History Research and Web Site Design Project   (Print friendly version)
               Topic Area: The Era of Sailing Ships:
                    Warfare, Trade and Transport across the Oceans.
  The Era of Sail is an exciting chapter of our history that is filled with amazing adventures and daring exploits.
This is the period of time before the invention of steam ships, when people travelled our vast oceans in ships made of wood, powered only by the wind.

Unfortunately this era of our history is rarely studied and is slowly being forgotten.

Your task is to research the story of this time period when sailing ships were used in warfare, overseas trade and transport. You are to design an interesting, eye catching and informative website.

You are to recount and record for the young and old, the different aspects of this topic, exploring the types of ships and way of life for the people living during this era of sail; this time when people pitted themselves against the elements and made long ocean voyages or engaged in daring and desperate naval warfare. 

• Your project is to design and build a web site.
• The best web sites will be posted on the School Intranet in your year section of the History Faculty Web Site.
• You will also be shown how to post your website on the Internet.

This page will give you easy to follow instructions on how to use MS Expression web to build your site.

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version) - the download file indicates it is a trial version. But it is actually the full version Microsoft has released for educational use.

If you don't have Expression Web to build a website, try http://nvu.com/
 (free) to build your web pages. 
        +++ Plus
http://nvu.com  also has an easy web site building program for Mac users. 

a. Your website can have 7 web pages in total - The first page could be a home page /contents page for your own personal general website that you could put hyper-links on to different assignments you complete in your different subjects. Call this page index. Make sure it has tasteful / acceptable content. 
On this, your first hyperlink would be to the history assignment/ project called:
The Era of the Sailings Ships
      OR if you wish you can make your first webpage the contents /cover page to your sailing assignment.

      This assignment on the era of sail should have a minimum six web pages.

b. Connect your pages to each other with a hyperlink.
     Plus on each page have a link back to the different pages or parts of this assignment.
      -  Also have a links back to your website home page.

                                The Era of the Sailings Ships
                                    (You can select your own wording for the title you use for this project.)

. On Page 1 of your Sailing Ships assignment have an eye catching and engaging cover page, that includes hyperlinks to the different aspects of this topic that you are going to cover. (see below)
 - Also include on this page the time span your research is going to cover.

On page 2 have information about some of the different types of sailing ships and their different role or functions.

(You can from this point in your assignment, if you wish, select just one type of sailing ship to research.)

On page 3 have information about the way the sailing ships worked or operated-
- The ropes, sails and rigging.
- Steering at sea and docking in busy harbours.
- The different areas on the ship and what these areas were used for.

On page 4 Sailing methods and navigation
- What sails to use in different weather conditions and how they could sail against the wind,
- How they could navigate across the oceans out of sight of land,
- A map showing the common trade and sailing routes.

On page 5 -  The day to day life on board the vessel
 - The different occupations and the different role and duties of the various people on board the ship.
 - Rules, regulations and traditions.
 - Food, clothing, bathing and toilets, sleeping arrangements and leisure.

On page 6 - Weapons and sea warfare
- The different weapons they carried for defence or sea warfare.
- Naval warfare tactics and strategies.
- Recount the details of one of one of the sea battles.

  Please note: Write the information with your own words, do not cut and paste someone else's text.
Have illustrations and note on the bottom of each web page, the web sites you got that information from.

Also, have a minimum of 300 words of information on each page.

Finally, please read this marking rubric or guideline carefully before you start.

       The Era of Sailing Ships   -   Website assessment form 

Name of student assessed: _________
___________________  Class: _________________________


Grade 10



Home/site contents Page,
6  pages on the era of sailing ships.




Interesting, relevant informative, pictures, diagrams, detail,
map, sources noted.




Organisation, layout, links, backgrounds, readable, aesthetic appearance.







- If you don't have Expression Web to build a website, try http://nvu.com/ (free) to build your web pages. 
        +++ Plus http://nvu.com also has an easy web site building program for Mac users.

- To use ready-made websites (they pre fix and limit your page layout options, have limited backgrounds and number of pages you can use) try one of these:
www.webs.com/ , https://www.yola.com/ ,
                          www.weebly.com/ , http://www.wix.com/, https://sites.google.com/.             

- How to upload your website to the Internet     -To access active hyperlinks – Go to: www.interactive-leaning.com.au
                 See  History Research and Web Site Design Projects:      -    The Era of Sailing Ships   

  How to upload your website to the Internet                                                       www.interactive-learning.com.au

Sample sites

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4peoK89a1c watch this twice!
Scroll forward in this video to the discussion of the British tall ships:
Modern digital games based on the era of the tall ships:
In this clip, what is historically inaccurate about the firing of the small deck canon?
In this game there is a simulation showing how the naval ships were used to attack forts. Just pay the first half of the video:

Everyday life onboard a man of war

  The different types and evolution or development of sailing ships