1. In your book on a new page, put the heading- The Middle Ages and then write out an explanation of what and when the Middle Ages were. Get this information from the top of the following web page:  

The Middle Ages and the The Norman Conquest

2. Read the rest of the information on this web page write out and complete the following sentences, under the heading: The Norman Conquest:

a)      The Normans were the grandchildren or descendents of …….,who were invited to live in Normandy which is part of…..

b)      One of these Norman called….., decided to invade and conquer…..in the year…..

c)      The Normans defeated King……, the leader of the …….-………., at the battle of……….

d)      The Normans spoke the language……, and William the …….built the famous……….of…


3. Read the following brief account of The Battle of Hastings, http://www.britainexpress.com/History/battles/hastings.htm  

  Now, in your book, note down five main points about the battle.

4. a) Go to the following site:
From the work sheet, answer the document questions in your book using complete sentences.
Also quote from the primary source document
and refer to the tapestry in your answers. 
  This Word doc. version has help for you to understand the questions.
  b) Print off the following activity on medieval terms. Complete it and secure it in your work book or folder.

5. At the following site, play the interactive Battle of Hastings game: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/normans/
(At this site, click 'The Battle of Hastings'.)