Web Lessons and Revision Activities on a variety of Year 9/10 Australian History Topics :  
   = original film / video clips   = new items

           Cool Tools to do some of these activities with.
          Marking Guideline for Digital Essays
1.  a) The Dreamtime
     b) Aboriginal people and the colony of NSW

2. Voting groups in Australia at the time of federation
    a) Australia in 1900 - Recreate a photo album... (Student example)
    b)  Australia in the 1900s
        i) Boxing 1908  
    c)   i) Street scenes in Melbourne 1911
          ii) Fire brigade 1911
          iii) Fire brigade rescue practice
          vi) Working in the city clothes - 1910  
    d) Reasons behind Federation
    e) Constructing the East-West Rail Link
     f) Federation and Defending Our Shores
    g) The Founding of Canberra
    h) i. Federation and the White Australian Policy
        ii Prime Minister Barton and the White Australia Policy

        iv Later interview with Archbishop Manix  
     i) The kidnapping of Islanders for the Queensland sugar industry
j)  Federation 1901  (When open scroll down for answers)

     k) Animated revision quiz - Federation
     l)  1901, our first Parliament meets.
m) Federation - A New 'White' Nation Forms Notebook10
            9 For use with Interactive White Board
 or open via wiki

3.  a) Film clip from the time of the Boer War
     b) Empire Day 1915 Read the teachers notes section.

4.  a)
     b) The First World War begins
     c) ‘It’s cold-blooded murder’ Extract from the movie Gallipoli
d) Kaiser Wilhelm II Meeting His Generals (note the fist!)
     e) Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff
      f) 'Going over the the top'
5. War Posters and Trench warfare of WWI 
     a) British Troops Receiving Rations
     b) British Troops Pumping Water From a Trench
     c) An artillery bombardment
     d) German Troops Preparing Trenches

6.  Von Schlieffen Plan

7.   Conscription during WW1
   i. William Hughes and the 1916 Conscription Badge
   ii. World War 1 and the Conscription Referenda
iii Interview with Arch Bishop Manix

8.  The ANZACs - 0n-line Activities and Study-Guide

i.  The Reasons Behind The Gallipoli Invasion (M)
       The Campaign Continues: 2,  I  3, 
    ii.  Jack Hazlitt - World War 1 Digger I
    iii. Monash and Billy Hughes
    iv. The Effects of World War 1 on the Australian Economy
WW1 in colour  
    vi   B&W clip of the war  
  vii The Australians are coming The famous charge of the Light Horse
                - read the ' the teachers notes'...
9.   Women in Action - WW1
    a) women in the war effort at home during WW1  
   d)  The Home Front During WW1
    e) The 1920s - The 'dizzy decade', was it a ten year long party?

10.  The Great Depression
    i. The story of the Sydney harbour bridge in the 1930s
    ii Phar Lap: Australia's wonder horse

11. The Dismissal of the NSW Premier - Jack Lang

12. On-line revision quiz - General Australian History
      iii. The Sentimental Bloke  
      iv Trains and swimming costumes in the 1920s!
       v The The Spanish Flu and  the 1920s
       vi Billy cart races!
       vii The1920s life-style
       viii Fashion and children's games
 ix 1920s film clips -year by year

Sydney cars and trams 1928
Don Bradman

13. Immigration and multiculturalism
      i. Immigration – Fill it or Lose It
      ii. Bonegilla Migrant Camp

14. Australia and World War II
      b) Australia at war 1939 1945
      c) Australia at War
       i) A newsreel film from Kokoda
       e) Mini subs attack in Sydney Harbour
       g) Women's Land army during WWII
       i) The Bombing of Darwin

15. Use this Crossword Maker: http://www.crosswordpuzzlegames.com/create.html
      to make a crossword about...

16. a) Australian Culture in the 1960s
      b) Beatlemania in Australia in 1964

The impact of technology on everyday life - post war  60s and 70s
      d) Transport -
The impact of technology  - post war  60s and 70s



Research Task - Australia’s post-war social and cultural history
       I) The last horse transport - 1960s  
       j) Virtual Museum - Pop Culture of the Decades Activity

17. Land Rights and Native Title

18.  Changing attitudes to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War
Flash - the spread of communism

The Vietnam Protest Movement
    iv. I was only 19     v. I was only 19

19. a)
The Whitlam Era
   b) Photo Essay: The Dismissal

20. The Changing Government Policies on Aboriginal an Torres Strait Islanders
      i.  An Aboriginal Settlement in the 1920s  
      ii  Trying to 'breed out the black'  
'Stolen' children on a Mission Station  
The Stolen Generation
Stolen Generations - The half casts...
     vi For use with IWB - Changing Rights and Freedoms... or via wiki

21.  The Freedom Rides

22. Australia's International Relations between the wars


 In your book put the heading Aboriginal Dreamtime and then visit the  following site. It has a good collection of Dreamtime stories.
a) Select one that interests you and write one paragraph in your book explaining what it is about.
b) Explain what moral or events, in the story the Aboriginal People could use to teach young Aboriginal children how to think or behave; or could base some of their Aboriginal laws on.
c) make a quick coloured picture in your book that illustrates a scene from this Dreamtime story:

2. Explore these interactive maps of the early Australian indigenous population. Select the Aboriginal group that lived or lives closest to where you are living now, and write a magazine style article of the history of this group. Include illustrations.

3. The Voting groups in Australia at the time of  Federation

5. War Posters and Trench warfare of WWI. Print this activity sheet off and do the activities. Answer the questions and paste the completed diagram in
your book.

6. The Von Schlieffen Plan 
                    The Conscription Debate

 It is 1916 and you are 17 years old, and a guy! (Sorry girls!) Read carefully the following web page, and then in your book, describe an
argument you had with the 17 year old kid next door (neighbour). You were against conscription, he was for it. (By the way, your name is O'Flarrity!)

After making some good research notes, video a role-play of the argument. Play some 'arguments' to the class and discuss what points or issues could have been included.



a) On-line Research Interactive Study Guide (Word Doc.)


the rollcall                    

b) Describe the experiences of Australians in the Gallipoli campaign.
    Include in this task a brief overview of  -
       I. Why the Allies invaded the Gallipoli peninsula
       II  The main battles
       III Their fighting and living conditions
       IV The withdrawal from the peninsula
N.B. In completing this task, briefly quote from, or refer to a variety of sources.

Present your findings in the above task in one of the following formats:
      PowerPoint presentation, point form notes, video documentary,
      cartoon or sketch book, or a series of diary entries (historic fiction.)

) Write a one page magazine style article (200 -300 words) on the ANZAC Legend and how it was created.     
     Present it in an interesting way with at least one illustration. Use the following site as a
     starting point for your research: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANZAC_spirit

Other good sites about the ANZAC  period:



9. Women in Action - WW1

 From the above web site and your own internet research, make a  mind map on Australian Women during WW1


10.                 THE GREAT DEPRESSION

Work through the following activities on the Great Depression - Look at your syllabus content dot points to see what you need to know.

Free soup for unemployed

a) http://www.42explore2.com/depresn.htm Introduction to the Depression - Just read the basics.
b) http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression Just read the bit next to the picture.
 c) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression Just read the beginning part next to the picture of the woman.
d) Look at the pictures at this Photo Essay on the effects of the Depression in America.

 e) Your Turn! But do  a) - d) above first! Write The Causes of the Great Depression in the middle of a new double page. Around this heading make a mind map
 listing all of the causes of the depression. Use the above sites.
             You could use autoshapes (View/Tools/Drawing - will get this option on the bottom left of your screen.)

 f) Using the following site (and your own research), design a mind map in you book on a new page that shows the social effects/ impacts of the Depression on the different groups /sections of the Australian society:
Heading for your notes: The Great Depression Hits Australia.
(If you type mind map in a Google Image search, you will see a variety of styles.)

 g) Use Google image search to find some good pictures from the Depression to illustrate your work

 h) Read this web page carefully ( http://australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/great-depression) and then explain how the Australian Government reacted to the Great Depression. What actions did it take, did these help the situation for the people effected by the depression or help the economy to recover?
Explain the above in note form, or as a strip cartoon or coloured poster.

Alternate Tasks:
1. Write and video role-plays, of interviews from the time.
In groups of three, do research for some material you can use to use to write a role play. Write a role play where you are interviewing a person during the Great Depression. Your class groups can select to present views from people of different social backgrounds, occupations or circumstances. One group can interview Jack Lang!

Rate the interviews on:
 i. Audience interest in the interview, and
ii. How historically accurate, and relevant is the information you include in your interview; Information on one of the following aspects of the depression: the causes, the effects on society, and government responses or political impacts of the depression.

2. Write your own photo essay, similar to the one seen in d) above. Only write your photo essay about the Depression in Australia.


11. The Dismissal of a NSW Premier

a) From this site, write out about 8 points explaining this event.

b) Pick one cartoon and explain what message it is making.




c.) Write a digital essay, or video a role-play  to present your research findings on the dismissal of the NSW Premier Jack Lang.


 12. At the following site click and do the student quizzes on this link: http://www.multiculturalaustralia.edu.au/activities/quizzes/02aust_modhistory.htm
Australia's general history in the 19th and 20th centuries

13.  a) Research activity: Make an interactive timeline of the history of immigration in Australia.
From dates on the timeline related to different cultural groups or changes in government policy, have hyperlinks to additional pictures, or video clips or additional information.
Include the main dates in the history of the White Australia Policy as well on the timeline.

Fact-sheet: Point form overview of 50 years of Post WWII immigration

At the following site click and do the student quizzes on this link:
http://www.multiculturalaustralia.edu.au/activities/quizzes/05multi_policy.htm the development of Australia’s multicultural policies?

Australia in World War II  




16. Skim read all of the following web page The ’60s culture … and beyond and then make some point-form notes in your book about the different aspects of social change in the Sixties.
Or present the information as a series of cartoon sketches.
Or create a 1960s character. Have him or her write a number of diary entries that describe and show his or her reactions to events and social changes of the time. (This video might give you some ideas:
'The Beatles are Dangerous': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vicAOQ6QDGs )

17. Land Rights and Native Title
Read the sources on the above link and then answer the questions in complete sentences in your book. You must use some of the words from the questions, and the sources in your answers. Also do the mind map in your book.

18.  Changing attitudes to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

19. The Whitlam Era

20. Government Policies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

21. The Freedom Rides.
      Pretend you were one of the University students that went on the freedom ride. Write an account of the event. In your account explain why you went on
 the ride, what events happened during the ride and what effects resulted from the freedom  ride. (1- 1/2 pages) Use this info. page to help you.

22. Australia's International Relations between the wars.
 From your text book and the Internet, make some brief point-form notes on the following:

 Australia as a Global Citizen

·  Australia’s role in the following:

   United Nations, including UNESCO, and UN conventions

   regional agreements, including Colombo Plan, APEC

·   outline key developments in Australia’s role within the UN in the post-war period


·   assess an achievement of Australia in its role within the UN

·    explain the purpose of Australia’s regional agreements

b)  Make notes from this site on anything you don't have notes on, and then do the quiz at the bottom of the site. Record your score in your workbook:
 Post War Australian International Relations
    Alternative task - Write a speech titled: "Don't Be an Ostrich - Why we all should be informed about Australia's place in the world, and the history of Australia's involvement in International Relations."



Cartoon of First Fleet re-enactment
'First Fleet Re-enactment'

Old Parliament House, Canberra


Sir Henry Parkes- the "Father of Federation."


Sir Edmund Barton- the first Prime Minister of the new Commonwealth of Australia.








climbing the gully



WW1 Duckboards



Women working in a munitions  factory (bullets and artillery shells etc.)