The Experiences of Australians During World War Two

                                 Group Research Task

Each group will investigate the experiences of Australians during World War II
in ONE of the topic areas listed below:-

1. Censorship and propaganda

2. Rationing and manpower controls

3. Conscription and mail censorship from the front

4. The bombing of Darwin and other coastal towns

5. Japanese submarines in Sydney Harbour and shipping attacked

6. Enemy aliens: Policy of internment and the Internment places

7. Women on the home front, in industry and in the armed forces


Research the experiences of people in the topic you have chosen.
Include key points, pictures, maps, diagrams and eye witness accounts and video clips where possible.

Presentation of group's research and findings to the class using one of the following methods:


Conduct your own research using a variety of search words that include your topic.

The following sites may also help: