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                                     1. STYLE                 
       1. STYLE  2.

When we are discussing style we refer to the various choices writers make when they create a text in ways they hope will suit a particular kind of audience and achieve a certain purpose. Language choices include such things as words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, layout and structure.

Important kinds of style are 'formal', 'informal', 'conversational' (i.e. 'colloquial')... but there are many more.

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A major aspect of English is for you to show how a style is made effective and why it was done. This requires you to analyse a writer's use of language and language features such as layout and to consider how these have been chosen to appeal to a certain kind of audience in order to achieve a particular purpose.

In your own writing, the teacher or examiner looks for a style that it is lively, clear and direct. Remember always to write as yourself - never take on the persona of an imagined adult.  

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1.a) Under the heading Style, write out the following and fill in the missing words:
  •  A writer will write with a style that suits his particular ___________ and achieve his _____________.
  • Four types of style are...................
  • The writer can chose to use certain language features such as: figures of speech, like metaphors or similes, short sentences or a simple vocabulary. He/she can make other choices about such things as.....................

       b) Read the examples on this site.

2. Find an example of a piece of writing that has a distinctive style, and write out two sentences from the text.

3.Now in one or two paragraphs, describe the writer's style. Comment on the things mentioned in the above three points.