Describing Characters
  1. On a new page under the heading 'Describing Characters', write out the notes set out above as a), b), c).
  2. The A-Z of 'character words' The three activities in this 'A-Z of character words', will also help you build your vocabulary.
  3. Select two of the people on this worksheet and create a character for them.
    Use the guiding rules a), b), c) that you wrote out from the top of this page.
    This site might give you some ideas for a), the physical features.
                 (Or you could look further for some ideas on writing more detailed descriptions, for examples,
        "...her eyes were ringed with the deep green colour of forest moss, and were alive with sun fired speckles of gold..."
                    In Google, try typing 'how to describe eyes'.)
Then copy, trace or draw and colour a small picture of each of your characters.
  4. Follow the instructions on this activity worksheet - begin writing a story wherein you introduce a new character.
   Use the pictures at the bottom of the worksheet to give you some ideas for your story and character.
  5. Try creating some interesting looking characters with this face maker game.