WEB LESSON         
 Leave a blank page in your work book to make an interesting title page about this topic. 
  On the top of the next page in your book write the following heading: 
The re-birth of learning and culture: from 1300 to 1550.

1.  Answer the following questions using the webpages provided.
Make sure you use the main words in the question when you are writing your answer.

a) What does the word Renaissance mean?
b) What time period did the Renaissance cover?
c) What was Humanism?

d) How did the capture of Constantinople by the Turks when expanding their Ottoman Empire help start the Renaissance.

(Write out questions e) and f) before you answer them.)
e) The people during the Renaissance studied ideas about the classical arts, literature, poetry, philosophy and science that had been developed by which two great ancient civilisations?
f) During the Renaissance Italy was divided up into a number of city-states like Florence. What were city-states?

g) Read all of the above website and then do this Quiz on:
 How the Renaissance Began. Then write in your book questions 6, 7 and 8 and their correct answers.

h) What does the term 'the Renaissance Man' refer to?


2.  Open this page of  interactive page-turning manuscripts from the  Renaissance period.
     Turn through the pages of Leonardo da Vinci's famous notebook.

        (You may need to right mouse click some links and select 'open link in new window'.)

 On a new double page in your book design a mind map that explains the different parts of The Northern Renaissance http://www.ducksters.com/history/renaissance/northern_renaissance.php        For on-line mind map makers.
From the following web site,
first visit the link called the Renaissance Man :http://www.mos.org/leonardo/ 
Then in your book, under a smaller second heading: Leonardo da Vinci, list at least 10 interesting things about his life. Use subheadings in your notes like: His childhood, the 'scary shield'! , his paintings, his inventions, his discoveries. You will need to keep clicking the arrows on the right of the pages to find these biographical details about his life.


5. Then print off this blank map of Renaissance Italy. Paste the map in your book. Find the information you need to then label and colour your map- Google/ image search the words: 'map Italian Renaissance'.

6. Optional Group Work Activities:
(You will need to select your groups and prepare for these activities in advance.)
From this site:https://www.mos.org/leonardo/
Explore a) DaVinci the Artist
                 1. Read about Renaissance Paintings and browse his paintings.
                 2. Read about Da Vinci's studies in Perspective. Then in your book write one sentence each about Realism, Perspective and The Golden Ratio.
                  3. Find through a Google image search a much earlier painting from a time when artists did not put realistic perspective in their paintings. Print a small copy of the the example you find and paste it in your book.
                  4. Read about the following and then select one and complete the group work activity: Linear Perspective, The Open Window and Golden Ratio

             b) DaVinci the Inventor
                 1. Read about Da Vinci the inventor then openthe 'Gadget Anatomy' page and read the list of inventions or machines that were already in use in Da Vinci's time. Find and past in your book a diagram of a 'ratchet'.
                 2. Read about Da Vinci's studies in Perspective. Then in your book write one sentence each about Realism, Perspective and The Golden Ratio.
                  3. Do general internet search and make a list in your book of Da Vinci's different invention. Pint off and paste in your book a diagram of one of his inventions.
                  4. Now test yourself with the interactive quiz about his inventions.

7. Do the puzzle at the following site: http://www.learner.org/exhibits/renaissance/fibonacci/  

8.  Click through this gallery about Da Vinci's inventions made with emaze:

9. Now complete this crossword puzzle and past it in your book or folder

10. Click to try your hand at becoming a spice trader: