watched the longhaired boy out of the corner of his eye. He found himself wondering what Duo looked like with his hair loose, then stopped himself angrily. Duo was a distraction to him. He couldn't afford to get distracted by those deep violet eyes...

Their respective oblivious thoughts were interrupted by Dr. J calling them into his lab. The scientists showed them a complicated apparatus and explained its purpose. Duo and Heero listened skeptically as Dr. J explained that the scientists had built a prototype time machine, with the purpose of going back in time to find a way to defeat OZ. They wanted Heero and Duo to make a test run, since the two boys were well trained to face any dangers they might encounter. The two pilots were just expected to survive 3 days in the past, and report on various hazards that the next travelers might encounter. They were to be sent to a time period that had early humans, to be sure that the atmosphere was breathable. They were each given a pack of supplies and instructions, and told to report back to the lab in the morning. They went their separate ways.

The next morning, a howling could be heard throughout the lab.

"There is NO way in HELL I am wearing THIS!" Duo's unmistakable voice rang out.

Heero was just entering the room to hear this declaration.

Dr. J was explaining patiently, "You have no choice, Duo. You have to try to fit in, at least on first glance. The climate is very warm, and this is what the boys wear. The people then aren't very smart, but they know what distinguishes a boy from a girl. So if you don't want to cut that hair off, you have to wear this."

Heero rounded the corner, and stopped dead in his tracks. He had walked into one of his fantasies. There Duo stood, hair loose and flowing, clad only in a tiny swath of leopard skin slung oh so low on his slim hips. Duo's body was lithe and perfect, and only his impressive control of his body kept Heero from drooling all over himself at the sight before him. The control didn't extend to his cock, however, and Heero felt himself getting hard. Damn spandex...Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad mission after all...

"Don't even go there, J," Duo warned. "Not the hair." Then he looked up to see Heero staring at him. Oh, great. Then a thought occurred to him. "Hey, does Heero have to wear one of these things too?" Duo tried to keep the enthusiasm out of his voice.

Heero frowned. He had seen the issued clothes, but hadn't closely inspected them. He hadn't realized the outfit was so small...His thoughts were interrupted by Dr. J's laughter.

"Oh, yes, my boy, both of you. You'll get used to it soon enough. I'm sure they'll be quite comfortable in the heat," the scientist answered.

Heero had his own loincloth out and was inspecting it. It appeared identical to Duo's. He eyed it with distaste. "It's real skin."

Professor G, just entering the room, laughed. "Of course it is. We can't risk you leaving anything behind that might change history. Who knows what would happen then?"

Duo stared at the scientist. "You mean you don't know?"

Dr. J answered, "We're operating on theory here, Maxwell. No one knows for sure."

"Great. I'm gonna be stuck in the past forever with Heero. If I don't get eaten by a dinosaur, I'm gonna die of boredom." Duo sighed, not really meaning what he was saying. Actually, a few days alone with Heero in a loincloth might be fun...

Heero's voice interrupted his pleasant thoughts. "The dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, Duo. We're not going that far back." And how the hell am I going to hide this erection in a tiny loincloth? Heero was thinking.

Professor G and Dr. J looked at each other. It looked suspiciously as if they were trying to stifle laughter. J offered, "Come on, boys, think of it as a tropical vacation. No real work to do, just reconnaissance. Just walk around, look around, try not to get in trouble and report back. The transponders in your packs will be set to bring you both back automatically after 72 hours. Piece of cake."

Duo glared. Heero tried not to stare at Duo in the loincloth. The scientists tried not to laugh.

"Hey, Heero, shouldn't you put on your outfit now too?" Duo said, cheering up.

Dr J said, "Yes, Heero, you need to get ready. We want you two to set off as soon as possible."

Heero sighed, taking the tiny piece of cloth and disappearing into the other room. Duo tried not to drool in anticipation, and then realized his body was going to betray him anyway. Duo tried to think unsexy thoughts, but failed miserably. The two scientists snickered.

Heero finally emerged, looking uncomfortable. He wasn't ashamed of his body, but he wasn't used to having this much of it on display. The loincloth covered very little, and there was no way to wear anything underneath it, as it was merely 2 flaps of cloth connected by a string, thankfully with a strip underneath. Who designed these things anyway, Fredericks of Hollywood?

Duo had thought he was prepared to see Heero mostly uncovered, but he hadn't counted on the fact that Heero's body looked even better than it did in his dreams. Duo hadn't thought that was possible, but there it was, in the flesh, and oh, what flesh it was. Chiseled muscles, perfectly defined, rippled under flawless bronzed skin. Heero's body was compact but perfectly proportioned; the stuff of a thousand fantasies. Washboard abs disappeared into the tiny loincloth, and sleekly muscled thighs emerged, and as Duo edged around, he could see that Heero had the nicest, tightest ass he had ever seen. Duo found he couldn't even speak, though his hormones were screaming at the top of their lungs. Even the scientists seemed momentarily taken aback.

Then J found his voice, sparing them further attempts at conversation. "Well, it looks like the two of you are um, ready to go!"

G smirked.

The two pilots listened to the rest of the instructions, desperately trying to pay attention and not stare at the other boy's ass. Then, mercifully, it was time to go.

They stood on a small platform, awaiting the transference. Dr. J worked the controls, and Professor G stood in front of the platform. The machine started to hum.

As the air around the boys started to sparkle, G remembered something. "Oh, boys, by the way... there is a theory that if people go back in time, that they will revert to more primitive behavior. It's just a theory, though, I wouldn't worry about it!"

Then the lab disappeared and they felt like they were falling.

Part 2

Duo and Heero materialized; on the side of a hill. Trying to regain their balance, the two flailed around, arms and legs flying. Duo ended up tumbling down the hill without his pack; Heero kept his pack, but barely. He didn't see where Duo's pack went. Finally feeling stable, he ran down the hill after the longhaired boy, concerned for his safety.

As he ran, he automatically noted the environment; they appeared to be on a small hill near the edge of a tropical looking forest. The time was late afternoon, and the temperature seemed to be somewhere around 85 degrees F. Then he remembered G's comment about primitive behavior and wondered briefly what the hell the old men had gotten them into this time.

As he ran down the hill, it got steeper, and Heero could finally see Duo, perched precariously on top of some rocks that formed the edge of a cliff that hadn't been apparent before.

"Duo! Are you ok?" Heero called out as he picked his way over to the other boy, trying not to notice that he could see the curve of Duo's delicious ass very well from the way Duo was crouching. Getting hard in this outfit was not a good thing.

Duo looked up quickly, violet eyes wide. He nodded, but didn't move. He didn't want to tell Heero he was afraid of heights, and he was scared to move lest he fall. He wasn't sure why he felt so paralyzed with fear; it wasn't a huge drop-off.

Heero came closer, and could see the fear in the beautiful boy's eyes. His heart ached to see Duo like this. He had a strong urge to protect Duo.

"Heero? I... need some help," Duo said softly.

Heero made his way over to Duo, and held out his hand to the other boy. Duo stared at it for a moment before grabbing it and letting Heero pull him to his feet. He knew it was irrational, just like his fear of heights, but Duo felt so much better just holding on to Heero. Slowly, Heero helped him pick his way down the rocky cliff. Heero was able to find a fairly easy descent by winding his way back and forth. Duo clung to his hand very tightly, but seemed fine otherwise, following in Heero's footsteps exactly.

Finally they reached the ground, and stood at the edge of the forest. Duo was still breathing hard, and wouldn't meet Heero's eyes.

"Duo? Are you ok now?" Heero asked, concerned.

"Yes, Heero. Thanks for the help," Duo answered, studying the ground.

Heero frowned; Duo didn't seem ok. "Are you afraid of heights?" he asked softly.

Duo nodded miserably. "Stupid, isn't it? Space doesn't bother me, I fly a Gundam, but I can't stand heights." He blushed, hating to admit his weakness.

Heero's heart twisted; Duo was obviously in pain about his fear. "Don't worry, Duo. It's ok. We're down now."

Duo hadn't been expecting Heero to be so understanding; he looked up at the other pilot in amazement. Instinctively, he threw himself at Heero and hugged him tight. "Thanks!"

Automatically, Heero hugged back; then he realized that Duo's soft skin was pressed against him, and they were both nearly naked, and it felt so good... his body reacted automatically, and he felt himself harden. He broke the hug quickly, stepping back, hoping Duo hadn't noticed. Heero realized he was blushing. He didn't blush!

Duo was still reeling from the fact that Heero had hugged him back. And he had thought he felt... but then it was just as well that Heero had stepped back, because Duo was now hard as a rock.

The two boys stood there for a long moment, looking anywhere but at each other. Finally Heero spoke up. "It's getting late. The sun will go down soon, we'd better find shelter."

Duo nodded his agreement, and followed Heero wordlessly. Watching Heero's ass in the loincloth wasn't helping, so he focused on taking in their surroundings. Why did he feel so odd?

They explored several caves in the vicinity; finally Heero found one he deemed suitable. After determining there were no animals already resident, Heero set up a motion detector near the entrance so they would be alerted if someone or something entered during the night.

Heero realized something. "We need to search for your pack, but it's getting dark. We'll do it tomorrow. Tonight we'll have to share the blanket."

Duo tried not to grin. A whole night, pressed tight against Heero, dressed in next to nothing? It sounded like his idea of a perfect night.

Heero was having similar thoughts as he spread out the pad and blanket. It was quite warm, so there was no need for a fire. They had dried food, and shared the water. It wasn't a great meal, but the pilots had had much worse. Duo wasn't really hungry; he was looking forward to being next to Heero. For some reason, all he could think about was Heero's incredible body; his hormones were threatening to take over his body.

They were both tired; soon it was time to go to sleep. The two boys looked at each other nervously, then Duo grinned and flopped down on the pad, managing to take up most of it. The ensuing argument and adjustments took their mind off the fact that they would soon be pressed against each other. Finally, they both had a roughly equal share of the bed, and they were facing each other. Heero pulled the blanket over them both, and they stared for a long moment into each other's eyes. The moonlight coming in the cave entrance gave them just enough light.

"Heero?" Duo said tentatively. "Thanks for earlier. You know."

"Don't worry about it, Duo. Goodnight." Heero replied gently.

Duo sighed and shifted. "Goodnight, Heero." He felt Heero's smooth skin against him, and he tried to adjust his arms so he wasn't groping the other boy. Not that he didn't want to... but now he felt Heero's strong thighs against him; one of Heero's knees nudged between Duo's legs. Duo realized he was getting hard again. He also realized that the loincloth wasn't very comfortable to sleep in. He had a major wedgie.

"Um, Heero?" Duo ventured.

"What now, Duo?" sighed Heero. He was having a hard enough time stopping himself from attacking the beautiful boy next to him; he was hoping he could fall asleep soon so as not to be tempted more. It was all he could do to keep his lower body away from Duo; he was rock hard.

"I kinda need to take this thing off. It hurts. Is that a problem?" Duo asked, blushing.

"What thing?" Heero asked, already knowing the answer but not sure how to deal with it. Naked Duo next to him? Could he handle it?

"My loincloth, silly. I'm not wearing anything else," giggled Duo.

I *so* did not need to be reminded of that, thought Heero, but said, "Do you have to?"

"Um, yes, I think so. It, um..." he trailed off, embarrassed.

"Oh, all right, just make it quick," said Heero, trying to keep his eyes closed tightly. He could hear Duo get up, heard rustling noises as Duo fumbled...

"How the hell does this thing come loose?" demanded Duo in annoyance.

"In the back," mumbled Heero, trying to keep his eyes closed and failing. His night vision was excellent, and he could clearly see Duo, twisting around, trying to reach the tie in the back.

"Shit. I can't get it. Um, Heero?" Duo asked shyly, "Can you, um, help me?" Oh god, Heero, please...touch me...

Help Duo get naked? Gladly, Heero's body cheered. "Damn it, Duo..."

"Please, Heero? It's really bugging me..." begged Duo. The fact that he would have to hide his raging erection from Heero didn't enter his distracted mind.

Heero relented, hoping the semidarkness would hide his arousal. He got up and walked toward the longhaired boy with trepidation. He knew where the fastening to the loincloth was, and knew what getting it undone entailed.

"Thanks so much!" Duo bounced happily. His heart pounded as Heero came closer. He looked into Heero's blue eyes. He could just see him in the darkness, and Duo couldn't read Heero's expression.

Heero took a deep breath. "Turn around, Duo."

Duo tried not to smirk as he turned around. He twisted his upper body around to see what Heero was doing. "I can't seem to find the tie..."

"That's because it's under the flap," Heero explained, letting that bit of information sink in.

"Under the... oohhhh..." Duo realized what untying would entail. He couldn't think of anything else to say.

Heero waited, half hoping Duo would change his mind, and the other half, the one running on hormones and adrenaline, hoped he didn't. To touch that smooth skin, perhaps brush against the perfect ass... Heero's loincloth wasn't containing what it was supposed to contain at the moment. "Well?" he demanded roughly, to cover his desire.

"Well what?" squeaked Duo, unsure.

"Do you want me to do it or not? Untie it, that is," he corrected himself hastily.

"Yes, please, Heero, I can't stand it anymore," Duo whimpered, meaning several things at the same time. "Go ahead."

Heero's hands shook as he raised them. "Ok," he said as he raised his hands toward Duo's ass.

Duo bit his lip and closed his eyes, willing himself not to moan. He could feel Heero's heat behind him, just where he wanted him...

Heero took a deep breath and tried to grab the bottom of Duo's loincloth without touching the luscious skin beneath. He managed, barely, and felt like he was unwrapping the world's best Christmas present as he lifted the cloth. He stared; Duo's ass was perfect, firm and shapely, begging to be spread apart and fucked hard...

"Heero?" Duo said nervously. Just standing there while Heero bared his ass was the hardest thing he'd ever done. Not that he hadn't wanted Heero to do things to him, but... the situation was awkward. Not to mention that his erection was painful. He tried to think of something clever to say, but failed miserably.

Heero's cock throbbed with need as he stood behind Duo; a perfect position for sex. So close... His rock hard arousal was just inches from where Heero wanted it to be. How he wanted to rub his aching length against Duo, show the beautiful boy just how much he wanted him... Heero remembered what he was supposed to be doing, and tried to untie the knot without actually touching Duo's soft skin. It wouldn't come untied, though, and Heero decided he needed to use both hands to untie it. Unfortunately, his other hand was holding the flap out of the way, and when he let go of it, it flopped down in the way of what Heero was trying to do. There was only one thing for it...Heero said the three little words that Duo had been longing to hear from him.

"Bend over, Duo."

Duo's head whipped around in shock. "H-heero?"

Heero blushed scarlet. "The flap won't stay out of the way. I can't get it untied. It will stay if you bend over."

Duo bent over. The position made him feel deliciously wanton, and he could feel his cock pulse, getting wet with his extreme need. Unconsciously, he spread his legs apart, bracing himself against the wall. He was going to come in his loincloth soon, he just knew it.

Heero's mouth went dry and his heart pounded as he watched Duo bend over and spread for him. Did the longhaired boy have any clue what he was doing to him? It was all Heero could do not to ram his cock into Duo right there. He stared at Duo for a long moment, fighting to wrest control of his body back from his raging hormones. Then he stepped closer, lifting the flap of the loincloth once again, and pushing it out of the way. This time it stayed. His hands shook as he tried to ignore the longhaired siren before him and focused on untying the knot. His hands refused to cooperate. He fumbled with the knotted leather. Slowly, he worked it loose.

Duo was trying to stay still, but it wasn't easy with his hottest fantasy standing behind his exposed ass and his rock hard cock poking him in the stomach. "Oi, Heero, how ya doin back there? I mean, not that I don't enjoy this position, but..."

"Almost. Hold still," Heero growled, not even trying to rise to Duo's provocative comment, wishing he could show the other boy just how much he liked this position as well. But he couldn't risk that the longhaired boy wasn't just being his normal joking self, and didn't mean what he said.

Heero realized with regret that his task was nearly finished; the knot was coming untied and he would soon have no reason to stare at Duo's exposed ass any more. With a final tug, the knot came free, and the loincloth unraveled, dropping to the floor. "Uh, done?" Heero said intelligently, unable to take his eyes off Duo's now-naked body. If only he would turn around now...

Duo straightened up quickly, turning around halfway before realizing what he was doing and turning back around. "Thanks, Heero!"

Duo waited, but Heero didn't seem inclined to move. "Um, Heero?"

Heero realized he was staring, and quickly turned away to make his way back to the bed. "I'm going to sleep now, Duo."

"I'm coming... I mean, I'll be right there," Duo answered as he quickly tried to gather his loincloth and get back to the makeshift bed all without turning around. It wasn't completely possible, though, and he turned quickly around before slipping into bed.

Heero was of course, watching closely as possible, needing more views of Duo's incredible body. And when Duo turned to slide into the bed, Heero could clearly see the Duo was indeed very aroused. He was stunned; was it possible that Duo wanted him as much as he wanted the other boy? Life couldn't be that fortuitous, could it? Heero couldn't quite bring himself to believe it, but there was irrefutable evidence, now sliding even closer to him under the blanket. Duo seemed to consider for a moment, and then turned his back to Heero, not touching the other boy at all. He was still only inches away, however, and Heero could easily feel the heat the longhaired boy radiated.

"Night, Heero."

Heero just stared at the back of Duo's head. Here he was, his fantasy curled up next to him, naked and hard, and he still didn't know what to do about it. He almost reached out his hand to Duo; his fingers ached to run through the soft hair and touch the smooth skin. But he just said, "Goodnight, Duo," and rolled over, trying to ignore his arousal and cursing his inability to act on his feelings.

Part 3

Sometime in the night Duo woke up, restless; he couldn't recall right away where he was and looked searchingly around in the darkness for a clue. Darkness, rocky walls, a warm body behind him... wait a minute! He turned on his back carefully, and there was Heero lying beside him, handsome face calm in sleep. The day's events came crashing back to him, all of it, including Heero behind him as he bent over... He was instantly hard again, cursing. It had taken so long to get to sleep next to Heero, and now he had to do it all over again. Duo couldn't resist gazing at the sexy boy next to him, savoring being close to his fantasy if only to sleep. Heero was so handsome; sometimes Duo couldn't even stand to look at him, the other boy's beauty made him ache too much. Ache, ache to touch him and be touched, an impossible dream. Duo sighed wistfully; maybe he should just give up on his obsession with the Perfect Soldier.

Heero lay peacefully; no room for unnecessary things like snoring or shifting to mar his sleep. Just like there would be no room for Duo, an unnecessary distraction. If Heero even noticed him as more than a fellow pilot. Duo couldn't even be sure if Heero considered him a friend. Though something like concern had been on Heero's face as he helped Duo earlier that day. Probably just concern for the mission, Duo told himself abjectly. Duo couldn't help himself; his hand reached out to brush a stray lock of hair out of Heero's eyes. The other boy didn't stir; so, boldly, Duo traced lightly down the side of Heero's face, tracing the cheekbones and the full lips. Heero's skin was as soft as silk, as Duo had known it would be; he was so close, so close he could kiss those lips without even shifting his body. Duo was sorely tempted; though he knew Heero would kill him for it, Duo was tempted to steal just one kiss. What stopped him was not the thought of Heero's rage; but the thought of the cobalt-eyed boy's pity for him once the rage had cooled. Anger, Duo could take, but not pity, and that would surely be what the other boy would feel for him if the feelings were not mutual. That, and that alone, kept Duo from throwing himself at Heero. He sighed quietly and settled down beside the boy he... loved, Duo had to admit. At least he had this, at least he could be with Heero, if only as fellow pilots. Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, dreams of cobalt eyes filling his mind.

Unfortunately for Duo, he had forgotten the perfect control that Heero had over his body. He had been awake since Duo had awakened, but hadn't changed his heart or breathing rate at all. He wondered what Duo was up to; when the longhaired boy leaned close and touched his face, Heero hoped against hope that the other boy would kiss him; that they would be forced to confront their feelings at last and give into them. But Duo drew back, and Heero was paralyzed with indecision. He just physically couldn't make the first move with Duo, he couldn't; no matter how hard he tried he couldn't bring himself to open himself to Duo. Perhaps it was his training, he didn't know; but even though he was reasonably sure of Duo's feelings toward him, he just couldn't do it. Maybe someday... he managed to fall asleep finally, lulled by Duo's even breathing.

The morning dawned bright and hot; Heero was up before Duo as usual. He had spent the last half hour just gazing at Duo, who was peaceful in sleep. Duo was so beautiful it made his heart ache; and Heero found the only two parts of his body he couldn't control perfectly were his cock and his heart. Both ached for Duo.

Duo stirred, and Heero tore his gaze away.

"Good morning, Heero!" chirped Duo, cheerful as always.

Normally Heero would have ignored such an unnecessary salutation, or answered with a monotone, but Heero was feeling strange today, so he answered, "Good morning, Duo. Did you sleep well?"

Duo thought he was still dreaming. Heero was making conversation with him! Instead of his usual smartass comment, which might serve to make Heero silent again, Duo answered, "Not bad. How about you?" Not adding that sleeping next to the cobalt-eyed boy was one of the more frustrating things he had done in his short life.

Heero really wanted to say, all I could think about all night was how much I wished you had kissed me, but he said, "Ok, except that you snore."

Duo blushed slightly, glad he hadn't done anything worse, like hump Heero while he slept. The thought of last night, how he has gazed at Heero and touched him gently, made his arousal return with a vengeance, and simultaneously made him realize that he was still naked under the blanket. Oh, shit.

Heero watched Duo with carefully concealed amusement. He could see the longhaired boy had just figured out his predicament. As much as he wanted to watch Duo get dressed, Heero knew he couldn't. He rose smoothly and announced, "I'm going to take a look outside. Get dressed, we need to find your pack or we won't be able to get back, together."

Duo frowned, then realized what Heero meant. "The receiver! It was in there! Shit, I'm an idiot!"

Heero paused near Duo. He said softly, "No, you're not. It wasn't your fault. We'll find it, don't worry."

Duo looked up at Heero in near shock. Heero was trying to reassure him! The scientists hadn't been kidding when they said that being transported to the past might have some strange effects. "T-thanks, Heero." Then he was gone.

Heero stood outside, cursing to himself. He was making a fool of himself! He had left the cave for one reason only; because if he had stayed, he would have been forced to take the braided boy in his arms right then and there. What was wrong with him? It wasn't as if he hadn't lusted after Duo since they first met; what had changed? Damn Dr. J...

Inside, he could hear Duo cursing fluently in several languages as he tried to get back into the loincloth. Heero almost laughed, then caught himself. His emotions were dangerously out of control.

Finally, Duo appeared, adjusting the garment and looking annoyed. "Where to first, Heero?"

Heero tried to keep his eyes from raking over the lithe form, so deliciously revealed in the small loincloth. It wasn't easy.

Duo, for his part, was studiously avoiding staring at Heero's incredible ass lest his erection return once again.

Heero pointed out where they had materialized, and showed Duo where he wanted to search. They would be able to accomplish their mission objective at the same time, since it was only to observe their surroundings.

It was sunny and hot, and both boys soon realized that the small outfits did help them keep cool. They came upon a small stream, and after careful consideration Heero decided it was safe to drink from. In case they couldn't find Duo's pack, they had to conserve their bottled supply. The water was clean and cool, and Duo enjoyed himself thoroughly, trying to drink and splash Heero at the same time. Heero avoided the water expertly, drinking just enough to quench his thirst. He watched Duo, though, as the longhaired boy enjoyed himself, trickles of water running down the smooth chest. Heero longed to lick them off...

A snapping twig suddenly alerted them that they had company.

Approaching from the other side of the stream were four humans, dressed similarly to the boys. All were male, hairy and appeared to be adults. If groomed, they would have passed for modern humans. They approached warily, seeming to confer with each other. Heero adopted a defensive posture; though there was no reason to think that the men would consider them a threat.

"Heero," whispered Duo, at his side. "Look."

Heero looked more closely. The tallest man had, clenched in one fist, a familiar object: Duo's pack. "We have a problem."

Part 4

Damn, now they would have to confront the men. They had to have the pack back. Heero motioned for Duo to stay back. He didn't know how to get the pack back; he couldn't communicate with the early humans, and he had nothing to trade, even if they were interested. He was going to have to take it back by force. And he didn't want Duo to be hurt.

At least they didn't have any weapons, Heero thought as he sized up the four men. Not that their brawny bodies weren't weapon enough; all the men appeared to outweigh Heero by a good 50 pounds. But Heero hadn't been trained nearly from birth for nothing; and he doubted these prehistoric men knew anything about martial arts. He was counting on his agility and the element of surprise to win.

"What are we going to do, Heero?" hissed Duo from his side.

"I'm going to get the pack back. You stay out of the way," he ordered, and leapt easily across the stream.

"Heero! Be careful!" Duo called out. Then he couldn't stand it; he jumped across the stream to stand behind Heero.

The men looked startled at the newcomer's approach. They crouched, obviously ready to act.

Heero approached the one that appeared to be the leader. He felt stupid, but he had to try. He pointed at the pack. "We need that back."

Obviously, the men didn't understand, so Heero stepped closer to the man with the pack. He pointed to it again, and stepped closer. The men looked at him apprehensively. Then they looked over his shoulder and started to move around him.

Heero looked over his shoulder. The men were headed for Duo, making noises that even to Heero sounded suggestive. Duo was looking apprehensive.

"Duo! I told you to stay over there!" Heero yelled, hating to have his attention divided.

"Sorry, Heero, I wanted to help," Duo apologized. "I didn't think they would...hey!" Duo yelled as the leader came near, and reached for his flowing hair.

Duo batted the man's hand away; the man looked confused, as if trying to figure out the longhaired boy. He reached out again, and grabbed a handful of Duo's hair. Duo yelped. Heero growled.

"Hands off!" Heero cried and rushed at the man. One of the others stepped in the way, so Heero took him out, using his momentum to bear the larger man to the ground. The man struggled briefly, but Heero applied a choke and the man was unconscious almost immediately.

A roar went up; another man rushed at Heero. The cobalt-eyed boy had just enough time to get up before the man reached him. This time Heero ducked under, using the man's momentum and a judo move to flip the man over his shoulders, sending him flying. The man didn't get up. Two down, two to go.

Heero focused his attention on the remaining men. What he saw made his blood boil with rage. The leader was holding Duo by his arms while the other man was touching him, apparently unconvinced the longhaired boy was not female. Heero growled again; part of him was amazed such an animalistic sound was coming from him; but Duo was his! No one touched him like that... Adrenaline increased and the world seemed to slow down.

The man reached for Duo's loincloth. Duo, dwarfed by the two men, nevertheless managed to use the support of the man holding him to enable him to raise both legs and kick at the man's groin as hard as he could.

He connected partially; the blow was enough to momentarily distract the man, and Heero charged him, twisting his arm painfully behind his back as he drove him to the ground, knee leading to strike the man's kidneys.

The man struggled, slipping out of the armlock, but Heero followed him, backhanding him across the face and hanging on as the man tried to get up. The man bellowed and reached for Heero, but the cobalt-eyed boy was too quick; he rained blows on the other man, dodging the clumsy counterattacks, and finally connected solidly with his nose. The man's eyes rolled back and he slumped to the ground, still.

Heero jumped up, blood raging and eyes blazing, and faced the man, still holding Duo. The man bellowed in rage, pushing the longhaired boy aside, and charged at Heero. The man wasn't the leader for nothing; he was the largest of all the men, and moved less clumsily than the others. But he was no match for Heero; the cobalt-eyed boy may have been small, but he burned with a protective rage and was trained to kill. Duo just watched as the two fought, trying not to distract Heero further. He couldn't help but enjoy watching Heero fight for him, just a little. Duo snuck over to one of the unconscious men and retrieved his pack. It seemed unharmed.

Heero seemed untouchable; he dodged the man's grabs, spinning around him to strike at his vulnerable neck. The man sagged, but recovered, and grabbed at Heero. The boy twisted out of his grasp, and delivered a solid punch to the man's stomach. He doubled over, and Heero brought his knee up to connect with the man's chin; he slumped to his knees, and Heero took that opportunity to deliver a precise knife-hand blow to the back of the man's neck, and it was all over. The man fell to the ground, and Heero stood up, chest heaving and covered with a light sheen of sweat. He fixed his eyes on Duo. Duo gulped a bit at the primal look in the other boy's eyes.

"Duo? Are you ok?" Heero growled in an unfamiliar voice.

Duo nodded, licking his lips. Heero was looking at him like he wanted to eat him alive... "Look! I got the pack too!"

"Good," stated Heero, and stalked to the longhaired boy. He was overcome with irresistible feelings, and he for one was tired of suppressing them. He reached the violet-eyed boy, and grabbed him roughly, pressing him to his chest and claiming his mouth savagely.

Duo was stunned for a moment; then his body responded automatically, his mouth opening to the kiss and his cock hardening rapidly. Heero was trying to devour him, and he loved it; the animalistic savagery of the other boy turned him on incredibly. He wrapped his hands around Heero's neck and deepened the kiss.

Heero kissed Duo hard, and his hands roamed, finally settling on the ass he wanted so badly. He squeezed and pulled, crushing their erections together, causing them both to moan and break the kiss.

"Duo..." growled Heero. "Stop me now if you don't want this... I may not be able to stop soon..."

"Oh, Heero," gasped Duo breathlessly, "I've been wanting this for ages. Why the hell would I stop you?"

Duo's words made him moan; Heero kissed Duo again, running his hands possessively over the body that would soon be his alone.

They kissed desperately, lost to hormones too long suppressed and the primal environment. Their hips rocked together, hardness seeking hardness and driving them higher.

Heero buried his hands in the chestnut hair he'd wanted to touch for so long. Duo finally touched the perfect body he'd desired since he had first met Heero. Passion rose to the breaking point. "Duo..." moaned Heero. "Let's go back to the cave... want you..."

Duo nodded quickly, and Heero simply bent over, and swept the longhaired boy over his shoulder, straightening and easily carrying Duo as quickly as possible back to their cave.

Duo loved being carried off; he shifted, his erection painful against Heero's shoulder. He stared down at Heero's strong back and incredible ass, moaning with anticipation. Heero's hand was firmly on his ass, fingers just brushing his cleft, so close...Every moment was agony; every step Heero took brought them closer to their goal but made the boys' passion rise higher.

Finally, they reached their goal; Heero stalked inside the cave, put Duo down carefully on the makeshift bed, and quickly set up and checked the security system with shaking hands. Every cell in his body cried out with need for Duo; every impulse in his young body drove him to hurry and fuck the other boy hard. But he hung onto enough sanity to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed. He finished, fumbled in his pack and turned back to Duo, hoping the other boy hadn't changed his mind.

Far from it; Duo lay back on the bed, long legs spread invitingly, rubbing his erection through the loincloth. "What are you waiting for, Heero?" Duo whispered hoarsely. "Come get me."

With a savage growl, Heero pounced, across the cave and straddling Duo, claiming his hot mouth once again. Desperately, Heero fumbled underneath the other boy, releasing the tie he knew was there. Luckily, it came free more easily than before; practically ripping the material off his lover's body, Heero threw it savagely across the room. Reaching behind him, he untied his own, flinging it away similarly. Now they were both free; free to touch and be touched, to feel hot skin slide against hot skin.

Duo moaned, lost in his own fantasy made real; he was naked, with an equally naked Heero on top of him, both hard and ready. He gasped as he felt Heero shift, spreading his legs apart and moving between them, fingers stroking his inner thighs. Then Heero's fingers were inside him, prepping him roughly, slick with some sort of lube. Duo didn't care; he would have skipped the prep just to have Heero inside him more quickly to quench the fire within him. He burned for Heero; his every nerve cried out with lust for the other boy. By the time Heero had finished, Duo was sobbing mindlessly, certain his cock was going to explode with need.

Heero was suffering similarly; plunging his fingers into Duo's tight heat only reminded him of what he really wanted, no, needed to put there; his cock, which ached and throbbed with every moan the longhaired boy made. No time for niceties, for foreplay; they were far beyond that now.

Young bodies called to each other, lust answered by desperate need; Duo begged, and finally Heero was done. Spreading Duo's legs apart wider, he raised Duo's hips slightly and positioned himself. Trembling, aching, a creature of pure need, Heero pressed his cock against Duo's entrance, closed his eyes and pushed. Incredible, impossible tightness gripped him; Heero threw his head back and took Duo, making the other boy his completely.

Duo's head thrashed back and forth as Heero claimed him; nothing had ever felt as good, as right as having Heero's hot length buried deep inside him. Heero slid deeper, and Duo's body yielded; Duo gave himself willingly, offering his body and his heart unreservedly.

Better than a dream, better than the perfect fantasy, this was real; Heero was buried to the hilt in Duo's body. They were one at last. Cobalt eyes stared into violet and Heero began to move. A low keening moan came from Duo, rising in pitch and intensity as the other boy drove into him. Deeper and harder, building with each stroke, Heero angled his hips, searching. Duo's body arched and the longhaired boy screamed; Heero had found his target. Thrusting with precision, Heero pounded Duo's body, driving the flames of ecstasy higher and higher. Duo thought he would die from pleasure.

Heero groaned; with every thrust Duo's body seemed tighter; the hot friction that gripped his cock was too good to be believed. He poured all the lust he had felt for Duo since they met into every thrust; each time he drove into the willing body it felt better still. Blinded by pure need, Heero grabbed Duo's cock and stroked in rhythm. Stroking, pounding, thrusting, gasping; they were two animals, burning for each other to the exclusion of all else.

Nothing could stand in the face of such passion; Duo screamed Heero's name and climaxed, agonizing ecstasy pouring out of his straining cock.

Impossible pressure tightened; Duo's body wrenched Heero's completion from him, and with a cry he filled Duo, pumping his hot need over and over into his love's trembling body.

The tide of passion ebbed; Heero withdrew and collapsed, shaking from intensity, to lie next to Duo. "Duo..." he whispered, pulling the other boy close before relaxing entirely. Duo snuggled next to Heero, aftershocks of ecstasy still shaking him, content to feel the other boy next to him. They dozed off together, hazy from pleasure.

What seemed like moments later, they were awakened by a harsh beeping. They jumped up, instantly alert, though a bit sticky.

"Duo! It's the receivers! They're calling us back early. We have 60 seconds to grab everything and the packs. Move!"

They scrambled, gathering everything and stuffing it into the packs. Heero disassembled the security device while Duo gathered their discarded clothing. There was no time to get dressed, though; a continuous beep signaled the final 15 seconds before transport. They clutched the packs close, cast a final glance around and shared one final kiss as the air began to sparkle around them.

They materialized before the stunned eyes of all five scientists, still kissing. Duo smirked; the scientists were more embarrassed than they were.

"Uh... there was a malfunction, we had to terminate the mission..." Dr. J stammered, blushing bright red.

"We can see that," Heero stated calmly, shielding Duo with his body chivalrously. "The full mission report will be in your hands by tomorrow. Now, Duo and I have some debriefing to do... I trust you will excuse us both?"

The scientists nodded mutely, and left the room. Heero led Duo, who was still giggling, to the locker room where they changed into their clothes reluctantly. "I really enjoyed seeing you in that loincloth, Heero..."

"That's why we're keeping them, Duo," smirked Heero as he put them both in his bag. Duo didn't answer, and Heero turned to look at him. The longhaired boy was staring off into space, an unreadable look on his face. "Duo?"

Duo wouldn't look at him. "I just figured it out, Heero." He looked down. "It wasn't real. Remember G said that the past might heighten our emotions? That's all it was, then! We were acting like our ancestors. That's all. Nothing more! You're probably already regretting what happened." Duo looked away, a tremor in his voice.

Heero took in Duo's words. Then he took Duo's shoulders firmly and turned the other boy around to face him. "Look at me, Duo," he commanded softly. He raised Duo's chin with a finger, steady cobalt meeting trembling violet. "I regret nothing," Heero stated clearly. "I love you, Duo Maxwell. It took a trip into the past to make me admit it, but it was always true. I want to be with you always."

Duo stared, openmouthed, at Heero. Then he recovered, throwing himself into the other boy's arms. "Oh, Heero! I love you! I always have!" He buried his face in the other boy's neck, breathing in his scent.

They sank to the floor, and debriefed each other for hours.

The End!

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