1. Go to the following site and read the web page.

2. a) On a new page in you book, put the heading: The Roman Army
b) Then answer in  complete sentences, the first three questions on the left in the above web site: 
(Write a few sentences for each answer, and make sure you explain any highlighted words such as 'centurion.)

           I    Who was in the army?
           II   What was a Legion
           III  What other soldiers did the Romans have?

3.Find and write out three of the 'Fun Facts'.

4. Do the quiz at the bottom of the web site page. Record your score and then write out the three correct answers in your book, under the heading:    Roman Quiz 2- The Roman Army.

5. Read Source A below. In your book. describe how the Roman army treated any tribes or people that fought against them. Quote a few words from this primary source written document in your answer.


6. a) Explore the game called the  Cabinet of Curiosities found on the bottom of the following site (you will need head phones.)
    b) Then record five interesting facts about each of the two Ancient Roman characters that are discussed on the site.

7. Print off * and complete this worksheet on roman soldiers (or*  you will be  given a photocopy). Add colour and paste it in your book.

8. What is the term given to the structure seen in the above picture?

9. The picture above is of mercenaries in the Roman Army. What are mercenaries, and why do you think the Roman army didn't  just use soldiers from Rome or Italy? 

10. a) Do a Google , 'Image' search on "Roman war machines" and "Roman Siege engines". Find out the name of the above weapon.
    b) List the names of the other Roman siege war machines.
    c)  Draw a picture of a 'Scorpion' or print one at home and paste it in your book.
This site might help you if it's on line.
(or type 'roman scorpion' in a Google image search.)

Artists impression of a Roman fort.

 The remains of the fort today.

11. While waiting for the rest of the class to finish, you can dress a Roman soldier or building a Roman fort:


12. Extension Exercise: a) Look at the artist impressions of Hannibal's war elephants in action against Rome on this page  a) Following some research on the topic write a paragraph wherein you put forward an argument in response to this question: How successful was the use of war elephants in Hannibal's wars against the Roman armies?
(After you have presented the points in your argument remember to include some evidence before you write your concluding sentence.)