Skills Task

              Type of task: Research and Following Instructions

                         Time: One Computer Lesson (1hour)
A) The Samurai in Medieval Japan
                                  B) The Geisha in Medieval Japan

1. Describes and explains some main features of past societies.
2. Locates, selects and organises relevant information from a number of sources,
including ICT, to conduct basic historical research. 
3. Follow written instructions.
4. Present work neatly.
(Tick each of these off as you follow each one.)                               (4 Marks)

- Use only one page of A4 size paper.
    (If paper is not provided, Google image, 'A4 lined paper', select one and print it off.)
- Write your name and class in the top right hand corner of your page.
- Your answers must be hand written.
- Rule a margin on your page (if one is not printed on the paper)
- Use paragraphs.
- Miss a line between each of you answers and paragraphs.
- List 2 of the Internet sites you use, at the bottom of your page. (You can use any number of sites.)
- You must write your answers in your own words.
- Select topic A or B above, write this topic on the top line of your page, and underline it.


In two or three sentences only, define or explain who this group of people
     were in Medieval Japan.                                                                       (3 Marks)

2. Describe the appearance of this group of people. Include things like clothing,
      head and foot wear, make-up, jewellery, or weapons.                                   (5 Marks)

3. Describe their lifestyle and what part they played in their society (i.e. their
     role or function in society)                                                                                      (8 Marks)        (Total mark 20)