In the Beginning....

1. In your book, write the rough draft to the beginning to a great story.

Remember, in the beginning or orientation of your narrative, you can describe the setting where your story is set and introduce a character. ( Look at this chart and also this diagram to see what you usually put in the beginning...!)

Your character could be a child or an adult, or even an amazing or frightening mythical creature!

In the story you write, create or make up, an enchanting mythical beast or creature; It  could be shy and funny, or horrifying and enormous; Or it could even be from another world. The sky's the limit!

But what would be a good way to describe the creature you make up for your story? 

Explore the following two sites to help you:

Scan through the sites, and when you find a creature that could give you good ideas for your story, make notes about the creature and compile a list of good words that you might use in your story.

Remember that a thesaurus can help you find interesting words.


2. When you have finished writing the beginning of your story (about a 1/2 page), illustrate (draw and colour) the mythical creature that features in your story.


3. Now write the middle part and end of your story.

    Don't write more than two A4 pages - keep it a simple story, with good descriptive writing so that the reader can 'see' the events of the story in their mind.
    - Read over this 'Check List for Writing a Good Story', to see some of the features you can try and include in your story.

    - Keep this chart in mind to help you plan your narrative.
    - Remember to use your
thesaurus, or any good word list you might have.


4. A mini unit on understanding Myths and Legends and characterisation.


5. Can you find your favourite, famous fairy tale from this site?:

6. Click here to Find some Fantastic Fantasy Novels you could Read