Using Google image searches, and the relevant chapter in your text book, create a photo album/ journal from 1900.
Try and include a photograph that tells the viewer something about each of the following aspects of Australian society at the turn of the century: Housing (wealthy to poor); types of transport, for people and produce, remember to look at shipping and trains as well; entertainment; home appliances; fashion (men, women and children); family life; city and rural life; work and occupations; education/ schooling; working and living conditions....


Next to each  photograph, briefly explain in a few sentences, what that photo tells us today about what life was like for people in the early 1900s.
  Try using the following sort of search terms for your Google image searches.
  'Australia 1900'
  'Sydney 1900'
  'Australian family life 1900'
  'Australian' with different aspects of society , plus '1900'.
            For example: 'Australian sport 1900'  or change 'sport' for 'bathing suits', or
  'Bubonic Plague Sydney'
  Also try 'Australia' and suburbs in your area '1900'


Use any software program you wish to create the album, but try and make the album appear very old!
You could instead, make the photo album on four A4 pages in your work book.
  Student Example