.Ancient Egyptian Society and their System of Government
                                         A. Diagram of Egyptian Society
Study the following diagram, and then answer the questions in red print.
          Answer the questions using complete sentences.
   i.e. use some of the main words from the question in your answer.
2. In ancient Egyptian society, who do you think would have had a more comfortable life and more wealth,
 the traders, craftsmen and scribes, or the farmers?
  3. According to the diagram, in the Egyptian social hierarchy, who was considered more important in their society, unskilled workers or farmers?
  4. In the above diagram, if you were to draw in another level  or row, for the social class of slaves, where would you draw that row?
                      B. The Ancient Egypt System of Government

The Ancient Egyptian Government was ruled first and foremost by the Pharaoh.
The Pharaoh was the supreme leader not only of the government, but also of the religion and the army.

However, the Pharaoh couldn't run the government all by himself, so he had a hierarchy of rulers and leaders below him who ran different aspects or parts of the government.

Activity: Design your own diagram, that explains the system of government in Ancient Egypt.

Do not use a pyramid shape, like the diagram above.
Instead, design your diagram how you want to, that you think best explains how the system of government worked in Ancient Egypt.

his link: Images for flow chart diagram, will give you some ideas for your diagram.
9 right click, open this link in a new window.

The following sites will give you some information that you can put in your diagram.




When you have finished you can explore this interactive site and and games about other aspects of Ancient Egyptian society: