back                 How the Web Lessons were made:

These Web Lessons were made with Microsoft FrontPage, or the more recent Microsoft Expression Web.
Some of the later units are made with Notbook10 for use with interactive white boards.

Microsoft FrontPage or Expression Web, is almost the same as Microsoft Word; Except in these programs you can have an interesting coloured background. Also when you paste in an animated picture, and then when you look at your page or worksheet in a browser like Microsoft Explorer, it stays animated. For example:

              .....                oil       carbon pencil

MS FrontPage and Expression Web have similar tools to MS Word; Tools that allow you to pull down a quick table outline, to type text in or paste pictures in, so they stay where you place them!

       How to Make Web Pages  
       Handy backgrounds  
  IT tips for teachers


Student ICT projects where they do the research and make the web pages themselves, also prove to be very motivational and popular with the students. 

 If adding sounds or speech files, these can be found on the Internet for free if used for educational or non commercial purposes.