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Rules of Engagement


"You've been breaking the rules."

Duo glanced up from his cross-legged hunch on Wing's cockpit hatch to blink at his lover in confusion.

"Huh?" he replied brilliantly, a set of wires dangling from his lips like the whiskers of a catfish.

Heero's eyes warmed a tiny bit as he looked over the top of his laptop screen to meet Duo's eyes. The braided youth's hair was rebelling slightly from its braid, a few wisps sticking out at odd angles. Heero had to restrain his sudden urge to set the laptop aside and pounce the black-clad pilot.

Duo's eyebrow arched into his messy hairline as he contemplated Heero sitting in Wing's cockpit.

"You gon' answer me, or should I just chalk 'dis'n into the 'Hn, baka,' cat'gory and get back to work on 'dis circuit?" he mumbled sardonically around his mouthful of wires, nodding down to the circuit board he clutched in his hands.

He didn't really care either way. It was just a nice, quiet afternoon. No missions, no interruptions, no official duties and responsibilities at the moment. The two young men had decided to spend the quiet day updating their Gundams' systems and making small repairs. Heero had been in the middle of installing some new security protocols on Wing, and probably cruising the net for Oz information, while Duo was busy tweaking the hardware for his ECM system. He'd brought the mess of components and circuits over to Wing with him, simply so the two of them could share the afternoon together. If Heero answered his question, then Heero answered his question. If not, it wouldn't be the first time the quiet Japanese youth had blown him off. He didn't mind. It was just the way Heero was. Besides, it would give him something to pester his lover about later. Maybe annoy him into resorting to drastic measures to shut him up.

A feral grin lit upon Duo's features as he contemplated that. Heero's drastic measures were always so. thorough. Considering that, he was almost disappointed when Heero started speaking again.

"You've been breaking the rules," Heero repeated.

"Who says?" Duo asked, pausing long enough to carefully pull the bundle of wires from his mouth.

Heero nodded down to his laptop screen, only Duo's familiarity with his lover's mannerisms giving him the edge he needed to pick out the tiny smirk on the Japanese youth's face.

Duo was intrigued; Heero was smirking. He carefully set aside the circuit board and other components occupying his lap and hands and climbed to his feet. Ducking into the cockpit to kneel beside Heero, he glanced at the laptop and started reading.

"Rules? Rules for what? I don't get it."

Heero maintained his silence, and the smirk, as Duo continued reading through the page Heero had found out on the net. After a few minutes, Duo shook his head and glanced back up at Heero incredulously.

"You mean to tell me that there are people out there who 'role play' Gundam stuff?"

"Apparently," Heero agreed, his voice too even.

"And these are their rules of engagement?"


"And according to these 'rules'," Duo said, his voice rising, "I'm not allowed to 'molest' you inside your mobile suit?"

"Or outside," Heero corrected, one long finger reaching out to tap the offending line on the laptop screen.

"You mean I'm not allowed to molest you at all?" Duo mock-screeched.


"So, you're telling me that I'd be breaking the rules if I, say, did this?" Duo asked, kneeling up to lay a tender kiss on Heero's cheek.


"So that would definitely rule this out," Duo continued mischievously, rising to a crouch to bury his hands in Heero's hair, pulling his lover closer to feast greedily at his mouth.

"Guess so," Heero replied slightly breathlessly.

Duo frowned, turning and reaching down to lift the laptop off of Heero's bent legs. He brought the screen up to his face and squinted, cocking his head this way and that as he read and reread the offending page again and again.

"Damn. Clear as day, right there in the sub-clause. No molesting," he sighed, setting the computer down off to the side as he turned back to Heero with a disappointed pout, "So guess that means I can't do this anymore," Duo continued blithely, shifting to straddle Heero's lap with an innocent expression as his hands wormed up under the ubiquitous green tanktop.


Heero's breath suddenly hissed out in a gasp as Duo's talented hands, nimble from his long years as a pickpocket and thief, flicked tormentingly at his nipples under the green fabric. His own hands came up, encircling Duo 's waist firmly.

"But, Heero, according to the rules, you're not allowed to do that either," Duo commented calmly as the cobalt eyed youth started pulling out Duo's black shirt from where it had been tucked into dark slacks.

"Hn," he replied, allowing his hands to roam up Duo's back, flexing in that slow, careful massage that he knew always drove his lover crazy.

This time would be no exception as Duo bit back a startled gasp and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Heero's for a heated kiss.

"Whoops. Forgot. Not allowed to do that anymore," Duo murmured as he finally drew away.

Heero smirked and licked his lower lip, eyeing Duo, his gaze dark and feral.

Duo responded with an impish grin as he quickly yanked the tanktop up. Heero withdrew his arms from under Duo's shirt only long enough to allow his braided beauty to finish stripping the green fabric from him.

"That part may be legal. I mean, I'm just helping you to cool off, right, Heero?" Duo asked innocently as he tossed the balled up shirt onto a console across the cockpit.

Heero opted not to respond verbally. Instead, he returned to his self-appointed mission of slowly driving coherent thought from the youth sitting across his lap.

Duo's body stiffened against him, and the braided youth leaned forward again to lap teasingly at the hollow of Heero's throat.

While Duo amused himself with nibbling at every exposed inch of Heero's neck, throat, and collarbone, Heero brought his hands around to the front of Duo's shirt and started deftly freeing the buttons. After a few moments, he pushed the dark cloth away from Duo's shoulders, baring the braided youth's own torso to Heero's wickedly teasing hands. Duo arched into Heero's touch, shifting to seize his mouth in a bruising kiss.

"Hm. Bet none of that was legal," Duo murmured after they finally broke for air.

"Hn," Heero replied, bending his head to lick at Duo's newly exposed chest.

Duo arched backward, his head falling back on his shoulders as Heero's tongue flicked firmly at a sensitive nipple.

"I'm breaking the rules, he says," Duo gasped as his lover continued to suckle at the pebble-hard flesh.

Duo shifted, squirming in Heero's lap until his own trapped erection pressed firmly into the bulge contained within Heero's spandex.

Heero froze, his hands tightening against Duo's waist as a groan tumbled from his lips at that contact.

Duo chuckled wickedly at the expression of surprise and animal need on Heero's normally intensely impassive face.

"Whoops. There I go again. Guess I'm just not that good with rules," he murmured, not contrite in the least as he pressed forward again to attack Heero's throat once more with his mouth.

With a savage growl, Heero brought his hands around to the fastening of Duo's pants, unsnapping the button and dragging the zipper down with a harsh rasp.

"Off. Now."

Duo laughed as he hopped back to his feet to comply.

"We've already established how lousy I am with rules, and now he expects me to be able to obey orders? There's a laugh!"

Heero once again deigned not to respond as he watched his lover kick off his boots and slowly slip his pants down his hips revealing Heero's favorite pair of silky black boxers. Duo felt his chest tighten at the hungry look in Heero's deep blue eyes, and the way Heero's tongue darted out to absently moisten his upper lip.

"I'm pretty sure that's definitely against the rules, Heero."


"The way you're looking at me. It's gotta be illegal."

Heero's gaze raked up and down the American's lithe frame, memorizing every perfect plane and curve of his body. He finally dragged his eyes back to Duo's face, where the tiny smirk he'd been wearing widened into a wider, more wicked version.

"If you think that's illegal," he said, sliding forward in his chair until he dropped to his knees before his lover.

Duo stared down at Heero as he slowly ran his hands up Duo's calves, fingers flexing as they passed the back of Duo's thighs, gliding tantalizingly over the smooth curve of Duo's backside, before hooking into the waistband of those boxers that fascinated him so. With an expression of almost demented glee, Heero slowly eased the silk past Duo's throbbing erection, letting the fabric drop to a dark pool at Duo's feet.

Heero paused for a few minutes, feasting his eyes upon his lover's aching cock before leaning in to take a long taste, tongue massaging the underside of the firm flesh teasingly.

Duo's hands came up to bury themselves in Heero's unruly mop of hair as the braided pilot's whole body shuddered. A thin sheen of sweat started to break out over his body, making his skin glisten in the bright lights of the cockpit.

"Now that. is definitely. against. the rules." Duo managed to stammer as Heero engulfed him fully.

Heero hummed an unrepentant agreement, his deep blue eyes sparkling with evil merriment as Duo's knees threatened to buckle under the wave of intense pleasure. He could feel Duo's fingers tightening and flexing rhythmically against his scalp as he continued to suckle and tease his chestnut-maned lover. With another slight, wicked chuckle, Heero let his hands wander freely over the taut flesh of Duo's legs and up to his lower back, teasing with feather-light touches and nimble-fingered strokes.

He felt Duo's whole body stiffen and begin to shake a moment before the braided pilot's climax hit him. It was warning enough to allow Heero to relax his throat to accept all of Duo's essence as he came violently, hips snapping forward, and a deep-throated groan breaking the silence. As the last of Duo's climax slowly faded, leaving him spent and sated, Heero licked his lips and slowly pulled himself up Duo's body to stand before his lover.

"I think that pretty much embodies the concept of 'molestation', Heero," Duo admonished weakly as he sagged against his lover.

Heero's eyes narrowed as he pulled Duo tightly against him, pressing his spandex-clad erection into Duo's thigh and rolling his hips.

"Not quite," he replied huskily, allowing his hands to wander back down to tease at the tight ring of muscle of Duo's entrance.

Duo groaned again, pressing against Heero and urging him on with a combination of helpless little whimpers and the shifting rock of his hips against his lover. With their chests pressed so close together, Duo could feel Heero's heart speed up, pounding in his chest, as his breath started growing ragged and harsh. Duo smiled to himself as he concentrated on Heero' s slow spiral out of control. Upping the stakes a bit, Duo shifted to grab the waistband of Heero's spandex, sliding the clinging material down his lover's hips until the shorts dropped to the floor of the cockpit with a soft sigh. With his lover now bared to him, Duo reached between them and grasped Heero's cock in one eager fist, pumping it in time with Heero's ragged panting.

With a growl, Heero pushed Duo's hand away suddenly, reaching up into a small compartment above his seat to withdraw a small tube.

"I want. inside you," Heero hissed, flipping open the tube and squeezing some of the lube onto his fingers.

"So what's the delay?" Duo retorted challengingly, feeling his blood starting to heat again at the way Heero's eyes flashed.

Heero's only reply was the quick intrusion of his fingers into Duo's tight heat, making the braided youth hiss in surprise as his body rocked back against Heero's hand. As quickly as he could without hurting his lover, Heero prepared Duo, stretching and teasing him as he sought his braided partner's sweet spot. When Duo gasped suddenly and almost collapsed, Heero smirked in triumph, tightening his grip to help Duo stay on his feet.

Judging Duo ready, Heero pulled away, pausing only long enough to slather his own cock with a liberal amount of lube before he returned to his abandoned seat in Wing's cockpit. He dropped the tube to the floor and reached out to seize Duo's hips, turning the braided youth and guiding him backwards until he slowly settled onto Heero's lap.

Heero bit his lip as Duo's liquid heat enveloped him, tightening rhythmically as Duo's body adjusted to being impaled. As his lover slowly settled to a seat on his tight thighs, Heero leaned forward, taking the lobe of Duo's ear into his lips and nibbling playfully to distract him.

"Now this is the definition of molestation," he whispered harshly as Duo surrendered to his demands.

Duo moaned an assent, rocking back on Heero's lap wantonly as the Japanese youth's hands came around his chest and lifted him slightly. Duo gave up trying to reason, and simply abandoned himself to sensation. The feel of Heero's sweat slick chest pressed against his back, the tight grip of Heero's hands on his sides, lifting and settling him in long, even stokes, the harsh panting of Heero's breath against his neck, they were all warring with Duo's consciousness, threatening to steal it away. Duo no longer had even the presence of mind to grunt an answer to Heero's earlier statement.

Heero could feel the sweet wave of fire and ice building within him, threatening to steal his will. Only Duo could bring him to this sort of escape. This surreal bliss was his lover's gift of humanity to him. That thought, in and of itself, was almost enough to bring on the Japanese youth' s climax. Combined with the feel of Duo's body shifting against his own, gripping his aching arousal with each thrust, surrendering to him, it was too much. His climax hit him like the shockwave of an explosion, throwing him into a mind-numbing paroxysm. His whole body shuddered as his seed burst forth into Duo, marking him and filling him.

As he felt Heero's body stiffen against him, and then the warm explosion of Heero's essence flood him from within, Duo felt his own wave of exquisite torture crash and break against his battered consciousness. The world shattered into a million motes of multi-colored sparks, showering down around him for the second time that afternoon, and bathing him in perfection. He wasn't even aware of how long he floated in that swirling vortex of pure sensation and light, but he could feel Heero's arms supporting him as it finally faded into reality again, leaving him spent and exhausted.

He sagged back against his lover, trying to learn to breathe again and refuel oxygen-starved tissues, content to do nothing more than exist for several long minutes. When he found he could finally move again, he shifted only far enough so that he could turn in Heero's lap and snuggle against his chest.

"Hope you're comfortable, 'cause I'm not moving for a good long while," he murmured, settling in and resting his head against Heero's collarbone.


Duo's eyes blinked open hazily, a soft, sated sigh escaping his faintly grinning mouth. His gaze fell across Heero's laptop as he drifted happily in their normal post-coital snuggle. As he finally noticed and comprehended the page's heading, a short, sharp bark of laughter burst from him.

"Heero! You idiot!" he laughed, slapping at his lover's bare chest playfully, "That was the COMBAT rules page! Not the Social Interactions Rules!"

With his head pressed to Heero's chest the way it was, he heard the chuckle deep inside, rumbling in Heero's chest before it escaped and rattled around the cockpit. His lover's arms tightened around his shoulders briefly before Heero spoke again.

"Gomen nasai, Duo. My mistake."

Duo snorted. Seeing as how Heero's voice hadn't held even the barest hint of contrition, he doubted the apology's sincerity.

"Yah. I just bet you're sorry," he muttered cheerfully, "Wanna see what other 'rules' we could break? I always personally thought that most of those physics ones were pretty overrated. I wanna make Newton and Einstein roll in their graves, how 'bout you?"

"Ninmu kanryou."


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