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Ancient Greek Warfare

Why Study History?
  How to Test a Source for Reliability and Accuracy
Time Terms and Pictorial Time-Lines

History Terms and Time-Lines

History Terms cut-n-paste

What is 'bias'?

Archaeology or History?

Tollund Man 

MarkPullen Murder Mystery

Early Human Progress
and the
main features of Ancient Societies..
Reconstructing the Past and Contestability.

History Mysteries  

Local History Site Studies
                 - Virtual Site Study - K 13 memorial
              WW I  Attack Submarines

The 'Out of Africa' Theory doc.

The Rise of Early Civilisations 

Archaeology  (Years 9-11)  

 - Dier el Medina

  - Heritage Issue - Mini Essay

  - Pop-outs Project - Word doc. 
 (Self & peer marking guidelines)

 Make an illustrated booklet

 A Practice Formal Letter - (Word doc.)
   Using Persuasive Writing and Evidence from Sources.

  Film Study - The Red Baron
 Traditional Aboriginal Society

South American Empires

Aztec Society

The Native Americans

Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez
    Research Essay - Sources Provided

  Ancient Egypt 
-  Everyday Life updated
         -  Society and Government     
-  Religion
-  Visit an Egyptian Temple
-  The Pyramids across the Planet
        -  Conflicting Views - How the Pyramids were Built:
                Page 1  I  2  I  3

      -  Ancient Egyptian Burial Rituals

  Ancient China  

  Ancient Greece  
The Greek Theatre
          - Webpage Building Challenge
                     Print Friendly Version
          - Time saving hints - How to make a website
          - Ancient Athens (Notebook 10) via wiki
          - Ancient Greek Architecture
            1. Greek Architecture and Religion
            2. Architectural Features
            3. Building Techniques
          - Pericles' Funeral Speech
          - Ancient Greek Warfare

  Ancient Rome  
       - The Roman Empire
The Roman Army
       - Roman Technology
- Religion in Ancient Rome 
     - The Roman Soldier or download via wiki
       - The Roman System of Government
       -  Ancient Rome Assignment
       -  Pompeii - The House of the Faun

  The Dark Ages  
The Barbarian Invasions
       - The Anglo-Saxon Invasions
- The Vikings
- 'You Little Viking!' - Assignment
             Assignment Marking Rubric

  England in the Middle Ages   
       -  The Norman Conquest
        -  Medieval Knights
       -   The Feudal System
- The Church 
- Attacking a Castle 
      - Medieval Society: GroupWork doc.
      - Stained Glass in the Middle Ages
Page 1 doc.   Page 2 doc. glass research sites
      - The Crusades 

   The Black Death
    -  The Black Death
     -  The Plague - Virtual Museum Activity
    -  How to Make a Virtual Museum Using Google Slides
           - Print version in Word - slower to open.

           - Example: by Areej
             To view, open above URL and click Present.

 China in the Middle Ages
- China in the Middle Ages 
       - Chinese Voyages of Discovery u

 Japan Under the Shogun 
       - Geography and Setting
         - The Heiji Rebellion
         - The Feudal System

         - Key Political and Cultural Periods
       - Women Warriors - the female samurai

       - Aspects of Everyday Life
       - Japan after the Shogun
       - Warfare in Feudal Japan -Virtual Museum Activity
       - Japan - Research Skills Task  

  The Renaissance  
Intro_Worksheet_page1    Page2
- Leonardo da Vinci    
- Marco Polo  (ICT Skills ) 
-  Sea Exploration

The English Reformation   

The Protestant Reformation   

   The Industrial Revolution
The Coal Mines and Factories
     -  The Slave Trade    Print Friendly Version -Word doc.

First Contact - Aboriginal People and British Soldiers and Settlers 

Conflict: The Native Americans and European Settlers

The French Revolution

The American War of Independence  
-1.The Background Causes
    -2.Overview of Key Events During the War
    -3.The Boston Massacre
    -4.The Boston Tea Party
    -5.Battle of Bunker Hill
    -6.The Revolutionary War Battles - New York Focus
    -7.The War of Independence - Research Options
    - Checklist Summary of the Units Questions (Word doc.)
    - Photo Story Project

  “ I Have a Dream…”
         - The Civil Rights Movement.

The Political Spectrum

  Gandhi - 'A Brilliant Man of His Time'

     A new scene from our past each day...



- Fantasy - Writing a Fun Narrative
- Letter Writing -
(Find on this site the link to
                      the fun '
new letter writing interactive'.)
- Children in War - Research: 'Children during the Blitz' and then write a recount:
                 “I can remember when I was a child during the war. Life was very different 
                 then….." (2 pages of writing, and include a small illustration.) 
Writing good dialogue
                - We all write for a purpose, for example, to persuade someone.  
                   Could you write an Email to persuade a friend to....?.

                - Vocabulary
- A quick checklist for writing a good story
                - Describe an interesting setting
Describing Characters - three activity worksheets
                - What makes a good short story? 
The Narrative Arch - Structure of a Short Story
- Creative Writing Marking Scale
           - Cat Story.   Cat Story Activities. (Right click to rotate right)
- Gorgeous Grammar! 
- Language Terms
- How do you spell ________?   
              - Common Spelling Errors
           - Working with the concept of 'belonging'

- Novel novel activities!
- Pirates! 
- Types of Literature  
- A unit to do with 'The Cay' by Theodore Taylor
- Story map - Go to the following site to get some ideas on how you can
                  draw a flow-chart of the story line or plot of the novel you are studying:

            -A small unit to do with 'The Witch's Daughter' by Nina Bawden
                      ( Reading Progress Questions ) 
 A unit to do with 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' 
(Harry Potter Book 1) by J.K.Rowling   MS Word version   ( pages 1- 4  ,  5 - 9 )
- A unit to do with 'Goodnight Mr.Tom' by Michelle Magorian
MS Word version

Listening Skills
  -  Old Time Radio

- Fun with Limericks...
- Responding to poetry
- Similes and Metaphors
                 - Wild Witches Poetry word.doc
Poetry Types and Terms
- Part 1
           - Poetry Types and Terms - Part 2
            - Playing with Symbols


  The Theatre-
- Script Writing  

          Film Study- 
                   - Star Wars (Revised)
Word doc. version
  How to write a great speech  
                   (Student ICT Skills exercise)
   The First World War
= Notebook10 for use with interactive white boards
                 about Notebook10
 -  Europe1900-War Clouds on the Horizon
 The Von Schlieffen Plan        9 via wiki
 -  Trench Warfare or if it wont open, via wiki
       -  WW1 Terms    to view via wiki

  Rasputin the Mad Monk

Historical Investigation  - (Student example Evelyn )

 Year 9/10 Australian History    &            
     -  The Gallipoli Campaign Interactive Study Guide (Word Doc.)
     - Australia in World War II

 WWII Group Project -
    Experiences of Australians on the Home Front

 The atomic weapons used during WWII
      Can you believe everything you see or read in a newspaper as
      reliable facts? This is where you need to use the
      critical thinking skills you are learning

The Spread of Communism and the Cold War

 Cold War Cartoons

 Software for Interesting Presentations
           - Student presentation software options

Student ICT Activities

 Student Digital Projects
- Make an interactive time line of your life 

     - Build a mini web site on an Ancient Society       
     -  Photo Essay -  Two Ancient Societies
       Ediandra's (needs volume on max)    Mathew 
     - Marking Guidelines for Digital Essay
-  Write a Photo Essay   'The Dismissal'
     - Create your own Web Lesson
     - Australia in 1900 - Recreate a photo album...  
              Student sample -in NoteBook10  

     - Digital Essay - Between the Wars   
          An example of a group task digital essay.
     - The 1920s - The 'dizzy decade', was it a ten year
         long party? Leanna (v.good but slower loading.)
     - Make your own mini-documentary on the
    - Notebook 10 Student Activities  print vers.
        Vietnam War

 - Historical Investigation - Digital Presentation - Task
       (Print friendly version)

   Virtual Museum Activity - The Cold War
   - How to Make a Virtual Museum Using Google Slides
           - Print version in Word - slower to open.
   - Example. To see 'Presentation' click arrow select 'present in new window'.
   - Making a virtual gallery using just PowerPoint

 Student ICT Activities

History Research and Web Site Design Projects:
                       -    The Era of Sailing Ships  

Brief Web Site Design Guide
                        -   Time saving hints - How to make a website
                        -    Comparing Three Ancient Societies 

                        -    The 1960s - Website Scrapbook Project
      - If you are unable to download MS Expression Web
       - How to upload your website to the Internet
       - Test website

 Mind Map Makers
 The Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School
    Opportunity - Year 10 and 11 Students

The Interactive-Learning Wiki  

  Collection - History Video Clips (some need updating!)

In memory of Marmalade!

...too much war and conflict in human history?
   Take a break and look at this:

 Composers   (Music Web Lesson)  
Ludwig van Beethoven

 Spicy Sunrise: A Refreshing Drink that's also good for Coughs, Colds and Congestion!

 Great Herbs and Habits for Good Respiratory Health.

If this ever pops up: right mouse click and select 'open in new window'.


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