The House of the Faun - Pompeii
       The House of the Faun is one of the largest and grandest private houses in Pompeii.
This house can be used to gain an understanding of how the wealthy upper class lived during the 1st century AD in the Roman world.
  1. On the following web page Click on the numbered rooms to take a tour of the House of the Faun

  2. Cut out this plan of the House of the Faun and paste it in the middle of an A3 sheet of paper.

  3. i) Print off and cut out these thumbnail pictures. (on a word doc. A4 size)

(The link in No.5. below will tell you where the mosaics and wall painting were or are located.)
    ii) Paste them on the A3 sheet of paper around the house plan.
    iii) Draw a line from each picture to the location of that feature on the plan.
    iv) Next to the pictures write 2 or 3 brief points about each feature. (Use a fine ink pen and small writing!)

  4. From this link record brief details about the size of the house, and the items found in the house such as the body, jewelry and graffiti.

5. Using the following sites, add labels and information about the following additional parts of the house.
 Use the blue hyperlinks in the above site for additional information. (You can also use the terms link below.)
            For example where can be seen an example of the first style of
                               archetectural decoration.

 Terms and plan of the house of the Faun

a) Atrium
b) Fauces
c) first style of archetectural decoration
d) larium
e) corinthian columns
f) cubicula
g) tablinum
h) triclini
i) tepidarium
j) caldarium
Add additional fold out pieces of paper to your A3 sheet if needed.

6. Watch this animation with a 3D model of the house of the Faun.

7. Pause as you watch this brief video and make two or three points.
   What well know artefacts were found in the house?
    If you have room, add a thumbnail picture to your A3 page of the impressive entryway to the house with the
    attached Corinthian columns.

8. -You will be able to use references to different things seen of the house of the Faun when discussing a variety
              of aspects of life in Pompeii society.
   -  Highlight in your notes on the A3 sheet any features seen in the house that give some insight into one the different
               aspects of the society of Pompeii that we study.  For example: Religion, architectural features,
               location of shops, surface decorations, life style of the aristocratic class, role of the different social classes,
               artefacts, graffiti, display of human remains, Greek and Egyptian influence...
    - Label each of the above topics we study that you find evidence of with a different coloured pen / texta.